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On Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Apostate Pastor Jeremiah Wright

Posted by Job on March 17, 2008

*By Pastor Bill Keller of Live Prayer. By the way, it was Keller that tipped me off to the fact that Oprah Winfrey had been a member of this “church” months ago, although the Los Angeles Times now claims that she stopped going. Interesting that people are just now coming around to this “story” AFTER Barack HUSSEIN Obama has all but wrapped up the Democratic nomination, as I dealt with this over a year ago: Lots Of Good Stuff On Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s September 11th – Justifying Church. Ah well. As Howard University graduate Jeremiah Wright is a liberation theology preacher, please read my entry The True Liberation Theology. As far as those of you that wish to claim that I have political motives for posting this devotional or attacking Barack HUSSEIN Obama in general, allow me to say that I personally see no substantive difference between Obama, Clinton, or McCain, and my position is that a Christian should not vote for any of them. I ran across the other day where Martin Luther stated that it was better to be governed by a wise Turk (Muslim) than a foolish Christian. That seems to fit the writings of Paul in Romans 13, especially when you consider the context: Rome was hardly a Christian or godly empire in any sense, yet Paul wrote to submit to proper authorities because all authority comes from God. But Obama, Clinton, and McCain do not meet the standards of “wise Turk” (or wise anything for that matter, let alone decent, moral, honest, truthful, etc.) in my humble estimation. Maybe the Constitution or Libertarian. I cannot consider the Green Party nominee Ralph Nader for regrettably he is pro – abortion.
(Acts 17:26,27, Rom. 10:11-13)
What kind of pastor condones the sin of homosexuality, killing babies, and preaches a gospel of racial division? The pastor for 20 years and spiritual mentor of Democratic Presidential candidate B. Hussein Obama! I found it amusing the past few days that all of the news media is focusing on the racially divisive and anti-American rhetoric of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, who for over 3 decades was the Senior Pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois.For those who have been reading the Daily Devotional and/or watching the Liveprayer television program, I have told you about Dr. Wright for many years now, since he pastors the church Oprah called home and Senator Obama has been part of for the past 2 decades.Dr. Wright not only married Senator Obama and his wife and christened their 2 children, but he has also been the spiritual mentor to the Senator and helped shape his theological beliefs. He has been prominent in the news the past few days because the public has been horrified after being exposed to his racist and anti-American views that he has espoused for over 30 years in his church.

In trying to do damage control Friday, Senator Obama ended any affiliation Dr. Wright had with his Presidential campaign and the Senator went on numerous news programs stating that he was not aware Dr. Wright held these views. B. Hussein Obama is a liar!

As many of you know, I started my ministry in the city of Chicago in 1992.
Two of the members of my Board of Directors who have been with me since day one, are both black pastors of churches on the south side of Chicago. I
have had the joy and privilege to preach in several dozen black churches in
the Chicagoland area in the early days of my ministry. Anyone who has had
ANY dealing with the churches in Chicago know who Dr. Jeremiah Wright is and that he preaches a gospel of black separatism with anti-American views.

In theological circles it is known as “black liberation theology,” a perverse theology originally taught by James Cone that seeks to contribute to the liberation of black people from the perceived racism in the country and in Christianity.

Please hear me very clear. Black liberation theology is a perverse view of the Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a radical view held by a very small minority of black pastors. This is NOT representative of the black church or the overwhelming majority of black pastors who preach and teach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ without looking at it through the lens of color. Every black pastor I know condemns Dr. Wright and this perverse racist theology.

Sadly, to the non-churched masses and to white Americans who have little or no exposure to the black church, seeing and hearing Dr. Wright’s radical views of the world and the Scriptures, will cause them to assume this is the position held by all black churches. (My note: some black people in their zeal to defend Obama are stating precisely that.) Again, Dr. Wright is in a very small minority of pastors who hold to these perverted views and this is NOT representative of the black church or Christians who happen to be black.

Having said that, let me reiterate that B. Hussein Obama is a liar when he says he was not aware of these beliefs held by his pastor. That is impossible since everyone in Chicago knows about Dr. Wright and his radical and racially divisive theology. His teachings attracted many young, upwardly mobile, successful blacks who agree with his views on race and social issues. They joined his church not only for the spiritual experience,
but for the networking opportunities it provided. (My note: sadly, making them no different from most Christians regardless of race or theology.)

It was the perfect church home for Senator Obama, who had no Christian background or Biblical upbringing, and was a rising star in the Daley political machine in Chicago, It was the perfect church home and message for Senator Obama who was dealing with the social and economic challenges of blacks on the south side of Chicago early in his political career.

The United Church of Christ is a predominantly white and very liberal denomination that supports and condones sins like homosexuality and women killing their babies.
Like many liberal denominations, it focuses on the
“social gospel,” dealing with the economically poor rather than the spiritually poor. (My note: although the Bible tells us to deal with the economically poor as well, it is both not either or, do not turn aside from God’s commandments to the right or to the left!) These types of churches focus on the financially down and out and needy, using the parts of the Bible that speak to helping those who are less fortunate, while brushing over the passages that speak to living a life holy and acceptable to God in accordance with His Word. This is where Senator Obama comes up with the laughable notion that the Sermon on the Mount teaches homosexuality is an acceptable choice as he recently stated in the news. In his bid for the White House, B. Hussein Obama has received great support from those in the gay and lesbian community since he will champion their desire to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states and to break down all barriers to gay adoption, as well as other issues favorable to giving those who choose to commit the sin of homosexuality special rights.Senator Obama also supports the legalizes slaughter of babies. He has been 100% consistent in his political career both in the Illinois Senate and the United States Senate, to support the legalized practice of infanticide. I wonder how he can go home at night, look at his two precious little girls, yet vote to support the legalized murder of babies. Again, this is all in line with the liberal theology and social gospel teachings of his pastor and church for the past 20 years.

