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Statue Of Liberty: Roman Goddess LIBERTAS, Babylonian Ishtar (EASTER), Also SEMIRAMIS, ISIS, JUNO!

Posted by Job on February 23, 2008

From a Christian site:

From a wicca site:



Still feel like pledging allegiance to the flag, Christians? Or supporting the religious right agenda of compulsive religious observance (school prayer, public religious displays, “war on Christmas” combatants, and oh intelligent design) to some ecumenical homogenized undefined unknown god (Acts 17:23) that you will be legally required to worship but also legally forbidden to call upon his name? Well I ask you … where do you want to take your mark? On your right hand or on your forehead?


23 Responses to “Statue Of Liberty: Roman Goddess LIBERTAS, Babylonian Ishtar (EASTER), Also SEMIRAMIS, ISIS, JUNO!”

  1. Thank you for sharing the information about the Statue of Liberty. It is good information to know.

    Still feel like pledging allegiance to the flag, Christians?

    I still have no problem with that. In fact, it was a Protestant minister who made the final push to have “Under God” added to it. Although the “Under God” effort was first made by members of the Knights of Columbus (a cult of Mary affiliated group).

    And I’ve got no plans of changing the license plate that is on my car.

    Or supporting the religious right agenda of

    Now that depends on the issue.

    compulsive religious observance (school prayer,

    The school prayer issue is not compulsive at all. Those who want to pray can and those who do not desire to pray can listen to an IPod during that time. I don’t see it as a major issue to fight for, but have no problem with efforts for school prayer. I’m cool with the school valedictorian that desires to say a prayer during their graduation speech, or the kid that wants to pray before classes, or the kid that wants to pray with others over the loud speaker before a football game. None of this requires a school official to compel anyone and those who participate do so voluntarily.

    Georgia Liberal Democrat US Congressman David Scott had a “moment of silence” law proposed and passed in Georgia back when he was a state representative. Although I take obvious political differences with him, he seems to be a brother in Christ and I feel his “moment of silence” effort, where there is a moment of silence before classes where a child may do as the deem appropriate was fine. It does not mandate or assert anyone must pray at all, but the quiet time is there and a Christian can make good use of it in prayer.

    public religious displays,

    If an area wants to have it, it has been protected speech up until modern times, so I’ve got no issue with the public display of a cross and so on. I don’t get too uptight about these things, but seeing someone seek to keep things as they historically have been in this regard is fine with me.

    “war on Christmas” combatants,

    More recently I don’t run lock step with the “war on Christmas” fights. If a store is run by folks that don’t want to observe the day I can’t force them and its best that I don’t. (So I don’t see value in most of the AFA efforts.) If there was an effort to remove Christmas as a national holiday, given I observe the day I’d side with those trying to keep it a national holiday.

    and oh intelligent design) to some ecumenical homogenized undefined unknown god (Acts 17:23)

    Job, Paul was able to well leverage that “Unknown God” altar for the sake of ministry. I see no reason to stand against efforts to help people know God created the Heavens and the Earth. Of course WHO God is becomes a battle in its self, but seeking to have public schools float the idea that possibly this universe is not just here by circumstance I don’t see as a bad thing. As far as I know, the “intelligent design” efforts don’t assert any god, be it the One True God or a false god. It just asserts that there is a likelihood we are not here by chance. But I don’t fight on that battle front much, so you tell me if I’m wrong.

    With what you’ve noted, while I support some and not some other things, I don’t sweat any of it very much. I do understand that scripture must be fulfilled and the Lord’s will be done.

    that you will be legally required to worship but also legally forbidden to call upon his name?

    Of course that would be a problem. You know I don’t do Baal worship!

    Well I ask you … where do you want to take your mark? On your right hand or on your forehead?


    • call me eve said

      you have gathered some interesting facts. yet the reason you have some things confused is because of the lord that you profess to serve. Ishtar and isis are not the same but mother and daughter. Aphrodite,Venus,etc. they are the daughter Ishtar. As for bowing to the Lord the true lord was never identified as Jesus in the hebrew scriptures, please stop confusing facts. Jesus is Jesus or Sananda or Altees yet The true lord is more than you can ever comprehend, do not please mix light with darkness. Lies with truth. take great note. There is much knowledge to be had on this matter.

