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Gospel For Asia: How Effective Gospel Tracts Are In India

Posted by Job on January 17, 2008

How much does
salvation cost? The Bible tells us that salvation is the free gift that
God gave us that first Christmas—His Son, Jesus Christ. But what about
those who still don’t know about that gift? One of the easiest ways for
them to hear the Good News is by reading a simple Gospel tract. Click here to view a photoshow about how one GFA Mobile Team uses Gospel tracts to multiply its ministry.

These tracts only cost half a penny each to produce. They are printed in dozens of
languages so that many more can read about God’s greatest gift—Jesus

Yours for the unreached,
K.P. Yohannan
K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President

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6 Responses to “Gospel For Asia: How Effective Gospel Tracts Are In India”

  1. Praise Jesus,
    I am a student studying in Manipal and has a great desire to save souls here… we are four people here who is passionate for Jesus. so we wanted free gospel tracts to give to the lost souls… especially in Kanada,english and Hindi…. if you could help yes it would be a great Honour..

    Glory to Jesus

  2. Job said

    Arun Cherian John:

    I have no tracts to provide for you. However, this ministry does:

    This is their contact information:

    This is information for college interns:

  3. Thangminlal kipgen said

    I am teaching in hindu school in tripura. I have a desire to share the Gospel to them. Please, send me tracts in bengali, hindi and english. If bengali/english Bibles are also available, please send along with the tracts. My address:

    Thangminlal kipgen
    c/o kathiababa mission school
    p.o simna/katlamara
    tripura west-799212

  4. This is a nice source of help.

  5. kl. Jacob anal said

    Need for Gospel tract for the city of Guwahaty

  6. khumlo ngamkhuhring anal said

    I am a new evangelist in Guwahaty…….now learning the language.
    It is my desire, longing to reach the Hindu this time with the gospel tract and explain to them.

    I would be very happy, if i receive gospel tract….
    Khumlo Ngamkhuhring anal
    Pillangkata…Ribhoi district, cheraili basistha, guwahaty:785029
    Phone nos.8753953263

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