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Michelle Obama: Council On Foreign Relations Worker!

Posted by Job on March 7, 2008

So, Barack and Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey have verified Council on Foreign Relation ties, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton. John McCain? Jeremiah Wright? Something to look into, although I should point out that John McCain is exploiting a loophole in the campaign finance reform bill that he wrote to allow George Soros to underwrite his campaign. I guess Soros is following the advice of Joseph Kennedy: why bother with being a President yourself when you can buy a President? John F. Kennedy did not follow his father’s advice and you see the result.


44 Responses to “Michelle Obama: Council On Foreign Relations Worker!”

  1. Kyle said

    No Big Shock to me. ALL the major candidates are in lock step with CFR. Why is this even a surprise. Zbigniew Brzezinski is working for the Obama campaign. I hope you just caught what I said. Hello! anyone home? This guy IS CFR. Go look up some of this maniacs quotes and tell me if we are not about to enter a One World Govt. soon.


  2. Job said


    I was tipped off to this on IC’s weblog, who mentioned that Obama’s cousin Dick Cheney (as opposed to his OTHER cousin that is murdering Christians in Kenya) used to run CFR. Hmmm ….

  3. You know, some CFR watchers suspect bombing Iran is next. Can’t have Iran getting off that petro dollar you know!

    And like I said in a prior comment Job, they’ve had me going like Iran had a nuke a month away YEARS AGO.

    The footage talking about the conspiracy stuff of the CFR in both videos looks like it came from an old documentary. I can’t find that full old documentary though, so I can assess it in full.

    Aaron Russo better have been lying, or the trouble is closer than ever.

  4. Charles said

    Okay, I’m going to sound sily here but what’s CFR? Where I am at this minute, it is Congressional Fedreal Regulations.

    I’m disappointed, cuz my buddies stabbed me in the back! They had me thinking all of this time that they, like me, are going to vote for Barack H. Obama. It’s mighty two-facededed to lat me think you’re both voting for Barack and now (though you haven’t said you’re definitely not), you are implying that MAYBE you’re not going to vote for my man!

    Okay, Job and IC: are you is, or are you ani’t voting for my man! Imma calling you out rat now!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Charles said

    Okay, Job and IC you hit me where I’m weakest. I changed my mind about voting for Barack and you guys made me see the light! I am just now coming to see that voting for him twice is both, a sin and a crime. SSOOOOOOOOOO! I’ve decided to forego the sin and vote only one time. Thats the right thing to do. Right???


    🙂 🙂

  6. Charles man… Oh how I wish there was a “shaking my head” smiley. (Yea you got off a funny one there in #5. Reduce it 1 more and you’ll be in great shape!)

    I also took interest in your typing.

    Barack H. Obama

    Hey, what’s the “H.” for? Huh? What? Is it “Huey”? Is it “Herbert”? He is related to Bush and Cheney, so is it “Herbert”? Please tell us, what’s the “H” for. What name did his daddy give him?

    As far as the CFR goes, first just check out the links above. Then think about any major political player you can name, even big money financiers, even big names in the news media, even the people heading news media companies and look up how they are linked to CFR.

  7. Marianne said

    McCain is getting support from Soros?

    I thought Soros supported the democrats, not republicans.

  8. It does not matter what side Soros supports really. He’s CFR and on the Left they play “global warming” on the Right they play “terrorism” and either way it’s towards One World Government. Less sovereignty till there is none.

  9. Charles D. said

    Okay, the “H” is for “Hero” but of course he doesn’t like to appear flashy so he shortened it.

    Okay, on a serious tip, guess who got up before the crack of dawn announcing that Barack had called Hilary a monster. Okay, the fact a a supposed “degreed” person would make such an announcement on false and misleading information does not make that person a sinner. The fact that the person would never correct herself or bring it up again with the same zeal show the person to be both a sinner and a hypercrit.

    Before I launch into a full scale attack and warned other Christians to read their Bibles for themselves, I just have to check and see if Devry require that biochemistry majors to take a few liberal arts and humanities classes, such as reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, and maybe religious ed. If they require courses other than the “make believe I got a degree” concentration, it is then that I will shine the spotlight on mystery sinner-woman. Okay, got that outta my system.

    Since you didn’t say a definite “NO!” on the Barack vote, imma still holding out hope that you and Job will come around!

