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Why Do People Follow Joel Osteen?

Posted by Job on January 23, 2008

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I got flooded with literally thousands of mails Sunday and Monday about Joel Osteen’s appearance on FOX News Sunday
with Christ Wallace.  I am grateful those in the Liveprayer family are
discerning enough to spot his continued pattern of weakness and heresy
despite the fact he has been rebuked and chastised by many seasoned men of
God over the years.   Many ask why harp on Osteen.  He is why.  Osteen
happens to pastor the largest church in America and is someone millions
listen to each week goes on national TV.  He epitomizes the compromise
gutlessness that emboldens the enemies of God, fails to give people the
Truth the seek and need, and makes weak and ineffective Believers.

In Sunday’s interview, Osteen actually told Wallace, “But just, you know, as
a pastor, I’m not trying to get everybody saved that’s not my main calling,
like Billy Graham’s.”  When asked about why he won’t talk about sin and deal
with the hard issues of the day, Osteen responded, “Sometimes when you take
strong stands, if you’re not called to do it, you’re dividing the audience
you’re trying to reach.”  Sadly, he was asked about Mitt Romney and if a
Mormon is a Christian. ” Well, in my mind they are. Mitt Romney has said
that he believes in Christ as his savior, and that’s what I believe, so, you
know, I’m not the one to judge the little details of it. So I believe they

Here is a guy who inherited an international ministry when his father, who
was a great Gospel preacher, died several years ago feeding satan’s lie to
the entire world that members of the satanic Mormon cult are Christians!  He
makes a mockery of the Gospel  when he brags about not talking about sin or
taking hard stands on the issues of the day and that he isn’t trying to get
everybody saved.  God’s Word is black and white and REQUIRES us to take
strong stands for righteousness.  Meanwhile, his new book doesn’t mention
God and if you have ever read what he writes or listen to what he says, he
rarely if ever says the name of Jesus.

My friend, we only have one message, the Gospel, and the BIBLE tells us
there is only ONE NAME by which men are saved, the name of Jesus!  Sadly,
Osteen is little more than a motivational speaker who waters down and
perverts the Bible to make people feel good and sell lots of books, rather
than bring people the only true answer and hope there is, faith in Jesus
Christ!Everyone who lives has those times when the burdens of this life can become
overwhelming. Whatever the reasons, however it happened, you wake up feeling
like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The joy, the peace, the
pleasures of this life seem so far away. We have all been through those
valleys, so we know how difficult it can be. I often talk to you about being
in the will of God. That can be difficult at times, determining exactly what
God’s will is for our life, but there are some basics God expects us to do
that the Bible clearly tells us are His will for our life.

One of those is to bear the burdens of others. I want to really challenge
you today, to put aside your cares and help someone you know who is
struggling to carry their load today. I realize that you may be dealing with
some difficult issues yourself, but there is someone God has placed in your
life, a family member, neighbor, schoolmate, coworker, a friend . . .
someone who is really hurting and struggling under the weight of their
problems today. God is telling you to go help that person carry their burden

As we know, many people are reluctant to open up about the very intimate
problems of life. That can make it difficult for someone trying to help. But
even if they don’t totally open up, just your interest, your compassion,
your desire to help can make all the difference in the world. The Bible
teaches that we really are our brother’s keeper. Reaching out with the love
of Christ to someone who is hurting is the ultimate ministry anyone can
perform in this life.

If you read the accounts of the earthly ministry of Jesus in the Gospels,
you will see much of His ministry was one on one with hurting people. That
is the example He has left us. I am challenging you today to find that
someone in your life, hurting, falling under the weight of their problems,
and pick them up. Pick them up and carry them for a while. It is what Jesus
would do, it is what God is asking you to do.

I love you and care about you deeply.  I want to see you enjoy all of the
blessings God has for your life. Helping others in their hour of need is one
of the greatest ways God can use your life, and you will be blessed beyond
your imagination for your faithfulness.  Serving others is something you
don’t need a seminary degree for, you don’t need any special training for,
and you don’t need to be appointed to do.

Serving others is what God expects from all His children, and He has given
you a new heart of love to make it possible to share that love with others.
You see, without the Lord, we have a difficult time loving others. But when
we realize how much God loved us and sacrificed for us, it becomes easy for
us to then love others. Just let the love God has put in your heart flow
into the lives of those around you. It is the greatest testimony you have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is any way I can help you. You
are special to me, and I will try my best to help you walk through the
problems you are facing in your life and be victorious. God loves you, and
my only desire is to see you become the best you can be for Him. You can do
that today by finding someone you know who is in need and helping them carry
their burden. That is God’s will for you.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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5 Responses to “Why Do People Follow Joel Osteen?”

  1. Bill Keller,

    How do I know you are a perfect living testimony of our trademark “You’re SomeOne Special”? I will send you an email that will explain De. 7:6 for the word “special” & Jo.17 21,22 for the Word “One” both KJV. Our Mark of just 3 words a Gift from the Holy Spirit will be explained in the email sent for your personal attention. We now use it Globally as it lifts people self esteem & helps change people attitude. Some become, like you, a Good Samaritan. You may remember I was the One who wrote you sometime ago as the one who was mentored by Dr. Hyman Appelman a Russian messianic Jew who evangelized this Globe over 55 years (1983).
    Thanks Bill I hope someOne will forward this to you to watch for the Story of “When You care Enough “You’re SomeOne Special” SOS Pres. Frank 913 432 7777

  2. Job said

    Frank Moseley:

    I am not Bill Keller. I am merely posting his devotional on my website as I do from time to time. Bill Keller can be contacted at

    Thank you.

  3. Aaron said

    Wow. You are a @#$% @#$%^& bigot just like Keller.

  4. Charles D. said

    I have this night listened to Bill Keller with my own ears. I heard what he described as his own beliefs, what he think his job is as an “evangelist,” and what he think about other people and other faiths.

    Before tonight I had never followed a link that he appeared on, nor, had I ever seen him and before coming here during 2007, had never heard of him.

    He is not in a class by himself, however, I do not believe him to be a minister of God. What I got in terms of discernment after listening may differ from everyone else and I do believe that is possible. I am sufficiently alarmed to have recorded exactly what I preceived after viewing the multimedia play. 02162008.


  5. Job, have you reviewed the information and link provided in comment #5 above?

    Looks pretty market-ish.

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