I say that any “pastor” and any “church” that supports slaughtering babies should never be referred to with those names. How can you call yourself a pastor, how can a church call itself a church, how can a person honestly call themselves a follower of Jesus Christ, and support a woman making the decision to kill her baby? That is inconsistent with the teachings of Christ and the Bible, and even most hard hearted heathens who deny the existence of God understands that it is murder!

I love you and care about you so much. My guess is that Senator Obama will soon leave Trinity UCC to appease his political detractors. The fact is, he is 20 years too late. He, like ALL who are part of that church and most who are not part of Trinity, knew of the perverse theology and racist, anti-American views of Dr. Jeremiah Wright. This is not revelation to anyone in Chicago. I have told you about Dr. Wright and that church for
many years now.

Senator Obama has to make the same decision we all have to make. It was Jesus who said you can’t serve two masters. Is our master Jesus or do we serve another master? If Jesus is his master, Senator Obama needs to denounce the sin of homosexuality and take a stand for life. If politics is his master, he will continue to support these sins.

At some point, each person has to decide if you love Jesus or if you love this world. We make that decision many times throughout the day when we choose to obey God or disobey Him. If we say we love the Lord, we will obey Him. If we say we love the Lord and disobey Him, we obviously don’t love Him enough since it was Jesus who said, “If you love Me, you will obey Me.” I pray today that Senator Obama will love Jesus enough to obey Him, and I pray that you and I will love Him enough to obey Him.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller
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50 Responses to “On Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Apostate Pastor Jeremiah Wright”

  1. representativepress said

    Send this video to others: Shame On Joe Scarborough, MSM & Obama the way they reacted to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermon about 9/11 Part 1
    The American people don’t deserve to be manipulated and lied to

  2. Representativepress, why don’t you tell the folks here your feelings about Israel?

    On another yet related note, what do you feel someone has to do to make it to Heaven?

    I’ve seen a good bit of your material and would appreciate answers to my questions. I know you often wish politicians would answer your questions, so I hope you take a moment to answer mine. I really hope your comment was not some simple “drive by” comment promoting yourself and your efforts to collect donations. I’ll tell you up front you’re not getting a dime from me, but I’d still like answers if you don’t mind.

  3. Charles D. said


    Thing is while condemning Rev Wright, the press attribute to him things that others actually have said. Also, just what has he said that is wrong. I’ve heard many things that he said and no one can refute many of the things that he has said.

    On another note, the media, at least Washington Post and Anderson Cooper have validated many of the things Wright said. Since when is it Barack’s responsibility to either chide or admonish Wright. Assuming that Wright was actually called of God, then, it is God’s job to remove him and God’s alone. The way CNN, W-Post and others tried despertely to hold Barack’s feet to the fire, just goes to prove that they being White do not understand the Mostbase of Black churches, our belief system, or the way that we worship. Furthermore, I cannot for the life of me remember the media asking Romney why he believe in a cult that would allow discrimination by race, have sanctioned poligamy, and such other abominations as they (the Mormons) believe.

    First, answer IC’s questions “youth wants to know,” then expound on your belief system and any denominational ties you have or have had.


  4. Well Charles, not to depart from our current line of focus, but I’ve found an entire sermon that J. Wright Wrong hacked up.

    A Short Analysis of “The Audacity to Hope” and how Jeremiah Wrong’s (Wright) Black Liberation Theology is Leveraged by Barack Hussein Obama Junior. All for Political Gain.

  5. Charles D. said

    I guess my thing remains Barack cannot be held accountable for what his minister says or doesn’t say. And the minister is not running for president. As I have been asked many times on this very forum “How can I support a man that support this or that, e.g., gay rights, abortion, or whatever.

    In most instances, I hear this from anti-Barack folks who look and gather any and everything they can get for reasons other than those stated. First of all, the “media types” of all people are so far removed from religions of every type is in no position to talk about things they know nothing about. I have yet to meet ANY reporter willing to put God on the same plain as they do their first amendment right not to name a source. Thats their religion.

    Unfortunately, of all of the things that I have heard played over this weekend and attributed to Rev. Wright, out of 12 things, a case might be able to be made on 3. Other than that, the media, by their conduct has only validated what the good preacher has said.

    BTW: Wright wasn’t the first to say that God is punishing America for some it failed to do. Oral, Pat, Jim, Hagee and Parsely were, and I have yet to see the media get in their stuff. Could it be because of the vasr media-related amounts that those guys spend every week or more often?

    A Barack Man and Fan

  6. Devon said

    Yet you still havn’t explained how you can as a christian support a man that openly supports the slaughter of unborn children and supports the homo agenda??

    It would be one thing if Obama was hiding his views on these critical issues but he has been forthright from day one that he supports these dasterdly decisions!

    You are blindly supporting an evil man in Obama….

    I wonder how you can reconcile all of this with your christianity?

    Be that as it may…Obama is done….regardless of whether he wins the dem nomination…he is radical socialist nut….and in the next 6 months or so, his radical positions will be more and more exposed….

