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Black Church Summit and Awards Banquet At Texas Christian University Will Honor Jeremiah Wright!

Posted by Job on March 23, 2008

Texas Christian University Divinity School Will Honor Jeremiah Wright


4 Responses to “Black Church Summit and Awards Banquet At Texas Christian University Will Honor Jeremiah Wright!”

  1. Marianne said

    Christianity is dying and the Christians are doing it.

    How do we defend our faith when others are destroying it faster than we can support it?


  2. Job said


    Well, please recall that in America, people like this represent only a small percentage of Christians who only identify with the faith for political reasons. Also realize that the majority of Christians are now in the third world. While a lot of those are Roman Catholics and charismatics, that gives us the opportunity to convert them – especially the charismatics – into biblical Christianity. So while I am not going to give up on my American and western Christians (if for no other reason than we need them to evangelize the third world immigrants that are moving into the west … I have read that the British church is in such dire straits that they are making no real effort to evangelize the huge Muslim community that is in that country because of fear and political correctness), my thoughts are more and more directed towards the third world Christians these days.

  3. johnkaniecki said


    Hope all is well and everyone is doing fine.

    Scripture teaches us “straight and narrow is the way to salvation and few walk down it,”

    Also “God gives the increase,”

    Let us encourage one another to do our best and not worry about numbers.

    True story. There was a preacher who gave his sermon to a packed crowd. After the invitation one woman came up to receive Christ and to be baptized. The minister was upset feeling he didn’t do his job. The young lady grew up and stayed faithful to the Lord. She had two boys which grew up to become preachers. These two helped bring many many people to the Lord.

    Every day I kick at the foundation of satan’s kingdom knowing that it is built on the sand and is soon to fall down. I’ll have good days and bad ones but I will keep kicking.



  4. Job said


    Nice to speak to you again brother in Christ from whom I have heard quite a bit about the faith! I agree that we should be faithful and not be concerned with numbers. I was just reassuring Marianne with the reality that people that espouse this radical heresy are much more represented on university campuses and in political circles than in actual church attendees. Also, one of the very reasons why I try to speak to social justice issues on this website as much as possible is to give people with legitimate interests and strong feelings in this area a chance to reject these lies in favor of biblical Christianity. I believe that the wedding of Christianity to western culture and especially to conservative political and social norms creates a stumblingblock to a lot of people whose backgrounds are dissimilar to my own.

    As for the woman that you are speaking of, you would not be referring to the mother of John and Charles Wesley, would you?

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