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Who Is Israel?

Posted by Job on March 17, 2008

From Soli Deo Gloria:

Who Is Israel?

This evening I found myself browsing through some older teachings at Spiritual Pathways Ministries, and came across a wonderful (4) part teaching on the topic, ‘Who is Israel?’. I wanted to share the links with anyone who still continues to have questions on this topic.From The Lumbley Library:

Steve Lumbley did a fantastic job at presenting a clear, concise teaching on a much debated subject, along with some very serious warnings (in part 4) for those deceived on this topic.


3 Responses to “Who Is Israel?”

  1. olga-lednichenko-saree-blouse-lehenga said

    i am israel. aham- israeli. because i am the children of israel and children of israel, are the future of israel.
    sari lehenga

  2. navedz said

    Israel is the Oppressor.. the inhumane thief!

  3. navedz said

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