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Does Anyone Know The Number Of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Name?

Posted by Job on January 26, 2008

Or how to calculate it? It would seem that one would have to somehow translate Barack HUSSEIN Obama to either Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, or Greek first and then just add up the position of the letters in the alphabet. Why? It is just that everyone talks about what a magnetic speaker he is with a charming personality with a unifying presence and … well just curious. Yes, the fact that his brother and cousin just happen to be trying to take over oil – rich Kenya right now plays a part. Don’t get me wrong, I really do not think that Obama is the anti – Christ. It is just that we have to keep our eye on all these unifying charismatic figures.


56 Responses to “Does Anyone Know The Number Of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Name?”

  1. Diane said

    Job, I looked on your home page for your email address and couldn’t find it, could you post it or tell me where I might find the contact information?

  2. Charles D. said

    676; but, Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) scared the daylights out of me. Not really. But for a month or so, I did think I had identified the anti-christ.

    I think it had something to do with his failure to speakout and set the moral tone for the nation after that ambush in up-state NY. He never did, and what little respect I had for the man died that day.

    On a comical note, Obama’s number is 301.219 in South Carolina as of 11:14PM 🙂

    • Vishal said

      its actually 675 but u have to translate Obama’s name into hebrew and then find the number because in hebrew each letter has a corresponding number to it so pres. Ronald Reagan was just fake the person who put that out didnt realize u had to translate his name into hebrew

  3. Job said


  4. Charles D. said

    Job: I just sent you an email and would like your opinion. Please feel free to share it if you like.


  5. Yemi said

    Kenya is not an oil rich nation.

  6. someone said

    Barack Hussein Obama=666, here’s why:


    (all possible combination)

  7. Charles said

    Using the basis for your logic and EVERYONE is 666. Get real.

  8. Job said


    He gets no credit for being inventive?

  9. miostone said

    Obama is a committed Christian. Why would you file this under the Muslim category?

    Anyone questioning his faith should research this topic at – they have a long, three page write up with many citations of his religious background. Or just use google to discover your own answers.

  10. Frank Papp said

    Committed Christian how blind R you,hes pro choice,pro gay marriage,he won’t say the pledge with his hand on his heart or without and leaves out the word GOD I have seen him in action,he talks great but says nada!He drags around a spirt advisor who is anti white,anti jew. even if he is not the Anti Christ hes a walkin mess of trouble!!!!

  11. Frank Papp said

    The way I have to look at it is if he gets elected then you know JESUS IS COMING SOON!

  12. Toya said

    I agree with you Frank Papp, I just feel something is wrong or rather that prophecy is being fulfilled.. His name, the pro gay among others + the fact that he seems to be so charismatic and appealing to those who mostly practise those things the Bible speaks against. I think Jesus is coming sooner than we all realize, we just have to be strong and pray. For the coming of the Lord is near!

  13. Charles D. said


    Okay, you know for yourself that I have NEVER attempted to tell you how to run your blog in any way. I now break that practice: You just have to stop your EOE practice and just say NO to newly minted, newly released mental patients. Either that, or, administered an IQ test as a condition to post here.

    Think of it this way: You will save some “christians” who have so little regard for what our Saviour has already spoken, i.e., ..that NO man knows the time of His return..,” that they would profess to KNOW, or, even guess when He is coming; and not investing that time spent doing what He did say, and that is to spread the Gospel, and not dogma!

    Provided you do the IQ thingie, I wants on that board, and my prime recommendations are Tpya and PappSmear heading the list.

    Have a good one, borther


    P.S. Don’t tell either of them, we’re gonna have to intervene here! It’s serious!

  14. Frank Papp said

    Charlie ,needs to sign up at he would fit in perfect with all his lost buddies! He writes alot of nothing,kinda like Obama speaks!
    Hey Charles believe it or not we do pray for people like you!

  15. Toya said

    U kno what, last time I checked being entiled to one’s opinion did not imply insanity, I wont even go there with Charles cos then he’ll think I’m just like him. I leave this one to God, he usually takes care of situations like this for me.

  16. Frank Papp said

    Your right.

