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Demon Of The Day: The Jezebel Spirit

Posted by Job on March 6, 2008

It has been awhile since I contributed to this series, I really need to get back to it! Actually, even this is not something that I produced myself, but rather a most excellent creation of the website Heaven Awaits. Please read this and use its techniques Christian spiritual warriors!

This is how it opens: In the Bible, Jezebel was a powerful, wicked queen, and wife of a passive king called Ahab. She was a false prophetess who worshiped the false god, Baal. Baal was the god of prosperity, god of the harvests, god of fertility and sex. (Does this sound like some of the modern day gospels that some people preach?)

There is literally a song that was very popular on gospel radio a couple of years ago, part of the exploding market for gospel prosperity/Word of Faith songs (think Israel Houghton and New Breed) that went “you are lord of the harvest and I worship you today!” Of course, going with the current modern strategy of maximizing airplay on even GOSPEL radio stations (a great many of whom are owned by the Radio One conglomerate, the same concern that is pretty much wiping out locally owned gospel stations by buying them up, and even local programming with their syndicated shows featuring major go$pel arti$t$) of not being OFFENSIVE to commercial sensibilities by mentioning the Name of Jesus Christ, it is impossible to tell WHICH “lord of the harvest” the song is intended towards. Of course, the purpose of this song is not to worship a singular sovereign One God for creation and eternal salvation, but to beg an unspecified deity for MONEY! So please continue below:

Identify and remove the Jezebel spirit

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8 Responses to “Demon Of The Day: The Jezebel Spirit”

  1. Marianne said

    Thank you for your kind acknowledgment. To God be all the glory. Feel free to browse the entire site.


  2. Minister said

    Thanks Job. Is there any Archives (threads – so to speak) which exposes the PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH AGENDA that you can direct me to.


  3. Jesse said

    I just wanted you to see this video.
    I would just make a request. That before we use one song to make a point, that we include all an individual represents in the Kingdom. The Body of Christ is so divided that we need to be careful how we speak about others in ministry. If a clear clarion call needs to go forth about a paricular person then let it be about sin, heresy, blasphemy, or doctrines of demons. Lets do our part and not divide. Be watchmen with wisdom.

  4. mercy blu said

    I dont know if deliverance will help i dissobeyed the LOrd and cant find my way back.Ive been everywere for counsel.Isaiah 47..I see demons day and night I see bobwire and fire over me at night.I have seen a huge dragon.Day and night,I rejected the Lord 3 years ago I heard depart from me daughter of inquity I never knew you.I feel demons inside my own body I ve lost everything my ability to repent…so many froends cgristian pray for me Imake a mess everywere i go.My heart is hard and yuck….Everywere i go i bring a curse it seems like PLEASE PRAY FOR GRACE FOR ME..Mercy

    • Susan said

      Mercy Blu-Remember how the Lord said to Peter “Get thee behind me, Satan” and how Peter also later denied the Lord three times. Yet the Lord took him back and Peter was used mightily in the church. The Lord is far more loving, forgiving, merciful and kind than we can truly understand. Just return to Him, ask for forgiveness and mercy and cleansing by the blood of Jesus.Turn to Him with your whole heart and read Jesus’ words every day. Command those demons to leave you alone, in Jesus’ Name. You can ask the Lord yourself for whatever your needs are-for grace, wisdom, understanding, salvation, etc.

  5. waddo said

    friend you are never crossed off from GOD’S list and HIS perfect loving heart that he has for you. it is lucifer who told you to depart because he never knew you,he can quote the bible as good as the best of preachers on this friend you need to be led to the right christian people to help in your deliverance,please don’t ever stop crying out to JESUS for help, because HE has and never will stop wanting to set you free…get hold of a bible hand take it everywhere you go and start reading morning, noon and night to receive counsel from the MOST HIGH.paul was a murderer and GOD forgave and used him to be HIS most prolific worker outside of JESUS, never forget that….HE loves you. take care mercy belongs i will pray for your safety and deliverance brother waddo

  6. culluts said

    Please review your website for links being attached through comments/replys. Under “Church Witchcraft” someone attached a link titled something to the effect of “The Great White Throne of Judgement…” I followed the link, whoever posted it is definately deranged in some way. Watch your website.

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