  2. Job said

    Independent Conservative:

    The pledge of allegiance was originally written by a socialist (although also a minister).

    Bellamy opposed the adding “under God” to it. And he was correct, because it is an inappropriate mixing of sacred and secular. Also, check this out. It is flawed but still quite interesting.

    School prayer was once compulsory in a lot of districts.

  3. Job, does Obama have it right in your opinion, when he does not show respect with his hand on his chest during the National Anthem? And his refusing to wear a small flag on his jacket while he works as a US Senator?

    He does not refuse on any grounds related to faith, although you know he claims Christianity while being OK with the murder of babies (abortion) and just flat out being a member of an apostate organization, UCC. (And between you me and the others who might read this, I think his joining had everything to do with political opportunity.)

    Given his position as a US Senator and aspiring to be Chief Executive, I’d expect him to show a little patriotism. I don’t see showing a little patriotism as bad, so long as it does not become “worship” of any sort and does not overstep being a Christian first and foremost.

    I mean we’re not talking about how it was in old Rome, where Christians were told to worship God AND Caesar. That was an obvious conflict of interests that Christians had to stand against till death. A show of respect is not worship and we are not being held to what was going on in Rome. Although I see some things heading there and some events do seem to “worship” Americana. Of course things hitting the “worship” level are things for Christians to avoid.

    1 Peter 2:17 (King James Version)

    17 Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

    We are in a Republic, there is no real “king”, but we are to show honor.

  4. Job, regarding the pledge, I know, I’ve studied those things before. And as you know Bellamy was a Baptist minister.

    Some people confuse PRIVATE CHRISTIAN COMMUNE with trying to force socialism and even communism via government, which is flat out wrong and simply fails when performed. Having a private Christian commune is fine if that’s what some group of saints desires to do, however trying to press godless government to a model that repeatedly fails on a national scale is unwise. The saints with communes in scripture never did it to provide goods to the nation, but each other, in their own private groups.

    I don’t desire to press anyone to pray at all and no person that reads about a commune in scripture should be trying to assume that should be applied to a godless government. No where in scripture did the church seek to press government to have socialism or communism. When they had famine, they worked together as saints instead of running to government.

    Of course their level of government involvement overall was far lower than ours today, but you already knew that.

  5. johnkaniecki said

    Independent Conservative,

    Hello hope you are fine.

    What an excellent observation that you make. Not everyone is ready for a communist state at the same time. Having lived in a social fraternity I have insight into that aspect. It was a very democratic institution but was greatly impeded by those who were very selfish. Yet it worked very well!

    I envision that at the return of Christ for the thousand year reign things will improve on every level. Politically, economically and socially. The political aspect will be the easiest to fix. The economic will soon follow. It is the social one that will be the hardest.

    I see as Christ reigns for a thousand years that more and more will become Christians and the salt of the Earth and the light of the world will magnify. Just like Christ’s example has inspired many wonderful institutions and individual’s works it will grow.

    Soon an atmosphere of good will will permeate throughout the entire world. After the horrors of Armegedon there will be an abhorance for war. Slowly people will improve and grow. The God of mammon will be defeated and just an unpleasant memory.

    Governments, businesses and individuals will get up in the morning not with the ambition to get more money but with the desire to make the world a better place.

    Slowly things will be transformed. Everybody will be watching everybody elses back. Long held hatreds and prejedices will dissapear.

    It will be the best time to be alive.



  6. Job said

    Independent Conservative:

    As far as Obama goes, well if an individual such as he puts his hand on his chest or wears a flag pin … well both George W. Bush and Mormon Mitt Romney claim Jesus Christ as their personal savior. I am not an anarchist or subversive (the latter of which is why I still have problems with the civil rights movement as you know, and I should point out that such is one of the few issues where I and Thurgood Marshall – who had few good things to say about Martin Luther King, Jr. – agreed) but at what point do we cross the line of rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar and into real compromise, if not outright idolatry?

    A lot of these flag burning liberals will love Uncle Sam again once Obama becomes President. Just like the G. Gordon Liddy guys who were marketing “Shoot An ATF agent target practice” signs and were ratcheting up all the anti – government rhetoric that they could (remember the militias and the freemen) put on their red white and blue right when that recount decision came down. Had 9/11 happened on Clinton’s watch a lot of these same hyperpatriots would be claiming that he was behind it.