  17. Charles said

    HEy Toya,

    One needs only to take a gander at your spelling and sentence structure to know you’re nothing like me, so don’t deceive yourself. And if you cannot be any more original than “last time I look” because 1) People are going to assume that you’ve been blind pre-birth and that I’m picking on the visually challenged; when it is the mentally and spiritually challenged whose butting I’m kicking. TeeHee

    AND! Old PappSmear there, well do my a solid and don’t pray for me, please. You might be praying to the God that allows you to call someone a “pompas ass” in one breathe and claim to be a christian in the next. Now that I’m literally handing you your butt, you want to join hands with lil blind (stupid girl), singing kumbahyah! My word to you, is get another mental deficient, such as youse two, and maybe, just maybe this war with yourselves might reflect a more level playing field. As it stands now, Imma gonna kick your butt til you both cry uncle!!! 🙂

    Quit it : ) you’re giving crazy people a bad reputation

  18. Charles D. said

    Morning Toya:

    What kind of name is that, or, is it really Tonya and you haven’t learned how to spell it yet. Good show.

    You know, even if I weren’t an Obama supporter (and I am of the highest order and feel I must include this caveat each time I meet someone like you) just by the way you have described, among other reasons you don’t like him is “his name,” I would try to vote for him, twice if I could; once for him and one as my attempt to stamp out ignorance.

    You’ve said quite a bit about yourself in those few words; truly I have seen your testimony. You are not nearly as much a believer as you imply. You haven’t actually said that you are either a Christian or a Beliver (not mutually exclusive). You could be a recruiter for Satan, and so could your side-kick, MonostatBreathe there. Tell you what: remove your name from your diatribe (means dribble), and let any minister of God see it and ask his opinion. If you were honest with yourself and I seriously doubt that you are, you recognize that you are a practicing.

    I believe you serve your own god or you would have more reverence than to utter ” he usually takes care of situations like this [for me]. See, I have a God whom I serve, and you have a god that serve you. Big differencec in the way we think of Him. How does the Bible say it: “as a man speak, then so is he…”

    I hope because of the fact that Barack is going to win the White House, that it doesn’t give you a heart attack or make you any further “special” than you already are. If you find yourself worrying about that; then, give me a shout, I know people that can help you!! Don’t loose more of it, a mind is a terrible thing to waste! pssst(call me)


  19. Frankie Papp said

    Let me guess ,your either unemployed ,or most likley a wefare case and you need your new hero miles from nowhere Osama Bama to support you with our money ,its clear you must be bored with your confused life to be playing on computer1I bet you have posters of Mike Moore on your walls! LOL!

  20. Frankie Papp said

    To Charles DA! You would be perfect for the New Age Witch Opera,too jump on her web site the JESUS you follow is there read it! Im serious!You’ll fit right in!

  21. Charles D. said

    Hey PappSmear aka Monostat:

    I cannot stop laughing long enough to kid you about your comment: “playing on computer1I.” See I get this image in my head of someone so computer challenged that he doesn’t know whether one use, operate, or “playing on computer1I” What a rube.

    Little else you’ve said is worth commenting on, except, and I just have to ask you, what is “wefare case?” Had you said warfare you would have been in the ball park, however, as it now stands, you’re just pitiful. Where did you get the “our money” from. You don’t have any! Barack doesn’t need it, I don’t need it, and if we did, we would be hurting, becaause you don’t have any; which puts you right about where you need and deserve to be.

    Maybe Toya can lend you a couple of bucks.

  22. Mel Lynn said

    I think osmabama will sooner or later have to explain his family,his Muslim faith,All the great things hes done for that big 2yrs he has been a Sen. his close ties to the loved Nation Of Islam,I sure your not that nieve to think hes a Christian! LOL! But he could be joining his biggest backer the New Age Witch,and her new invented version of Jesus!Hes going to save the Country ,which is still the best in the world,if you don’t think so pick one thats better and go!and hes going to save the world too,wow and he can’t figure out how yet? Oh excuse me there is one way he said he would start by taxing the living shit out of every breathing soul! The other answers didn’t come up on the teleprompter yet!He has the same plan Kerry had the secret plan! If the Drive by’s were not there he would have been squashed already!Matter of fact without the Liberal Media the new Democratic party would have died yrs. ago! Its not hard to figure how he passed up Hillary, shes not likeable AT ALL!A no brainer there! Kind of like you are Charlie on this web site,a no brainer ,ALL TALK WITH NO SUBSTANCE!

