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What Can We Learn From Christian Fundamentalists?

Posted by Job on March 5, 2008

An interesting forum discussion here:,,PTID314526|CHID598016|CIID2396820,00.html


One Response to “What Can We Learn From Christian Fundamentalists?”

  1. Sarah said

    Please pray for the salvation of an elderly Jewish man whose well being has been on my heart for some time. His name is Leonard, and I want him to know Jesus. Please ask the Lord to have mercy and compassion to give Leonard a hunger in his heart for Him, and the recognition that he is living apart from God.
    Though I have attempted to witness, please ask the Lord to still choose someone who He can send to Leonard. Please pray that he’ll send somebody who is knowledgeable of Judaism versus Christianity, and that this person will be able to sit down and discuss this with him at length, and answer questions. Please ask the Lord to open the door for that discussion, and to move Leonard’s heart to listen and heed the message he’ll receive.
    Please ask the Lord to show Leonard that Jesus is the Messiah, that He loves him, and that His death & resurrection provided the only way to salvation for those who believe. Please ask the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to open Leonard’s eyes & heart to God, that He’ll graft His name upon this man’s heart. Please also include his family in this request that they will also be brought to faith that they too will be drawn to Jesus and will be brought to faith in Him. If this request will be shared publicly, then I ask that names be kept confidential. Thank you, God bless, and again I appreciate your time and prayers.

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