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Why Predestination Is Fairer Than Free Will Arminianism

Posted by Job on February 16, 2008

Yet another attempt of mine to stab at a complex topic from my ignorance, but here goes. It is commonly asserted that the predestination position as regards to salvation must be rejected because it is unfair to condemn someone to such an unspeakable fate as eternity in the lake of fire without that person having a choice in the matter. In our modern humanistic western mindsets, we define fairness as universality and equality of opportunity where each person rises to whatever heights that he may as a function of his own individual merits. Not only have we dedicated immense resources to attempting to conform our world into some utopia where such a thing is possible, but we conform our entire thinking according to this mindset. This explains why such things as racial, class, gender, religious, tribal, national, sexual preference, etc. bigotry, racism, and discrimination were taken as a fact of life worthy of no real consideration just a few short ages ago but are now considered horrible offenses against the human race. Now we do acknowledge that this fairness and equality of opportunity can never be practically reached – nonliberal Christians especially so – but we nonetheless view merely striving for it as a self – rewarding endeavor containing an inherent noble virtue.

It is no surprise, then, that our notions of fairness would influence, and as such be imposed upon, our theology. For God to be righteous means that God has to be fair, and fairness means giving everyone equality of opportunity by virtue of making salvation a free will choice to accept Jesus Christ. As far as the people who have never heard the gospel? Well that is an allowance for the fact that the utopia of equality cannot be achieved in a world that fell into sin through Adam.

The truth is, however, that there is a real tension: the fairness only applies to people that hear the gospel. The people that hear the gospel and choose to accept or reject it are the only ones that receive the sort of fair and equal treatment that is mandated by such things as the 14th amendment or the Civil Rights Act of 1964. For people who never hear the message of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected, this standard of “fairness” and “equality” is as irrelevant as are the 14th amendment and the Civil Rights Act to anyone living in China or Sudan right now. Just as the great many western human rights activists could honestly care less about the inequality and unfairness experienced by people who live in those regimes, their theological counterparts truthfully must limit their notion of fairness to a single subset: the very tiny percentage of the population in human history that has ever been in a position to respond to an offer of covenant relationship with God through special revelation. So then, if the truth be known universalism (not the belief that everyone will be saved but rather that there is saving grace present in all religions) is the only thing that can satisfy this notion of equality and fairness.

So it leaves the real problem: how can making salvation conditional on one’s personal decision for Jesus Christ be fair in any sense when so many have never had the opportunity to meet the condition? In that respect, it is grotesquely, manifestly UNFAIR that I was born in modern America as opposed to, say, inland China in 42 AD. It is unfair not only to my ancient Chinese counterpart, but it is unfair to ME that I should have my own fate in my own hands while tainted with the effects of original sin.

God forbid that this should transpire regarding myself, but for the sake of exercise imagine if at some point in our mutual shared torment my ancient Chinese counterpart is sitting in the flame next to me. That fellow would turn to me and say “My fate is quite understandable, but what is your excuse?” My response would have to be “None save than the love of sin that I not only could not overpower by my own strength, but truthfully did not want to even if I could have.” What would be the only honest rejoinder that my companion in torment would be capable of making? “Ah well, then I have nothing to complain about, for had the choice been up to me I would done the same as you.”

And that would be perfectly true, because even the appearance of choice would have been but the cruelest of illusions. It would have been the pretense of an equal fair choice when in truth there would have been no choice at all, a “heads I win, tails you lose” situation. For what can overpower sin but the grace of God? And if original sin can be overcome by the mere choice of a sinner, then why is grace needed in the first place? Free will makes grace not only incidental and superfluous, but a hindrance to the execution of true justice in terms of both the individual sinner and cosmic terms, and unspeakably cruel not only to those that are never offered it, but those that are offered it but lack the strength to receive it by their own initiative.

There is more still. Aren’t some people just inherently stronger than others? More moral? More virtuous? The Bible certainly says so, even to the point of there being even places in the kingdom of heaven according to one’s righteousness. So if salvation is based on free will, cannot the person that failed to exercise it blame the God that created and foreknew him for “making him weak”? If it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven, then why, God, did you suffer me to be born into an extremely wealthy family? How, God, was that fair? Sure, I heard the gospel, but You said in and by Your own Word “blessed are the poor!” So then I did not have an equal fair chance to the slave person living in poverty and oppression that accepted Jesus Christ as her only hope and reason for living!