  23. Charles D. said

    Of course you realize that to a person, an enlightened person that is, you come accross as a complete and total ignorant hick; and that’s being extremely kind. Not everyone is as unread as you and most reason can reason.

    You know absolutely zero about what is going on around you and the lies that you state (as if you knew something of substance) only reveals that you could be deceived by a 3 year old. Hate to say it old timer, but, you have yet to elevate to my level. Try as you might and you will still suck hind tit. Do yourself a favor, google moron, have them remove your picture, then get back to me after you have completed that task. Prove that you have done that and I will then teach you how to stir ________ with a stick and not wear it on your face.

    Now, begone. Otherwise, and if you continue to lead with your face, I might drop you a note every now and again, but, only for fun when I am bored, and other than that I will just allow you to stand in front of the fan and ___ in the wind.

    You have to admit, even Toya looks awfully smart compared to you now. Have a good one, take your meds and by all means, DO NOT miss your therapy session today. Aw Haw HAw Haw you’re such a rube!! 🙂 🙂


  24. Mel Lynn said

    What Rehab center are you allowed to use computers in? Don’t they keep an eye on there patients?

  25. Frankie Papp said

    Mel Lyn this is a good site, but it has a virus try and ignore it like the others,your wasting energy on a useless target!

  26. johnkaniecki said

    Mel Lynn,

    Hi hello how are you.

    How do you judge the greatest nation of the world?

    We have more young African American men in jail than in college. We exploit the entire world through neocolonialism. We spend more on milatary then the rest of the entire world combined. There are more citizens of the United States in jail than in any other country including China which is over four times our population. We don’t have universal health care. Our entire economy is based on greed or the love of money.

    And as far as getting on a boat and leaving this country for a better one I will gladly do that when these territories are returned to the indigenous peoples that really own it.

    God has many names, one is the Prince of Peace. Jesus taught us to Love one another. So Mel Lynn I hold no hatred for you but only compassion and sadness. Perhaps one day you will wake up and see the reality and oppressiveness of the society we live in.

    I cherish the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The right of assembly, free speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms. Yet if you examine your history these were intended only for the afluent European descendents. When the Bill of Rights became law the Africans were still slaves and would be for ninety years more. Also the native Americans were being exterminated in a cruel genocide.

    If you would be willing to get real and educate yourself about this country we could have a meaningful exchange.



  27. Frankie Papp said

    Like I said pick a country on this earth thats better ,tell me and the others which one ? When you find it pack up and go!

  28. Mel Lynn said

    I don’t see thousands of people trying to get out of here but I do see thousands trying to get in! risking there lives for it,Europe has lost its Idenity to Muslims,there health care is a mess, or perhaps your one of those whos going tell me Cuba has great health care? LOL! Liberal’s are a cancer,there ideas are deadly,right now the Democratic party has become the enemy from within!

  29. JoJo said

    John you sound like nice guy and you mean well but Fantasy Island was just a TV show.

  30. Charles said

    My Brother John:

    In case you haven’t noticed I will clue you in. Evidently, someone left the doors unlocked at one of Belleview’s detoxification Facilities and we are being inundated with a few folks. I’m not going to call any names but their initials are Frankie PappSmear, MeL Lynn (a lady with a waxed mustache), and now JoJo the civil rights clown. I’m waiting for 2 more to join in on their side, otherwise, it would truly be unfair.

    You might notice that not a single one will claim to be a Believer, speak a single word for God, and their collective stupidity have to be taken in moderation.

    What I have found is….they can blog all night and I can wake up and in three minutes respond to them and have time for coffee and have a minute left over. So my friend, if you are looking for enlightened conversation, discussion above pre-school level, or correct spelling for that matter, these are not the chosen.

    Have a good weekend, John


  31. johnkaniecki said


    Hi hello hope you are doing well.

    I am certain you do not believe that the return of the Americas to its natives will ever occur. I realize it sounds like something out of science fiction but let me elaborate.

