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Interesting Bible Genealogy: Jethro, Sheba, Ishmael

Posted by Job on March 16, 2008

Paying attention to some of these genealogies is sometimes helpful. For instance, when Joseph was sold by his brothers to the Ishmaelites (with Midianites as middlemen), why did the Ishmaelites resell him to Egypt? Well Ishmael was the son of an Egyptian mother Hagar, who – upon being rejected by the house of Abraham and her firstborn son disinherited by it – had Ishmael marry an Egyptian wife. Ishmael’s offspring, 12 tribesmen that make up the nations of Ishmael as a sort of a counterpart to the 12 patriarchs of Israel, were hence 3/4 Egyptian. As the Ishmaelites had very strong familial ties to Egypt,  it was only natural that they take the child of the house that rejected their half Egyptian forefather Ishmael (along with Ishmael’s fully Egyptian wife and mother) there!

Note Islam’s claim that the Old Testament was been altered to hide the fact that Ishmael, not Isaac, was the child of the promise, and to contrive ownership of both the promise and Jerusalem to Judaism and Christianity, both of which they hold to be fraudulent European inventions (which makes their respect for Jews and Christians as “people of the book” to be somewhat curious). I could not see where in the Biblical revelation either Hagar or Ishmael were ever made known what God told Abraham and Sarah concerning Isaac or Ishmael. So from their perspective – no doubt influenced by Sarah’s cruel treatment of Hagar – Isaac was a usurper of what should have gone to Ishmael by virtue of his being firstborn because of the machinations of Sarah and also because of the nationality and status of Ishmael and his mother Hagar, Egyptian slave versus Sarah being free and one of Abraham’s own people.

As we know the story, Joseph’s being sold into Egypt set the course for Jacob and the patriarchs’ moving to that nation and they and their descendants living there for 400 years. Now Moses, knowing that the time of deliverance had come – for God had told Abraham that his seed would stay in a foreign land 400 years and be afflicted – and also that Israel’s deliverance would come at his leadership, killed an Egyptian and found himself having to flee for his life from Egypt, and ultimately he came across Jethro, the priest of Midian. Now a movie that aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network recently depicted Jethro as an agnostic deist, but in reality Jethro was a priest of the Midianite nation. Now how was it that Moses, a Hebrew, able to marry the daughter of a Midianite priest? How was this same priest later capable of giving the prophet Moses wise counsel regarding governing Israel in the desert that Moses heeded? And how was it that Zipporah the Midianite knew to circumcise the son off Moses? Not only that, the instructions of Jethro the Midianite to Moses has served as the basis for administrative governance regarding God’s people ever since!

Simple: Jethro was not a pagan priest but rather was serving YHWH, for Abraham was the father of Midian! Midian was the name of one of the male children that Abraham had with Keturah. As God told Abraham to circumcise all his male children, Midian was circumcised just as was Ishmael. The Bible records Abraham not giving Midian an inheritance (only a gift) and commanding him to leave Canaan, for the inheritance and the land was to be Isaac’s alone, but clearly Midian learned of YHWH and of serving Him in Abraham’s house. So in Zipporah Moses found and married a woman from Abraham’s lineage that was worshiping the God of Abraham.

After Moses led Israel out of Egypt and Joshua led them into Canaan, the period of judges  passed and the people asked for a king and received first Saul, then David (who ruled for a time with Saul’s son Ishbosheth until Ishbosheth was murdered), then Solomon. We are aware that the queen of Sheba came to Solomon when she heard of his wisdom and the glory of YHWH’s temple. The scripture record tells us that the queen of Sheba was convinced of these things and returned to her land. Legend adds to that the queen brought worship of YHWH to her land, and also Solomon’s child. The New Testament would appear to confirm that the people of Sheba were worshiping YHWH in the narrative of the eunuch of queen Candace meeting Philip the evangelist in Acts. But where does it say that Sheba was pagan prior, or that the queen brought YHWH worship to her nation?

Further, which “Sheba” was the founder of the nation ruled by this queen? Is this the nation founded by Sheba the grandson of Cush, who was the son of Ham? (Cush is generally regarded as the father of the African peoples, Mormons and other racists please note that while Cush was indeed the son of Ham, the “ye shall be the servant of Shem and Japheth” curse – Shem being the father of the Semitic peoples and Japheth the father of at least some European peoples including Ashkenaz – was against CANAAN). Or is it a nation founded by Sheba the son of Jokshan, who like Midian was a son of Abraham by Keturah?


5 Responses to “Interesting Bible Genealogy: Jethro, Sheba, Ishmael”

  1. jzholloway said

    Excellent article, I have actually been doing my own “geneaology” trace, and really enjoyed this article. I also plan to take it outside the Bible, but referencing with some apocryphal works such as Enoch and Jubilee’s and as well as the Qur’an, just for the sake of additional material, not canonicity.

  2. Steve said

    I take issue with your comment that Mormons are racist. I happen to be a Mormon and nothing could be further from the truth. I appreciate the information your website provides, however, charaterizations such as “Mormons are racist,” do not belong in any Christian philosophy.

  3. hi i am abul bashar .i am muslim .but read baibel also discused about crishtian.i think it is best way&bater relizen.thats why i want change relizen i want go to crishtian relizen.i looking crishtian comunity peple.pls,. Suport &help me

  4. Greg L said

    I thought the Mormon remark took away credibility, is there something about Mormon beliefs that make them raciest? I’m certain their are raciest everybody’s, so why single them out? Anyway I was hoping to see any info on the Gog Magog trace. Who and where. Nice to know that Moses married well.

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