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What Does The Bible Say About Racism? Try Galatians 3:28!

Posted by Job on March 28, 2008

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you
are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

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Genesis 1:26,27, Deuteronomy 10:17, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11, Galatians

What does God say about racism? Like in all matters of life, when we need
the Truth, the real answers, we have to go to our final authority in all
matters, the Bible. One of the greatest weapons of satan is division. The
enemy has figured out every way imaginable to divide men. Since virtually
the beginning of the human experience, man has fallen into satan’s trap of
division based on the color of a person’s skin or their ethnic origin.
While racism has always been an issue in this country, the fact is it is an
issue in every country. This divisive mindset is not unique to the United
States. Sadly, in some form it is practiced everywhere on the planet.

Since the racially incendiary remarks by B. Hussein Obama’s pastor of 20
years, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, became such a big part of the Presidential
campaign a few weeks ago, it has sparked a national dialogue on race. A few
weeks ago Senator Obama gave a speech on race that was lauded by many.
Those who made such a big deal over his speech were most likely swayed by
the fact he was dealing so openly with a taboo subject few will talk about.
However, his speech was hollow, self serving, and nothing more than a
political move to do damage control because of his close association with
Dr. Wright.

B. Hussein Obama’s race speech did NOTHING to help people or this nation
deal with this scourge, since the victory over racism isn’t going to come
from the flowery words of a politician whose only motive and goal is to get
elected President. No my friend, if people and this nation are going to
truly get victory over racism, it has got to come from an understanding of
what God says about this issue and by people who are willing to follow what
God says in the Bible.

If Senator Obama had intended to really take a leadership role on the race
issue, educate the nation and provide real answers for how to get victory
over this inhumane way people treat others who are different than they are,
then he would have told people what God says about racism. God says MUCH
about this issue, but Senator Obama didn’t find it worth including even one
verse of Scripture.


The fact is, there is only one race, the human race! People may have white
skin, black skin, brown skin, yellow skin, red skin, or any other color
skin, they may have different ethnic backgrounds, but they are all part of
the same race, the human race! The Bible says that ALL MEN are created in
the image of God. God created all men equal. I tell you frequently that
satan is the great perverter. It is satan, not God, who seeks to divide men
by their skin color, ethnicity, financial means, and any other way you can
dream up to divide people. God created men equal to live in harmony with
one another. It is satan who introduced division into the human experience.

In God’s plan of redemption, there is no division. John 3:16 says that God
so loved the world, ALL men. It says that WHOSOEVER BELIEVES. That is a
universal call to ALL MEN regardless the color of their skin or where they
live. In 1 John 2:2, it talks about how Jesus laid down his life for
EVERYONE. Everyone means ALL MEN, the entire human race. This satanically
inspired way we have of dividing ourselves through racism, prejudice, and
discrimination all make a mockery of what Christ did on the cross. He
faithfully and obediently went to that cross to die for the sins of ALL

That is why all of the black pastors I know repudiate the false black
liberation theology Dr. Jeremiah Wright has been teaching for over 3
decades. Wright is actually a student of James Cone who made this perverse
theology popular in the 60s that teaches the Bible is the basis for blacks
to be liberated from social, political, economic, and religious bondage. B.
Hussein Obama is a liar when he states he never heard the types of comments
made by Dr. Wright the media has been playing, since that is the
foundational teaching of the black liberation theology Wright has been
preaching in Chicago for over 30 years.

The fact is the Bible DOES teach liberation theology, LIBERATION FROM SIN!!!
It was not written to people with dark skin, but to all people regardless of
their skin color. We are all part of the human race, which means we are all
born with the sin of Adam, we all sin during our life, and that is why Jesus
went to the cross. He gave His very life on that cross as the payment for
the sins of all mankind, that through faith in Him men might be find freedom
from their sins. There is nothing in the Bible to support this false black
liberation theology Dr. Wright preaches, since the liberation theology of
the Bible is about the freedom from sin for ALL MEN!

You also have the Biblical example of Jesus during His earthly ministry.
Again, racism is not a new phenomena to the United States in our brief 232
year history. Forms of racism have been part of the human expedience since
the very beginning. Jesus commanded us in John 13:34 to love each other as
He loves us. He used people of other ethnic backgrounds often in His
parables. One of the most powerful is the story of the Good Samaritan. If
you remember, the Jewish religious leaders passed by the man who had been
robbed and beaten and laying on the side of the road, leaving him to die.
It was the Samaritan, the non-Jew, who honored God by stopping and
ministering to the needs of the injured man. Don’t forget, it was Jesus who
told his followers to make disciples of EVERY NATION, reaffirming the value
of all men.

