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Sophisticated Witches

Posted by Job on March 6, 2008

From Slice of Laodicea. The title is serious! It is about this former member of Rod Parsley’s church creating a new church that mixes charismatic apostasy (note that I did not say charismatic Christianity, for I do not believe that all charismatics are false) with witchcraft. Ingrid Schlueter’s post is short, so I will go ahead and paste the whole thing below, but go to her site anyway because it has a lot of Christian warfare weaponry on it!

Christian Witchcraft Is Here

Look-ee what’s emerging now. We’re in postmodern times, we’re told. Rob Bell says the Bible is a “human product”, not “Divine fiat”. In other words, we can make things up as we go. This line of thought has now brought us “Christian” witchcraft. A Slice reader sent me a link to a site being promoted in an online group as a new “alternative” Christianity. The Raven Wing website was started by a woman who came out of charismatic churches, including Rod Parsley’s, to start her own brand of Christian witchcraft. Her belief page is a bizarre mixture of Christianity and goddess theology. The Raven Wing site declares:

Think you have christians & christianity figured out? click here for the most amazing website ever to exist relating to christianity & all things christian. guaranteed to open your mind & move you to the edge!

The edge of the abyss, that is, and right over it, frankly. The link, by the way, takes you to a website for cool new “Christianity”, including an ad for an emerging conference, and links to all the emerging sites of Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, and a host of others listed under the category, “Dispatches from the Great Emergence”. The ZoeCarnate site is also promoting The Shack as must reading for emerging Christians. Read a biblical review of The Shack in Berit Kjos’ article, Deceived by a Counterfeit Jesus.

Readers are invited at the Raven Wing site to attend the Columbus Eclectic Christian Meet-Up where they can “meet other Christians who are also interested in the Old Ways, and The Craft.

This is the Great Emergence indeed.


10 Responses to “Sophisticated Witches”

  1. Marianne said

    This woman Raven come out of Rod Parsleys’? I heard him have someone else on his program today who said the answer to poverty is to give more money to the ministry. That takes a lot of nerve when people are losing their homes. If the ministry was really caring, it would be helping people save their homes.

    Rod Parsley also promotes Juanita Bynum, and eats up all her words.

  2. Charles D. said

    “I heard him have” that proves my point from your immediate past post here. I’d say you’re white, definitely from ohio, semi-literate, have bad feet and proclaim to love Jesus.

    How am I doing?


  3. Marianne said

    so I type too fast?

    I am white, with a graduate degree in biochemistry, I have been in medical research for 30 years, and my feet only hurt when I have been standing all day. I am not from Ohio. I have never been there.

    So what are you doing trolling on a Christian web site?

  4. Charles D. said

    By ALL of your comments it is veryt apparent that you are not a Christian though you may proclaim to be one. The little snapshoot accompanying your contributions here gives me a birds-eye view of whose really insecure and maybe threatened by Barack. Neither of you have ANY reasons to worry.

    Oh! by the way, I had no idea that Devry offered degrees/certificates in Biochemistry. Congrats – loser!

  5. Marianne said

    I am Christian. You aren’t. You would not recognize one if you met one, except that they would irritate you, as I am doing. Most atheists are insulting when they have no data to support their position.

    I went to a major university for my degree. I have been studying the Bible for 40 years now. So I know that topic very well, as I know my own secular topic.

    If Obama or Hillary gets in, we will have another major terror attack because neither of them thinks it is enough of a priority to even discuss it. The terrorist web sites are hoping the Democrats will be elected, because then they can take over the country and defeat it. Not only is this true from their own websites, I have been told this by ex-muslims that are still stuck in those countries. So maybe you are a muslim or atheist?

  6. Minister said

    “Christian” witchcraft~

    Hi Job,

    It has been for a long while now. Now true Sheep of God are beginning to see it too.

    When you see a wolf, warn the other sheep pick up the baby-lambs and go Follow Jesus Christ – the God of Israel – The God of The Bible from Genesis to Revelation. And hold on it only gets bumpy from here.


  7. Charles D. said


    You perfectly fit the profile of an OLD, Scared, selfish, evil-doing. Not only that but you are an evil-thinker also! You might fool some of the people some of the time, but you are about as much of a Christian as Dick Chaney is a follower of Christ.

    I feel dirty just reading the dribble and lies that you call comments, therefore, beginning today I will take Pauls advice, e.g., “not walk but run,” pass other comments that you post. AND you do have an enabler. For that you both with perish in the lake of fire.

    Begone, you evil witch you!

  8. Marianne said


    I do not accept curses from anyone.

  9. Charles D. said

    Then scratch your head and look stupid while they’re heaped on you then! Thats all I can tell ya.

  10. Marianne said

    I love Charles. Jesus loves you too.

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