    So, I suppose that my attitude is going to be one of detachment mixed with skepticism. I will do my civic duties because that is part of being responsible, and Christians are not supposed to be irresponsible, nor are we supposed to cloister ourselves up into convents, otherwise we cannot engage the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ or help the poor, suffering, grieving, oppressed, etc. But anything beyond doing what is necessary to be a responsible citizen and contribute to the common order, good, and welfare I have to see a Biblical case made for it first. For instance, I support a border fence because uncontrolled immigration and large scale breaking of our laws and no borders contributes to lawlessness, disorder, social breakdown, etc. It is interesting to note that before the Democratic Party saw illegal immigration as the way to guarantee a permanent governing majority, the only people in favor of not enforcing our borders were anarchists. But “protecting our culture, national character, national identity?” Well anything beyond enforcing the laws and providing for the order so Satan will be deprived of exploiting his desire to use disorder to wreak as much destruction, violence, chaos, fear, etc. as he possibly can during the short time that he has left … I leave that for other people to concern themselves with.

    Now I am not against letting people know about God either. But as you mentioned on that VeggieTales movie thread, if we don’t let people know WHICH God by WHICH Name, it is going to be in vain.

    The email that you sent me awhile back got me really wondering about the universalism thing: will that be the religion and ideology of the beast and the false prophet? If so, what better better way is there to promote it than the government? We already know that some religions – rabbinic Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism – are outright universalistic (in the “all good people go to heaven” religious pluralism sense). We also know that liberal strands of Christianity and Islam are universalistic. And there has been a real push towards universalism in recent decades in the Roman Catholic Church. Roman Catholic doctrine concerning purgatory in particular has now evolved to accommodate it (to meet the need created by the universalistic declaration of the Second Vatican Council). Now all of the religious pluralists believe that accepting the existence of some general deity and living according to some moral code gets you into heaven. They are also all convinced that anything more general or specific is not only wrong and backwards, but dangerous. The more I see government, politics, media, etc. promoting this general universal cultural religion, I get watchful. And the fact that the #1 promoter of this just happens to be our government that has about a million freemason symbols on public lands but won’t allow a single overtly Christian one makes me even more watchful. Not scared, mind you. Just watchful.

  7. Charles D. said

    Okay, first of all NICE LICENSE PLATES I would change my AK if I didn’t get some benefits that I won’t list here, but yours looks pretty good.

    Now, You know, heck, everybody here knows I am one big Obama fanatic. I don’t have to defend him because he really doesn’t need that from me, however, by way of observation, upon hearing that lie the first time, I went back and at least on that morning, he did in fact, placed his hand over his heart while saying the pledge.

    Okay, if “patriotism” is the “real” issue, then, what about this Soldiers do not place their hands over their hearts for the pledge either. I know how I feel about my country, have the bullet wounds to prove it, and it is rare if ever, that I place my hand over my heart. I can tell you this one thing, that Robert Hanson placed his hand over his heart and he did wear a small flag in his lapel for years. Now, we both, know where he resides now.

    Regarding the flag in the lapel thing, you will notice that the big burly guys, some standing close and some even, more distant from Barack, you will be able to tell the distant ones by the little thing in their lapel that could easily be mistaken for a flag. Sometimes it is a flag, but, more often than not, it is to identify them easily as secret service agents who are in Barack’s security detail.

    Now the questions become: does wearing a flag in ones lapel signify fidelity? And, if so, does it mean that those not wearing the flag are any less patiotic than those who wear them?

    Barack is the best thing since slice bread!!!! 🙂

    IC I thought you promised me that you might vote for my man 🙂

  8. Charles D. said

    IC: I already have Job and John’s vote, now, can I count you in? 🙂

  9. johnkaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I like Obama. My friends and I speculate that if he was elected what are the chances of him every becoming president. Would some rascist gun him down or Bush not abdicate power.

    I pray for the nation and the world.

    IC I wonder who you will vote for too. There is an outside chance I will vote third party. It is something I will most likely decide on election day. I firmly believe that politically if we had a viable third party of any sort it would be a tremendous improvement.

    Charles check out Move On, they have endorsed Obama.



  10. …he did in fact, placed his hand over his heart while saying the pledge.

    The pledge is not the National Anthem. The fact is that Obama never learned what to do at those madrassas.