I love you and care about you so much. If B. Hussein Obama had wanted to
give a real speech on racism to move hearts and lead people in this issue,
THIS is the message he should have delivered. It would have been a message
from God’s Word that laid the Biblical foundation all men are created equal
and those who seek to divide men by the color of their skin are not of God,
but of satan! It would not have been the self serving, politically crafted
words to try and help him weasel out of his 20 year association with a
pastor and church that preaches and teaches division based on the color of a
person’s skin. Dividing men by skin color, ethnicity, are the works of the

Those who truly seek to serve and follow the Lord are not looking to divide
men but unite them. A true follower of Christ understands that God created
all men equal, that we are all part of the human race. Racism, prejudice,
and discrimination are NOT of God, since we are hurting someone God created
and loves and Jesus died for! Sadly, 11 am on Sunday morning is the most
segregated hour of the week in this nation. That is truly a shame since the
one sanctuary from racism should be the church. Yet sadly, most churches
don’t lead the culture, they allow the culture to lead them. So rather than
modeling what God says about this issue, in far too many churches, they
perpetuate this ungodly attitude men have for other men who look different
than them.

They better wake up since when we die, and stand at the gates of Heaven,
there won’t be a line for whites, or a line for blacks, or a line for
Asians, or a line for Hispanics, or a line for those from the Middle East,
just like there won’t be a line for Catholics, or Baptists, or Methodists,
or Pentecostals. No my friend, when you take your last breath there will
only be two lines. One for those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ
and one for those who have rejected Christ. The Bible proclaims those who
reject Christ will be cast into the flames of hell for all eternity, and
those who know Jesus will be welcomed into their eternal home with God their
Creator in Heaven. At that moment, Galatians 3:38 will be realized, “There
is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all
one in Christ Jesus!”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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31 Responses to “What Does The Bible Say About Racism? Try Galatians 3:28!”

  1. Job, you got about 10 verses off in your title and mention of the scripture at the start of this post. There is no Galatians 3:38. We know you meant Galatians 3:28 😉 .

    We are all of one blood, from the same source. Salvation will come to all who believe in truth on His Son.

    Benny Hinn probably has a Galatians 3:38 in his bible though, it probably talks about him getting rich 😆 .

  2. John Kaniecki said


    There was a preacher once who preached a sermon. A woman in the audience challenged him that what he said wasn’t doctrine. The preacher said “I’ll show you the scriptures from your own Bible.” The woman handed the preacher her Bible and started flipping through the pages to the verses he referred to in his sermon. Upon getting the the appopriate spot he found that the verses had been cut out. The preacher asked “Why did you cut these verses out?” The woman replied “Because I didn’t like them.”



  3. 😯

    Obama LYING and claiming the sermon on the mount nullifies admonishment against homosexual behavior in the book of Romans is bad enough, but she went the whole cow and cut verses out.

    Well at least the pastor was able to see the heretic he was dealing with. Hopefully she did not continue like that.

  4. Kyle said

    LOL @ IC,

    “Benny Hinn probably has a Galatians 3:38 in his bible though, it probably talks about him getting rich”


  5. Devon said

    Didn’t Thomas Jefferson cut out whole parts of the Greek Bible so that no supernatural element would remain?? Christianity is not a buffet where you can pick and choose what you like!

    As for this article…more good stuff….the sad reality is that you do not have anyone running that remotely is a person of God….3 stooges is more like it…from bad to worse..McCain,Hillary and Obama…oy….what is a Christian to do???

    Boy oh boy…my old Pastor (since gone home to glory) was a Black man named Andrew Risby born and raised here in Alberta and he was a holiness man…NOT once did you hear him whine or complain about racism (and I know he faced it here in Calgary) and not once did you ever hear him go on about ‘Black History Month’ or Black liberation etc etc …Everything was Christ and Him crucified…..

    And only 2 times did I ever here him even reference MLK….and that was to do with an anecdote about Heaven and the KKK….the anecdote was sometime ago when Martin was still alive, some representative from the KKK said that ‘MLK won’t be in any white heaven etc etc ‘…..Well…my old Pastor Risby would chuckle at that and shout ‘oh glory’….and refer to the Word of God showing what nonsense that statement was….