For those and many other reasons, it cannot be said that the free will position is more fair, more equal, more just, and again not only for the sakes of those that do not hear the gospel, but those who hear it but choose to live in their natural state of original sin and love of the world. Instead, it can only be fair if God Himself chooses whom He will save – and whom He will not – according to His own prerogative just as He exercised a similar sole prerogative through creation in the first place.


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  1. Coram Deo said

    Nice post, Job.

    I’d like to add a few thoughts if I may and begin with a few questions to our semi-Pelagian friends.

    Was God being “unfair” by not giving everyone else in the world a chance to get on Noah’s ark before destroying the world in the Great Flood? Is God an unjust judge?

    Was God being “unfair” by becoming the covenant God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and giving His truth into the care and trust of national Israel as opposed to generally giving His self-revelation to the whole world? Is God a respecter of persons?

    Is God being “unfair” by only allowing the true Body of Christ, the church invisible, entrance into heaven instead of allowing everyone in all times and all places to enter His kingdom? Is God not the potter and man the clay?

    Did Jesus die on the cross for everyone in general and no one in particular, or did He agonize and die with a specific group in mind, i.e. the Bride of Christ, His chosen ones? Was Christ’s blood effective to forgive the sins of everyone in general who ever lived or was it effective to forgive the sins of those who belong to the family of God in Christ by grace through faith alone?

    Is the bridegroom allowed to marry whom He wills? Absolutely!

    If God is omniscient – which He is – and if He is all loving – which He is – and if He is omnipotent – which He is – and if He knows full well who will be saved and who will not – and He does – then why would an all loving, all powerful, all benevolent God create all those people whom He knows will choose reject Him anyway if salvation is of human choice? Knowing that many – if not most – men will choose badly does the Almighty relegate Himself to looking down upon men from His heavenly throne of power and glory, helplessly wringing His hands in despair because of those who are perishing as He impotently cries out, “Please, please accept me! It is my perfect and sovereign will as the omnipotent God of all creation for you to be saved but I just can’t do it alone! It wasn’t REALLY FINISHED on the cross! I got close! I did everything I could, but still I need you to say the sinner’s prayer and “accept” Me! Oh, please, please, please!”

    The idea is absurd and blasphemous on its face and is wholly unbiblical.

    In the case of those God knows will fail to choose correctly why not just not create them in the first place so as to spare their eternal torment in hell when He knows that they will exercise their free will to “reject” Him? The fact is God is sovereign and will show forth His divine justice upon all those who are guilty of unrepentantly breaking His Holy Commandments throughout all ages.

    He is Just.

    He is Righteous.

    He is Holy, Holy, Holy!

    Free will is the cruelest of hoaxes. It’s a sham, and a vapor. This is true because unregenerate men cannot “choose” God! God chooses whom He will. Unregenerate men cannot “make Jesus Christ Lord”! Jesus Christ IS Lord! Unregenerate men cannot “accept” God! God accepts those whom He will out of his vast ocean of mercy, pity, and love.

    Semi-Pelagians don’t appreciate just how desperately wicked and sinful men really are. They tend to think that unregenerate sinners are morally capable of making correct spiritual “choices” about the Infinite Creator and Judge of the universe and responding positively to Him in and of themselves even when His Word declares the precise opposite is true!

    The simple truth is that, despite man’s tendency to make himself a god, God really is God! And as such He has predestined those who will be saved – His elect – from the foundations of the world and written their names in the Lamb’s Book of Life. These souls will in no wise be lost from His completely sovereign redemptive plan of the ages.

    God will save those whom He will. He will regenerate the lost by the effectual calling of His Holy Spirit and the grace He extends will not be rejected by those who He will save because He will make His drawing and salvation of His elect 100% effective by His sovereign power alone. He won’t miss one. Not one of His sheep will be lost.

