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George Washington: Fredericksburg Lodge Freemason. Thomas Jefferson: Charlottesville Lodge

Posted by Job on January 24, 2008

Bill Clinton is also on the list of Freemason presidents, as are Teddy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson are not interestingly enough.


8 Responses to “George Washington: Fredericksburg Lodge Freemason. Thomas Jefferson: Charlottesville Lodge”

  1. Karl said

    With few exceptions, if any, secret societies, of which freemasonry is but one, are wrought by and under the influence of Satan.

    Freemasonry, ever since its founding, has included almost all presidents and high government officials of the United States, beginning with George Washington and including most writers of the Constitution. The following are a few of the more well known such societies, although they are not commonly publicly recognized as being masonic:

    1. Illuminati – Along with the Freemasons they are an outgrowth of the Knights Templar.

    2. Skull and Bones Society Emblem Skull and Bones (closely associated with Illuminati) – Members like George H. W. Bush; George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton are in or have been in high government positions or are controllers of great wealth to the detriment of the poor. Bush-Knight’s Templars Human Sacrifice

    3. Freemasons – although not understood by lower levels of Masonry, includes almost all presidents and high government officials of the United States, beginning with George Washington and including all writers of the Constitution, Great Britain, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, and many others in top level positions in other governments including Islamic countries and China.

    4. Bohemian Club – all republican presidents since Pres. Herbert Hoover and at least some democratic presidents, including Bill Clinton, are members. The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a member. The god they worship and sacrifice to is called Molech.

    5. B’nai B’rith – Israeli government officials and many well placed Jews throughout the world. They are considered as being leaders of those seeking world domination. Jewish Masonic Lodge Awards Billy Graham.

    6. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

    7. Trilateral Commission: World Shadow Government – favours an international division of labour. Elite Planning for World Management. Trilateral Commission is international

    8. Bildebergers – World power brokers including well placed media figures, – Clinton, pope join Bilderbergers – Secret meeting of global movers, shakers in Portugal 1999. These meetings take place in various countries always under high security and secrecy.

    9. Some Rhodes Scholars – Scholarship set up by Cecil Rhodes, avowed Socialist and Mason, with the intent of instilling Socialist goals in a One World Government. Those individuals selected for the Rhodes Scholarship (at Oxford, England) exhibit the “proper” mindset, and are instructed in the methods to achieve a “One World Government”, Socialist in nature. One selected as a recipient of the Scholarship, is noted as a “Rhodes Scholar”.

    10. Lower level groups such as Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, and others form entry groups to higher levels while serving to control elections at a more local level at the instructions of Masonic leaders [known or unknown as such].

    11. The Southern Baptists are largely controlled by Freemasons along with various other religious leaders both Christian and non-Christian.

    12. Recent popes, cardinals, and bishops of the Catholic Church are now acting as leaders in the promotion of a “One World Religion” and “One World Government” as originally publicly expressed by former President George H. W. Bush. Former Pope John Paul II became the de facto leader of this organization during his extensive term of office. The process is now being carried on by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI . This a good example of what is wrong in the Catholic Church.

    All this is part of the Masonic/Illuminati One World Religion, that all religions, including satanism are of equal value. Sincere Catholics believe that there is only one true version of God and that is in Jesus, Son of God the Father who together with the Holy Ghost form the Most Holy Trinity. Others are but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. Karl who made the comment above, are you the same Karl who promotes Roman Catholic doctrine in other comments here?

  3. Karl said

    You bet. Surprised?

  4. OK, so Karl sees RC leaders can’t be trusted, but he claims scripture is not the final authority and we should all join the ranks of his cult under RC leaders 🙄 .

    Maybe Karl made the first comment above as an April Fool’s prank against himself?

  5. Charles said

    IC you just talked yourself out of credit for a conversion I was getting ready to heap on ya.