    Their was NEVER any kind of socialist/marxist rubbish like liberation theology coming from Pastor Risby….everything…and I mean everything was centered on Jesus Christ…

    And on a interesting note….he officiated at the funeral of the Wrestler, Owen Hart, who was killed falling into the ring a few years ago…he had married them and the family of this well known wrestling family asked that he also preside over his funeral….


    Great Article!!

  6. Yes Devon, Thomas Jefferson was never called to the Son by The Father, so TJ made up his own “bible”. Cutting parts from the Christian Bible. And he had a Koran, but he didn’t like it like some claim he did.

  7. Curtis Montgomery said

    Hi Bill

    You say you know God, You say you know Divine Love You say you have the Truth problem is No one can see it.

  8. Job said

    Curtis Montgomery:

    Tell Pastor Bill Keller of your concerns with him at

  9. Charles D. said


    Canada is the right place for you, I mean with your Black pastor et al, and given the most memorably impression he left on your young mind are the fact that he didn’t complain about racial conditions in Calgary and the fact that he did not mention the contributions of MLK, Jr. Nice critera of judging a man BTW.

    Under Obama; all of you closet racist seeking a way to express how you really feel about things might not see the light of day. I mean you people that will use any and everything, including, but not limited to hot button issues like abortion and yeah; the gays, and Jesus Christ, if it will give you a preceived position of superiority. Way to go guy!


  10. Job said

    Charles D:

    “I mean you people that will use any and everything, including, but not limited to hot button issues like abortion …”

    So you are saying that abortion is not an issue that we should use in determining whether to vote for or support a person? Because for me, abortion is an automatic disqualifier. I still remember when I was working as a telemarketer in 1996 (had to pay rent and my FAMU tuition!), one of our clients was the Bob Dole campaign, and yes we were doing the “push – poll” thing. I was working Ohio voters one evening, and this one woman in suburban Cleveland, we got to the abortion question. She replied “I know that it is murder, but if we make abortion illegal, then there would be too many black people!”

    I was a Bill Clinton – supporting Democrat at the time. Shortly after fielding that phone call, I heard about how the Clinton administration was having Janet Reno file federal lawsuits against states like Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, etc. to force them to pay for abortions using taxpayer funds. Of course, the Clinton administration won those lawsuits, and MediCaid in those states began covering abortions. The rate of black females getting abortions in those states skyrocketed. Now Mississippi in particular fought back, passing a bunch of laws making it virtually impossible for any abortion clinic to operate. So now there is only one abortion clinic left in the whole state. Guess where it is? Right in the middle of the inner city in Jackson, Mississippi, serving an overwhelmingly black clientele.

    Let me just say that after fielding that phone call and seeing the role that Bill Clinton played in making sure that more black women would kill their babies (with my tax dollars paying for it!) I have not knowingly voted for or supported a pro – abortion candidate since. Well, that is, with one exception: GEORGE W. BUSH, who not only supports the genocide of Roe v. Wade, but got us into this war over … oh well I still have no clue why we invaded Iraq and I wish someone would tell me. And I admit it: the only reason why I ever voted for Bill Clinton to begin with was affirmative action, which I was planning on using to help me get into graduate school.

  11. Charles D. said

    Oh no! to the first question. Under some circumsatnce that would be a disqualifier for me also.

    Say again; absolutely not! I mean abortion is a very grievous sin and I feel (probably) more strongly about abortions than many who comes to the site and use abortion as a forerunner to their position. The amount of moral outrage I feel, not only towards the victims seeking and getting one and the greedy practitioners giving them, are beyond what I can rightfully state here.

    Given my position and sense of outrage, it is not difficult for me to both, spot and identify those who are not beyond using this very grave sin for reasons having nothing to do with abortions. Believe it or not; some will use it to further their political views and some will use abortion to further their own feelings about everything from conservatism to racial hatred. It is for the latter groups that I absolutely refuse to share my own disdain for that subject. AND it absolutely amazes me how the more I shadow my position that their TRUE position is revealed.

