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The Paula White – Rick Hawkins Connection

Posted by Job on March 21, 2008

“Embattled” Paula White and Rick Hawkins “strengthen ties” March 13, 2008 by John

It is a measure of the American Churches blindness that it cannot discern what is going here with Paula White and Rick Hawkins. Having successfully dodged a storm over her “amicable” divorce from Randy White, with no loss of following from her “fans”. Still able to appear on TBN as if she has not done anything to violate minimal Biblical Standards for those who proclaim to be Christian Leaders.

It appears now that Paula White feels comfortable to move on to the next step in her fleshly desires and that is to “shack up” her “ministry” with another so called minister! It would seem the next big announcement will be that she and Rick Hawkins have “married”.

These two people are an absolute disgrace to Christianity! In fact I would be so bold to say that they are not followers of Christ at all as they reflect the works of their true father: Satan himself!

How many thousands if not millions will her behavior have an affect upon? How many millions will look to her behavior as justifiable and the “norm” for not only a supposed Christian Leader, but Christians in general!

The continuing damage this Jezebel does to Christianity is incalculable!


TV evangelist and motivational speaker Paula White, whose high-profile ministry is under review by a Senate committee, has forged stronger connections to a San Antonio church, having joined its board of directors and scheduled monthly visits throughout this year.

The nondenominational church, formerly called Family Praise Center, recently changed its name to San Antonio Epicenter, and founder Bishop Rick Hawkins remains its leader.

The Epicenter’s Web site reflects the church’s makeover and highlights White’s branding, including her monthly appearances and use of the church’s stage, remodeled to turn into a TV studio, for her recordings.

“From this stage, a potential 2.3 billion households will be touched throughout the world,” the narrator says in an online video.

The revamping of the church follows several controversies last year, including Hawkins’ divorce, the divorce of his son, Dustin, whom Rick had designated as pastor, and a WOAI investigation in which former church members questioned Hawkins’ integrity as a minister, including his spending of church money.

It alleged he paid former church members to keep quiet, which Hawkins has denied is improper or illegal, given church policy about severance packages for departing staff.

At the first service after the report aired, Hawkins praised the congregation for remaining loyal and reminded them that he already had apologized in church for past “sins and mistakes.”

White co-founded a megachurch in Tampa with her now-former husband, Randy White. The couple announced an amicable divorce last fall, saying no infidelity took place but sparking a debate among evangelicals about whether the breakup was appropriate.

Her expensive lifestyle, which includes a Trump Tower condo and a ministry jet, also has been fodder for public comment. She and her ex-husband are among six multimillion-dollar ministries that Sen. Chuck Grassley is individually reviewing in an inquiry about their compliance with non-profit tax policy.

White has defended her high-dollar ministry income as a blessing from God to accomplish his work, noting her donations to the disadvantaged worldwide.

White’s ministry spokeswoman Sheila Withum and her public relations agency WDC Media said White was not available for comment. Calls and e-mails to Will Norris, Epicenter’s spokesman and a staff pastor, were not returned.

All six TV ministers, including White, espouse some form of the so-called prosperity gospel, which emphasizes a message that God provides financial rewards for those committed to regular donations to their churches and ministries.

The Whites are among four of the ministries that the committee has reported as not cooperating with its requests for financial information, prompting the committee recently to prepare another round of requests and fueling speculation that subpoenas eventually could be sought.

The committee’s inquiries have intensified an already active debate about how open tax-exempt churches and ministries should be with their financial records. One side is suspicious that the Senate committee could be interfering with religious freedom. Others say the government is enforcing nonprofit tax laws that might be abused by church leaders in the name of charity. “We’re just saying enough with the funny business,” said Lee Grady, editor of the popular Christian magazine, Charisma, based in Florida.

“We have now entered into a new season. It’s a season of accountability. It’s a season of disclosure, and I’ve been saying that God Almighty is auditing the church.”

White, who has lived in Tampa, bought a home near Boerne six months ago and has set up a “media headquarters” for Paula White Ministries at the San Antonio church, according to the Epicenter Web site.