  7. Charles D. said

    Assuming your questions are not rhetorical, I fail to see how my reasons would be beneficial to you. Unless, of course, you are so insecured in your own position that you are looking for an “out.”

    Unfortunately I cannot give you an out, or, anything else for that matter. My comments were not directed to your attention. Be sufficiently courteous not to direct yours to me.

    Whatever I do by way of voting and/or supporting Barack is an A and B thing. Can you C your way clear to butt out! Your salvation is dependent on you and you alone.


  8. When a heathen sees someone claiming the Lord’s name showing racial partiality so obvious that THEY are calling it out, that’s a problem.

    When Paul heard deceivers calling out wayward elders, he didn’t let an accurate accusation slide. Despite the source of the accusations, he dealt with those who were claiming to be in the church and acting out of line, as led by the Holy Spirit, to keep God’s House (the collective church) in order.

    Titus 1:12-14 (King James Version)

    12 One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, the Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies.

    13 This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith;

    14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.

    Not rebuking a wayward elder sharply only supports those who are false, such as heathen reporters, or in Paul’s case those promoting fables and legalism.

    The allegations can’t be overlooked, because they are true. Rather than “Black pastors” trying to hype Obama into this “race speech” he’s having tomorrow and trying to have him cover for J. Wrong, they all should be sharply rebuking J. Wrong (not just his statements, but J. Wrong the man) and telling him to turn from such or disassociate from him.

  9. Charles D. said

    Somebody do something, quick. There needs to be two or three witnesses; for sure, I am not one.

    Who’s going to do something? It is one thing to scream fire, and it is another thing to put it out. I don’t see that happening now. I don’t see that happening in the near term or far term for that matter. I for one will not beat my head against a wall, if I cannot be effective, then, I might as well shut up. Time is valuable, too valuable to waste it with words. What I see happening from both, the left and the right is absolutely nothing.

    I continue to be a Barack supporter, he is the best candidate out there, certainly better than anything I’ve heard here.


  10. Charles D. said

    Furthermore, I don’t know of a single person visiting this site that will even vote! Now that’s really saying something.

    At the beginning several visitors had their preferences and for whatever reason they supported those losers, each of the candidates have gotten the stuffings beaten out of them and are no longer here. Now, just suppose I had been a “follower” with an unhealthy ego and followed suit, I would be madder than a wet hen, right about now.

    Not voting, huh? To paraphrase something I once heard: that the easiest way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing! Still not voting? Oh! you are now? Well tell me who you’re voting for and I might follow along!

    Chas 🙂

  11. Devon said

    Yet…Charles…you say you follow the Holy God of the Bible and yet you will not answer on how you can reconcile a partial birth abortion supporter like Obama? I would be asking you the same thing if you supported Hillary as she also supports abortion and the homo agenda? I am not merely picking on Obama here…

    An analogy would be if I as a Conservative would support a Right Winger that openly supports hatred of the Jews (as historical anti semitism has been associated with the right in the past) or someone who supports the KKK….

    Regardless of how many other great qualities said Right Winger would have, I could NEVER support someone that is openly hateful of Jews or supports the KKK….

    They are for the Christian…deal breakers….

    If Obama were to drop his support of Abortion and the Gay agenda, aside from all his other idiotic positions on world affairs and economics, I could then see a Christian supporting him…..those issues are not deal breakers…

    The fact that you will not come clean for your reason indicates perhaps conviction (hopefully) or unteachability ( I hope not) or simply that you are basing your vote on color (God Forbid)……

    What is it…please explain to us how you can reconcile Obama’s antichrist agenda with your faith in Christ?


  12. Charles D. said


    I am starting to think you are a foul spirit. You’re not unlike Satan, you’re subtle, you’re slick, and you like to change appearances. Example: You say, no you beg me to reconcile how I can be, no I am a Christian, a supporter of Barack. Yet in still, I have asked you (and others), who are you going to vote for? On that you remain silent.

    Two things: 1) If the BlogMaster allowed profanity on this thread, I would tell you in an instance, how I reconcile that fact. Point 2) Were you and I in proxity of each other, I would demonstrabaly SHOW you how I reconcile the same fact. You still wouldn’t go away, you’d only ask, how can such words come out of the mouth of a Christian and that you didn’t know a Christian were allowed to hit so hard. All I could tell you is about the provoke to wrath thingie.

    Get a Life, preferrably a Christian life. AND, I don’t know who told you that conservatism was a honorable thing, but you fell for it.

    Charles 🙂 🙂 😉

  13. Devon said

    If I could vote I would vote for the least evil option…that is clearly Mr. McCain and indeed he is appalling…he is no different then Hillary or Obama on National Borders, Big Spender, Pro Homo Marriage…..the only thing McCain has over the latter 2 evils is that he has been against abortion for the last 23 years…and that he does understand the International scene and Islamic terror specifically far more clearly then Obama or Hillary…though to Hillary’s credit, she also isn’t nearly as deluded as Obama…

    I do not agree with IC or Job that one shoudn’t vote because all 3 are bad…you can slip into moral relativism quite easily and that is something a Christian should abhor…..Up here in Canada…we have limited choices…..Radical Left marxist party (NDP)…the vile Socialist party (Liberal Party of Canada) and the Centrists and mostly Red Tory Party (Conservative Party of Canada)….so we have the same limited choices…I always vote the Conservatives as they are the best of a bad lot…..