    First of all the world is a very volatile place. Isreal received their territory back in a time period just under two thousand years so such action is not unprecedneted. (To satisfy Eden I will point out that I recognize a difference between the people living in Isreal geographically and the true Isreal that exists.)

    Let me continue to say that I am a Christian and it is the teaching of the Bible that God is not a respector of any persons. That means that God does not love a person any more or less because of the color of their skin.

    Now God gave certain areas to different people. The pale were in Europe, the darkest in Africa and Australia, the yellow in Asia and the red in India. Each of these people had certain gifts that they were given. I like to think of the races as weights on the hub of a wheel. If all the weights were equal the wheel spins the best. Unfortunately now the wheel is out of balance.

    What is the greatest problem now in the world? I would have to say the threat of destruction of mankind by war especially nuclear war. Most of the antagonisms in the world today can be traced back to the European period of colonialism. This extends past warfare and includes the poverty of many people. The system we now have is clearly based on the Love of money which the Bible states is the root of all evil.

    Now what did the Europeans have to bring as their gift? One of those things was science. The Europeans brought wonderful advances in this area. Unfortunately as evidenced by World War One and Two, Europe is a very warlike society. Just in the way they waged their wars in a brutal, unforgiving fashion.

    Now I would propose to you that the Europeans have given enough of their particular gift. That is the gift of science which also includes mass production. These things were wonderful contributions to mankind. What we need now isn’t more scientific advances. We need cultural, moral and social advances. Here is where the other parts of the world can help. For example the Chinese have a society where the elderly is taken care of. The native Americans have a society that lives in harmony with nature.

    We have progressed as far as we need in science. We don’t need to discover new technologies. It would be bestw to apply what we have learned. An simple example is nuclear fission. Nuclear reactors could be a great benefit to man. But there are bad side effects to these reactors. The two primary detrements are the waste and weapons. Instead of trying to master nuclear fussion we should solve the problems of fission. Do you really want a nation possessing a nuclear fussion bomb? Technology has progressed far enough for the time being. Science isn’t god but Love is God.

    A lot of things the native Americans did had so much wisdom. They were disregarded by the Europeans because they had no books. One example is that the natives would set fires deliberately in the forests. When the Europeans saw this they thought they were crazy. What the natives were doing were starting small fires to destroy a few thousand acres. In doing this there would never be a tremendously large or serious fire. What happened with the small fires is that protected the larger area. The recent fires in California would never have happened if this practice was continued. The native’s practice has been proven scientifically correct by the way.

    You say I live on Fantasy Island. But if you took a poll of the peoples of this Earth you would see that the majority would be in favor of my proposal. Of course these voices are the other voices that were disenfranchised and are in the Third World. One day they will all come of age.

    It is part of spreading the Good News of Jesus that we help one another. One day the voice of the majority will be heard. I forsee change but no vengance. We must work as one unit, recognizing we all bring different gifts to the table.

    Do you know Jesus? Is he the Lord of your life? He loved you so much that He died on the cross for your sins.



  32. Charles D. said

    Hey again, Brither John:

    This is not a correction, just a fact: if you think the evil three, e.g., Frankie PappSmear, MeL Lynn (a lady with a waxed mustache), and now JoJo the civil rights clown; are going to understand any of your more than 3 letter words, then…GOOOD LUCCCK!!!!!.

    Have a good and Blessed Weekend John


  33. Frankie Papp said

    Hello John, Im a Christian,I read the King James Bible everyday,Im not a perfect Christian ,but I don’t claim to be!
    But explain the Christian man who says he loves Jesus and supports the false prophet Obama?

  34. Frankie Papp said

    Charlie ,you like acting smart Im sure you must understand some Italian, look up SHEM n MED ? lol!

  35. Charles D. said

    Wrong, PappSmear; I don’t like acting smart—-I-R smart. If you had a brain in that haid of yourse you’d know that U could’nt tell you to look up anything!

    That’s the job I’ve relagated you; looking UP things. AND! As smart as I am, I already know what you’ve been looking up. 🙂

    Listen bud, you are so out of your element messing wid me and the fun part is everyone knows it cept’n you. Time that you spend here getting schlacked could be better spent having someone reading your KJ to you.

