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Are You Allowing Your Child To Be Corrupted By Entertainment? Proverbs 22:6

Posted by Job on March 22, 2008

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BIBLE MEDITATION: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: The most dangerous thing on television today in my estimation is the sitcom. Do you know what they’re doing? They’re getting you to laugh at sin. In fact, a Christian television and film writer attended a producers workshop one day. One of the keynote speakers was one of TV’s most successful producers of sitcoms. In his address, he stated that in order to have a commercially successful production, the characters in a sitcom must violate at least three of the Ten Commandments. How tragic, but what an opportunity for people like you and me to take a stand for the truth and for the glory of God in the film and television industry.

ACTION POINT: Pray Joshua 1:7 for those Christians who are in the television and movie industries — that they will be strong and courageous. share devotional with a friend visit

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One Response to “Are You Allowing Your Child To Be Corrupted By Entertainment? Proverbs 22:6”

  1. Jonathan De Leon said

    I enjoy listening to Adrian Rogers. The lessons he gives are scripturally sound and beneficial. Doesn’t he appear on TBN? I am not trying to rhetorically imply that that makes him bad. It is nice to have someone on that channel that adheres to scripture.

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