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A Brief List Of Reasons Why Christians Should Not Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Posted by Job on February 15, 2008

Courtesy of Independent Conservative.

We Don’t Have to Wonder What Barack Hussein Obama Would Do as President.

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How Barack Hussein Obama Plans to Spread Pro-Homosexual Heresy to Black Churches and Related Items to Beware of.

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Al Sharpton Again Fronts Like He is Against Trash Hip Hop and Democratic Presidential Candidates Line up to Join Him.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Black Supremacist Idolater Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

Stumbling Out of the Gate. Barack Hussein Obama Says Troops Lives Were “Wasted” in Iraq.

Barack Hussein Obama, Claims Christianity, but Prefers a Secular Political Party.

Barack Hussein Obama versus Jesus Christ

Barack Hussein Obama Pays Homage to Jesse Jackson’s Anti-Semitic 1984 Presidential Campaign.

The Source of Problems That Plague America Today.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and the Shady Land Deal (*UPDATED*)

More on Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and the Shady Land Deal. Plus Other Ties to Tony Rezko and More.

More on the Fraud Named Obama

Barack Hussein Obama and Anti-Semitism

Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim Trained Advocate of Child Murder, Gay Adoption, Porn and Thugs!

Over Hyped Barack Obama. Another Liberal Posing Pseudo-Conservative.


40 Responses to “A Brief List Of Reasons Why Christians Should Not Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama”

  1. Timothy said

    Barack Obama has many controversies. The mainstream media for the most part is loving of the man. I will see these link to gain any new information on Barack Obama. He’s right that we need change in American society, but what’s the type of change do we need. Is it a promotion of life or death? I choose life.

    By Timothy

  2. vincent said

    shutup you dumb simple racist @#$%. I bet you would vote for Jerry the @#$% Falwell haha well you can’t cause he’s dead and that a good thing.! so go tell pat jim jones robertson to put it in his would think christian hypocrites like you would have learned by know that the world is leaving you behind. you would still have blacks in slavery if you could. you are just ignorant. Go back under your rock. STUPID!!!!!!!!!

  3. dorothy said

    I see that People still try to put God ahead of their prejudices and hatred. You would rather see a Bigot or rapist in the presidency than that Black man. Your fangs are hanging out.How do you know what this man Obama can or cannot do? He should be given the same chance as the other white men has had for years. God made man and he made color. Name calling is wrong in any form or fashion. Give the man a chance. This nation has wronged too many times a people and run rough shod over it in the name of right. There has come a time for this to stop. As for Hiliary Clinton she has had her term in the White house and we know what they are all about.As a people we need to vote our conscious and let this country get back on track about the people of the people and by the people.

  4. Charles D. said

    Brother Timothy?

    You do realize that by closing your comment with “By Timothy” aply identify you as an idiot right?

    Do you also realize that attempting to prescribe what is wrong with “whole big old America” further identify you as stupid and uninformed. You are not alone in your miserablr stupidity though, because anyone that presume to have not all, but, any thing that ALL CHRISTIANS should do, except, love the Lord thy God with all of their heart, their strength, and their might, is not only blinded by a spirit straight out of the pits of hell, but, would also stoop to the level of directing a fellow Christian in a personal political choice, under the guise of imparting wisdom, thereby assuming that all Christians are as intellectually deficient as they appear to be and that is truly unfortunate.

    Believe that and next they will tell you why all Christians should have brain surgery only on Tuesday and only at Dr. Lolipop’s Clinic. NOW! Tomorrow is Tuesday and if you start now, you can make it to the clinic in time to see whose offering you this advice; they would be the one win the diper tied from under thier chin to the top of thier pointed head, finshed with rabbit ears, from their newly minted lobodomy.

    I am an Obama supporter of the highest order. I make it a practice to – that each time I see something on here about him, well I make it my business to tell a new person something about that “BROTHA!” AND! You don’t have to take my word for it, but, I am finding it harder and harder to find ANYBODY that has not already heard. Period! Now! That translate into, Hillary Clinton is in T-R-O-U-DOUBLE !!!
    And as we BLACK people used to say: “you just wait and see”

    Charles 🙂 🙂 🙂
    The Ultimate Supporter of da Man

  5. Devon said

    Whoa…IC…good post…didn’t see this earlier…we need to get this material out to the wider population!!

