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Kidnapped India Christians Forced To Participate In Humiliating Hindu Temple Ritual Then Released!

Posted by Job on March 12, 2008

More than 60 Christians who were kidnapped by extremists in Himachal Pradesh, India, on February 27 were released unharmed. However, the kidnapped Christians were forced to participate in a humiliating ceremony at a religious temple before they were released. Click here to read the news story about their release.

We also learned today that Gospel for Asia missionary Haresh Kujur was released after being kidnapped March 1. He was conducting a youth program at his church in Assam, India, when a group of anti-Christian extremists abducted him. No other details about his release are available at this time.

Please keep both of these situations in your prayers, even as we rejoice over the release of these Christian brothers and sisters.

K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

Himachal Pradesh Kidnapped Christians Released

Anti-Christian extremists have released the more than 60 Christians they kidnapped on February 27 in Himachal Pradesh, India. None of the Christians were harmed during their ordeal, and none were members of GFA-related churches as was previously thought. The kidnapped Christians were forced to endure a humiliating ceremony at a religious temple before the extremists gave them anti-Christian literature and let them go.

The radical group responsible for the kidnapping, while part of a system that keeps Dalits and other low castes in virtual slavery, covered their own agenda by publicly accusing Christian missionaries of trying to split the nation of India along caste lines.

This leader also falsely claimed that missionaries offered inducements to low-caste people to lure them into converting to Christianity. Himachal Pradesh’s ruling anti-Christian political party believes that keeping people in the traditional religion brings unity to the state, and ultimately to the entire country. It is reported that the group who kidnapped these Christians is affiliated with the political party.

It is not unusual for these extremists to kidnap believers and try to force them to bow before the statues that represent the country’s traditional gods. If the Christians refuse to bow, they risk being ostracized from society, which brings much shame in the Asian culture in which they live.

GFA’s correspondent is thankful for the prayers for these believers, and says that by God’s grace, they are safe. However, religious and political tensions in the area are still strong. Please pray that these Christians and others near them will trust in the Lord and not fear.

Read the original report here.

Learn more about Himachal Pradesh, where the kidnapping took place.


4 Responses to “Kidnapped India Christians Forced To Participate In Humiliating Hindu Temple Ritual Then Released!”

  1. I learned of the Dalit situation many years ago. That discrimination against the Dalits is immoral. Religious liberty fully isn’t realized in India.Even in America, religious folks have been arrested for just expressing peacefully their religious views. We should promote the basic ideals of free speech and religious expression.

    By Timothy

  2. Chris said

    Of course kidnapping is wrong, but at least they were released unharmed, unlike hindus kidnapped then murdered by Christians.

  3. 2 Wrong don’t make a right. Also, Christians in India have suffered a lot worse incidents in India than just kidnapping.

    By Timothy

  4. Charles D. said

    Nope, but 2 rights make a Left.

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