    Have a good one rube. 🙂

  36. Frankie Papp said

    SHEM n MED! without question!

  37. JoJo said

    Hey Mr.Papp you need to not waste time and energy on Charles, you have to pray for him he most likley has problems that go back to his child hood ,not raised in a proper family atmosphere,maybe abused as a kid,and thats why he still sounds like a boy in the things he writes,hes become the show on this web site and we are missing the good things on here to discuss,ignore Charlie Chan ,I try to unless Im in the mood for laughs,take my advice hes a dweeb!

  38. johnkaniecki said

    Frankie Pepp,

    Hi hello I hope you are fine. We had about six inches of snow up here in New Jersey. We managed pretty well.

    There will never be an ideal Christian candidate. There will always be controversy about particulars. For example I was attending a course at Alliance Theological seminary at the time Kerry was running against Bush. We took a poll among the small class. It was seven for Bush and one for Kerry. I was the vote for Kerry.

    I admitted that Bush may be better on some social issues. There was a book discussed called “Heather has two mommies”, which promoted teaching homosexuality among young children. How Bush was going to stop this book when it is really a local decision I don’t know.

    The reason I voted for Kerry was because I felt he was the candidate that would end this war in Iraq. Look at these hypocritical Republicans who controlled house, senate and the president. They boasted about being great evangelical Christians and did nothing to get rid of abortion.

    Realistically we only have two candidates. If you compare the difference of these two as compared to the some other contries political spectrum there is very little difference.

    I recall how McCain was singing a parody of the Beach Boys song Barbara Anne. He changed the words to “Bomb, bomb Iran.” I guess McCain didn’t get enough bombing in when Vietnam was bombed with more tonnage than was dropped during World War II. Any ‘idiot’ who would make a gleeful melody about destroying a civilization and perhaps starting World War III has lost my vote. This is a serious issue and McCain made it into a mockery.

    You proclaim Obama a false prophet and I don’t deny it. I defy you to find any people in powerful positions that aren’t false prophets. McCain, Hillary, Bush, Pellosi the list goes on. They are liars and hypocrites one and all. They are ‘whores’ who sell the souls for power.

    The only true solution is promoting the Gospel of Jesus. Politically, economically and socially no serious change in this country is going to happen unless to normal, average everyday citizen puts pressure on the government. FDR was quite the conservative for the time. But there would have been insurrection if he didn’t do something to help the people.

    In the interest of public debate I would question you what Christian ideals you see in McCain. But allow my to say these words first.

    After World War I and World War II Europe had to take a fresh look at Christianity and reevaluate their perspective. They must avoid another war. In Latin America the pressing issue is the overwhelming poverty.

    What is the pressing issue in the United States of America that impedes the spread of Christianity? It is none other than materialism. There is such a great love of money, which is the root of all evil. The country worships mammon not God.

    Look at one of the sinister implications of this worship of materialism. We invaded a sovereign nation that did not attack us just to take their oil. From that one action a whole nest of ill will and evil has manifested. Don’t forget that we will reap what we sow. What other country has been involved in more military actions in the World than the United States.

    You hear ignorant people scream out “Why are we the police force of the world?” The answer is simple, we need to be the police force so we can secure the theft of the resources from these foreign lands that we dominate.



  39. Job said


    In your attack against Charles D., you prove yourself to be no better than what you claim him to be. While Charles D. will certainly accept your prayers as he is a Christian – and I am capable of saying this despite my many disagreements with him – you yourself are in sore need of prayers ever more so. Now keep in mind, I rarely see fit to intervene in disputes, and I take sides even less so (although one of the very few times that I did take sides in a dispute, I did so in opposition to Charles D., which should let you know that I am not his partisan) so you would be wise to consider the implications of that.

  40. TJ in Arizona said

    I was reading this website and thought it was legitimate, but the hate and name-calling, false witnesses, racism, political agendas… This “sin” verbally expressed is overshadowing the good information shared here. Have you ever thought about not allowing comments here? Not everyone seems to be able to handle the freedom you are offering.