  6. Charles said

    IC did you see this:

    “Whoa…IC…good post…didn’t see this earlier…we [WE?] need”

    Gotta be careful about the company that you keep.



  7. Frank Papp said

    Charles Da clown must be Vincent’s Pastor!
    Hey Charles you fake pompas ass did you send Vinney a free copy of the Charles D Bible?

  8. Charles said

    Hey PappSmear

    If you change your name one more time, all the rest of us could be sued for trademark infringement (don’t bother now, look it up on your way to therapy).

    Talking loud and saying nothing is your hallmark. If I wrote nearly as bad as you and could not form a single complete thought, then, I would do what you should have done after your first posting here.

    You are so woefully inadequate it borders on lunacy. It is one thing to be thought of as the site idiot and quite another thing to setout to prove it everyday. I just pray that you have neither a wife or kids. Hey! But April 1st is your day, you gets only one.

    The Chazster 🙂 What a rube PappSmear is 🙂

  9. Marianne said

    Obama is an apostate Christian and belongs to an apostate church. The support abortion and homosexuals in the pulpit. They oppose Israel and support the Palestinian terrorists in their suicide bombings and other homicides.

    He has denounced mainstream Christianity as homophobic if they uphold the Bible’s position on homosexuality as a sin. So he opposes God himself. Pretty snotty of him.

    Obama is a fake Christian. I have heard him criticize the Bible as inadequate and contradictory, uphold partial birth abortion and homosexuality as “nothing wrong with it.” Obama also supports his Muslim cousin in Kenya, who has persecuted Christians there.

    Do not worry about gay attacks : They are governed by a spirit of lust and hate. Homosexuals usually attack in groups. It is a gang mentality because they have no truth to back them up. They use verbal abuse, sarcasm and false accusations.

    Only low class, immoral, deceived, intellectually arrogant people would support Obama.

    God bless you for your efforts


  10. Charles D. said


    You are so ignorant I can smell you all the way where I am now; and you can’t spell for your life. All of the recycled material that you use, now, if we could convert that to fuel, the energy crisis would rally be solved.

    You are not a Christian yourself. You’ve committed no less than ten sins in your comments. Are you trying to impress someone here? Toooo Late!!!! Talking about stupid – you take the cake. Not only that but you attack anyone who support Barack with names that I have yet to hear either Paula White or TD Jakes use. You just gotta be a misterable heifer AND for what???

    I supporting and voting for Obama even if I had to step across your drowning butt. Barack is going to win and if you don’t like it; I want you to take all of your minions, yourself, anyone on this site that speaks against Barack and get the hell outta here. Be damned you sorry sorry excuse for a reprobate.

    Juanita Bynum is a saint compared to you. Now take your lil sorry, smelly, obtuse excuse for a body and get loster than you already are.

    Obama Biggest Suppporter by Far

  11. Marianne said

    You verbal behavior confirms my comments.

  12. Charles D. said

    Not really. However, your judgmental, accusatory comments not only about me whom you don’t know, but also, towards individuals that you cannot reasonably be expected to know. And that by God’s definition is sin.

    The fact that you either cannot see that (spiritual blindness) further speaks to your fallen state which you’ve apparently lived in for sometime.

    For your edification, “verbal” cannot be a behavior, however, actions and deeds can. I have no idea what authority you think you are operating in, however, it is not a far scretch to inform you that you are a blind, naked, pitiful sinner in need of an abundance of “after care” before you can even realize what it means to be saved.

    t is my firm belief that God will deal with you this week in a mighty, mighty way. Whats more, I believe you will remember your words as you experience His chastening.

    I really won’t waste my time speaking with you or those of your ilk. You would do well to leave well enough alone.


  13. Marianne said

    Insults will not help. Verbal behavior is a behavior. You can vote for who you want to. This just reflects what values you have and don’t have.

    So why are you on a Christian web site?

  14. Marianne said

    funny….Obama just called Hillary a “monster.”

    Do you think that is judgmental or accusatory?

  15. Charles D. said

    First of all, I am not cruising the site to either recruit or direct other unsuspecting sheep to the way of destruction as you do.

    “funny….Obama just called Hillary a “monster.”
    The only sin Barack might have commited is that he didn’t include you along with Hillary as a monster. He should by all means repent and call you by your rightful name – Satan’s Sister!