    Chazster 🙂 🙂

  10. Devon said

    Soros is pretty much despised on the right and correctly so…I rather doubt he has much influence on the Conservative side….he is a radical leftist….granted McCain is hardly what one would call a strong conservative so he might be susceptible…

    But I really think this whole Council on foreign relations stuff if overblown by Christians looking for conspiracies though many of my brethren would disagree with me on that…..

  11. Soros has money to buy people on any side he wants, for his own purposes.

    If there’s not something REALLY shady about the CFR, why are people who supposedly are of all political views all part of this SINGLE INVITATION ONLY organization? A group that is about globalism and all it’s members parrot the CFR lines?

    The only people who don’t feel CFR has big influence are people who have not deeply researched the CFR.

    I can debunk 100 conspiracy theories a minute, but I can tell you the CFR is one that is not a flash in the pan.

    You’ve got political, corporate and media (news and others) all in league in the same group REGARDLESS of the fact they act like they despise each other elsewhere.

    Especially politicians take their group associations seriously, but many of all stripes are in with the CFR. Usually they are never going to be part of a group that their political rivals are into. A private INVITED members only group, that is all about policy making, come on…

    Something is up, the only question is how much?

    Look at the supposedly grass roots movements, such as the many Leftists groups that pop up. They always have people like Soros bank rolling them behind the scenes. Too much of what is going on has direct ties to CFR members.

    I used to think Job was close to nuttery in always harping about CFR, but then I actually started looking into the bunch.

  12. Kyle said

    Obama sure hates marriage.

  13. Devon said

    Well to be fair IC….I havn’t looked at all this CFR, Illuminiti, et al stuff for a long time….

    I do know the people at Spiritual Counterfeits Project, whom I deeply respect and are highly intelligent, certainly would agree with you..

    I’m sure you have heard of people like Tal Brookes and Brook Alexander and Lee Penn….they have an excellent magazine…

    But I really do not agree with all their stuff….but they are interesting….

    The reason I have a hard time believing a lot of this stuff is you simply couldn’t hide it…..people have big mouths….to hide this worldwide conspiracies, you would have to have a lot of people always keeping their mouths shut…

    But…when history and this age is wrapped up….perhaps we will all be shocked at what really is going on…again…the obvious evil in front of our eyes is enough for me to convince that we are in the last days…

  14. Marianne said


    Yes…I love you too. Have a good day and be blessed.

  15. Marianne said


    I wonder if Obama would be as quick to ban Christ-o-phobia as he is homophobia. Do you think we would rate as high? Since he said we are not longer a Christian nation in one of his speeches, maybe he does not consider us a big enough voting base to bother with us.

  16. Charles D. said

    Don’t believe a single solitary word folks, check the facts for yourself. This person lies so much she have to get a neihbor to call her dog to come home. The Dog doesn’t believe her either.

    Trust, but verify.

  17. Charles D. said

    Guess who got up before the crack of dawn yesterday, announcing that Barack had called Hilary a monster.
    Okay, this is something that a Christian, to say nothing about a supposedly “degreed” person would do without correction. First of all a Christain do not deal in lies, half-facts and innuendos; they certainly do not troll for them.

    Now, having made such an announcement on false and misleading information does not make this person an obvious sinner. The fact that the person would never correct herself with the same zeal with which she publish lies, shows this person to be both a sinner and a hypercrit. It is that and the substitutionary false doctrine that will send her so straight to hell.

    A reprobate doesn’t repent of their sins, they look over them with spiritual blindness. She’s lost folks.


  18. Devon said

    Well…to be fair to the obama camp, I think they may be onto something when calling hillary a monster……

  19. Marianne said

    The poor girl who resigned most likely said that because of what she heard behind closed doors in the Obama campaign.

    On her side, I agree with her.

  20. Charles D. said

    IC: Does any of this remind you of Stefflynn? Just can’t bring herself to say: Okay, in my zeal to preach hatred, I lied.

    “The poor girl who resigned most likely said that because of what she heard behind closed doors in the Obama campaign.
    On her side, I agree with her.”

    Deflecting sin to make “myself” look look is what I’m good at. Christian, No – Sinner, you bet!

    God abhor your conduct lady; and I use the term loosely.


  21. Charles D. said

    I wish the thumb-shot was a little larger, then, I could tell you to a tee what you’re all about. The story is in the eyes. There has to be a reason that you pluck down the small pic. Lady are you fat by chance?