Hawkins, who owns a ranch outside of Boerne, serves on the board of White’s PWM Life Center, a nonprofit organization created last year. In keeping with White’s national profile, the Epicenter this year has scheduled notable Christian musicians and speakers for regular services and special events.

Among the changes is a new Saturday service led by a couple with ties to nationally known ministries, according to the church’s Web site. John and Jan Cruse are said to be leading “The Gathering” service.

John is described as the brother of Cindy Cruse, noted worship leader for Lakewood Church in Houston, the nation’s largest Protestant church pastored by best-selling author Joel Osteen. And Janice Cruse used to sing with the Archers, a longstanding contemporary Christian music group.

This week, the church will feature Bob and Audrey Meisner who will speak about marriage. The Meisners are known for giving a message about restoring marriages, including telling their own story of overcoming issues of infidelity.

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22 Responses to “The Paula White – Rick Hawkins Connection”

  1. “Embattled” Paula White and Rick Hawkins “strengthen ties”

    Top article – keep up the great work.


  2. Don’t worry, GOD HIMSELF knows all and HE will catch up with those evil workers of iniequity! But GOD IS FAIR and HE MUST give them a chance to repent first!!! THAT is why Jesus died on the cross for our sins, to give us a chance to repent! PRAY THAT THEY REPENT!!! GOD DOESN’T WANT TO LOSE EVEN ONE!!! And you can understand why………..Eternal hell is going to awful!!! And you wouldn’t want even your WORST enemy to go there!!!! I mean it!!! Pray for these people that they turn from their wicked ways and God will heal their land………………and OURS!!! USofA!!!!

  3. global warning said

    Didn’t Jesus tells us in the last days that there would be false prophets and even the elect would be deceived? Here she is!!! And deceiving millions, hook, line and sinker!!!

  4. Jan for Jesus said

    My heart is saddened that Paula White not only divorced her husband for unscriptual reasons, but has continued on in her ministry as if nothing significant has happened in her personal life. The Bible states the only scriptural reason for divorce is adultry. I guess if the church accepts ministers who blatently disregard God’s commands in His word, the future of Christianity is in terrible trouble. “IF” the church is blinded enough to accept anything that comes from the pulpit, especially if the person is creative in how they deceive people, then we are in store for a lot more deception. The devil is raising up many false prophets and teachers who sound like they are preaching the truth, but they are really preaching a different gospel, not the Jesus of the Bible.

    I don’t know the details other than Paula White said their ministries were taking different directions. I guess a woman being a helpmate to her husband, and submitting herself to his headship, isn’t valid anymore in our society.