    But the rest of fallen humanity, the tares sown by the enemy, will be justly damned for their sin and trespass. The thing to remember is that everyone deserves hell and no one deserves heaven. Men ought never to ask themselves “Why would a perfect, holy God send anyone to hell?”, the question ought to be “Why would a perfect, holy God allow anyone into heaven?” And the answer of course is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

    To think that God would choose a wretched, vile, sinful, helpless lump of sin such as myself to be the unmerited recipient of His divinely gracious gift of salvation is the most pride crushing thought imaginable! I could and would never have chosen Him because it was never in me to do such an unnatural thing. For the natural man rejecting God comes naturally as breathing air. Tell a man to “go and breathe water” and it’s as likely that he’ll go and be willing and able to perform that feat as it would be if you told him to “repent and turn away from sin and turn toward God by placing his faith in Jesus Christ” apart from the effectual regeneration of the Holy Spirit empowering him by predestined sovereign election to a new life of holiness and humble obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I can never repay the gift He’s given, and it would no longer be a gift if I tried. It’s only by this God given realization that I can join with the Apostle Paul in spiritual ecstasy declaring: “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!” (Romans 11:33)

  2. djenk23 said

    where do i begin?….there are many examples of people responding to God before the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament alone….in addition, there is no place in the Bible that says we cant respond to God….How can God give the command for all men everywhere to repent in Acts if we cant respond to it?

  3. rfraning said

    (Dedicated to the Honor and the Glory of God)
    God is the ultimate reality. He has spun the universes into existence
    and has created all other beings. As humans, we too had our beginning
    from God. Like Plato and Socrates, I believe that we pre-existed in a
    spiritual realm prior to being born into this world. Unfortunately the
    church fathers, with the exceptions of Origen and Augustine, rejected
    this view as an overreaction to the heresies of gnosticism and
    neoplatonism that threatened to subvert the Gospel. How do I know of
    this pre-existence? I have very faint memories of a spiritual existence
    before being born into this world. My children spoke of this of this
    existence when they were small. I have heard of other 2-4 year old
    children being able to talk of their own pre-existence in the spiritual
    realm prior to their earthly birth, when carefully questioned about it.
    One couple I know of had three boys who each spoke of having been with
    God and the angels prior to birth without any prompting from their
    parents when they were small. Evidently as people age and develop,
    these memories are overlaid with countless earthly memories and are
    largely forgotten.
    One may ask why are we here and forced to leave that spiritual realm.
    I believe that the answer lies in the fall of Lucifer from Heaven along
    with a third of the angels. It is my own belief that human spirits were
    originally intended to be part of Lucifer’s cadre in the spiritual
    realm. Once Lucifer fell, there was no further need for our existence
    in the spiritual realm, since we had been created to serve Lucifer in
    carrying out his heavenly responsibilities. Lucifer’s disobedience led
    to our own eventual banishment from Heaven, even though we were not
    involved in his revolt against God. God in His infinite mercy has
    brought us to this world to perfect our redemption. He is bound by His
    own spiritual laws in the eternal realm, but at the temporal level, He
    can rewrite our destiny through His plan for our redemption. Had not
    Adam and Eve disobeyed God, this plan would have been much simpler and
    salvation would have been universal for all mankind. When that couple
    listened to Lucifer rather than obey God, suddenly salvation became
    much more difficult. Man had chosen sides and was no longer just an
    innocent bystander thus bringing condemnation on all mankind who was to
    be born on earth from that time forward.
    Man himself had sinned against God and lost his opportunity for an
    easier salvation. To put it in the vernacular, man really blew it. Now
    man’s disobedience had to dealt with in a manner satisfying God,
    fulfilling the new parameters now required for our salvation and permit
    our return to the spiritual realm (Heaven) after leaving this earthly
    sojourn. Christ, the second person of the Godhead, came to earth in the
    form of a man to die a sacrificial death for our redemption so that by
    believing in Him and on His death, we can be redeemed and made new
    spiritual beings fit for His kingdom. Through Christ, the Holy Spirit
    creates us anew and we are reshaped into His image, no longer designed
    to follow after Lucifer and his entourage.
    Praise be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for their gift of
    salvation through the Son’s loving sacrifice of Himself on the cross,
    the Father’s willingness to send Him and the Spirit’s perseverance in
    causing us to believe.
    Some have a difficult time grasping the concept of the Trinity. The
    Trinity is the three distinct, separate, yet simultaneously occurring
    dynamic states in which God exists and through which He expresses
    Himself. It may be easier to understand the Trinity by the functions
    they perform. The Father is the Creator of His creation. The Son
    controls the interface relationship between the Creator and His
    creation. The Holy Spirit permeates the creation carrying out the will
    of the Father and the Son.
    Others may ask how does God create worlds and universes, i.e. this
    temporal existence. I believe the new physics gives us an insight into
    God’s methods. The big bang which began our universe was caused by a
    large quantum fluctuation. These fluctuations are believed by some
    cosmologists to be power spikes in a tremendous quantum field of
    incredible intensity. Since there are undoubtedly many of these power
    spikes, and at the top of each powerful enough spike is a created
    universe, there are probably many overlapping sister universes to our
    universe in existence at this very moment. They are separated from each
    other only by the different quantum time value that each universe
    possesses. Thus we can not see or sense them nor can they see or sense
    us. You may ask how does God fit into the overall scheme of these
    things. I truly believe that the energy that creates and drives this
    quantum field issues forth from the mind of God even as He speaks the
    Word. The beauty of God and His methods is that while we may seem far
    removed from where God is, He is only a prayer away. He loves us and
    cares for us, who believe on His dear Son, and longs that all mankind
    will come to a saving faith in His beloved Son; but God wants our love
    freely given and not given through coercion. He gives us His Holy
    Spirit to guide us and lead us into paths of righteousness for His
    namesake. All that is required of us is simple faith in our living Lord
    and Savior Jesus Christ.
    I look forward to the day that I return to the spiritual realm from
    which we have come and can worship, adore, praise and glorify Him
    forever. Our Lord made a way back where there was no way, so that we
    may dwell with Him and enjoy Him forever. Praise be to God that He has
    not left us nor forsaken us, but through His death established His plan
    for our salvation when we come to believe on His shed blood.
    Hallelujah, God is truly great and greatly to be worshiped in spirit
    and truth.
    In awe of the Living God
    Richard E. Franing

