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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

PLEASE READ! More Evidence That The Religious Right Is Part Of The Anti – Christ System!

Posted by Job on March 17, 2008

Awana’s Rorheim Institute and the terms “Vision Casting” and “Biblical Worldview” Part 1

Awana’s Rorheim Institute and the terms “Vision Casting” and “Biblical Worldview” Part 2

“Just the BOOK” End of the Year Update

AWANA—Where is it headed?


2 Responses to “PLEASE READ! More Evidence That The Religious Right Is Part Of The Anti – Christ System!”

  1. timbob said

    Greetings. Just found your blog and will be stopping in later. You have compiled a lot of information that will require time to go through. There are incredibly perilous times and as such the verse that you have on your header is very fitting.

  2. Be careful that you don’t just offend folks, but I will say this: Has it EVER occurred to you that BOTH SIDES are being manipulated into The Beast’s system? But here’s the problem, you don’t know who in the so-called “religious right” is the problem. I know one thing period, I refuse to be “labeled” anything. I’m a Christian and yes, I’m a Republican, but I don’t think that you have ANY RIGHT to judge the so-called “Religious right” unless you know the TRUTH behind the problem. Do be careful here. Judging cults is one thing, judging whether somebody is a Christian or not, that takes insight from the Holy Spirit Himself and you BETTER HAVE EVIDENCE COMING OUT OF YOUR EARS- REAL EVIDENCE BIBLICAL EVIDENCE! In short, you better have SCRIPTURES!

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been trying to get the Word of God to other people and I’m part of the SO-CALLED “Religious Right” and frankly, I try to to DEFEAT SATAN,not the Democratic Party. There are Democrats out there who are Christians and honestly, I don’t appreciate it when people keep looking at the other party as if they are “political hacks.” The best thing you can do is pray for BOTH PARTIES. There are a few “hacks” out there, but they seem to only want to destroy the freedom in this nation. So aim your commments at the right people please.

    There arE some of us real Christians out here trying to be true salt and light to both parties and that’s NEVER AN EASY TASK. especially when people get you caught in a political head-lock. So PRAY FOR US PLEASE! I hate labels because of where I’ve been, stuck in LD classes and made to feel inferior by teachers who do it juat because they can. Not all the teachers I had did this, I had very few in fact,, but the ones who did, had a horrendous impact on me. My dad didn’t help my self-esteeem much at home and so when I had to deal with said teachers, it made it even harder to deal with.

    No, I’m not asking for your pity or sympathy, JESUS CHRISIT IS MY ROCK AND NEVER FORGET THAT! But there are some of i\us who are “different” out here , so remember-THERE ARE PEOPLE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COMUPTER AND IN FRONT OF THE KEYBOARD TYPING! So please- back off.

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