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Evangelical Alliance Leader Joel Edwards Urges Christians To Be Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ!

Posted by Job on March 8, 2008

Evangelicals challenged to present Christ credibly

(My note: it is amazing how many evangelical Christians are running away from the true message of the Bible in favor of messages that sound better in the modern context with their tail between their legs. The world will NEVER find the Jesus Christ of the Bible acceptable.  The world will ALWAYS be embarrassed at not only the humiliation of the cross, but the realities of original sin and eternal punishment in the lake of fire that made the cross necessary in the first place. More and more, these evangelicals are going the way of the mainline denominations 50 – 100 years ago, which is to abandon the message of Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead in their lusting after the respect of the wicked world. Whatever happened to trials? Tribulations? Persecution? Does having the respect of the Oxford University tea party crowd mean so much to you that you are willing to give up heaven? Well more and more of these leaders are answering this question in the affirmative, and so have chosen to chase their rewards on earth.)

“Far from evangelicals being an embarrassment, we should think of ourselves as integral to God’s great news for our community, and tell ourselves again with a certain humility and confidence that we have a vital role to play as active Christians and active citizens in the public square.”

Such were the words of the General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, Joel Edwards, at the launch of his new book “An Agenda for Change” on Thursday.

“If they wanted it to happen, if they put their minds to it, the word ‘evangelical’ could mean good news.” (Ah, so people make it happen and not God. Thanks for making clear your man – centered theology.)

The backlash against the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent controversial Sharia lecture, meanwhile, was evidence of a society with “a serious vendetta against the idea of God”, contended Mr Edwards. (And your statements where you urge evangelicals to bend and twist God’s Word to meet the whims and lusts of sinners are evidence of the same.)

It is within this society that evangelicals are challenged to present Christ credibly and uphold His uniqueness, according to the EA chief. (It is impossible to do both. I know that with God all things are possible, but those things have to be according to His Word. God never said that He would make things that contradict His Word and are outside of His Will come to pass, and the Bible makes it clear that the gospel will always be rejected as foolishness by the world.)

“We are in a very challenging landscape. It is a landscape in which Christ is one among a constellation of gods. We are allowed to have a Christ who is different, who is good for Christians, who may even be superior for Christians, but in popular discourse He is not allowed to be superior over anyone else’s god,” he said. (Wow, the early church whose members were being hung on crosses, burned alive, thrown to the lions, etc. by a pagan empire had nothing comparable to your challenges!)

“In a liberal democracy, Christians have a right if not a responsibility under God to be able to say in any multicultural context Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. “Christ cannot be credible unless we tell people who he really is.” (So why are you calling for the opposite to be done?)

Mr Edwards concluded with a reminder to evangelicals that their highest call lay in serving others. “Central to our understanding of Christian citizenship is a radical commitment to serve other people. But our greatest calling is not to change legislation. Our greatest calling is to serve the people. The Government and local authorities are desperate for help. Will we be ready and equipped to respond?” (I cannot deny that this is true. But Edwards is obviously leaning towards the notion that service should be emphasized as an alternative to a Biblical, gospel centered church. Why? Because it is EASIER and MORE ACCEPTABLE. Get people to focus on the gospel first and the Bible second, and THEN start exhorting them to serve. If you get people doing works that keep them busy, make them feel good, and are acceptable in the eyes of the world – Phariseeism – it will be VERY HARD to interest them in the spiritual things of the Bible.)

Mr Edwards will embark on a 20-city tour to promote his book and start a conversation on the role for evangelicals in society today and into the future. For more information visit

Tour dates and venues confirmed so far:

23 April – Kings Church, Eastbourne
27 April – Emmanuel Christian Centre, London
06 May – All Nations Centre, Leicester
07 May – The King’s Centre, Kings Community Church, Norwich
08 May – Great St Mary’s, Cambridge
18 May – Vineyard Church, Sutton, Surrey
21 May – Cornerstone Church, Swansea
22 May – Glenwood Church, Cardiff
25 May – New Community Church, Southampton
29 May – Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury
2 June – Oxford Community Church, Oxford
3 June – Trinity Church, Cheltenham
24 June – St James, Carlisle
25 June – Kirkintilloch Baptist Church, Glasgow
26 June – St Paul’s and St Georges, Edinburgh
30 June – St George’s, Leeds
1 July – St Thomas Church, Philadelphia, Sheffield
2 July – Kings Church, Manchester
3 July – Frontline Church, Liverpool

The book, published by Zondervan, is Mr Edwards’ contribution to an ongoing discussion among Evangelicals worldwide on how to present Christ credibly and “rehabilitate” the term ‘evangelical’ to mean ‘good news’ again. (Caring more about the good name of their particular movement than either Jesus Christ or the universal Body of Christ. So what, Christians need good public relations in order to win converts? That certainly wasn’t true of the early church which was hated, persecuted, despised, and rejected. The church certainly doesn’t have a good reputation in Muslim and Hindu lands. God brings in His Own converts by using people preaching the gospel. These fellows are only concerned with their own egos and social standing.)

