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Joel Osteen Held Accountable To The Bible By Todd Friel Of The Way Of The Master Radio

Posted by Job on March 23, 2008

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6 Responses to “Joel Osteen Held Accountable To The Bible By Todd Friel Of The Way Of The Master Radio”

  1. Kyle said

    No shock here. Look at the masses of people that flock to this guys life seminars, er, uh, I mean Church service. Could you imagine actually living a Holy life? That’s Yucky. Could you imagine actually donating some money to an Christian organization to help the persecuted Sudanese? That would take away from my shopping habit. Could you imagine being beaten for the sake of the Gospel? That’s too painful. Besides, Joel is the paradigm of Christianity. Young, handsome, attractive wife, cute kids and wealthy. This is exactly what Jesus wants us to be. Just like Joel Osteen. Our standard should always be Joel Osteen and not Christ. Besides, Jesus came to sacrifice himself so that we would have life abundantly and be blessed. This is why America has been blessed with more than any other nation. We have produced some of the finest American Theologians like Paula White, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Eddie Long, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland, and Paul Crouch of whom none of this would have been possible without them and others. Just to think all this time I was in darkness regarding what it meant to be a Christian. Thank God for people like Joel Osteen.


  2. Jonathan De Leon said

    I have heard the term “strawman” what exactly does it mean?

  3. Pastor Mark said

    This radio host, as sincere as he was can’t be serious if he thinks that is a fair assessment of Joel’s interview. You talk about taking things and twisting them for your own benefit. Come on call Joel up and have a real interview about the topics. Joel is spot on.
    And yes of course Jesus not any man should be our goal of aspiration.

  4. Renee said

    Joel has had several interviews Pastor Mark, most of which were on television and they even challenged him on this non christian organisation he is running. Joel is not preaching the gospel, the bible, nor the truth either.

    For materials on this information… here is a great research and resource on this issue (and its free):

  5. Sean said

    I wish this was labeled as “Todd Friel’s Rant on Osteen”

    Most of your opinions are based on an ignorant and simplistic viewpoint of what you call “The Gospel.” You should really think about what ministers you tear down before you air your opinions, it might come across as “steeple-envy”

  6. Sean said

    wait… that was meant towards Todd Friel, not the blog

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