    I’ve decided to take a shot at this one, so you folks need to get the
    stake ready along with the rope, wood and matches because I’m about to
    reveal my pet theory concerning the first chapter of Genesis. In second
    Peter 3:8, we find the following in the RSV version: “But do not ignore
    this fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years
    and a thousand years is as one day.” This is a way of saying that God
    is the creator and ruler of time as well as every thing else in this
    universe and beyond. So even a million or a billion years can be as one
    day or one nanosecond to Him as He chooses it to be, since He is beyond
    time. With that in mind, lets move into Genesis. In the beginning God
    created the heavens and the earth. I think that this represents the
    start of our universe. The heavens representing space and the earth
    representing matter. The earth being without form and void and the
    Spirit of God hovered above the waters. The matter had not coalesced
    together sufficiently to form large physical bodies in space, but had
    coalesced enough that internal heat within the matter was driving off
    water vapor that may have condensed on the surface of that matter. Then
    God said let there be light. This was beginning of nuclear fusion in
    our universe, along with planet building. Where the light hit these
    protoplanets, there was day and on the backside of these bodies was
    night just as God had commanded. Obviously it took billions of our
    years for our universe to reach this stage, but to God that is little
    more than a blink of the eye.
    God called this time the first day. The morning and the evening being
    whatever time that God wishes it to be or when He wishes it to be. I
    think it highly unlikely He is saying an Earthday at this point because
    our solar system had not been created yet, that did not occur until the
    fourth day. On the second day God separated the waters into the seas
    and the sky. Evidently certain planets in scattered solar systems had
    cooled enough for their atmospheres to start clearing instead of one
    big shroud of clouds enveloping these planets from their surfaces
    upward. This probably took millions of years to occur. During this day
    God formed the land surfaces upon these planets. Again in God’s time
    there could have been another blink of His spiritual eyes. Evening
    could be when He closes His eyes and the morning when He opens them
    again. So ended the second day. (I can see that you folks have erected
    the stake and gathered the firewood. You’re having a cookout! Right?).
    On the third day, God brought forth vegetation. There have probably
    been many planets within our universe in times past and yet today that
    have some forms of life upon them. This is God’s universe, along with
    any others, and He can do with them whatever He so desires. Who are we
    to limit Him to only caring about what happens on our dinky little
    planet, as important as it is to us? Don’t get me wrong, God does care
    about us and this Earth, but We are not His only responsibility. Again
    God blinks His eyes and another day is over in His book, even though
    more millions of Earth type years may have elapsed.
    On the fourth day God created our sun, the moon and obviously the
    planets in our solar system. From this point on, I think that God is
    referring to our planet when He speaks of the earth, although He is not
    yet talking in Earthdays when He speaks. We tend to limit God into our
    way of thinking, not realizing that He is far greater than we could
    ever imagine. God also created the land and plants on our Earth in this
    time frame. This “day” must have been several billion Earth years long.
    It is wonderful that God never gets tired doing all this creating,
    because if He did He would probably get worn out just trying to keep up
    with all the petitions I offer up to His throne, let alone those that
    everyone else bring to Him in prayer.
    On the fifth day, God created the animals. Plants were already in
    existence on the Earth, being part of his previous day’s work. This
    time frame probably lasted hundreds of millions of Earth years. As you
    can tell by now, I think that God used an evolutionary process to bring
    this to past. Not a random type of evolution, but a God inspired and
    God driven evolutionary process that only He is capable of doing. Truly
    we have a great and awe inspiring God.
    On the sixth day, we arrive at the place where the rubber meets the
    road so to speak. Did God create man? You bet He did. Did God use an
    evolutionary process to create man from the higher mammal animals? You
