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Abrahamic Faith: Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto A Sad Loss Or New Beginning For Pakistan?

Posted by Job on January 15, 2008

friends have asked me of an assessment on the recent situation in
Pakistan with the saddened news of the slaying of Benazir Bhutto the
candidate for the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the forthcoming
elections. Normally, I don’t like to share my opinions of internal Pakistani politics but this time round I have decided to speak.

the way for those who perhaps may not be aware that my friend Jay Smith
an American apologist and scholar in Islam did visit Benazir in her
flat in London not so long ago to discuss the historicity of Yahushua
(Jesus) of the Bible versus the Qur’anic Isa (Arabic name used for
Yahushua) so I would say she had a clear cut message of the gospel
delivered to her house but sadly died as an unsaved Muslim as far as I
know. She was brought up in the echelons of Catholic
Convent schools the domain of the rich in Pakistan such as Jesus and
Mary convent and later to be educated in Harvard and Oxford.

of all we need to go back to the hay days of her father Zulfikar Ali
Bhutto who had ministers tortured and removed from the administration
that he did not like. Our Master Yahushua (Jesus) of
Nazareth said ‘do unto others as you would do to yourself’, it would
seem that Bhutto did not heed to that advise well later to be
imprisoned by General Zia ul-Haq who had him tortured and hanged.

people are not aware that Benazir Bhutto was removed from Government
before by then President Lugari for corruption charges during 1996. Her husband Asif Ali Zardari is popularly known in Pakistani circles as Mr Ten Percent. In other words he allegedly owns what is claimed to be ten percent of Pakistan. He had all sorts of scandals and proven corruption charges levelled against him and have also served eight years jail term. Both
Benazir and her husband received hundreds of millions of dollars worth
of commissions on Pakistani Government contracts and creamed off what
they could to the West buying properties in England, France, and having
a large holding in Swiss bank accounts to the tune of 1.5 billion
(My note: Sounds like the George Bush family to me. No wonder the National Review loved Bhutto, claiming that she is “pro – life.” Political conservatism is obviously anti – Christ.) Of course the people robbed were the Pakistanis
by these modern day thugs but who would care for the poor Pakistani
people after all they are nobody’s and soon people would forget their
struggles in life.

would not bemoan the death of Benazir Bhutto because she made many
promises to women about repealing the Hadood and Zina ordinances
(unfair rape/adultery charges against women)
. The Hadood
ordinance specified that a woman raped must produce four male witnesses
as per the Qur’anic law before a conviction can be brought. Can anyone see that happening? The
Zina ordinance specified that if an adult male had sexual relations
with a woman both being unmarried would either be stoned to death or
receives one hundred lashes.

Benazir used soft words but did not deliver on any of her promises in the past and neither would now. I
remember when she was last in power that young teenage girls were being
abducted by assailants in cars raped and then left for dead. The people were fed up of her government until she was ousted. It
was in this climate that the Pakistanis were willing to try anything to
stop the tide of violence and bloodshed and so they welcomed Nawaz
Sharif with an open arm. It was common knowledge that in
his steel factory his brother melted a whole Pakistani train for metal
and also anyone who would not be a yes sir to these guys would be
thrown in the smelting works never to be seen again. We heard many such horror stories that the news would dare not report.

was during Benazir’s last government that the Taliban rose to power
largely funded by her government thanks to the US Clinton
Administration and governed and orchestrated by the ISS secret service
of Pakistan and blessed by the whore of Babylon to fight the soviet
union but the Frankenstein Monster turned on the US that help create
Benazir has been full of broken promises. One
may feel the sad loss of a mother to her children but to the nation of
Pakistan it is no big loss, the people of Pakistan will overcome this
and move forward. The crying you see on TV is largely her supporters and not the whole nation. The
Christians in Pakistan did favour her but to be honest I have seen more
good done by Gen. Musharraf in Pakistan than any previous government. In my opinion Pakistan needs a steady secular dictator lined up with the West and that is the only way to run that nation. Look
what happened to Iran when a secular dictator was removed and then hard
Islamic governments came in and today people worry about Iran and a new
nuclear threat.
(Same thing Ron Paul says. Oh well.) I am afraid Western beaurocrats would
never understand why Muslim nations thrive on dictatorships and droop
with democratic leaders.
(Anyone still support the Iraq War?)

Who could have plotted to kill her?

Now I have to put my prophecy hat on. The
assassination of Bhutto came together like a Bollywood plot straight
out of a film play and had to be acted out by the one who was the
closest to her body after her death bemoaning her death and citing
revenge for her.
No, it was not Gen. Musharraf, we can at
least accord some respect to the secular dictator to control a country
like Pakistan who is a Muhajir (Muslim families who emigrated from
India in 1947) and it is believed that this is why the Benazir clan and
the elite circles in Pakistan hate Musharraf because they accord third
class status to Muhajirs.