  41. Job said


    Well, in the choice between Kerry and Bush my choice would be not to vote. I do so wish that I had exercised that righteous choice in 2000 and 2004. However, on the merits, you are actually right. With Kerry you had a pro – homosexual pro – abortion Roman Catholic that was against the Iraq War. With Bush you had a pro – homosexual pro – abortion Skulls and Bones occultist that was for the Iraq War. Advantage: Kerry. But from a Christian standpoint, the only result that can come from choosing between the lesser of two evils is the triumph of evil. Both the lesser evil and the greater evil serve the same master, and the lesser evil can certainly become the greater evil. Take the Soviet Union versus Nazi Germany in World War II. The lesser evil – and our ally – the Soviet Union triumphed, right? But the truth is that Stalin went on to kill FAR more people than Hitler did, and then there was Lenin and the people that came after him. Also, fascism had limited appeal. Communism had WIDE appeal. (Cornel West once stated that it was acceptable to criticize Stalin and was denounced for it, even after he continues to praise Lenin and Trotsky). And the Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons (with a little assist from our spies) where Nazi Germany had given up, calling it “Jewish science.” Would China have fallen to communism, resulting in the deaths of tens of millions more people, had Germany defeated the Soviets? Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge? North Korea? Viet Nam? The Black Book of Communism estimates that 100 million people died as a result of communism, and the number could be higher, because some estimate that as many as 135 million died in Russia and China alone. Add the figures in the rest of Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. … and the Black Book on Communism was written by French socialists who were trying to rescue the good name of the left from the taint of communism!

    Now this should not be taken as an argument against the United States entering World War II, even if a lot of folks still believe that FDR did some funny business with Pearl Harbor to drag us into that war just as his cousin Teddy Roosevelt clearly did to get us into the Spanish American War and Woodrow Wilson clearly did to get us into World War I. It just demonstrates how picking one evil over another means that righteousness is forsaken. If evil is going to win, it should happen without Christian help.

  42. Job said


    I understand your point. A lot of Christian bloggers moderate heavily precisely for that reason. I, however, allow people to mix it up because I feel that it demonstrates that we all need the grace of God and to grow in Christ Jesus, Christians included. Maybe I am being selfish, but I personally have found the near – unrestrained nature of this discussion very beneficial, even if I have had to do a bit more censoring than I once did.

  43. Charles D. said

    I’m back and not a minute too soon. What with:

    “you have to pray for him[,] he most likley ha[ve]s problems that go[es] back to his child[no space] hood ,not raised in a proper family atmosphere[that would be environment],maybe abused as a kid[if you’re goinbg to use childhood, then, you have to use child here],and that[‘]s why he still sound[no “s”]s like a boy in the things he writes[again, no “s”]…”

    But with a name like “JO-JO”, whose going to take you seriously, or, otherwise read your dribble without having to correct you in order to understand you. Too much work!


  44. barba blanca said

    What a bunch of morons.. Did you know McCain was born in Panama. Does that make him Panamanian, and thus, ineligible to be president. McCain’s middle name is SIDNEY; doesn’t that sounds gay. IS he?

  45. Job said

    Barbra Blanca:

    Did you know that your last name translates to “white” in Spanish? Of course you did. First of all, the entry to which you replied was merely idle speculation. I do not believe that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the anti – Christ, though there are people that suspect that he might be. That has nothing to do with Obama’s race or ethnic background or even his political leanings, for many people suspected the same about Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6). Second, I do not support John McCain for President or any other office. Thank you.

  46. Amanda said

    PEOPLE ARE IDOITS FOR VOTING FOR BARACK HUUSSEIN OBAMA- what is the USA becoming…my kids are going to be reading in their history books about the Kenndy’s, Roosevelts, and many more GREAT AMERICAN FAMILYS..Then their gonna come to the Obama family.What the hell is wrong with people.
    NOT TO MENTION Barack HUSSEIN Obama is for partical birth abortion…how sick is that, look at a baby and image killing it….SICK WRIGHT??? THATS WHO AMERICA VOTING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE….GOOD JOB.

  47. Ron Stock said

    I love it when posters confirm their own statements.

    I’m sensing that you have spelling issues. Please continue. Mocking you is fun!