    NOW…tell me how you reconcile this obviously evil man, Obama, with your Christian beliefs? I am not picking on you…I really want to know how someone filled with the Holy Ghost cannot discern the dangers of this man? I would be asking the same thing if you were voting for hillary…McCain…meh…a RINO..probably to the left on the political spectrum…not much better…

    If you have to use profanity or threats of violence, again, that doesn’t exactly spell out a solid Christ Like witness….I do not know if you are a Christian or not…that is between you and Christ….I would certainly hope so….I want everyone to be a christian

    Perhaps…I am causing you to stumble…

    Again…I am not trying to be mean spirited or pick on you…I would ask anyone the same question who professes Christ and yet will vote openly for such a depraved candidate…

    I can certainly respect my fellow Christians that will not vote for anyone…but to blindly support someone simply based on color is appalling and that seems to be what you are doing unless you can offer me a reason otherwise!

    Take care

  14. Charles D. said

    You have sinned right here TWICE. You have judged unfairly and inaccurately I might also add. The one thing you have taught or at least brought to the forefront of my mind is the depth and breadth of ignorance in America. You think that you are right and that’s what gives me pause as well as deminishes my hope that America can somehow find a way out of the hole that she now finds herself.

    You haven’t a clue about government, government operations, or Christianity when it comes right down to it. I’ve seen some of your other postings on different threads and I am convinced that all you want, in deed all you crave is acceptance. You practically bend over backwards to please, and you …well I’m not going to get as mean-spirited as I might if I thought for a second that your problems (and you have many) were something else.

    Devon you just gotta man up – grow a pair and stand n your own 2 feet. Damn! Man, it is better for you to dictate your own destiny than to be lead blindly down primrose path. Truth of the matter abortion is not the larest problem that I see and the gay issue don’t even raise a blip on my radar screen. Now, you’re just going to bug me about WHAT IS the largest on my agenda and I (not in a spirit of meaness) will let you twist in the wind. You’ve neither the maturity or biblical knowledge to understand at this point in your walk. I’ve seen how Barack candidacy have had you all twisted in the wind and I pity you.

    I leave you with this – you do the things that you think you should or need; and while I don’t have high hopes that you will sicceed, I really don’t have the time to promote growth within you. You’re in good hands.

    Walk the walk, why don’t you?


  15. The controversy is wild. The media has a right to cover these stories, but not in an obsessive manner. I hate to agree with Charles D on some points, but Rev. Wright is right on many points. People can deny it all they want. One is that the Tuskegee Experiment was a real action carried out by the government to harm innocent African Americans. President Bill Clinton apologized for it. Many historians believe that FDR had foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attacks (I know books about this). The U.S. Government praticipated in poisoning its citizens for decades. One example is the legization of aspartame, sodium flouride in our water system, and other things. Even Gary Webb and some CIA members documented how some in the CIA worked with the COntras and permitted drugs like cocaine into America. That’s common knowledge. Preaching self reliance and honoring your cultural heritage if you’re black is legitimate. Rev. Wright definitely suffered discrimination and more overt racism than Barack Obama. It’s understandable for Wright’s comments. It doesn’t justify some of his rhetoric which I disagree with like aligning with Qadafi or praising Louis Farrakhan. As for abortion, it’s a grave issue since innocent babies are dying. Forced abortion and the selling of body parts of babies is an epidemic globally. That’s immoral. Abortion is immoral. Other issues are important like the economy, the environment, our civil liberties, etc.

    Obama isn’t responsible for all the statements of the preacher Jeremiah Wright. He is responsible for how he responds to the controversy and his connections with the man. Obama spoke eloquently about how he feels. I don’t agree with Obama on every issue, but the real issues ought to be the policies of Obama, McCain, and Hillary not the beliefs of a retired preacher.

    By Timothy

  16. Here’s other links of the US. Government testing poisons unto its own citizens:

    The truth is the truth.

    By Timothy

  17. And guess how almost all the Black men that die tonight will die? BY ANOTHER BLACK MAN SHOOTING THEM.

    All this harping over who did what back when is nothing less than ridiculous when RIGHT NOW Black people are their own worse enemy.

    Jeremiah Wrong is a hate monger and it’s pathetic that he carries out his antics in the Lord’s name. Black Liberation Theology is HERESY.

  18. Devon said

    My shortcomings notwithstanding, this is about Obama and how you can vote for such dangerous man…again, I expect from people in the world not to know better…but for you to claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit and thus discernment should be friend, I am not seeing any of it….

    Thus…is it not true that the only reason you are voting for obama is simply because he is black? And I think we both know that that is exactly the reason you are voting for him….and so are many other people…but I expect much greater wisdom from those that claim Christ!

    As for the issues of the day and their relative importance…well domestically I can’t imagine anything more important then attacks on the Family through abortion and the gay agenda??? These are issues of the greatest importance since the overthrow of slavery and jim crow….and I would think that is common sense among followers of Christ….

    Of course other issues are important….but lets face it…Obama is an idiot…a socialist high spending fool…and internationally he is clued out….

    What redeeming qualities or issues do you actually think Obama is correct on? And if you cannot answer the question in an honest fashion without insulting me, then it only confirms you are voting for the man based on color…and shame on you for such a position!

    Give me some issues that Obama is right on….that he will lead the Free World and America into something better??

    Was it his genius in announcing he would bomb pakistan? Or did obama forget that they are a nuclear power?