    You’re not a US Senator or running for President and took some bullets Charles. This is not about you or Hanson.

    IC I thought you promised me that you might vote for my man

    I’m so not voting for him, I don’t even have nightmares about me mistakenly voting for him 😆 .

    I never saw where John and Job said they would vote Obama. John unfortunately likes Obama, but I don’t think it’s even that close for Job 😀 .

    I am definitely NOT voting for any of the remaining Democrats or Republicans, no matter which wins their respective party nomination. I will be voting, but I NEVER IN LIFE felt an “allegiance” ( 🙂 ) to have to vote for the “D” or the “R”. Voting outside of those two is something I do often for at least one or more of the races on every major election ballot, since I could first legally vote.

    I vote for the person that best conveys my views in their proposed policies, that’s all it’s about for me, not about who might win or lose. I don’t vote based on polls that say how everyone else might vote.

    Honestly, I don’t show respect for the pledge or national anthem based on who is in office or what policy is in action. The fact is that we live in a nation where we do get a say in the matter although God makes the pick based on His plan. Many people don’t even have the privilege of much say in things where they live. Or like in communist China, they get to vote for some extra-low-level guy who is voting for the guy who has always been in power anyway.

    God decides where we each reside and I really do thank Him for allowing me to reside where I live, even if a Democrat or Republican wins in November 😛 .

    I don’t find having a flag or respecting a national pledge or song to be worship. I see what the Romans used to do in their worship of Caesar to be “worship”.

    I do see things going right towards Baal, yes I am watchful of that.

    And given the main topic of this post, I’ll add that I don’t treat or see the Statue of Liberty as a “god” (goddess), but it’s good to know the origins just the same. Just like I say days or the week and months of the year that have names rooted in paganism, but I don’t make up new names for days of the week or months of the year, I just don’t worship false gods.

  11. Once upon a time, I was so “Black” that I’d not put my hand on my chest during anything national, I just would not do it. I would burn the flag, even stand on the “rag”. I’d vote against anything that seemed to like America very much.

    Then I grew up.

    Really for each of us we must decide knowing Romans 13, Romans 14 and the scripture I cited earlier, what is good in own individual conscience based on how the Lord has led each of us. I don’t see any of the options we are speaking about as flat out “sinful”, although we don’t agree on the options we are discussing. So given none of us are claiming any of the options is flat out sin and it’s based on our conscience given our individual understanding of what is good and what is evil regarding these matters, it looks like a case of Romans 14 to me.

  12. Charles D. said

    Okay, admittedly when I saw this “The pledge is not the National Anthem” I said No %&$#! 🙂 okay, now I’m going back and read the rest.

    Okay, if John and Job didn’t tell me they were voting for Barack, then, it must have been you in passing. Either that or I mis-heard. Hand over heart is just like saluting, you don’t salute the man you pay homage to the rank insignia. For me it just depends on how I am feeling at that particular moment in time.

    I hope at least John will join me in voting for Barack. You have to know he is the best candidate out there, not only now, but in recent memory. He have it together and will do a great job and accomplish much.

    John you don’t have to worry about Bush abdicating the office. He’s going to be so glad to get out of there, if he could he would leave tomorrow. Throw in a math test and he’d leave tonight. 🙂

    Anyway, I have to go now. Have to “fix up” some more obama signs for my block and some license plate frames for IC’s car.

    Have a good one.


  13. Devon said

    Charles, how can you who claims to be a born again Christian be a fanatic about a man that supports partial birth abortion as is the case with Obama?? That issue alone makes him an evil man….

    Not to mention his cozying up to the homo crowd……

    I can understand how some Black Americans would take pride in seeing Obama become President…BUT I will never be able to understand how anyone can claim to be a Christian and knowingly support Obama and his heinous policies….

    If Christians cannot see through the radical left wing policies of Obama and the danger they will mean for America…..How will Christians…or alledged Christians be able to discern when the Anti Christ is upon the scene?

    I mean…it should be obvious what Obama is about???? This is a no brainer…..

    Let me guess Charles…if Obama was white, you would be voting for Hillary right?

  14. Charles D. said

    Good Morning Devon:

    I hope that you are well, had a blessed weekend, and made it to church. I will attempt to amswer your first and last question, then, comment on the middle one.