    – what is the USA becoming…my kids are going to be reading in their history books about the Kenndy’s, Roosevelts, and many more GREAT AMERICAN FAMILYS..Then their gonna come to the Obama family.What the hell is wrong with people.
    Oh my. I underestimated you. You don’t just suck at spelling. Your issues extend to grammar, logic and ethics (attacking a President-Elect’s family for the legacy of failure that exists solely in your Sarah Palin-esque imagination.

    OMG! You actually spelled his name correctly. Top notch work. Have a banana (Google “infinite monkey theorem”).

    is for partical birth abortion…how sick is that, look at a baby and image killing it….SICK WRIGHT??? THATS WHO AMERICA VOTING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE….GOOD JOB.
    Right on, sister! WE MUST SAVE THE BABY PARTICALS!

    Good job.

  48. Ron said

    Sad that my comment was deleted. I guess ignorance and blind hatred is bliss.

  49. Gregg said

    Barack means “blessing” and is translated into the Greek noun “eulogia” having a Greek number equivelent of 519; or it is possibly translated into the Greek adjective “eulogetos” having a Greek number equivelent of 1083.

    Joseph Ratsinger assumed the name Benedictus when he became Pope. The name means ‘blessed one.’ The Greek spelling of Benedictus is Βενέδικτος, and its Greek number equivalent is 666 (2-5-50-5-4-10-20-300-70-200).

    Something to consider, although I do not believe that he is the antiChrist.


  50. Curtis said

    It just amazes me that no matter how far we (humans) think we have come, or how highly some of us think of our intellect, no one seems to realize how unable to converse on a subject they appear to be when they attempt to express and brace up their own knowledge, intellect, and worldliness, yet all they have in their arsenal is name calling, insulting of typos/spelling and grammar.

    That’s when those opining know they are winning the debate, as those who are losing are reduced to the above rhetoric.

    Just my $0.02

  51. Spon said

    Are doctors not extremely intelligent? I have worked for physicians from Alaska to Washington to Harvard, including all regions of the USA. I have transcribed for these physicians. I would estimate at least 75 percent of them cannot spell very well, and their grammar is terrible. I still think they are geniuses despite this.

  52. Vishal said

    ok people have to realise that the translation of the antichrist’s name has to be done in hebrew. His name in hebrew has to add up to 666 from the correesponding numbers to each letter in the hebrew language. i have read almost everyones post that actually talked about this subject it seems to me people are being mislead to think that its just 123 and u will find out the mark of the beast but no u have to really study the bible…………. feel free to email me

  53. Me :) said

    Barack Hussien Obama means ‘blessed handsome leaning’.
    Barack- Blessed-246
    Hussien- Handsome-268
    Obama- Leaning- 152
    Add those up and see what you get. ;D

  54. uskovainen1 said

    Barack Hussein Obama adds up to 666 in Hebrew? Notice: B(b=2) + R(r=200) + K(k=20) + K(k=20) + H(x=5) + U(w=6) + S(s=300) + EI(y=10) + N(n=50) + O(w=6) + B(b=2) +M(m=40) + H(x=5) = 666

    Other method:

    There are no vows in hebrew so
    obama= b=2 m=13 (1+3=4) so b=2 +m=4 =6
    barack= b=2 r=20 (2+0=2) no c k=11 (1+1=2)
    so b=2+r=2+k=2 =6
    we are very close what about hussein.
    hussein h=5 s=21(2+1=3) n=14(1+4=5) so h=5+ s=3+ n=5=13
    1+3= 4 two short,where is the other two?
    At the end of his name. he is obama the second. so 664 + 2 and we get 666

    Third method:

    Gematria is a 3,000 year old Hewbrew practice of assigning certain numerical values to the Hebrew alphabet.
    Barack in Arabic means “blessed”
    Hussein in Arabic means “handsome”
    Obama is an African word meaning “leaning”

    Applying old hebrew gematria values to these english words results in:
    “Blessed” 2+30+5+100+100+5+4= 246
    “Handsome” 8+1+50+4+100+60+40+5= 268
    “Leaning” 30+5+1+50+9+50+7= 152
    246 + 268 + 152 = 666

    Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, i beheld Satan as lightning falling from the heavens.