    Perhaps it was his touching idea of talking to mass murderers like the anti semite that leads Iran??

    Or cozying up to the U.N.? Or spending America into even greater debt then she already is?

    Where from any secular or sacred sense does Obama have any right to lead the most powerful country in history at this, the most dangerous time in history?

    You simply are avoiding the issue here!


    Sorry dude…but I don’t buy any silly grand conspiracies about Pearl Harbour or otherwise…

    Wright is a monster…..and nothing excuses his vileness…Every tribe and people on earth have suffered since Adam and Eve…we can all hate and blame others for our problems at the altar of victimization or we can grow up…..

    I’m Irish…the English slaughtered my people through the Potato famine 150 years ago…Cromwell slaughtered innocent Irish galore in the 1600’s…everyone has been hurt….Satan has made sure of that…

    We either forgive and grow up or we fester and destroy ourselves!!

    Take care

  19. Charles D. said


    I can only partially agree with you on this one. I know a family whose father was experimented on during the Tuskeegee
    experiment and it was not way back there for the following reasons: Black men that were used were uneducated, not knowledgeable in contraceptions, did not know what happened to them and had children who are still living and suffer mental defects.

    I don’t mean “challenged” I mean they suffered from everything from bi-polar to other type organic brain disease, both, they and their children. The great-grands are between 45 years and downward. I think the Gov’t compensated them like $1,000 per wife and $500 per child with the condition attached that they not sue the gov’t. The amount of misery suffered by these peolple and my friends are horrific and deplorable.

    These people religated themselves for the most part to accepting their suffering and “waiting on the Lord.” Many have daith so strong I could not began to describe it, but, certainly more than I would expect them to have under the circumstance. This is not what I read or heard, it is what I have seen and experienced. The one saving grace in all of this is: I firmly believe when God said I will recompence, these beautiful sufferers will have their day….my faith leads me to believe this.

    It is a shame and a pity that man’s inhumanity to man prevents us from obeying the 2nd and 3rd Commandment.

    With a sad heart


  20. Preaching self reliance and honoring your cultural heritage if you’re black is legitimate.

    No it’s not, that’s called heresy.

    Preaching is about the Lord Jesus Christ and honoring HIM, not the color of your skin.

    2 Corinthians 10:12-18 (King James Version)

    12 For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

    13 But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you.

    14 For we stretch not ourselves beyond our measure, as though we reached not unto you: for we are come as far as to you also in preaching the gospel of Christ:

    15 Not boasting of things without our measure, that is, of other men’s labours; but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly,

    16 To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man’s line of things made ready to our hand.

    17 But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

    18 For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth.

    There is no place for ANYONE playing up their race in the House of God, church meetings are to be about the Lord and HE DOES NOT SHARE HIS GLORY WITH ANYONE.

    Colossians 3:9-11 (King James Version)

    9 Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;

    10 And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:

    11 Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.

    And get that thing called “Black History Month” OUT OF THE CHURCH!

    My take:
    Why Black History Month Does Not Belong in the Church

    Job’s take:
    Why I Hate Black History Month Part II

  21. Charles D. said


    My BA is in Political Science; my Masters is in Public Administration. For someone of your caliber to state that:

    “Thus…is it not true that the only reason you are voting for obama is simply because he is black?”

    Is not only a personal affront, but also an insult to which I should not respond, thereby giving your utterence dignty that you sorely lack.

    Remember: Did God really say you should eat of the fruit? So, Devon, taking into my A.M. comments directed to your attention, can you see the similarities? You call it.

    Charles “)

  22. Take Care


    Never did I say that I agreed with Jeremiah Wright on every issue. As for conspiracies, conspiracies existed throughout human history (like Operation Ajax and the Tuskegee Experiment, which are for real. There are tons of documentated proving that). IF you want to deny it, then you have a right to do so. Even the Bible mention conspiracies (the easier one is God vs. Satan). I don’t agree with all in Liberation Theology.

    Also, I cited nothing to excuse his errors. Even people that are wrong on issues can give us lessons in what we can do to conduct ourselves. Evualations are not necessarily justifications for false viewpoints. Even you realize this. As for growing up, many have grown up. Many reject victimhood, yet some still embrace no compassion. Also, blacks are not their own worst. Mostly blacks kill blacks and also mostly whites kill other whites in America. Most serial killers and drunk drivers killing people in traffic accidents in the USA are white. That doesn’t mean blacks and whites are their own worst enemies. That means we should solve this problems of racism, abortion, and other things in our country.

    Victimhood is just as much wrong and demonizing people or dehumanizing people of color. Now, yes we come from Adam. That doesn’t mean we check our history and our legitimate aspects of our culture at the door or in the closet. I agree with you, Devon on most things though.

    By Timothy

  23. Devon said

    IC…the more I read of your posts here and your own website, I have to say, if you ever decide to run for President, I will personally make it my mission to take out U.S. Citzenship and vote for you…

    The question is…who will be your running mate? Ha ha ha…

    Take care

  24. Charles D. said

    Rev. Wright MAY HAVE over-stated 3 out of 18 points. The remainder of which, he is not in error. We have separation of church and state for a reason. Seemingly everyone, especially the media is perfectly willing to over-look that fact and attempt to hold Barack to a higher standard.

    Many here have followed their lead.


  25. Charles D. most Blacks have a story of their own or know someone near them with one. Again, harping about who did what when is not for the House of God. That incident has been fully investigated and detailed so many times you could fill a room with the video tapes.