  22. Marianne said

    God bless you Charles.

  23. Job said

    Charles D:

    Maybe Marianne’s website is worth a test drive to you.

  24. Charles, love even those you feel are your enemy.

    Devon, I don’t run around speaking about “Illuminiti” (Job could probably chat with you about that, but I don’t run down that road, although I’ve looked into it and different people use that term in different ways) and don’t know of those people you mentioned who keep up with such in publications.

    I will only say that from my own looking into the CFR, that I don’t speak so quickly against people who warn about the group and consider them to work against Christian and American interests. You have to keep in mind, when a group is assuming great influence, it’s not a matter of them “hiding”, but rather them getting you to gain acceptance of them.

    I recommend you take some time to research the group.

  25. Devon said

    Honestly IC, to be honest, the subject doesn’t really interest me I guess…..I have other fish to fry so to speak…

    The people I was referring to is the brilliant spiritual counterfeits project run by Tal Brooke….probably right up Job’s alley…

    The guy is an ex new ager that followed Sia Baba in India in the 70’s and has an amazing testimony…..all the staff are Ivy League educated…brilliant minds…even though I do not agree with some of their stuff, they are great brothers and sisters….

    I get their magazine….

  26. If you’ve watched the video I linked to in a prior comment and check out this article.

    Central Command Chief Resigns

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Adm. William Fallon, the top U.S. military commander for the Middle East, is resigning, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

    Gates said Fallon had asked him Tuesday morning for permission to retire and Gates agreed. Gates said the decision was entirely Fallon’s and that Gates believed it was “the right thing to do.”

    Fallon was the subject of an article published last week in Esquire magazine that portrayed him as opposed to President Bush’s Iran policy. It described Fallon as a lone voice against taking military action to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

    Gates described as “ridiculous” any notion that Fallon’s departure signals the United States is planning to go to war with Iran. And he said “there is a misperception” that Fallon disagrees with the administration’s approach to Iran.

    Things appear to be getting crazy!

    Isn’t that some of the same stuff we saw and heard in the run up to and after war with Iraq?

    Really can the USA afford another war so soon? NO! We can’t even afford the one we are already in. What about the over extended troops? Seems nobody cares about them.

    Job posted: Iran Will Have Nuclear Weapon Within Months! last month and I noted there that they had me flying out of my chair 2 years ago with very similar statements.

    We can’t afford it and our troops are already grumbling about the current tours of duty. I’m not saying they are not happy to serve their country, I’m not saying they don’t want to go out there and watch their comrades back if sent into battle, but that they seem to be slightly less enthusiastic about things. The promotion of war after war and extension after extension, it wears and the wearing shows.

    While I don’t like terrorists, or nukes in the hands of terrorists, I’m suspecting a war with Iran would feature the USA carrying the bulk of the load and more fiat currency building up. While there might be a threat on the horizon, the USA can’t afford to play the role of attack dog continually.

    The jostling over Iran is leading me to start feeling perhaps war with Iran is a BAD idea. I don’t see a strong desire within Iran for them seeing the USA coming in, to change their leadership, it seems lower than even the desire was in Iraq. It’s not like the USA would go in, destroy stuff and simply leave. No, the USA would go in, destroy stuff and stick around like in Iraq. More house to house fighting and extended military resources. I’m not still certain that all of the proposed benefits of attacking Iran are true. al Qaeda is running wild in Pakistan. Hezbollah gets bank rolled heavily out of Iran (and Syria) and Hezbollah kills many a Christian, but we see the mess made for Christians in Iraq and if national interests are the concern, Hezbollah might be better fought via other methods that leave us some military to utilize if “the phone rings at 3AM”.

    Bottom line, Iran is primarily Israel’s problem more than the USA, although both the USA and Israel are allies and I have no problem with the USA being allies with Israel. I think allies should look out for each other, but the USA can’t afford to cover war with Iran and Israel receives money from the USA as it is and they don’t have the military to effectively war with Iran themselves.

    A rush to war might not be the prudent course of action.

    And yea there’s also this wacky CFR business that seems to factor in all too ironically well! But remove the CFR factor as I have done in most of the paragraphs above and still war with Iran does not show to be in the best interests of America which can’t afford it or Christians, who never seemed to be helped given the example we see in Iraq.

  27. Devon said

    I do agree with you IC that it is entirely unfair for the world to sit back and let the U.S. do all the dirty work against Iran…

    I think America could do it alone easily but the aftermath would be hell…..