    We share commonalities in most of our beliefs, especially, where Christ and Him crucified is concerned. Often times you will exercise more patience with some visiting your site and sometimes you will go into greater detail than I will when you sense that the person is honestly seeking and just doesn’t know the way. You have me there, however, I feel that not everyone that say they are seeking actually are seeking. Sometimes each of us spots “something” especially, in WICCA (and you know we’ve talked about that), that might otherwise sounds sound innocent on the surface, but, is far from it. Can you believe how some of those cults uses the same old thing all of the time. Or, that they are so obvious to some and attract innocents all too often?

    Again, good to dialogue with you again – hope you have a good and blessed day. Oh! BTW every time you mention FAMU the first thing that come to my mind is Jake Gaither – am I reveling too much about my age? 😉


  12. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope all is well.

    The Church of Christ preacher Jimmy Allen tells this story. His mother was a young lady who got pregnant by a well to do politican. Unmarried Jimmy’s mother told her brother that she was getting an abortion. Her brother replied “If you do I will never speak to you again.” So she had the baby.

    Now when anyone says to Jimmy Allen that they believe in abortion he tells them in a very agitated tone “Good then you should have been an abortion.”

    I feel that war is worse than abortion however. If you think about it abortion is really bowing down to the God of sexual perversion. Any sex outside of marriage is improper. These people wish to enjoy their bodies but do not honor the blessings of their union by God.

    I feel war is more evil because it is so blatantly diabolical. Not much thought goes into how to abort a baby. While planning a war it is dissected down to the smallest detail.



  13. So John, that’s how you justify voting for Liberals?

    Over 6.5 million babies dead via abortion since troops entered Iraq and you feel the “thousands” dead is worse than MILLIONS? Is that what you think John?

    And you know, again you’re tossing out your blanket “all war is evil” card and again ignoring the truth of Romans 13.

    All lives lost in war are NOT innocent. All those lives lost are NOT the shedding of innocent blood. Now John, regardless of the means of conception, is a baby in the womb an innocent life? And is Proverbs 6:16-19 still true? Has God’s hate for the shedding of innocent blood diminished? Are we to put “thousands” of not all innocent above 6.5 million of innocent?

    We agree a war (or anything) devised with wicked motives is hated by God, although you know we don’t agree that all war is evil. With war not every time a nation engages in war is an automatic act of evil. With war some innocent lives might be taken, but still we know not all adult live is innocent. All lives in the womb are innocent.

    So abortion trumps war in terms of evil on an overall basis.

  14. Devon said

    Charles….the point is about my late pastor, is that he was truly a Man of God…not like a racist Jeremiah Wright or that ilk…

    Pastor Risby preached Christ and Christ alone…you can be sure he faced racism in his life…any minority in any society at times faces this sin…but it was never a touching point for him…for he realized, to change a society, men’s hearts must be changed first..and that can only come about through regeneration in Christ!!

    And John…how can you be so morally obtuse as to compare War in general as worse then abortion??

    Remember…War has stopped Hitler, contained the equally brutal communists, ended slavery… has helped liberate millions of people from a life of tyranny…..

    Their are wars that are useless…on that everyone will agree…One can argue for or against the 2nd Gulf war or Vietnam amongst others….

    Good God man…where is your moral compass? Is it better to see the Christians of the Sudan continually masscred under the Islamists or wouldn’t it be better to see a multi national force take out these murderers?

    And we could say the same about many other nations….

    Perhaps John…you need to live in some of these nations under the jackboot of oppression…then perhaps you opinion might change about War being more evil then Abortion!

  15. Devon

    Good G-d man…

    Let’s try and remain calm brother.

    You know John’s position on war is one debated before.

    No we can’t support his (paraphrasing)”all war is bad” position with scripture, but let’s try and remain calm 🙂 .

  16. Charles D. said

    Let’s see now, falsehood, name calling, taking the name of God in vein; yeah right! that kind of person can talk about Obama cuz he’s morally pure. Thing is: God forgives him, I would forgive him, and Barack doesn’t care in the least.

    Kettle and pot, Devon

  17. John Kaniecki said


    Greeting brother hope you are well. Thousands dead my friend? Sorry but the estimates of Iraqis killed is around one million. Of that one million, ninety percent are estimated to be civilians. We know God is no respecter of persons. Those Iraqi souls were just as prescious in God’s sight as their Americans were. What about the wounded, the ruined lives, those that will die later from depleted uranium, the wasted resources, the wasted talent, the great ill will and hatred made. Don’t forget war has never solved problems except temporarily, that is until the next war.