    It’s sad what happen, but playing off it for hype points on race and government hatred is EVIL. Such “sermons” are UNGODLY.

    What happened is in the past and saints are NOT to be disrespectful towards government, Romans 13. I’m not going to dig it up, but I’ve read recently myself on J. Wrong’s web site his “church bulletins”, where he includes things like telling people how to REFUSE questioning from police officers. You think the media is having fun with Obama now, they’d really have a time if they get a hold of that and it’s right on the “church web site” where they keep copies of all their bulletins they are handing out every Sunday. It was right in the “pastors corner” section of the bulletin with his name on it, he wanted it there and placed it there himself. It’s ungodly and his theology is heresy, been deemed heresy all over, EVEN BY THE CULT OF MARY WHERE LIBERATION THEOLOGY CAME FROM.

  26. Charles D. said

    Okay, now I get it. You’re Canadian! Now I remember.

    Okay, IC is a friend of mine and I still say that you are sucking up so d. hard it is making me ill. IC can take a punch, he and I have done the deed many times. What makes us good believers is that we respect individuality.

    Darn, I know I said you were looking for acceptance, but, if I had known you needed that bad, I would have broken you off a lil sump’n sump’n



  27. To independent Conservative:

    Preaching the Gospel should be the primary issue. Yet, blacks in their private time (outside of the church) learning about their real history and real legitimate culture isn’t a crime nor a sin. You can’t find a single view saying that at all. As for preaching self reliance, that isn’t a sin. As for preaching not being ashamed of you existing in the Earth, that isn’t a sin either. Using what you are as a crutch is wrong That’s true. I may have done an error in writing that preaching honoring your skin color should be a primary focus in the church.

    By Timothy

  28. J. Wrong is WRONG on 18 out of 18 points!

    The media was right to expose that Obama has spent 20 years in a RACE CULT.

    Obama was held to a LOWER standard during this Presidential run of his for a long time.

    The Obama train has sprung a leak and it’s getting messy!

  29. Devon said

    Fair enough Charles…but you are not exactly leaving us a lot of room with regards as to why you are voting for Obama and even pointing out that you a ‘fanatic’ for the man??? That is odd to be sure…

    If it isn’t his color that has smitten you….then what??

    I only care because you claim to be a follower of the Holy God of the Universe….if you were Oprah or Jane Fonda, I could perfectly understand why you would vote for Obama…it simply doesn’t make any sense with all the knowledge we know of this man that a person who claims to be born again would vote for him??

    My post secondary education was in Business and Classical Studies…..What does that have to do with anything??

    You’ve obviously been blessed with a good mind….why you are blind to Obamamania is even more odd…..

    Can you offer me just a few reasons from your Christ centered pov why you are voting for this man if it has nothing to do with his color?


    Satan is behind all conspiracies and open evil…no one disputes that….but I do think Christians and others waste far to much time on conjecture and sometimes get right idiotic with some things..

    ie…9-11 was planned by Bush…..the Jews were behind 9-11…ZOG…….Aids was planted by whitey to wipe out Blacks and Drug Users and Homos etc etc…

    Not that I am saying you agree with the above but many people do and it is utter nonsense….

    It’s sort of how the Body always argues over particular details of eschatology….oy… really becomes a waste of time…

    Perhaps when the Lord has returned he will reveal to us all the things we could never see behind the scenes as it were….and I will be happy to admit I am wrong about being cynical about some of these conspiracy theories….

    I do know this…we live in the most evil times in Western Civ ever….and we must be close to the point of ‘the times of noah’….

    The evil that is displayed everyday is enough to tell us that this world is beyond hope without Christ….


    Take care

  30. Charles D. said


    First of all, the messages and taped tidbits that are circulating on Rev. Wright, why do you not consider them in the past? What’s your cut-off date in terms of time. Furthermore, so long as children and grandchildren of those tested in Tuskeegee are alive, and they are, IT IS NOT IN THE PAST and I for one will not consider it such. AND regarding:

    “What happened is in the past and saints are NOT to be disrespectful towards government”

    That true so long as the governemnt acts and actions is not in contravention with God’s laws and commands. Otherwise it is not unscriptual to contend for the faith.

    I’m not seeking guidance here, I am stating a matter of fact as it relates to me and what I know and experience. Period!

    Unfortunately, I’m working tonight and have to sign-off. To avoid loosing whatever you have to add – send it to me, I welcome the opportunity to dialogue further. And I mean it too (as I huff and puff with my hands on my waist..madder than h. I mean a wet hen)


  31. I agree with the point that we shouldn’t concern too much ourselves with conspiracies in this day and age. Mostly, we should concern ourselves with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping people.

    By Timothy

  32. Devon said

    P.S. I knew the minute I sent that effusive praise for IC, you would be jumping on me Charles…but it is the truth….I say the same thing about other people like LaShawn Barber on her website or Foster on GCW and Melvin at Pulpit Pimps…and of course on white and latino Christian websites also…

    What makes Black Conservative Christians unique is that they are a minority within a minority….talk about getting hated from all sides….it takes real guts to go against the democratic plantation thinking down in the States…

    It’s like up here in Canada standing against MultiCULTurism which is our new gospel…..

    I admire IC for his brave stand and all Christians around the world for their stands against evil.