Yahushua was crucified the one that betrayed him Judas Iscariot was one
also close to him yet was the son of the adversary and likewise many
fingers are pointing at Al-Qaeda but they only want to take glory for
someone else’s action. Since they did not enact the plan it is easy to take credit for what you have not done but someone else did. It
was not Imran Khan either as he is only a small player in politics in
Pakistan and the only thing he was capable of doing recently was
gathering supporters to incite violence in Pakistan for the alleged
shredding of Qur’an and flushing into toilets which brought about the
burning and looting of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and other Western
concerns to vent his frustration at his lack of success. Where
is Imran Khan and his holy sentiment when the Bible pages are torn by
Palestinians and used to clean excrement in Israel we would never know?

this plot is no other but the whore of Babylon, and that is not the US
Washington or New York City but Saudi Arabia and guess who came out of
the whore of Babylon by her consent and blessings to stand for election
and that my friends is the potential murderer.
You still did not guess his name? How about Nawaz Sharif. Surprised, none of the world has caught on to that yet. The
one who benefits the most out of all this political turmoil is non
other than him who belongs to the Muslim League Party, the man that was
brought into power last time by Gen. Zial Ul-Haq.
This man my friends is a firm advocate for Sharia in Pakistan. It may have happened had he stayed in power long enough last time around but it was not yet time.

Did you even remotely think of the possibility probably not?

So where does this take up scripturally?

Rev 17:6 And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones, and with the blood of the witnesses of ?????. And having seen her, I marvelled – greatly marvelled!

Where are we heading?

Gunfight at the OK corral, that is right. Pakistan
is being prepared for a take over like the Taliban style government and
Nawaz Sharif is the man for it with people in the government in that
favour and Saudi Arabia right behind it all.
Oh and by the way he is the sort of person who will bring Sharia in through the backdoor. Whether
this is the right time for Pakistan to go radical or not only time will
tell but so far prophecy has proven conclusive that Pakistan is heading
prophetically to line up with the major Muslim nations of the world to
help attack Israel and it does not need to go as a Sharia nation to do

the Anti-Messiah nation hates the desire of women so Benazir was one
such woman whose only desire was for self and that was certainly not
acceptable by Saudi Arabia
. Even the little that Benazir
could have done was a threat to the Saudi Muslim society and for all
Muslim women in the world would cause anarchy and that could not be
allowed to happen by the whore of Babylon.

Dan 11:37
and have no regard for the mighty ones of his fathers nor for the
desire of women, nor have regard for any mighty one, but exalt himself
above them all.

thing is certain that behind Pakistan’s politics is not the US but
powerful Muslim nations of the world and Saudi Arabia has had a hand in
since the days of the creation of the Islamic Nuclear Bomb when planes
full of money used to land in Pakistan to make this happen during
Benazir’s father’s government.

Rav Simon

Yahushua Radio
I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he Truth unleashed are you ready?

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9 Responses to “Abrahamic Faith: Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto A Sad Loss Or New Beginning For Pakistan?”

  1. Eden Hadassah said

    There are dots to connect in this feature which no one is ready to do.
    Before believing what has been written by this author, I would do the research about Bhutto, her father, and the many events that led up to “corruption” charges. Look at the facts surrounding the corruption, and certain “outspoken” speeches made during her administration before the United Nations. Also if one is so inclined, look at the race towards Indo-Israeli relations and the compitition between Pakistan and India of who will be “first” to the table. SIXTY YEARS OF EVENTS.
    Alot has happened in SIXTY YEARS. Look at timelines and power plays, because things aren’t as they appear.
    In this case, it is truly easier to follow the money trail, seeing that “corruption charges” and alligations are out there for all the world to see. Who’s swiss bank is it? Hummm?
    This isn’t about a 15 year old involved in some second rate plot to kill her.
    She would have rocked the boat too much.
    We will see.

  2. Charles D. said

    Not that I disagree because I don’t! The only thing I’m speaking to is the fact that with a little common sense, it is my belief that Benazir Bhutto could very well be alive today.

    I believe that there is certainly more than meets the eye here, but, I believe equally that better security measures could have and should have been taken. There is definitely a down-side to martyrdom, maybe several, but assuredly, there are no repeat performances and it much too late to remember that you didn’t turn off the oven; or anything other last minute chore because in that event “last minute” means exactly what the words imply with the emphasis on LAST.

    Therein lies another reason that suicide bombing and other terroist acts does not inflict fear in the west; blowing yourself up with others, is like going to court. You never know what the verdict will be until the final bang of the gavel. Stay here and you might bring about a change, but, leave “the set” you are just a hated memory in the great expanse of time, only weakening future efforts of those unfortunate few that may have cared about you. The only thing that is “fixed” in reality is, at least, one unfortunate soul flunked his/her class on copeing with survival issues. That and the person issues die with him/her. Whatever contributions Benazir Bhutto made during her life time, will mean less to the generation that is say, 6 or 7 years old now, and it will be at least a generation behind that one that will be in either a political or military position to influence change; because the world has continued to march onward all the while.

    Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. There isn’t a single thing under the sun that has not happened before, or, that will not be repeated in the future. Also, there is a time and season for everything under the sun. This did not have to be Benazir Bhutto’s time to die or her season.


  3. Eden Hadassah said

    Because of the court case being thrown out due to insufficient witnesses and/or not bringing said witnesses forward to testify against her, it was just a matter of time before she would have been killed anyway. Bogus corruption charges that don’t stick have a way of coming back and biting the accuser’s in the butt.

    I don’t know how much could have been done by having her better protected.
    The whole thing stinks big time!

  4. johnkaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. I understand that certain factions in the USA desired the destablisation of Pakistan. So they invite Bhutto in and then have her assinated. This makes the dictator’s position more precariouis.

    Yet the dictator is the USA’s puppet so why do this? First of all Pakistan is a Shite nation with a formadable milatary and nuclear weapons. When things get hot and heavy with Iran there is no telling who’s side they will join in that faithful moment.

    Furthermore this branch of the USA has a desire to dominate the enitre world. That is the goal of the New World Order. These people suffer from a strong delusion. They feel either they will succeed in world domination or they will hasten the return of Christ. Either way they win!

    Understand that these world leaders are all liars and live lives based on delusions. Consider also that there are events that take place that we have no knowledge of.

    The one thing that the Neocons haven’t figured into their hideous equation is the true and living God.



  5. Charles D. said

    Two things: The underpinnings of your theories rest on a correct primise (your first para. Secondly, they would come apart with “either way they win.” If they were in fact guilty of the dastardly deeds as you have described them, then, Christs’ return would seal their fate in the opposite direction, don’t you think?


  6. Eden Hadassah said

    We are all puppets of some body. Since no one has felt led to overthrow this administration or the powers that be, I guess it is safe to assume that when one would talk about U.S. puppetry, we should be including ourselves too. It is our constitutional right to overthrow the government and put a more worthy one in place, and since we are a nation of complainers I guess we are getting our just reward.
    P.M. Gordon Brown has been trying REAL HARD to get United Nations reform for the express purposes of “The New World Order”, but doesn’t want to loose veto power in the process of heading up such an endeavor. New World Order is no longer an “open conspiracy” but a bonafide proclaimation on the part of America, England, and more recently France. There are others following suit, and that includes any new presidental candidate that is willing to sell out our soveriegnty. It’s coming. 🙂

  7. johnkaniecki said


    Hi good to hear from you. Hope you are well. I was sorry to hear about your associates getting arrested.

    Just a Jesus is the Truth the devil is a lie. Not only does satan lie but he is deluded. Take a neo con. Somehow in his or her twisted mind they feel like they will dominate the world. This domination is in the style of what is happening in Iraq. I honestly believe that these people want to conquer every nation that won’t bow down to them including China and Russia.

    Their god(the devil) tells them they can win. But their brain tells them it will mean nuclear destruction. (At least for those that can still think for themselves.) So the twisted individual rationalizes. The Bible teaches the world will end in fire, so if there is nuclear war than the Neocon’s actions hasten God’s work.

    There is so much danger in the idea that the “rapture” will come before the tribulation. It will fool millions.



  8. Charles D. said


    I don’t know if “associate” is too strong a word, under the circumstance.

    Talk about One world order, Tri-lateral Commission, and the like have been around eraly in my day and I’m older than you. What I do know is that no group, noperson, can speed up, usher in, or change in any way; the time table that God established since before the dawn of creation. Christians should know this. Say even if there was a nuclear explosion in a few minutes from now, be it accidental or on purpose: this guy believe that the planet would lay dormant until the things God has said will happen, happens.

    Regarding your comments about presidents knowing about and joining this exclusive club, well, I know that hasn’t. Bill Clinton. Why because he is considered a hick from Arkansasa, is not blue-blooded, and lacks global sophistication. So, who would be included in this members only club you speak about? What about the Kenneday’s is that the reason Joseph can do mucho business with
    Venezuela and not go to jail? Well if thats not the reason, there are too many powerful people that have better connections than the white house whom could throw all kinds of monkey wrenches into that lil computer.

    Doing my day, the name use to be Bobby Inman, only he really had the brains to do it. Google the name you’ll have a riot. Then, lets talk about the Bible and things that we know, or should know for sure.


  9. Eden Hadassah said

    No matter who is implementing a new world order, it isn’t anything new. The model has always been there with the same arrogant freak-o’s thinking they and their families are exempt from humanity and some how above it…until the Lord makes a move and the “families” start betraying each other…It is one of God’s calling card. A nation can crumble with one word whispered by the Lord. A king, a lord, a president or a dictator are silly putty in God’s hands. He knows how to rack-um up and make-um fall.

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