    Mayby we need to leave it up to the Israelies….they seem to have a way about them in getting evil islamic terrorists eliminated….

    I would love to see Iran overthrown….a strong underground church exists there and millions upon millions of Persians hate Islam and the time is right to hopefully see them won to Christ…

    Perhaps in a more open civilized country, the Church in Iran could boom…..

    I cannot believe how apathetic the world has become in the face of evil….and it seems its always left to America to do something about it which isn’t fair…

  28. Devon – America continually doing something is why you are paying so much at the pump if you can believe that.

    Please if you can, review these in full:
    Uncomfortable Truth About America’s Banking System, the Federal Reserve. What’s Behind the Economic Issues? Fiat Currency.

    CNN Starting to Report the Truth About the Economy Online. Your Dollar COULD become WORTHLESS.

    Everything from wars A BIG EXPENSE to pork spending a smaller expense is being funded with dollars that are backed by nothing. It increases inflation and makes the dollar worthless. It is why the nation is heading for a recession, that the farce called the “Federal Reserve” can’t prevent no matter how many times they cut interest rates. This is not “CFR” type stuff, but fully sourced information that as I point out even CNN is reporting.

    A war with Iran would put the entire nation in a worse position. And Iran would be a much harder fight than Iraq.

  29. John Kaniecki said


    IC all is fine. I think I am about to get involved with local politics over here. I am unemployed looking hard for work. I have an opportunity to volunteer. This would be something worthwhile and keep me busy. I now just have to go with a fine tooth through the platforms, so please pray for me.

    I’m glad you referenced this thread from the other one. It does seem like a repeat of the invasion in Iraq.

    Must we now consider the end of democracy in America? Would these people who control things be that oppossed to a Hillary or Obama win? I feel that a voter for McCain is more likely to be for the war. The majority of Americans are oppossed to the Iraq war as it is. It would take something very evil to get them to get on board with war with Iran. I shudder to think of a disaster or some other handiwork of the devil.

    “A strong delusion” is the wording from 2 Thessalonians 2:11.

    I researched the plans to attack Iran when this arguement got heated before. If I recall correctly it involved a thirty six hour bombing campaign. Unfortunately I don’t think it considered Iran’s reaction correctly. I’m sure an attack on our troops in Iraq and on the nation of Isreal would occur.

    I don’t think an attack is immenent. I feel it’s just posturing and feeling things out. A lot depends on our domestic politics.

    Did Montclair NJ make national news by you guys. A young high school student who was ‘retarded’ was raped. Truly our society is



  30. Charles D. said

    So! John, who ya gonna volunteer to help?

  31. John Kaniecki said

    Hi Charles,

    Hope you are well.

    We have a local election in Montclair in the next few weeks. My neighbour is somewhat involved with the town situation. He volunteers for the Paws animal shelter and the town did them a bad turn. The town also created a sewer tax where there was none. They just doubled the water bill and created a sewer commission.

    Rumour has it the mayor isn’t running again but the one candidate would make him town manageer. Town manager gets paid over one hundred thousand a year. The present mayors chances of winning after the sewer tax is pretty slim.

    There are other issues to. Like I said I really got to look at all the details, meet the candidates and so forth. But my neighbour is a good guy so I am heavily influenced to start.



  32. We’ll be praying it works out as the Lord wills.

  33. Charles D. said

    Good for you, John.

    It is my belief that participation in government (at either the local, state, or federal levels): by good Christian men is inkeeping with God’s will. At least Christians offer a new and different perspective and can contend with those who would lead people in a wrongful way.

    I hope you like the experience; sufficiently so that you might pursue office yourself, deal with issues and represent those who are without true representation. Yeah! Kind of up close and personal like…

    Be Blessed


  34. rico said

    People Ms Obama is not part of this council, it is a lie do a little more research for yourself. Cant believe all youtube videos you have to follow up on info you recieve please!