Earlier on Thursday, Mr Edwards announced that he will step down as General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, after 11 years as the organisation’s head. (Hopefully he will be replaced by someone that will advocate a strong God – centered Bible based theology centering around Jesus Christ.)

In a forward-looking address, he said the heart of the matter was not about advancing evangelicalism as a political or Christian system, but was instead about “how we help people understand that God is ultimately the God of Good News and is interested in people’s wellbeing”. (Untrue. He is trying to keep evangelicalism “relevant” and “acceptable.” People like this make me ever more convinced that one of the main reasons why evangelicalism exists is to serve as a more palatable alternative to fundamentalism. The problem is that as the world gets more and more sinful, the further evangelicals will have to retreat from the Bible in order to retain their relevance and acceptability.)

Turning to some of the challenges facing evangelicals, he pointed to the commonplace view that evangelicals are a US export more interested in homosexuality than poverty, and a mascot for the Republican Party. “Evangelicalism has a serious PR problem and it’s not hard to grasp why,” he said. (Now this is just an out and out lie. Conservative evangelicals have long been known for their charity work. It is just that no one talks about the charity work because no one opposes it. They only talk about abortion and gay rights because their stands on the issue generates opposition. This fellow quite frankly is telling Christians to run from opposition. While I oppose the politicization and enculturalization of the gospel even more than this guy does – because my reasons are 100% Biblical as opposed to for public relations – if you aren’t going to be willing to stand up and call homosexuality an unnatural perversion and abortion murder … facts which are obvious not only with regards to the Bible but also MEDICAL SCIENCE which is why they need political correctness to coerce biologists and doctors into silence … you aren’t going to be able to stand up and tell the world that it is Jesus Christ or the lake of fire.)

Referring to some of the recent angry protests from evangelical circles over Jerry Springer the Opera and the Sexual Orientation Regulations, Mr Edwards said that Evangelicals had gained a reputation as the “angry brigade”. “We are known more for our anger than our anguish,” he noted. (Godly anger is better than anguish that is affected to convince people of their piety. Remember what Jesus Christ said about not letting people know that you are fasting? Or praying inside your closet?) Mr Edwards said that the responsibility to reverse evangelicalism’s bad reputation lay with evangelicals themselves. (No, it is the responsibility of God to justify His faithful, and that will happen when Jesus Christ returns and the whole world that pierced and rejected Him will mourn. But again, this fellow wants his reward in this world, not the next.)

“If people are going to think differently about evangelicals, the only people who can change their minds are evangelicals,” he said. (Looks like you are willing to give up Jesus Christ in order to change what people think about you. Even if you are not there yet, that certainly is where you seem to be headed. In the Name of Jesus Christ, please Lord prevent Your people from  following him and people like him there.)


One Response to “Evangelical Alliance Leader Joel Edwards Urges Christians To Be Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ!”

  1. Jesse said

    All I have to say is… wow… The very people who say “killing animals is ok”, “abortion is “wrong”, want creationism taught in schools, wan’t Harry Potter off the air. If people are going to teach creationism in school they have to teach the other equally valid creation stories as well such as the Buddhist creation story, the Egyptian, etc. Whats fair for one is fair for all. At least Abraham, Moses, and in the cases of other religions Cesar and the Pharoh’s existence is irrefutable. Jesus on the other hand is just a composite charicter of Egyptian and Babylonian God’s such as being the light, lamb, born to a virgin and died on a cross!

    Besides there is no “hell”, that’s another thing christians stole from the chosen of Adonai. It’s really called “Gehinom” and is only supposed to last three months. And jesus can’t be the real messiah because he never brought world peace! And the bible has so many mistranslations: It is B’reshit, not genesis. Chasaph means poisoner and not witch. No ones telling you to give up your beliefs but dont try to impose your beliefs on other people. People have a natural right and responsability to throw off the oppression of religious dogmatic shackles and persue a religion that is pro-freedom and is right for them.

    Remember: You can’t go to hell if you don’t believe in it. Afterall we only live once (unless your Hindu, in which case you can come back to the Earth or perhaps other habitable planets) so we have to make the best of the Earth while we’re here and to excersise personal responsability.

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