  5. What are we doing??? said

    And when did you say that the ‘marriage’ announcement was going to come forward? It is people such as you that unknowingly produce immeasurable damage to the body of Christ. You have no details from any credible source about the personal life of either of these pastors yet you feel it prudent to present your ‘factual’ information in a defamatory way which in turn, brings division into the body by skewing believers’ perception of these church leaders. Do you have a marriage certificate? Do you have evidence that they are even dating? Do you know if their families have been in relationship prior to the media presenting their spin? Do you know the circumstances that surround the divorce? I am not dismissing mistakes, but it takes two to walk in covenant. What do you do when one walks out? The church has to have a scapegoat and I am certain, would love nothing more than either of these individuals to come out and expose the wrong doings of the other that led to the divorce, thus giving them somebody to lash out at. We think that they should not suffer from ‘life’ and if they do how can they continue to lead because of their position as pastors. Have you had a sick family member that was not healed? Have lost a loved one before it was their time? Have you experienced financial difficulties? I would think that the majority of us have and if so, what was wrong with our faith? Why didn’t God come through in our situation? How can we tell others about the goodness of God when we suffer the same circumstances as they do? We all have our challenges and God is certainly big enough to allow them to happen in order for us to grow. If we have issues with God working through our mistakes then I am certain that the Christian faith is doomed because the very pillars of our faith were fallible men. 1.) Abraham doubted God’s promise and had relations with his wife’s handmaiden in order to attempt to manipulate the promise. 2. Moses was a murderer on the run when God called him. 3. Noah, a man that had the favor and grace of God had relations with his daughters and was found drunk in his tent, yet the son who exposed him was cursed. 4. Joseph was a convicted felon who was convicted of having an affair with a married woman, yet God chose to use him to preserve the posterity of His seed in Egypt. 5. Samson, his story speaks for itself. 6. Rahab is a prostitute that just happens to be listed in Hebrews ‘Hall of Faith’. 7. Hosea was a prophet of God and a husband of another prostitute. 8. Peter was a cussing, Jesus denying man with a rage problem assaulting and causing bodily harm to government officials and just happens to be the rock that we as the church are built upon. 9. Paul was a former murderer of the saints who admitted to having a problem dealing with his own frailties yet wrote the majority of the New Testament. My point is that God uses ALL OF US, no matter what. Whether you agree with ones doctrine or not, God still uses us and our mistakes in order to advance his Kingdom. Even Paul and Peter had doctrinal disputes and that is in the Bible; why do you think God allowed it to be written in His word along with all the other examples (I only listed a few) of failure that turned into God’s glory being manifested? My other point is that we as believers need to stop and think about who is presenting these issues; the secular media. Even Bill O’Reilly sees the obvious, there is an agenda from the secular media to demoralize and denigrate the American church to the point that we have no influence and no voice in shaping the future of our country. This way the secular progressive agenda can be furthered and there will be none of us left in any positions of legitimate influence to stop their movement. The sad truth is that we are buying right into it by propagating their presentation of the church and then destroying the lives and reputations of those that are fellow believers. Of course I do believe that there are those in leadership positions that are providing ammunition as well but that should be handled within the church community. No one will take the church seriously if we continue to destroy one another based on conjectures of the secular media and gossip blogs that permeate the internet. I do think that we as a church should strive to live Godly lives but that holiness is a by-product of our pursuit of God and inevitably when we fail in that pursuit due to the various complexities that life can bring our way, God can make something good come from it. This post is not intended to offend but hopefully express what I feel to be a valid point for ALL of us as believers to consider. If there is an offense taken I ask for your forgiveness in advance. May God bless us all and have mercy on His church.

  6. Rev Reggie Jackson said

    I have always wanted to know about what is happening with Randy and Paula White. I have been a preacher for 32 years now and I would listen to Paula for only 5 to 10 minutes. And when the Spirit of God only allows me to listen for less than 10 minutes; I know right then that something is really wrong! The Church is really in trouble because very few have the gift of discerning of spirits. And another reason that the church is so deceived most of the time is that we don’t allow the callings of the true apostles and prophets to reveal the truth and lead the church into perfection with Jesus being our Great King of kings and Lord of lords. For it is the call of the apostles and prophets who God has ordained to correct and instruct and to reprove the leadership of the Church inorder that nobody gets too big for their own britches. For instance, Paul rebuked Peter when Peter was wrong in a certain doctrine and this correction was a blessing to Peter as He grew and continued in the great faith of Jesus. But God said to let the wheat and the tares grow together lest while trying to pull up the tares; you will also pull up the wheat. So let God sought them out on the great day of judgement. However; those of us who are true apostles and prophets must rebuke Gods Church and then comfort and love them into repentence.

  7. j said

    I have been to without walls when the “whites” were together. The thing that bothers me is we have preacher’s divorcing. Where is the miracle working power of JESUS CHRIT. Don’t preach about miracle’s without living in miracles. My wife and I went through a very difficult time, but God brought us through and today we have a message of hope for those that are having difficulties in marriage. I do not want to attack this couple but I do call out for repentance! I have personally had a hard time listening to ministers who preach miracle’s and take money hand over fist and act like the church owes it to them. It is sin!!!!Titus 1:7-9

  8. roger said

    Any one who cliams to be a christian,and doesnt live by the word of god and is comitting sin,is backslide. I dont care to listen to any of those TBN preachers, they dont preach the truth, they are wordly looking, they wear JEWERLY and make up,the women preachers do. I dont belive women should preach any how, and some men have long hair, and the bible teaches against men having long hair. These people are full of the DEVIL…..DECIEVING SPRITS. JESUS said my sheep know my voice and no other will they follow. These false prophets on TBN are only decieving them selfs, and people who dont know JESUS and what his word says. THE TRUE CHRISTIANS….THAT knows GODS WORD….AND ARE FILLED with the REAL HOLY GHOST, KNOW WHATS going on. MY favorite preachers REV. AA. ALLEN and JACK COE they were great men of god. America is beining decived by the TBN preachers…AND by our own GOVERMENT….thats right, OUR UNITED STATES GOVERMENT Destroyed those buildings in NEW YORK on 911 , and made it look like a terroists attack. AMERICA WAKE UP and pray – pray …..BECAUSE JESUS IS COMMING REAL SOON.