    bet He did. (GASP!) You say what about Adam? I think He came along
    later. This day probably lasted several million years. God looked at
    all of this creation and declared it good. Who are we to argue with God
    about something like that. If He says it is good, then it must be good.
    Anyway God decided He needed a little vacation after all that work of
    creating. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the seventh day did not last
    even two Earth seconds, because God loves what He is doing so much that
    He won’t ever give it up and keeps on keeping on.
    Getting back to Adam, I believe that Adam was the first human with a
    spirit bearing soul. God created him from the dust of the Earth and
    breathed life into Him because God had created him for a special
    purpose. Adam was a perfect man. He could not say that bad genes had
    caused him to sin. Likewise Eve whom God created from Adam was perfect.
    These two were to be the first of mankind to enter into this world with
    a God created spirit. All men existing before Adam had a soul, but no
    spirit indwelling that soul. This leads me to think that the fall of
    Lucifer from Heaven occurred sometime after the sixth day. This I have
    reason to believe: that spirits of men are leftover remnants from the
    old order that existed in Heaven before Lucifer launched his revolt
    against God. As beings who did not take part in that revolt, but
    nevertheless of suspect loyalty to God, we could not remain in Heaven
    in our old form. We have to be transformed into new creatures before we
    are acceptable to God again. This is the purpose of our earthly
    existence. God knew that Lucifer and a third of the angels were going
    to revolt against him. He also had originally created us as subangelic
    beings to assist Lucifer in carrying out his heavenly responsibilities,
    before Lucifer got the big head and decided to try to take over God’s
    position. I wonder if that happened while God was on vacation during
    the seventh day. It would be just like old Lucifer to try something
    like that.
    Anyway, once God decided that we subangelic spiritual beings (see
    Hebrews 2:7) could no longer dwell in His heavenly kingdom in our then
    spiritual form and He began thinking of ways to change us. He could not
    do this at the eternal level because He is constrained by His own
    eternal laws at that level. He had to bring us to a temporal level to
    accomplish that. Since a suitable vehicle (man) was already in place to
    accomplish this objective, God decided to piggyback these spirits into
    men’s souls. This is why our soul also contains a God created spirit
    (see Hebrews 4:12). Adam was the first of these spirit souled men. Had
    he not disobeyed God, he would have been permitted to eventually eat of
    the tree of life and been transformed into an eternal creature, with
    rights to dwell with God forever. Adam and Eve were a special test
    case. God knew that if they failed the test, then all men from that
    point on would fail this test. They were cast out of the Garden and
    forced to live among the other existing humans. From that time on all
    human beings have had a spirit bearing soul. How long will this go on?
    Probably until heaven is emptied of its condemned subangelic spirits or
    until the church on Earth becomes so decadent that so few are getting
    saved and transformed thru faith in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus
    Christ, that there is no purpose in continuing the process. This why
    spirit bearing souls should not be aborted and the Gospel must be
    preached with great fervor everywhere on Earth. This is our one and
    only chance to be able to dwell with God forever. We pass this way but
    once and each spirit bearing soul gets only one chance. There is no
    reincarnation. We must not rob ourselves or future generations of this
    sole opportunity for salvation. Once Adam failed, only the new Adam
    (Jesus Christ) could salvage the situation for us. He is the Way, the
    Truth and the Life. He who has Christ has eternal life and this life is
    in God’s only begotten Son.
    I have presented this theory, not as an absolute truth, but as an
    attempt to bridge the difference between fact and faith. Many people
    choose to ignore the physical facts around us or to twist them to agree
    with their particular interpretation of God’s Word. Likewise too many
    people ignore the Scriptures in a vain attempt to arrive at the facts.
    God does not lie nor do the facts lie, and ultimately they are saying
    the same thing. (So why are you folks grabbing me, not the stake. Oh
    well, let the flames begin. (Arrrgh!!!)
    Thoughtfully yours in Christ Jesus,
    Dick Franing

