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MORMON Kenneth Copeland Claims God And Adam Were About The Same Height!

Posted by Job on January 15, 2008

Original link: Kenneth Copeland – False Prophet – Quotes and Beliefs

“God spoke Adam into existence in authority with words (Gen. 1:26, 28). These words struck Adam’s body in the face. His body and God were exactly the same size.”
Holy Bible, Kenneth Copeland Reference Edition, 1991, p. 45

That is just one of the MANY heresies that the link contains. Please check it out!

“You see Adam was walking as a God, Adam walked in God’s class, Adam did things in the class of god’s, hallelujah…”
Following the Faith of Abraham, Tape #01-3001


18 Responses to “MORMON Kenneth Copeland Claims God And Adam Were About The Same Height!”

  1. All he needs to do is go take his dip at the fake temple up in Utah and his conversion will be complete!

  2. Charles D. said

    I heard Benny Hinn with my own ears say Adam use to “fly around the garden of Eden like superman.” I find that the majority of “preacher/evangalist” appearing on TBN have major problems; not only with their theology, but with their honesty, their morals, and their mental health as well. What gets me is there is ALWAYS someone watching their broadcast that will “lift them up” regardless! 😦


  3. Job said

    Charles D:

    Well, wow. I am just a few short months from being fascinated by the theories of Shepherd’s chapel in claiming that Eve had sex with Satan and with Charles Capps for claiming that God created an original creation, Satan took it over and corrupted it after he was cast out of heaven, and God destroyed it and created it anew. The attraction is that 1) you think that you are hearing some great new teaching that has been hidden from all of the other teachers because they lack the faith or the anointing to discover them and for that reason remain trapped in dead doctrines and religious institutions that have no power and 2) it is a lot more fun to hear amazing – sounding stuff like this and go “Wow!” than to be confronted with the true message of the cross and the hard work that Jesus Christ told us to go out and do.

    Also, this type of preaching feeds the ego. A lot of the people who follow these movements do so because they see themselves as being more pious and spiritual than the Methodist, Lutheran, or Presbyterian down the street to begin with. (I can tell you that from my own growing up Pentecostal Holiness, we used to call C.O.G.I.C. and Assemblies of God charismatics weak and worldly!) So on top of that prideful foundation, you have the preacher making God smaller and smaller and you bigger and bigger, making you more like God and God more like a man. You stop talking about what God does for you (and more importantly how God wants you to serve Him) and instead start talking about how your doing all of this religious ritual gives you all this spiritual power to do this or that. You honestly start thinking that you own the Holy Spirit rather than God owning you!

    That is the draw of the Copelands, the Hinns, Hagins, Capps, etc., the belief that you have some “secret knowledge” that the other weak blind Christians do not have access to, that you are “more special” in God’s eyes than the other Christians, and that you have all this power that other Christians do not have. It is like a spiritual caste system I guess, just another way of man setting himself above man rather than humbling himself before God. When you look at it that way, it is only by the grace of God that even more folks don’t follow these apostates.

  4. Charles D. said

    I agree for the most part; I do believe that God will prevail no matter what, in spite of those charletons. In favt I heard Myles Monroe on TBN say that “God finishes something, the, He starts it.” Now I’m not sure he knew what he actually said or even if he believs it. Maybe it was one of those “He said he was The King of the Jews” unimtentional moment of truth, however, those words could not be truer. Might confuse some, and some may not understand them, they are however, true nevertheless.

    Have a bless one


  5. PJ Miller said

    “God spoke Adam into existence in authority with words (Gen. 1:26, 28). These words struck Adam’s body in the face. His body and God were exactly the same size.”

    AHA! I know its not funny–but for crying out loud, where do these nuts get such ideas!?!

    I want to check out the link you provided Job..i’ve been searching for a quote from Copeland that i heard with my own ears during one of his TV programs. He claimed that people who die lost can get saved afterwards…

  6. pizzmus said

    uhhhh…. if you did even a little homework, you’d find that Kenneth Copeland is anything but a MORMON…

    Poorly researched blog.