  33. Charles D. said







  34. Devon said

    Timothy…I do understand why people are so fascinated with this stuff though…it is incredibly interesting to be sure and you and others may be proven to be correct at some point down in history…

    But what really fascinates me is just looking around and seeing how Western Society is racing towards babylon so to speak….

    I speak off and on with my dearest friend, an ex Sunni muslim from Trinidad, about the current state of affairs….we both came to Christ at the same time 17 years ago….

    And we both shake our heads at the very idea that we live in a country, Canada, that has Gay Marriage within its borders???

    We talk quite often about how it seems we are living amidst the very pages of the Book of Revelation…..

    We both say to ourselves….how has it gotten so bad is the West in such a short time???

    And then I am reminded of the story of the Ancient Israel and Judah….how from one generation she would be Godly and within 20-30 years they would be worshipping pagan gods????!!!!!

    Incredible…and Canada and America and the West are now doing the same…

    And yet…just as the Bible says…the masses cannot see….they cannot see the plain evil in front of their own eyes….they have bought the delusion…

    Amazing amazing times…

    Anyways…I’m rambling…

    Take care

  35. Evangelist Bettye Cash said

    I am amazed that there is so much hatred alive and well since slavery time. You without faults cast your venom and sit on your earthly throne. are you willing to be crucified,placed in a tomb as Jesus was? Do you think you will rise again on the day? I don’t think so! God is love and love isn’t among some of you. Have you ever heard the saying,” Forgive and forget”. well. If you really know Jesus and want to be like him, then you must learn how to do this. Have you Heard read in your Bible. If you have one. wipe the dust and crud from it and you will find that He said,”ALL SOULS ARE MINE’. Who died and made you the unjust judge? It won’t be water next time. Its going to be FIRE! If I were you Iwould get my house in order before its everlastin too late. Woe unto all of you.

  36. TC said

    More depth to the controversy at Acropolis Review:

  37. Charles D. said

    This is sure to generate some much unwanted dribble, however, I have never been one to back away from what I fee;. think, or discern. I have read intently all that have been written here and have thus concluded:

    Barack Obama will probably make it into heaven before anyone posting on this thread, myself included.

    He is faithful and he has certainly manned-up to everything said about him and his minister and have comeout of it all looking better and more of a man and a Christian than anyone posting here, myself included. Now! It doesn’t take much of a man to sit on the side of the road and throw rocks, especially, when you have no particular claim to the Cross. Make snide remarks for bewonderment sake, or claim to be holier than thou when the only contriburion one has made is , just that!

    He has remained faithful, he has done exactly what those in the media (and here), do not understand or know how to do. He has not thrown his preacher under the bus, nor has he forsakened him. He knows that in that day, it is his pastor that must account for him, per the scriptures. With all on the line, with the media snapping at his feet (along with some here), he faced it all. I have not seen such faith here.

    For those searching for saving grace or works to hang on to as their mantle, anti-abortion or gay rights unto themselves are not going to get you one inch closer to heaven, and therefore, God! You claom to be spirit-filled and living the life, but in your hearts of hearts, you are blind, dumb, naked and wretched. Some have been out of church too long. I discern some find themselves here from what started out as a business enterprise if you can believe that, some are just plain contrary and are here for the same reason as those who search for internet romance. There are varied and sundried reasons, each having their own stories. The commonality between us all is:

    WE NEED JESUS AND WE NEED HIM NOW! Some claim they have Him, but they son’t. Some are searchimg but haven’t found Him yet! And some even feel that they dispense Him as they will, but that too is not true and it is dangerous.

    I pray for us all and wish no harm or evul to anyone. Life is too short and the day of evil is upon us and manifest itself in what is unfolding before our very eyes. May the God of lights have His way and His will prevail in each life.


  38. Job said

    Evangelist Bettye Cash:

    So I am being condemned as a sinner for telling the truth? So then, would I be righteous if I told lies? Is that what you want? For me to lie to the people and allow them to be deceived? Now you actually have people going around claiming that all black churches have preachers like this!

    It reminds me of the Clarence Thomas hearings, when people defending Thomas claimed that black men always use vulgar demeaning speech like that to humiliate black women, so it was no big deal! When will people be willing to call sin sin, wrong wrong, and apostasy apostasy?

  39. Charles, I was against J. Wrong BEFORE these clips in the media came out. I’ve heard a FULL sermon from the man, I’ve researched the man’s club web site.

    The bottom line is this, the doctrine. That club pushes Liberation Theology, which is something deemed heresy over and over again. Its focus is humanistic, the flesh. It’s a sidebar of the Prosperity doctrine, literally the predecessor of the Prosperity doctrine.

    It’s a race cult, Obama was enjoying it up till it hurt his political shot. And still he’s standing by J. Wrong. Just being against “words” was NOT ENOUGH when the name was Don Imus: Obama: Fire Imus. Rather than ask J. Wrong to leave the pulpit, Obama watched that racist for 20 years.

  40. Michelle said

    More on Ronald Reagan’s relationship with a great leader given the name of Hussein and the origins of the name.

  41. Devon said

    Uh Charles…Didn’t Barack just say the other day that Christ is not the only way to Heaven etc etc?? Wouldn’t that make him a universalist and thus a denier of Christ’s plain words in holy writ? He joins President Bush in this regards…also a universalist…

    The fact is…you have Larry, Moe and Curly running down there in the States and not one of them is a Christian…at least at this point….obviously…we want everyone to be saved….

    But at this point…Barack is not a christian remotely…at least going by his actions and words…..

