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Revelation 6:6 A measure of wheat for a penny three measures of barley for a penny see thou hurt not the oil and the wine!

Posted by Job on March 3, 2008

Please note the article on the bleak economic picture below stating that things are only going to get worse with no improvement in sight.

Pizza and beer now cost an arm and a leg – Food Inc.-


14 Responses to “Revelation 6:6 A measure of wheat for a penny three measures of barley for a penny see thou hurt not the oil and the wine!”

  1. Kyle said


    Not shocking to me at all. You have read my post at Independent Conservatives site. We WILL continue to print money like a Banana Republic. The rest of the world will follow suit to maintain “some” degree of parity with the US dollar. Also, because Oil is pegged to the US dollar (petro-dollar) higher fuel costs will translate into higher costs for everything.


    • david said

      why do you think this is a picture of economic chaos.God say that when jesus comes back it will be like the days of Noah,marrying ,drinking,and given in marriage.The only competition god has on this planet is money.Jesus says you can’t serve god and will never run out because it is the best tool the devil has

  2. Charles D. said

    “higher fuel costs will translate into higher costs for everything.”

    Already has; everything from fast food to produce, to dairy products.

  3. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  4. Charles said

    Went from 1.04 to 1.06 before I could finish a post last night. I should be smiling because of the Permanent Fund Dividend, but, at this rate I will lose in gas alone.

    BTW Sitting on all of this petroleum gas prices in Alaska is 3.45 as of this morning. And diesel that use to be half what gas is has passed it and haven’t stop.

  5. And diesel that use to be half what gas is has passed it and haven’t stop.

    And that’s how you’re going to lose more.

  6. uber.sgt said

    Even more intersting is that the Ug99 fungus is spreading throughout Africa and the middle east, effectively destroying wheat crops. Only about 10-20% of all wheat varieties are immune to the fungus. What’s gonna happen when it spreads to Europe and the U.S.?

    Dangerous Wheat Killing Fungus Spreading

    Billions at risk from Wheat Super-Blight

  7. Kyle said

    There is no inflation. Are you crazy.


  8. Charles D. said

    #1) Back bid!

    The oil spoken of in Rev 6:6 is not the same as we’re speaking of and that “Man” in his infinite wisdom has taken and used as a tool of the devil.

    The oil spoken about is what we all are going to need to soften the blows that “Man,” in his infinite wisdom and OPEC, are now delivering about our heads and shoulders. Ouch!!


  9. Karl said

    Wheat was a siritual summons to keep demons at bay with thier sin by voicefully addressing it. It marked them thier permanance in the realm of hell. And prevented them from attacking you. As you continued to everfess the smell of wheat the demons would continue to die and be wrathed and roil to their death.

  10. Karl said

    A penny for wheat now turns out that it was a enchanment for whoredom that was not reied on the crucifix.

  11. Karl said

    Furthermore it turns out that the babalonian harlot is destroyed do to the influx of enchanments. the enchanments included ones that smelled of wheat barley, these enchantments induced a fate of destruction of life without taking the mesures of catharsiism and repenting of sin that a catholic priest would be able to take measures of providing council and repremand them to do.

  12. Andre said


    You need to “know from the depths of your soul via love” you do not need to be told of others interpretations:

    Just wondering if any of you know what the first light spoken of actually was?
    You know the one mentioned on the very first page of the Bible in Genesis 1:3.
    Answer that first conundrum left there to keep the followers of darkness away from those of the truth and light, firstly in your hearts;
    Then what you actually see with eyes that really see can be translated from the heart easier than from the mind which is still stuck in the belief of you being in separation from God and from all other beings here.

    Good luck in the comming times of denser 3 dimensional energies that will co join with the even denser 2 dimensional ones which will inevitably try to rob you of your own link with the 4 th dimensional or angelic energies.

    Look towards mid western Europe for the large human mistake to occur.

    Much love, keep your love in tact at all cost.

  13. Eli said

    Blackie can see the anointed one and also the cup of wrath. Oil – anointed, wine, wrath. (That which makes you drunk without drinking)He must not reveal it as it is the job of the 7th angel. Wheat are God’s good words and if they are only worth a penny then that is a day of real trouble. He holds the balances because he is about to warn of the wrath, but he cannot reveal the oil or wine exactly or become the abomination himself.

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