  9. Jose Cardona said

    I totally agree with most of the above comments.The Lord did say that in the last days, before He comes, that many “false” prophets and many false Christs will arise and will deceive many, if possible the “elect.”

    Thank God that false prophets such as Paula White, Benny Hinn and countless others throughout the world cannot deceive the “true” children of God who have God given discernment.

    In my recently published book entitled “CHRISTIANS BEWARE!! I expose the fase gospels of prosperity and/or salvation by works, as taught by many false prophets, false teachers, and false healers;for the sole purpose of enriching themselves and controlling millions of God-loving, God-fearing people.

    My book is available online worldwide, at,, and many other fine bookstores.

    Please check it out.


    Jose Cardona

  10. Michele said

    I stumbled on this page and couldnt help but notice that Paula White’s name was mentioned. Being the paula white fan that I am . I read the info , it realy bothered me that we are calling our self a Christian people , brothers and sisters in Christ .I dont know what she has done, did and or will do , that is not up to me to think about , I still feel in my heart that she is a good Christian Woman . I think after reading the comments that we as the people need to take a good look at our self and our walk with Christ. What does Jesus say about judge less the be judged by the same stature that we judge others by . We need not to talk about someone but to pray about some one . We all have our faults if not we would be Jesus himself. He said to love thy neighbor as thyself , not a conditional love but a agape love , no matter what someone has done we have to love them to life. We have to understand that we are no better than the next man .If our heavenly Father payed the price to die on the cross and shed his innicant blood that everyone that believes in him shall have everlasting life than why are we sounding like the scribes and the pharisess , the same ones that sent Jesus up , because they didnt believe in him . When I read the some of the comments above It made me think of some one casting lots at Paula just like they cast lots at Jesus. The Bible says In Mathew 9:11-12 AND WHEN THE PHARISESS SAY IT THEY SAID UNTO HIS DISCIPLES WHY EATETH YOUR MASTER WITH PUBLICANS AND SINNERS? But when Jesus heard that he said unto them , they that be whole need not a physician , but they that are sick . Sick in the webster meanes : spiritually or morally unsound or currupt, sickened by strong emotion as shame or fear , The greek word for sick is kakos meaning amis, diseased , evil , grievously , miserably , sick , sore . We all have our own cross to bear , we just dont need to be keeping our mouth on someone else and the way they carry their cross. If we keep our mind on our own we could be stonger more productive Christians that was able to reach out to the sick and hurt.

  11. Trish Hall said

    Roger – what are YOU doing for the Kindgom of God??? Wake up and stop being sooooo legalistic. Hairs too long…makeup…jewelry…women teaching the word of God… YOU amaze me and I feel so sorry that you’re STUCK in your religion. God is freedom and may you experience that sometime in your life time before you get to heaven and realize how very wrong you are….


  13. jim varnon said


  14. Truth Seeker said

    Bishop TD Jakes was scheduled to speak a a conference last week at the Epicenter in San Antonio, TX. Right before he was set to speak, he walked out. This was due to the fact that he found out Rick Hawkins and Paula White are dating and living together. He did not approve.

  15. To "Truth" Seeker said

    Please provide something more substantial than your assumption regarding this matter. You did state this was due to the ‘fact’…, is there ‘factual’ evidence, maybe a statement from Bishop Jakes, a recording of the conversation, a sworn affidavit by a witness to the event, or is this more rambling on and speculation by the ‘christian’ community that really does not seek the truth but rather seeks the pleasure and entertainment of gossip, slander and drama?