    I don’t diminish the evil of abortion at all. I’d like to see a world with neither war nor abortion.

    Since your throwing Romans 13 in my face again please read Romans 12:2. God’s Kingdom is spiritual not carnal. Don’t be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.



  18. Charles D. said

    “Sorry but the estimates of Iraqis killed is around one million.”

    That figure is a damnable lie and I wonder where it came from.


  19. John,

    Greeting brother hope you are well. Thousands dead my friend? Sorry but the estimates of Iraqis killed is around one million. Of that one million, ninety percent are estimated to be civilians.

    I’ll give you 2 million plus another million to come. So I’ll grant you 3 million. 3 million that are not all innocent blood. Still when looking at 6.5 million of innocent blood you’re still on no firm footing to assert war as worse than abortion.

    We know God is no respecter of persons.

    Another butter knife. God is no respecter of persons regarding those He has grants repentance to. Having granted the gift of salvation to slaves, freemen and people of all demographics. Iraq is a Muslim nation, most of the people have rejected Christ and obviously some where waiting for a moment to persecute Christians as is happening there now.

    Those Iraqi souls were just as prescious in God’s sight as their Americans were.

    Regardless of their nationality, the elect are held in higher regard than any child of Satan. So comparison on nationality and this effort you’re trying to make of an Iraqi versus American blood premise is something of your own doing, for your own efforts to act like murder of innocent babies in the womb is somehow less hated by God. No matter where the deaths are, if they are adults you are far from capable of saying the blood was all innocent.

    Don’t forget war has never solved problems except temporarily, that is until the next war.

    Well John, I don’t see that in my Bible, but I still see you skipping and trying to belittle the truth of God’s Word in Romans 13.

    I don’t diminish the evil of abortion at all. I’d like to see a world with neither war nor abortion.

    John, you are really all over the place with your statements. Me, Devon and Charles do not feel all war is evil, we’ve made that clear. You feel both abortion and war are evil, but you’re trying to act like one is of greater evil than the other and said yourself:

    I feel war is more evil because it is so blatantly diabolical. Not much thought goes into how to abort a baby. While planning a war it is dissected down to the smallest detail.

    Well I know someone who murdered their baby recently (and Devon knows someone close to him that did the same), and more thought and despair within our family occurred than you claim. For the one having the baby killed you might say there was not much thought about it and if that be the case it’s only an example of how reprobate the mind is of someone killing their own child, that is living in their own belly.

    Just because you say not much thought goes into it does not make it any less the murder of innocent blood that it is. Thought does go into it. Someone does not see they are pregnant and press a button to abort. They have to take many steps and pay money to murder the child. And they call it “safe”.

    Yes I’ll continue tossing Romans 13 in your face because you continually embrace the Lefty notion that it’s your job to continually oppose government rather than accepting that government was granted certain duties BY GOD.

    Charles, he gets the numbers from his anti-war PRO BABY MURDER buddies (those communists running many of those “anti-war” rallies he enjoys are A-OK with baby murder and he marches with them), but they can make up whatever figure they want. They can’t make all those lives innocent like the ones murdered in the wombs of women.

  20. Devon said

    I have to admit, reading the back and forth here, I am chuckling to say the least and I mean that in a kind way….

    It seems we all have our flaws to be sure…I need to work on my compassion ….ha ha ha….

    To IC and Charles….I honestly don’t think that is using the Lord’s name in vain……sort of like the expression ‘By G-d’…etc etc…but I am willing to admit I could be wrong here…certainly didn’t mean to use the Lord’s precious name in any blasphemous sense…sorry for that and sorry to our Lord!

    John….that 1 million figure is based on radical leftist projections….indeed….some figures have it as low as 80 000….now lets assume its in between at 500 000…which is way to high but lets assume that…Are you aware that the vast amount of deaths in Iraq are muslims against muslims or muslims against christian arabs etc etc…in otherwords, it has nothing to do with American troops…

    The sad reality is that Shia and Sunnis have been slaughtering one another for 1400 years and we the West are now right smack dab in the middle….muslims love to kill fellow muslims it seems…very sad and tragic…such is Islam’s fruit…

    That is one reason I would have voted against going into Iraq…

    A liberal muslim woman that is a good friend of mine and my family said to me last year that some people need a strong ruler…even a harsh ruler…She was referring to the Muslim arabs…her own people….quite an honest statement on her behalf…the point being, Iraq can only be governed by a brutal ruler…I’m afraid she is right!