    The words are originally written in Greek and translated into English, but Jesus spoke in Aramaic, which is the most ancient for of Hebrew. since the old testament was originally written in Hebrew so a modern Rabbi would read it in Hebrew just like Jesus. So what Jesus said in Hebrew was He saw Satan as lightning from the heights or heavens the Hebrew words in the Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary are Lightning- word # 1300 – Baraq (Baw-Rawk’)

    Lucifer is credited with these words: Isaiah 14:14 ” I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; i will be like the most High.

    It is said many times that Satan has falling from the heights or the heavens
    the Strong’s Hebrew word is: Height, high place – word # 1116 – Bamah ( Bam-waw) in Hebrew the word waw ( the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet) is often transliterated as a “U” or “O” and is primarily used to join concepts together.

    In Hebrew the concept for “lightning from Heaven or the Heights” the words used for this sentence is “Baraq “O” Baw-maw or Barack Obama!!!

  55. Anonymous said

    WoW! I know I’m way behind the curve but all you have to do is take the hebrew letter table, find the letter with the corresponding number for each letter in each of his name. There is also a vowel table. Take the vowel “a” or “e” and the name for that vowel, find the name on the actual letter table, and it will give you the number for that vowel, for example “a” is pronounced “he” on the vowel table. Go on to the letter table and find “he” and you see the number 5 as it’s numerical value based on the Hebrew letter symbol. Do this for each letter. Since “c” & “k” has the same sound, they will be counted as one sound. So the number value will be 20 vice 40. So lets do it.

    First Name:

    “B” NV = 2 (2nd letter on HLT), “a” NV = 5 (Remember “a” sound is “he” the 5th letter on HLT), “r” NV = 200 (20th letter on HLT), “a” NV = 5 (5th letter on HLT), “c” & “k” NV = 20 (Both have same sound “c” not on table. Take it as you like. “k” is 11th letter on HLT) Total First Name: 2+5+200+5+20(c&k) = 232

    Middle Name:

    “H” NV = 5, “u” NV = 6, “s” & “s” NV = 300, “e” NV = 5, “i” NV = 10, “n” NV = 50
    Total Middle Name: 5+6+300+5+10+50 = 376

    Last Name:

    “O” NV = 6, “B” NV = 2, “a” NV = 5, “m” NV = 40, “a” NV = 5
    Total Last Name: 6+2+5+40+5 = 58

    Total All Names: 232+376+58 = 666

    Now take this as a grain of salt. All I did was go by the Hebrew Letter Table which also emphasizes the numerical value of the consonants and vowels, names, and Hebrew symbols. Remember, this is just my interpretation. Others may have different interpretations. In no way shape of form, I am implying that this is true. Lets continue.

    Here are symbolic meanings for each letter according to the HLT:

    “B” Household in or into
    “a” “the” to reveal
    “r” Person, head, highest
    “a” “the” to reveal
    “c” To cover, allow, strength
    “k” To cover, allow, strength

    “H” “the” to reveal
    “u” and, add, secure, hook
    “s” consume, destroy
    “s” consume destroy
    “e” “the” to reveal
    “i” deed, work, to make
    “n” activity, life

    “O” and, add, secure, hook
    “B” household in or int
    “a” “the” to reveal
    “m” massive, overpower, chaos
    “a” “the” to reveal

    Again, I am not condoning this. I’m not a prophet, I’m not the Christ, a priest, Pope, etc., but a just man who loves Christ and I have never voted for a president since I have been in the world and never will. This is just an interpretation that may make sense or just another one of those interpretations that won’t be accepted. Now Obama fits some of the characteristics of the prophecy but so did many say Bush did to, who knows. From a religious standpoint, it seems that some people are more focused on who the antichrist is and what others are doing in the world, rather than making every attempt in trying to get in through them gates. I don’t care who it is, because I may not be around to see who it is or what may happen in the future. If I am, then we will witness it but I will keep going in God’s direction. Anyway, I hope this helps someone out but remember it’s just an interpretation but it all came from sources that are available like the Hebrew Letter Table. It’s not something I just made up. This interpretation has probably been done before. Well God Bless you.

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