    The same way the God I serve choose Cyrus, read Iasiah 47-48 and get back to me.

    Comment: Were I you, I would be careful about my usage of “no brainer.” If Obama was White, it would be me writing to you asking why in the world are you voting for Hilary; don’t you know she’s married to a whore-hopper?”


  15. Devon said

    Charles, you want to point out to me where I said I would ever vote for Hillary?

    Secondly, why don’t you explain your exegesis of Cyrus and how that squares with you openly supporting someone like Obama that supports murder of unborn children…as does Hillary…or how you as a ‘christian’ can support Obama knowing he supports the homo agenda?

    I am really interested in how ANY christian, white or black can support such a dangerous man?

    Granted, the alternatives are not all that great either…but they are far more less evil then Obama…

    It would be one thing if Obama was trying to hide his agenda…and then you could be excused for ignorance… do not have that defence…Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood give him the highest marks of all the candidates….

    Isn’t that enough for you..or does race mean everything for you??

    Do remember….their is neither jew or greek…female or male..etc seem to have forgot that…..

    Again….how can you support such obvious evil??

    I can understand a Christian not supporting any of the above…I cannot understand any Christian on earth openly supporting the worse candidate of the three??!!!

  16. Charles D. said

    Listen Devon

    “Granted, the alternatives are not all that great either…but they are far more less evil then Obama…”

    Why don’t you just tell me for whom I should vote. Can you do that for me?

    Regarding the Cyrus reference, I just assume that you were steeped in scripture and that one would be easily understood if you had or will read it. If you won’t do that thing and if indeed you don’t know what Iasiah 43-44 means, how on God’s green earth can you tell me anything.

    The fact that I am soooooo going to vote for Barack is a far gone conclusion. I don’t want to debate with you about why I am going to, in fact, I don’t want to debate with you about anything.

    I forgot to mention that: The God I served, if He doesn’t want Barack to become president, then, my vote is like clicking in the wind. If on the otherhand, my God wants to use Barack (and this is where Cyrus comes in), then, you are not only making a donkey of yourself (pulling against the prick), you are exposing just how faithless you really are.

    Don’t be a fungus, just accept the fact that Barack has my support and vote and you can like it, lick it, love it or lump it!!! Now go away.


  17. Devon said

    I know this….you are willing to vote for a man that supports murder of unborn children and the homo agenda….

    You will have to answer for that…

    Obama is obviously evil to a discerning Christian…

    The only thing that lets you off the hook is if you are a new
    christian and thus not being able to discern these issues yet!

    But if you claim to be a christian that has walked in the faith a long time, then you have much explaining to do!!

    I know Isaiah quite well….I know Cyrus was the great Persian King that helped the ancient Jewish people restored to their land….

    What is your connection between voting for someone like Obama and these texts?

    Again, I cannot read your mind here…many things can be drawn from these texts….help me to understand how these relate to the FACT that you are openly supporting a man who supports Partial Birth Abortion??

    Their isn’t a Christian on earth that should be willing to support such an evil act……

    Yes…the alternatives are not great…but they are better…

    And as Christians we have to vote sometimes for the lessor of the evils……

    Lets face it…you wouldn’t give a darn for Obama if he wasn’t black and that is disgusting….

    You are not voting as a Christian should vote…you are voting by the flesh…

    Of course your welcome to do that….but what I am trying to understand is this….how you can claim to be a Christian and knowingly vote for such evil??

    This is NOT subjective…Obama has made his social stands very clear…..

    Christians can disagree on many issues with good conscience…

    ie…The Death Penalty, Higher or Lower taxes, The War in Iraq, More Govt or Less Govt,The environment, and so on and so forth…

    BUT…these issues that Obama supports are Black and White for the follower of Christ….The Scripture is clear about Homosexuality and Abortion……these are deal breakers….unless one is not a Christian, then I can see why they can vote with their ‘seared’ conscience…

    BUT you claim to be a Christian….how can you reconcile your beliefs in a Holy God and vote for the abortion and the homo agenda??

    I’m not picking on you…..I want to know what you are thinking here??? I want to know how you can pull this off??

    Please be honest…

    The only thing I can think of for a True Born Again Christian to vote for Obama is that the person is hoping to hasten in the end days because lets face it…someone like Obama will certainly make our world more ‘like the days of Noah’ to be sure….