    “Do you think that is judgmental or accusatory?”

    You need only to re-read your on comments starting on Wednesday to see aremarkable example of TAKE THE BEAM OUT OF YOUR OWN EYE SO YOU CAN REMOVE THE SPLINTER OUT OF YOUR BROTHER’E EYE!

    If that hooligan of a demon was a man he would tell you to shut-up, shut-down the computer, then pray and repent! ENABLER! So, you don’t think hell is big enough for the both of you, huh? The look on your faces, when you open your eyes on that day – priceless!

    Begone evil-doers! Begone!

  16. Marianne said


    you need help. you need prayer. God bless you and heal you.

  17. Charles D. said

    Almost anyone except ypu, please. He know you not.

    Sine di!!!

  18. Devon said

    I agree Marianne…I have only posted here for a short while but Charles is pretty nasty to say the least!!

    Not sure if he is a christian or just posing as one to cause dissent???

    And while both Hillary and Obama are rotten to the core, I cannot see how a christian could support either of them???

    Charles…seriously…if you are a christian, then you need to mature up something seriously!!

    And ask the Lord for some discernment….and tact….


  19. Marianne said

    I love Charles. He is trying.

  20. I’m back. I see many using profanity and false accusations of bigotry against him from many of the earlier commenters like Chuck D. Here’s my response. To Vincent, I’m not stupid and I will never shut up. I will speak my mind on a wide variety of issues from abortion, the new world order, our health, etc. Since, you don’t know me and you make you phony assumptions against me, who is the idoit Vincent.

    I love Jerry Falwell as I love all human beings. I don’t agree with all of Falwell like his his support for the false Korean prophet Moon, etc. Also, I’m not a hypocrite. People have a right to believe what they want. Also, I’m smart and I study a while variety of field. You don’t use deductive reasoning, but emotion in an attempt to intimidate people with whom you disagree.

    Guess what Vincent and Chuck D, your lame words don’t intimidate me. This is a new generation where you tactic run stale like a piece of dry paint. Also, I don’t support Pat Robertson for his support of Ecumencialism and other policies Vincent. Don’t assume nothing about me until you know remotely what I believe in.

    Also, I’m not a racist. I don’t judge a man by their race of color. I judge a man by their character and actions plus policies. Also, to Dorothy I give any man a chance. You just don’t want to witness dissent. Dissent is part of our existence as human beings. Now to Chuck D. Many people understand many problems in America. That isn’t being stupid, that being smart. Now, you believe Christians should only Love, etc. That’s a lie. The Bible in the OT and NT call Christians to judge righteous judgment (John 7:24), rebuke evil, and call out corruption. Even the prophet Isaiah said to Judge in certain circumstances. The rest of your comments are nothing more than incohorent character assassinations. The truth is the truth. Obama isn’t god neither is he is the worse person in the world. People have a right to dissent with him on some issues like him supporting partial birth abortion (and killing a baby surviving abortion which Jill Stanek documents), supporting the war on terror (I believe this war on terror was contrived by the Elite), his foreign policy advisor being the founder of the Trilateral Commission, his wife is part of the Chicago CFR, he has proposed a global tax (reported by WND and other sites), some of his anti-gun policies, etc. I will give him credit as being at least against the Iraq War back in 2002, which is something that Hillary Clinton never did. As being an Obama supporter, that’s your right to be so. You are the hypocrite by denying even a legitimate discussion on dissent with Obama without resorting to character assassination..

    The rest of your response to other people are typical rude and condensing. So, don’t try that intimidating nonesense with me. It’s old, tired, and it’s ineffective.

  21. Charles D. said

    Truthseeker, it is too hard for me to believe that you would seek something that you wouldn’t know if it bit you. I don’t judge; I;m not prejudice, I’m,… I’m… I’m; always about you. I am not aware that anyone in their right mind using you as a standard for anything, except, stupidity and maybe vanity. Get lost loser..and take your sister with you.


  22. Charles D. said

    Still using other people words I see; as in “I’m back.” As I told you a while back and now it is even more apparent: Fugus do not leave easily. Having not to scratch every second is a relief I can no longer enjoy. Dreds………

  23. Charles D. said


    Maturity is not the solution to the problem that inflicts you. And because you agree with this person in no way makes you right or reasoned. Were I you, I would stop and let well enough do. It is entirely up to you.