    😉 TeeHeeTee

  6. Karl said

    Your jibes and mockery do not surprise me at all. That the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Freemasons does not change at all the fact that She is and will always remain the only true Church, outside which none can be saved. And Her Divine Founder, Who cannot lie, promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against Her.

    But everybody, regardless of rank or stature will be rigorously judged by the Divine Judge, more so those who were tasked with the stewardship of the sheep. Therefore, those high up in the Catholic Hierarchy shoulder an extremely great burden. Some popes have even been excommunicated by their successors. St. Leo II (682-683), Pope and confessor, approved the documents of the Sixth Ecumenical Council (Third Council of Constantinople) which had been convened by Pope St. Agatho, his antecessor. That Council condemned the heresy of Monothelism, and namely condemned Pope Honorius who adhered to it. Regarding Pope Honorius, St. Leo II wrote that “instead of purifying this Apostolic Church, he permitted the immaculate to be maculated by a profane treason.”

    Pope Honorius wrote a letter to the heretic patriarch of Constantinople, Sergius, approving his thesis that Our Lord would have only one will or energy, and not two – the divine and human – and taking a clear position against St. Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem, who was attacking the heretic.

    Monothelism was condemned by the successors of Pope Honorius: Pope Severinus (640-640) formally condemned it, Pope John IV (640-642) and Pope Theodore I (642-649) excommunicated Pyrrhus, patriarch of Constantinople, for defending the same error. Pope Martinus (649-655) was imprisoned by the Emperor Constans II, and died a martyr because he did not accept Monothelism. Pope Eugenius I (654-657) also rejected this doctrine. The Ecumenical Council of Constantinople (680-681) condemned Monothelism and Pope Honorius as a heretic. This condemnation was elaborated by Pope St. Agatho (678-681). The documents of this Council were ratified by Pope St. Leo II.

    Referring to the defection of Pope Honorius and to Monothelism as a continuation of Monophysism, the great Benedictine monk Dom Guéranger made this prayer to St. Leo II:

    “What craft was displayed by Satan in this campaign prolonged for two centuries, noiselessly, the better to secure success. What exultation rang through the abyss when one sad day saw the representative of Him who is the essential Light appear to side for a moment with the powers of darkness! A cloud seemed to have come between Heaven and those mountains of God, where He dwells with His Vicar; it is probable that the social aid of intercession was weaker just then than it should have been.

    “Be ever at hand, O Leo, to ward off all similarly dangerous situations. Uphold, in every age, the Pastor who rules Christ’s Church, that he may keep himself aloof from the darkening mists that earth exhales. Keep ever alive in the hearts of the faithful flock that strong prayer, which should continually be made without ceasing for him by the Church; and then Peter, were he even chained in the depths of the darkest dungeon, will be reached by the Sun of Justice and clearly see his way in the pure ray; then will the whole body of the Church be filled with light.”

    Catholic theologians who hold fast to the true faith unanimously agree that the pontificate of the late Pope John Paul II has probably been the worst. Certainly, we are not to judge John Paul’s soul, as that is God’s prerogative alone. But there is no doubt that he has already has met his Judge, Who according to Pope St Pius X, will demand a strict account of his Papal stewardship.

    Pope John Paul II’s inter-religious activities demonstrate this beyond dispute. His ecumenical Spirit of Assisi, in which members of all religions pray together for peace and supposedly work together for the betterment of the human family — a concept condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in his Letter against the Sillon — is an icon of his papacy.

    Ecumenism, a pan-religious orientation, projects a counterfeit image of the Catholic Church. After decades of being subjected to this new ecumenical religion widespread throughout the Catholic world, after years of seeing photos and films of Pope John Paul II’s new interfaith jamborees, most people — Catholic or not — now regard this new pan-religious orientation as the true representation of the Catholic religion. Never mind that it is an orientation condemned repeatedly by the Popes of the past, particularly by Pope Pius XI in Mortalium Animos. The new Spirit of Assisi is now falsely viewed as the authentic face of Catholicism.