    The Lord God took man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it
    and keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “You may
    freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of the
    knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you
    eat of it you shall die.”
    But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not die. For God knows
    that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like
    God, knowing good and evil.” …..she took of its fruit and ate; and
    she also gave some to her husband, and he ate. Then the eyes of both
    were opened, and they knew that they were naked. …..
    Then the Lord God said, “Behold the man has become like one of us,
    knowing good and evil; and now lest he put forth his hand and take also
    of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”—therefore the Lord
    God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from
    which he was taken. He drove out the man: and at the east of the garden
    of Eden he placed the cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every
    way, to guard the way to the tree of life.
    (excerpts from the Book of Genesis, Chapters 2 and 3)
    How often has man pondered these words throughout the ensuing
    centuries and speculated as to their exact meaning. Some say that it
    was an actual fruit such as an apple, some look at it as being an
    abstract historical event, some think of it as a crisis of the spirit
    that man experienced, while others think that these verses represent a
    supernatural experience that Adam and Eve had. Some people think that
    it represents some form or type of superior knowledge. Still others
    think of it as a mythical story told to explain how sin began. None of
    these concepts are comprehensive enough to adequately explain the true
    nature of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    I fear that I now know the meaning of these verses. The tree of this
    knowledge lies deep within the soul of man. It is what the Christian
    teacher Watchman Nee refers to as “the latent power of the soul”. So
    what is this latent power that lies hidden deep within the inner
    recesses of man’s soul? I believe that it is a type of angelic power,
    which might be better thought of as Adamic power.
    Man is a sub-angelic being who is endowed with a certain degree of
    latent angelic capability. Man is not an angel, but man may be
    distantly related to the angels in some manner. Under certain
    circumstances, the latent angelic capability of a relatively few number
    of people can become momentarily activated for short periods of time.
    Probably at least 99% of the human race never experiences any of this
    activation and thus are totally oblivious to the existence of the
    latent angelic capability within themselves.
    Activation of this capability primarily occurs during spiritual
    dreams while asleep. The person begins a troubled dream while in a deep
    sleep, then slips into a state of spiritual dreaming through which the
    person can temporarily enter into the angelic mode. While in this
    temporary angelic mode, the person is able to direct the course of
    future events, depending what the subject of spiritual dream is. If the
    person exercises his angelic powers in concert with the direction of
    the Holy Spirit of God, the results will be good and beneficial. If the
    person exercises his angelic powers in a unilateral manner, then the
    results will inevitably be evil. The person acting in a unilateral way
    is trying to play God by usurping God’s authority in total disregard to
    God’s will. This is the reason why Adam and Eve fell in the garden. As
    a result, they were stripped of their innocence and left naked before
    the Lord. It appears that the ability to be activated runs in certain
    families. It may also be that this ability may skip generations within
    a family, as well as individuals within an active generation. My
    father’s mother was an angelically active person, but my father never
    experienced activation as I have.
    In honesty, I must admit that I have exercised this angelic power
    both ways in the past, for the good of mankind when exercised in
    concert with the Holy Spirit and to the detriment of man when I