  7. Charles D. said

    I know what you mean. But a simple qualification to that “died lost” statement, with perhaps, “those whose death predated Christs’ birth, then there would be fewer laughs and absolutely no one could have rightfully label “him” a nut job.

  8. Job said

    Pizzmus: I call Copeland a Mormon because 1) Copeland is a freemason like Joseph Smith and 2) his doctrines are very similar to Mormonism on many points.

  9. Charles said


    Then, what is Copeland? You call it.

  10. djenk23 said

    yall thought COGIC was weak and worldly?…lol….and I thought COGIC was bad…..i can just imagine the upbringing you had in Pentecostal Holiness….did it include women wearing doilies and cotton stockings to church too?

  11. Job said


    Wow, I wonder if any more of your comments got trapped by my spam blocker. No brother, it wasn’t quite that bad 🙂

  12. Deborah said

    >> uhhhh…. if you did even a little homework, you’d find that Kenneth Copeland is anything but a MORMON…

    So Kenneth Copeland is anything but a mormon, hmmm…anything eh? *mind filling in the blanks here for us* otherwise my mind might go haywire trying to figure out what that ‘anything’ could be.

  13. Charles D. said

    It is easier to say what Copeland is not, e.g., saved, knowledgeable about the Bible, charitable, loving, kind, true, faithful, etc…does not own Creflo Dollar’s ministry and gave him his start, does not collect his share from Dollar’s ministries.

  14. KWyss said

    Has anyone ever talked to Kenneth Copeland? Know him personally? How did you find out that he isn’t saved? Was he unkind to you, Charles D.? Or was he unloving to you? I can’t spend anymore time reading people’s uninformed, but “certain” OPINIONS. Do any of you really think that what you are doing has anything to do with the gospel? Just thinking out loud.

  15. Charles D. said


    Maybe the members of his “congregation”(which probably include you), have done the same as you have: ask a battery of fly-by-night, seat of your pants questions, then, before getting a response to any, you fly away.

    I think the puns are entirely appropriate since Kenneth got his start as an alrline pilot, and from there to a community cable station along with his wife, financed by his pilot’s pension. In about two years, among others, he introduced Creflo Dollar to his stable. Both at the time were schooless, clotheless, and knew absolutely zero Bible.

    First, he got caught up in the the televised evangalist explosion and people did mail in mucho bucks. Some, much like yourself, thought that if it was on TV it must be true. Not before signing Creflo to a long-termed contract, the Copland Ministries had a larger stable of itinerant farm..excuse me, country gentlemen, going around the country like Fuller Brush salesmen. Creflo still and will for some time to come have an association with Copeland.

    Tell you what: come back to the site with your other questions later this week. Copeland is under investigation, part of which will be broadcast on CBS Evening News with Katie Curic the week of January 28th. Apenney for your thoughts.


  16. g johnson said

    These are men and women are of corrupt minds leading people to spiritual waste lands, there in it for the money, live in million dollar homes,fly around in million dollar jets,give them selfs scandelass salarys,preach false doctrines that puff up the hearers,criminals have found a new way to earn a living and modern christianity stands for it, come out have nothing to do with it.Success as a christian is not about money but satan will provide as much as they want they will all have there place in the lake of fire and brimstone and there money will help fuel the flames.CHRISTIAN ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AS WISE AS A SERPENT AND AS GENTLE AS A DOVE,,,,”NOT AS STUPID AS AN ASS”

  17. Scarlet said

    I used to watch the early morning televangelist shows on BET for sport/fun. Really. (I’ve written or rewritten several of the bios for the more notorious televangelists from the 90s on Wikipedia. Go to and type in “Robert Tilton” to read what I consider my “crowning” achievement in that regard.) The first time I saw Creflo Dollar on BVoV, I just stared at the TV and waited for somebody to stand up and say, “Hey, just kidding. I’m just a comedian, playing the most exaggerated stereotype of African-American Fundie I can think of. Really, you can laugh now.” Never has a prosperity pimp had a more appropriate name. And I honestly can’t listen to Dollar preach, because his complete and total lack of Biblical knowledge (other than what he stole lock, stock, and barrel from Copeland and Hagin) is just shockingly awful. Yikes.

  18. propheticseasons said

    We all have a point of view

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