    JP II’s commitment to the liberal reforms of the Second Vatican Council would have earned his condemnation under Blessed Pius IX. His pontificate effectively pitted today’s Catholics against the teachings of his predecessors. Very few in the media recognized this, and those who did viewed it as praiseworthy.

    Pope St Pius X would have seen JP II’s teachings for what they are: Modernism in action. Likewise, Pope Pius XII would have recognized John Paul II as one of the progressivist theologians he warned against in Humani Generis, “who reduce to a meaningless formula the necessity of belonging to the true Church in order to gain eternal salvation.”

    Catholics are, therefore, called upon to appraise the words and actions of JP II’s pontificate by the only measuring rod that counts: the infallible and immutable Catholic Faith of all time. Against this measure, Pope John Paul II is found wanting, and nothing is gained by pretending otherwise. We pray for his soul, but we do not follow his progressivist lead. He was a Pope who gave bad example.

    We do not adulate a Pope who tells members of false religions what they want to hear; that they will find salvation by clinging to false creeds. This fabrication is the glitter of earth, not the glory of God. It is the foolishness of the world, not the wisdom of a saint. It paves the way for the eternal damnation of countless souls.

    Our first duty, rather, is to adhere to the Athanasian Creed: Whoever wishes to be saved must, first of all, hold the Catholic Faith, which, unless a man shall have held it whole and inviolate, he will most certainly perish forever.

    We pray that a future Pope will risk the unpopularity and instruct Catholics once again in this central truth of our Faith. A good starting point would be to incorporate into a future encyclical the gentle but firm words of the eminent theologian, Father Francis Connell:

    Far from minimizing the exclusiveness of the Catholic religion, our people should be instructed unhesitatingly, whenever the occasion offers, and to let non-Catholics know that we consider them as deprived of the ordinary means of salvation, however excellent their intentions.

  7. Charles D. said

    Karl ifyou, even you, cannot see the sheer falsity of “outside which none can be saved” then I’m going to wonder who is really writing all of these grandiose theses you like to showcase.

    Does the fact that Christs’ death wrought a end to the priest only intercession for man with God? BTW; thats a yes/no question. Please don’t make me S/C the whole of your response if any, by reason of your verbosity.


  8. Mike said

    Karl- regarding the “Freemason One World Religion”- why do you think certain “higher” Masonic bodies only allow trinitarian Christians? It seems like a conspiracy to convert everyone to Christianity. In face, the ancient landmarks of Freemasonry state that all masons are of the one “catholic” religion. Aren’t Freemasons really trying to convert everyone to Catholicism?
    Do you think that maybe at the “higher” levels of the Catholic church the Pope is actually controlling all of these other organizations?
    Like you said all these organizations may have stemmed from the Knights Templar.
    And they were CATHOLIC!
    The Catholic church also later absolved the knights templar of the charges of heresy.
    The Templars were one of the wealthiest arms of the Catholic church answering only to the Pope himself.
    The Trials of the Templars may have been staged to affect the “dissolution” of the Templars and the “disappearance” of the Catholic churches wealth. This would protect it from the jealous nobles like Phillip the Fair of France.
    With the treasure hidden, the Templars could be secretly dispersed to other parts of the worlds under various names and allowed to infiltrate other religious organizations and gradually move them toward conversion to the Catholic faith.
    Is it any surprise that Pope Benedict complimented the spirituality of the US compared to that of Europe? And the US was founded by Freemasons!
    That is why atheist countries (the real bulwark of Satanism) like the Soviet Union and NAZI Germany outlawed Freemasonry. They understood such groups were an arm of the global Catholic conspiracy.
    Is it any surprise that the VP of the US is Catholic and numerous Catholics have been appointed to the judicial branch all the way up to the Supreme Court? And in a country founded by Freemasons?
    Think about it! 🙂

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