    exercised it unilaterally. This was largely done in ignorance before I
    realized what the exact nature of this power was and how capricious
    this Adamic power can be. It has a Jekyll and Hyde quality about it and
    must be exercised with extreme caution and then only under the guidance
    of the Holy Spirit. Adam was warned about this danger, but he chose to
    disregard God’s warning. When God told Adam not to eat of that tree, He
    was telling him not to exercise his angelic capability because it would
    cause him fail the test and all future mankind with him. After man’s
    fall in the Garden, this capability became latent. Because Adam sinned,
    he was not permitted to eat of the tree of life. The way of the tree of
    life would have to be personified in the Way, the Truth and the Life in
    order for man to have that opportunity again to gain eternal life and
    that life is in God’s only begotten son, our Lord and Savior Jesus
    My experience with this phenomenon is that it begins in earnest
    during the early teen years, reaches its peak about 30-35 years of age
    and then slowly declines until it reaches a point of near cessation
    during one’s lower fifties. The time of greatest power during a
    person’s early thirties is also the time of greatest danger because it
    when the greatest extremes of good and evil are possible. Momentary
    angelity can a potent stealth weapon if used unwisely. Following
    one’s spiritual instincts can indeed be dangerous, thus the person
    must stay close to God and be clothed in His righteousness. The old
    testament and book of Acts states that the young men shall see visions
    and the old men shall dream dreams. In those days, an old man could be
    any man past the age of thirty because life expectancy was not very
    long in those days. I have experienced these visions and dreams in the
    past. The visions are basically learning experiences while the dreams
    are basically doing experiences.
    Adam lost any chance to gain access to the tree of life in the garden
    when he disobeyed God, thereby losing the opportunity for eternal life
    with God in heaven. As children of Adam, we also share that lost
    opportunity, but God in his great mercy has created another way for us
    to obtain eternal life with Him. God sent his Son, the Lord Jesus
    Christ, to die and shed his blood to free us from the first Adam’s
    curse and our own sin. Through faith in the Lord Jesus we are born anew
    into God’s family and receive the promise of the Father that we will
    stand faultless before the throne at the day of judgement. We are no
    longer children of disobedience, but we are now children of God fit for
    His kingdom. All that is required of us is simple faith in the Lord
    Jesus and His sacrificial death on the cross, and to open our hearts
    and minds to the working of the Holy Spirit of God.
    Man tries his own methods of attempting to tap into this latent
    angelic capability that some are vaguely aware of within themselves.
    Some gnostics, certain psychics, many new agers, kundalini yogis,
    certain mediums and supernaturalists of various kinds are trying in
    their own way to regain the power that Adam and Eve possessed, abused
    and subsequently lost during the fall. Little do they realize that they
    are playing with spiritual dynamite. A few people may try to regain
    this Adamic power with an intent of somehow attaining angelic status
    which they think might give them access to the tree of life. God has
    blocked this route with his cherubim and flaming sword. They would be
    far better off to seek the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness as
    the path to eternal life. Having experienced this Adamic power first
    hand, I am well acquainted with good and evil even as Adam was. I thank
    God that Christ is my refuge, that in Him I find forgiveness through
    faith in His shed blood and that He sets my feet on the path of
    righteousness for His name’s sake. Truly He is the Way, the Truth and
    the Life. Praise be to God for His everlasting grace, love and mercy.
    Under the Blood of Jesus,
    Richard E. Franing

  4. Charles D. said

    Gee! rfraning, is this an original work, or a cut N’ paste?

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