    I suppose this is where you mean that God can use Obama…well of course he can..he used Pharaoh…he used Hitler, Marx, Lenin…and all sorts of evil people….not to say that Obama is in that class but the point is of course the Lord has everything under his soveriegn hand…

    But still…we do not purposely vote for an evil bankrupt man so we hope we can hasten the Lord’s return….which I doubt you think you are doing…..I assume you think Obama is a great man!???

  18. Charles, you mentioned:

    I forgot to mention that: The God I served, if He doesn’t want Barack to become president, then, my vote is like clicking in the wind. If on the otherhand, my God wants to use Barack (and this is where Cyrus comes in), then, you are not only making a donkey of yourself (pulling against the prick), you are exposing just how faithless you really are.

    While God does ordain who will be granted power as an official of government, Romans 13, it does not mean we have to press for that person to assume power. If we don’t press for them to win it does not place us at odds with God, because we don’t know who will win. All we must do is respect whoever does win, but it does not mean we have to agree with their policy decisions. Just as God anointed Saul, yet David found many a valid issue with Saul. Still David had to respect Saul’s position while Saul held it. Obama has not won anything yet, so there is nothing to prevent anyone from saying they desire he lose. God didn’t come tell me Obama will win. So we can speak against him now and even after the votes are tallied, if he wins we would respect his position, yet still be able to disagree with him.

    God allowed Hitler to assume power, it does not mean Christians were “pulling against the prick” if they were one of the many who voted against Hitler and spoke strongly against Hitler. Certainly while he was leading Germany he had to be shown a degree of respect, but it does not mean Christians had to endorse anything he was doing and it does not mean Christians could not pray if it be the Lord’s will that Hitler be removed from power as God saw fit to do in time.

    I’m sure Christians in North Korea are not big on their current leader, yet they have to show him a certain degree of respect and they can still pray if the Lord wills that some of his evil deeds cease.

    Eventually the Anti-Christ has to assume full rule before Christ returns, so the evil has to rise. It does not mean we have to endorse evil or speak favorably of it.

  19. Charles said


    Place these in a numerical order of precedence:
    Stealing; gossiping; and stupidity
    Your answer will reveal much about you.

    On the one hand, you are quite comical; then, I think that you arr serious and I feel sorry for you. I would never think you are “picking on me,” so don’t let that thought enter your head. You are ill-equiped, both, spiritually and cognatively to ever pull that one off.

    You reveal to me that you know so precious little about the word of God, I am absolutely amazed that you would even attempt to provide guidance to anyone beyond the age of say….3years. Then, you reveal that you have absolutely zero confidance in God. The one thing that sets us apart (other than the obvious), is that I have supereme confidence in the God I serve and having that, I enjoy a tremendous amount of liberty in the Lord. It is such a loss that someone such as yourself will never know such freedom and that you lack the ability to turn an issue loose. I have said and I do mean that both, VOTING FOR AND SUPPORTING Barack is a far gone conclusion!!! What part of that do you not understand?

    You would stand a far better chance of talking the Pope out of being catholic than your chances of causing me to even take you serious. And, the Pope might not curse you out and offer to whop your butt, and I will, and do.

    Now, with a name like Devon, your best bet is to change it if you want to be taken seriously; to something more BOLD, like King David, Saint Peter, Luke the Physician, you know..something with some meat on it.

    Whether you are aware of it or not, you are a racist. A narrow-minded one at that. I don’t ask that you be perfect, because certainly I am not. I do however, mandatorily require that you 1) be right and 2) make sense; and you have drastically failed at both.

    Read, no, study your Bible and this time for effect.


  20. Charles said

    IC, my friend:

    I am well aware of the point that you’re making. You and I have both made our positions known way back on another thread. I don’t even think I would have used Cyrus as an example had it not been for the fact that someone attempted to use the Bible to convince me as to why I shouldn’t vote for or support Barack. I use that as an example of a pagen king that God annointed to achieve His devine purpose.

    That being said; listening to reasons why I shouldn’t is useless, annoying, and a waste of time. It is almost like this Devon person thinks that if he brings it up often enough, that I will change my mind. What it is likely to do is make me address him in a tone and with words that will make me appear “street.”


  21. sean thompkins said

    More information on this subject…

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