  16. Tyrone Woods said

    How can we as CHRISTIAN talk about one another, we are no better than the WORLD. I know Pastor Paula and Pastor Rick and I love what they are doing for the kingdom of GOD. We as CHIRSTIAN need to start worrying about those souls who are lost and try to bring them to Christ; not sitting here and ridiculing one another.

    I pray for all, that God may continue to bless you and your families

  17. kings daughter said

    My heart hurts becuase we have lost the accountablity in church. Everyone is accountable to someone. When we dont allow prophits and teachers to live thier lifes in fullyness of the Holy Spirit, Preachers you reject Gods correction and risk being exposed instead of lovingly corrected. When did we get our eyes set on the worlds expectations of success instead of Gods expectations of true holyness/faithfulness–pride comes before you fall! It is time for the chruch to stop trying to reinvent its self and stay true to the HOLY BIBILE–allowing the Holy spirit to convict us on the spot so we dont become hypocytes to the world.

  18. Perplexed said

    This is such a controversial subject. I find my heart torn between rebuke and being a prayer warrior. God will be our judge, not each other. As christians we are to walk by faith not by sight. I pray for keen discernment more than anything. God does not promise us a finacial windfall, only that our needs will be met according to his will. He also does not say that we are to live in poverty. In these end times there will be rampid confusion and detours/compromises in our thinking. When this happens our best bet is to ask for clarity and discernment through prayer where Gods will, not our own is being carried out. We need to look within our own hearts and seek guidance directly from God and quit seeking the advice of men. God is the perfect source. Man is imperfect and therefore his ways are deceptive and misleading. If we want to seek wise counsel, seek it directly from God and his word and the holy spriit that lives inside you. For those of us that have accepted Jesus, the spirit and everything we need dwells within us. If we call oursleves believers, we need to get in the word and stay in the word and interpret it the way God puts it in our heart to interpret it. If we are going to rely on the word of God, then we need to do exactly that and let him guide us to the interpretations he places in our hearts and quit worrying about how every one else is interpreting his words. The bible is an instruction book for life, follow it as though you were the only person left on the face of the earth. Believe me, it eliminates alot of confusion and chaos in your life and makes you rely on The father completely, as he intended.

  19. Perplexed said

    DO: Seek the Lord God with all of you heart, mind and soul!

    DO NOT: Rely on mankind for any interpretation or guide as to how to do that!

    If you seek God with a true genuine heart you will find him, with or without help or guidance from anyone else.

    Speak to other Christians and Seekers with a true heart and only what comes directly from God’s word.

    Your life is an example. Notice I said your life and not your words. Words are cheap and deceptive, actions are the true test. Apply what you know to be true from the word to your life. Do not try to answer and add or take away from the word of God, this is where men fail. If we are not sure, we simply say, that has not been revealed to me yet in truth. No where in the Word does it say that we are to have all the answers, God reveals certain things to us in his divine time not ours. To rush this process is to project our own will and substitue it for God’s. We are not God nor will we ever be. The truth isn’t easy or convienient or unchallenged in our life. The road is very narrow and taxing and we need to be aware of this fact. The Christian path is not easy peasy, but we have to beleive in our hearts that it is the only way to eternal life. If our heart is true and we are seeking God in everything we do,this is the key. Will we always get a quick answer and all of our wants met? No. Man takes God’s word out of context and tries to conform it to today’s society which is not what God intended. We need to not only bring people to Christ but lead a life of example that wants them to continue to pursue it.

    Let’s drop the gossip and walk the walk we have committed to. God will be our voice and vindicator, he makes all things work together for good.

    Get out of all this wordly drama that you have let draw you to this post.

    Do the right thing, God is watching and listening, who knows this might be your test.


  20. Patricia said

    I respect Bishop T.J.Jaks for walking out and not speaking when he found out Paula & Ron were living together . I respect the man for his beleifs . Paula & Ron need to wake up

  21. Patricia said

    Paula & Rick need to wake up

  22. Patricia said

    I respect Bishop T.D. Jakes for following his convections . Paula White & Ron Hawkins need to repent , think of all the souls you have jeprodized .

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