  24. Devon said

    Oh Charles….I’m not so sure about my maturity level either???

    Honestly I do not know this person or you….just a few of your comments are incredibly rude….others have called you on it as well…granted…I am fairly rude myself….

    And what are you going to do if I continue in my ill ways? Come down here and beat me up??? Lol……


  25. Charles D. said

    Devon you sound gay, though I doubt you would admit it here of all places. Not every man commence sentences with “Oh Charles…” you have to admit that it doesn’t sound very manly; and if so, your ” Come down here and beat me up” would be the sublimal invite. No Thanks!

    You are dangerously close of getting in over your head. For the second and last time, let well enough do!


  26. Devon said

    Your sounding very odd here Charles….leave what alone??? And how am I dangerously getting in over my head? What…are you the mossad or cia…seriously…you’ve got me wondering what you are getting at? Are referring to intellectual sparring…well…bring it on….you have your areas of strenghts and I have mine….and both of us have an eternity of learning to go….

    And as for the Gay thing…honestly….I have been called a Jew before, a Hindu, A right wing bigot, a fascist, a pig, etc etc….but for the life of me….I have NEVER been called Gay…funny thing is..I am writing this out as my blessed wife next to me is quietly sleeping as her night hawk husband battles into the night!

    No….I can promise you that i am not gay…peculiar as the Bible says but not gay.

  27. Charles D. said


    What I am should be of little concern to you; however, what you are and where you’re heading should be of great import. I am not accusing you of being gay, and even if you were I could care less. I would be a terrible liar if I denied that I don’t have both, friends and co-workers many of whom have for whatever reason chosen that life-style. I abhor what they do and what it means in terms of their eternal destiny, but I would have to be one unhuman sob not to care about them or recognize that they are 1) humans and 2) God made them for reasons that goes well above my pay grade.

    My issues with you have to do with the very cowardly way that you mentioned my name without provacation; a very dangerous thing to do I might add. I could care less about your agreeing with the blind sinner person in question. I have never backed away from a twofer and probably never will – who knows.

    When you get in my crosshairs, thinking that you are engaged in “intellectual sparring,” that tell me two things 1) you’ve already lost the larger battle and 2) you’ve done what can be described on one level as you’ve brought a knife to a gun fight.

    On the one hand your comments are not those of aan unreasoned person, it is as though you speak first and think later. As far as I am concerned I do not wish you evil of any kind; I have said what I mean. I said it, I meant it, and I am here to represent it. The ball is in your court.


  28. Your ad hominem attacks either shows your lack of intellect or your ignorance about me. Now, I seek information all of the time. I know the truth about many facts. You saying that you find difficultly me seeking something is blatant lie. As for judging, judging isn’t monolithic in its application in real world situations. For example, I judge evil as wrong. I judge racism and forms of corruption as immoral. That type of judging is good. It’s wrong to judge in other instances though. You have a right not to judge nothing as you desire. As for using me as a standard and vanity is a lie on your part again. For many years, I’ve research and outlined information on many topics. For you to deny that shows your ignorance about me. I will not get lost. I like this place and I will stay here for a while. This is a good atmosphere for me to respond to people like you Charles. Me using “I’m back” is part of my free speech right. You mean “fungus” in your response not “fugus.” Anyway, I’m not a fungus. I disagree with your similie of me in a setting of a fungus. I’m more like a plant that grows up high despite the wind and the dangerous precipitation of the world shining its leaving brightly throughout the world. Hence, I will expose the new world order, I will expose abortion, I will expose evil in the world, and I will make known the truth. That’s my M.O. Charles. You have to deal with it.

    By Timothy

  29. Charles D. said

    Yep! You’re a fungus and you give me an itch.

  30. Devon said

    Charles…honestly…I do not know what you are on about???

    Like all of us…we have issues….and one of yours seems to be a lack of humility……I struggle with Pride also……

    I am not the only one on this board who has alluded to your nasty behavior……and I have only been here a short time . I said earlier…I can be quite rude to and it is one of the many areas I need work on….

    And really..drop the gay thing….I have many struggles but that ain’t one of them…..