  35. rico said

    To all you people who dont like to research before you open your got damn mouth i made it easy for you

  36. Rico, we did our research and once I show you this link I hope you admit she is a member and avoid the Obama’s. is the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations Web site, they use the name The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, but the CCFR in the web address should make it obvious for you that it’s Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. Despite the little name adjustment, but the domain name is the same and they tell you they’ve changed the name right on their front page:

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, founded in 1922 as The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations…

    OK, so we understand the Chicago Council on Global Affairs IS The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, it IS the Chicago branch of the Council on Foreign Relations. Now look at who is on the Board of Directors

    Michelle Obama
    Vice President for Community and External Affairs, The University of Chicago Medical Center

    Now that we’ve established the information you linked is bogus spin (its OK, you didn’t know) and we are correct in our assertion of her being part of the CFR, let’s talk about something else.

    No matter who wins in November, one day you’re going to have to answer to God for your dealings in this life. Even the little profanity too. Why would a perfect God ever give you access to eternity? Why would a perfect God grant such to anyone? None of us are perfect. So Rico, how will anyone get beyond death and failing judgment in the eyes of a perfect God? Only through covering offered by His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can forgive all our sins.

    What do you think Rico?

  37. Marianne said

    Their church supports HAMAS and suicide bombers.

  38. Charles said


    It should be fairly obvious whats going on here. Some will say or do anything to cast negative impressions against Obama. That should speak to the value of their words in other, more spiritually costly, views also.

    What you have to do is like I have done: It wouldn’t matter if they pulled Obama himself in here and he was to say that he is the most low-down person on the face of the earth; exactly 3 things would happen: 1) it would be a lie, the same as things I’ve read here. 2) He would still be the very best thing that has happened to America, Period! and 3) I’m still voting for him and supporting him and unless someone that has never visited this site before (damn! that include everyone reading this) comes in with a new game, a new phrase, or a new TRUTH, and stop all of the race-baiting/hating, then I’m voting for the man and they should too.

    Oh yes! He’s going to be the next president and they can like it, love it, lick it, or lump it! It’s a done deal!!!

  39. Devon said

    Charles…your wishful thinking aside…obama is toast…either Democrat is toast now…..they are both to radically left…Obama is a supporter of a racist church…he is sooooo history…..

    And only could two idiots like Clinton and Obama make McCain, a RINO, look good by comparison…..and that is incredible….

    Again….we are all still waiting why you , who claims to be a Christian, why you are supporting an obviously evil man like Obama?

    Where is your discernment???

    Take care

  40. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Here is your quote. “I cannot believe how appathetic the world has become in the face of evil….”

    I wish you would look in the mirror and see who the real aggressor is.

    Here’s a quiz for you. Which country has been involved in more wars in the past fifty years?

    Which country sells the most weapons?

    Which country has the most bases in foreign territories?

    Which country has covertly overthrown more nations?

    Which country spends more on weapons than the rest of the world combined?

    And finally Which country does the Prince of Peace see working contrary to His will?

    As far as evil goes I have to put McCain up there with anybody else. What do you call singing a song parody going like “Bomb bomb Iran.” An idiot with half a brain should know better. It’s bad enough that McCain wants war with Iran, but that he’s got to sing about it in that matter. Such a war could literally kill billions of people.

    God is no respector of persons. God is no respector of nations neither. God’s kingdom in the Old Testament was Israel, today the Kingdom of Heaven is a spiritual one.

    You ask why America has to something about it well I’ll tell you why. It’s because this country has it’s greedy little hands in everybody elses pie. It’s refered to as neocolonialism. Yes perhaps one step better than colonialism but still oppressive.

    Devon I hope you are a young man and you just don’t know better. Whatever the case I suggest you look at things with an open mind.



  41. Charles D. said


    “we are all still” Are you pregos? Have a frog in your pocket? The only way you can accurately complete that thought is: ” we are all still going to hell anyhow!”

  42. […] and that Dick Cheney rumor…?… Michelle Obama’s board membership with The Chicago Council On Foreign Affairs […]

  43. Kyle said


    You know we didn’t even have to go this far. If only the dolts out there understood that Zbignew Brezezinski is pulling the strings for Obama and Henry Kissinger is pulling the strings for John McCain we could have summed it all up in 15 seconds. But any ways YES this Govt. is one big Cabal.

    Want an even bigger shocker? Kennedy was killed for two reasons. #1. His speech on secret societies running our govt. #2. Kennedy’s desire to eliminate the Federal Reserve.

    For all you skeptics out there go google:

    Kennedy Federal Reserve


    Kennedy Secret Societies

    The truth shall set you free.


  44. tookie said

    Michelle Obama was indeed the Director of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. You can go to their website and see it for yourself. They have changed their name to Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs. They are Globalists.

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