  42. Charles D. said

    “Uh Charles…Didn’t Barack just say the other day that Christ is not the only way to Heaven etc etc??”

    Uh No! I didn’t hear it and wouldn’t believe it coming from you or Maryln since neither of you correction yourself when caught in lies. HOWEVER, my better resonse to you is found on the ” What does the Bible say” thread where you name call, use falsehood, and take the name of God in vein! Which is the greater sin. What you accuse Barack of saying is not a sin.

    B’ luck next time.


  43. Devon – If BHO said such heresy, please post a link.

    I know he probably does believe that, given he’s a proponent of Black Liberation Theology. A heresy that teaches all (even people who deny Christ) who “suffer” regardless the reason are a form of “Christ” and going to Heaven. His doctrine is not the gospel.

    If he said what you say he said Devon, he would be in line with the heresy he’s been learning for 20 years, Luke 6:39-40. But I’d still like to see proof it came from his mouth.

  44. Charles D. said

    Don’t hold your breath or stop praying until you get that or those links. Then you might want to send up a few for Devon and a few others I hasten to mention.

    And you don’t see me snickering either; this stuff is fairly serious. Lets see….running into sin in order to cast dispersion on another; they have a name for that in the gospels.

    Help me out here, you saw what he wrote; now does that define him? If not, does what he accuse Barack of saying, does that define him? Which is a proven evil as oppose to heresay? I’m not going to beat a subject to death like Devon, et al. I’m secured in my position as to who I support and idle babbling certainly is not going to change that fact.


    P.S. Devon? Git busy!!!! 😉

  45. Proof Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. follows another Jesus. One who has supposed Christ denying “good Muslims” and Christ denying “good Jews” in Heaven. Obama as much an apostate as I’ve said George W. Bush is. So I say this about Barack with no partiality.

    Obama contends belief in Jesus Christ not necessary for salvation

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – Senator Barack Obama has told an audience that although he believes Christ died for his sins, those who reject that teaching can also be children of God.

    During a campaign stop yesterday in Greensboro, North Carolina, Senator Obama told the audience that he believes he “can have everlasting life” because Jesus Christ died for his sins. But he then told a questioner that he believes Jews and Muslims who live moral lives are just as much “children of God” as he is. (listen to audio clip)

    The Illinois Democrat added that his late mother didn’t share his faith but was a kind and generous person, so he’s “sure she’s in heaven.” (listen to audio clip)

    (audio clips are available on the site)

  46. Charles D. said

    There is nothing misleading or untrue about the below statement on its face!

    “But he then told a questioner that he believes Jews and Muslims who live moral lives are just as much “children of God” as he is.”

    And, even if he believe this and it wasn’t true that within itself is not a sin. However, to say that they are not children of God would be a sin and and untrue.

    I have no intentions to do massive scripture search on this point; the fact that I believe it is sufficient for ME! Whomever believe the opposite, maybe they will do their own research for their own security. Furthermore, this is a far sight from the original thesis putforth by Devon. I have no interest in participating in circular arguments which starts with a “statement as if fact,” followed by watered down slight of hand into digestable bite-sized tidbit. Why the operating method is sinful, unpure, and is born of the devil himself.

    Devon and whomever: Deal with it.


  47. Charles D. said

    God’s way is not so limited that idiots such as we are is going to “figure it all out” without breaking a sweat. This is becoming so nonsensical it’s bordering on lunacy. And after all of that, the man (Barck Obama) is still getting my whole-hearted support, but more importantly, my vote. I’m am at a loos why that is so hard to understand.

    Someone could come in tomorrow and said the man just robbed two banks and whatever other “sins” I can so easily find here, and he stills gets my vote. Period! Point Blank!

    I owe no reason to any man. I am one of those who actually fought for the right. Ah; Obama haters, what have you done along those lines lately? Youth wants to know……. 😉



  48. However, to say that they are not children of God would be a sin and and untrue.

    Can you read 1 John 3 and still say what you said? Obama was NOT speaking about creations but children of God. Equating people who deny Christ, to be in the same spiritual standing as someone born again.

    Anyone claiming there are other paths to God does not follow the True Jesus.

    Someone could come in tomorrow and said the man just robbed two banks and whatever other “sins” I can so easily find here, and he stills gets my vote. Period! Point Blank!

    Well if you’re voting for him because he helped a relative of yours get a job or something of that nature, you don’t have to tell us about it, but we understand 😆 .

  49. Charles, Obama also noted his mother never believed on Christ and he feels she is in Heaven. Which goes with his statements about “good” Muslims and “good” Jews. He’s an advocate of works salvation.

    Obama is showing he is a star pupil of the Black Liberation Theology heresy. All he needs to do now is claim Malcolm X was a form of Christ in dying in a cause for Blacks and he’ll prove he’s memorized Black Liberation Theology heresy completely.

    Obama can no longer claim he was not around for the junk spewed at TUCC. He repeats their false doctrine perfectly and to the letter.

  50. Charles D. said

    “I am one of those who actually [fought] for the right.”

    Okay, now answer your part. Barring that, if Barack happened to have hit on one of you guys old lady’s, I, under those circumstance would understand, but, if you don’t tell me – I won’t know.

    We’ll split the difference, after the election, I’ll help you kick his butt, or, alternatively, I try to get him to give one of your relatives a gig. Shoot me a resume, send it to my Gettysburg address, I’ll keep it on the downlow 🙂 How about that? 😉

    Chas TeeHeehee

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