    And as for sparring…well…some subjects you know better and some I know better….and most subjects neither of us have a clue!

  31. Charles D. said

    Tell me you have a frog in your pocket, please. Then list the ones you know nothing about and I am perfectly capable of speaking for my self. I am of age.

    “and most subjects neither of [us} have a clue!”

    Loosen up…I don’t remember bringing up the gay thing but once. What are you on?


  32. Marianne said


    You are doing nothing wrong. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. He is the father of lies, and the false accuser of the brethren. I would ignore any activity like this. Paying attention gives gives fuel to the fire.

  33. Marianne said


    see my message to devon. best wishes

  34. Charles said

    IC and Job

    Okay, as you can see – I’ve tried ignoring and to no avail. Now, I’m going to do it my way! This person obvious don’t know the history of “Truthseeker” with this site. AND! You also have to admit that this person have yet to say that she and it were wrong to make a (i believe) knowingly false statement to apease those she thought would accept her with open arms.

    Job I looked at the blogsite, couldn’t get beyond the picture on the first page, and I kid you not: the thought that instantly came to mind was something my grandmother told me when I was a small kid: That Satan would deceive because that’s what he does. That he will have the strait path decorated with flowers and scenery to fool God’s sheep. That very ugly picture, which I know do not reflect anything good, nor will it “save” this person; combined with the fact that this person will lead someone straight to hell and would not utter as much as a “I’m sorry.”

    She has already lied about her educational background, had already revomitted the description of how gays make love (or how she think they make love), makes no meaningful contribution to this site whatsoever, so what we have here is…someone who wants to belong, and is willing to sell her own soul along with any other unsuspecting person that comes along not knowing the length she/he is willing to go to, in order to accomplish that goal.

    It is truly unfortunate that such die-hard sinners exist, however, I would rather her try it here where she will be turned back in a heart beat, then, to be in somebody’s church splitting it down the middle (purposely did not say “straight down the middle”).


  35. Charles D. said

    Hey Marianne why are you ashamed to put up a reasonable
    ?sized? pic of yourself and hubby? I have an idea why, but I could be wrong. Lets just say people should see what a Biochemist lie , I mean look like.

    Are you a member of any congregation and/or follow any denomination? I’m seriously interested.

  36. Marianne said

    Why do you want a bigger picture? Do you want a date with me?????? 🙂

  37. Charles D. said

    congregation? denomination?

  38. Marianne said

    evangelical presbyterian

    God bless you

  39. Marlin said

    I find it amazing that in this post, there is a lack of support for Obama, but in a most recent post you are slamming the republican candidate. So, what would you suggest?

    I have been telling everyone for years now that if you vote for either candidate , you are supporting evil, since neither side is for the people.

    Just amazes me!

  40. Mike said

    You are all nuts. You are taking scriptures out of context and you are using them selectively just as Adolph Hitler did, in which the Jews were held libel for post WWI German depression.

    You are dangerous and you are nothing more than cross burning Nazi-White Extremists or suck ups to the Koch Brothers and other wanna-bee Pharaohs of the millennium.

    Christ was a Heretic and he challenged Status Quo–he fought against those who hurt the Poor, Weak, Diseased and Disenfranchised and you people only read the literal Bible but fail to see the heart of God and of the Lamb through your ugly lenses of deception.

    Obama is only a politician. He is not annointed Moses. And he did not run on a Moses soap box. He is and was a reformist centrist of the Ronald Reagan or old Eugene McCarhyist school of reformed Republican today called a “Blue Dog”. Obama is not a Conservative nor Liberal. He is a Pollster. He follows the wind of the Polls and that is what a Centrist does–he rarely takes a stand outside what is popular at the moment. His is a teeter totter that sees and saws up and down as the wind blows.

    Jesus Christ was crucifide for his Liberal Hereticing. He was no more a Republican Conservative for that would have been more Pontias Pilot’s role or that of the Jewish Hierarchy.

    You people need to feel your Bible more than trying to read it and then use for your convuluted psycho-babbling. Ironicly if not for Martinus Luther, you’d not have access to those scriptures which perhaps the Catholics had right in the 1470s…………………………..perhaps the average man or woman is incappable of reading the Bible with heart and intelligence rather than with politico-biggotry and social insensitivity.

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