    Democracy will never work where their is large practicing populations of muslims…sad to say…they will just vote in the most radical islamist usually….as have the Shia’s in Iraq….

    Anyways…I am off on a tangent here….

    Charles….you don’t pull any punches to be sure…ha ha ha..

    IC….always enjoy your insight and honesty….

    Were all under construction to be sure…we all have strength’s and weaknesses and we won’t be complete until that great gettin’ up morning!!

    Bless you all

  21. Charles D. said

    And don’t forget it 😉

  22. Devon – I don’t know what has become common use in Canada, but down here, we don’t use His name as cliche. “We” being saints. I’m not mad at you, no apology to me is necessary 🙂 .

    And I say give John 3 million. Give him 5 million even. It’s been a couple days. And John’s 5 million figure includes the Osama bin Laden fanatics. I’ll put 1 innocent baby in the womb up against 10 million of them. Make that 20 million, it’s been a few minutes since I started this comment.

    Regarding democracy. Christians have to understand that DEMOCRACY IS NOT THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS!!! EVEN IF THEY EMBRACED IT WITH OPEN ARMS.

    Of course when speaking about deaths in Iraq, nobody ever, ever, never, neeeeeebur say anything about the 4000-5000 that were dying every month under Saddam. And that does not even include his political enemies that he was dumping into mass graves.

  23. Charles D. said

    “Regarding democracy. Christians have to understand that DEMOCRACY IS NOT THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS!!! EVEN IF THEY EMBRACED IT WITH OPEN ARMS”

    There use to be a saying immediately after the death of JFK: “John, we never knew ye”

    The same goes for true “DEMOCRACY,” we never knew ye either! We were taught about ye in school, we think we knew what ye were, we even talk about ye, embrace ye, tell the rest of the world and our own that we practice ye, but, truth being rold, we never knew ye.

    The closest we’ve come is to fall back on: It might not be “DEMOCRACY,” but it is the best the world has ever seen or has known! My own thoughts are: even if that were so, how much longer will it be so, and given a birds-eye view of today’s goings-on, is it even true?

    Chas 😦

  24. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey Job or I.C. have any of you been to a KKK website? My black friend (I myself am a mexican) Sean came upon a website known as and he told me that he expected to laugh at its contents but instead he was sort of disturbed. As was I. What was distubing though was the belief that they are Christians preaching the word of God.

  25. Why did you think they burn crosses? It’s part of their twisted doctrine.

  26. Susan J said

    white christians with fear of the black man all this is..what about Hagee, Parlsey?

    what about them?

  27. Amelia said

    This is the best article ive read. And i agree she should have said something like this to move people’s HEARTS

  28. Ace said

    I would like to point out that this entire article is also relevant to homosexuality. All men are equal.

  29. Roxey said

    President Obama end racism? Really. Why put that responsibility on him? Every sunday morning racist gather in the name of Jesus to teach hate. If this is their god and his love toward mankind, then I want no part of it. America is a place where hate is taught. No god in heaven is agreeing with this hatred. This is man and his ideas to control others. white america hates any person who is not white. Face it.

  30. Melvin Tryee said

    Wow, there is so many versus that are left out here from d old testament it isnt funny. All that killing that god commanded because people were different was never mentioned. I wonder y? Is it because you pic n choose the parts you think will inspire or are afraid ro tell the truth to rhe weak minded. If you wanr me to start putting down verses that contradicts yours I will be happy too.

  31. Gi Gi said

    Unfortunately I came across this site when I was looking for scriptures which talked about racism. Let me tell the person who produced this information, whoever you are, you need to check yourself as a Christian because you are a definite racist, perhaps you are unconscious of your illness, but the doctor is Jesus. The reason I say this has to do with you mentioned Pastor Jeremiah Wright as a racist, that could not be further from truth. Pastor Wright, is a MAN of God, integrity, and truth. Meaning he was brave enough to face all and tell the truth about racism, and the outright heinousness this unjust society, and it unfairly treats blacks and other minorities, past & present, within this country. The problem is people who object to his words cannot deal with the truth and if you cannot deal with the truth you need to check your relationship with God.

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