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Mike Huckabee Is Insane And Dangerous

Posted by Job on January 10, 2008

On the Fox News debate tonight, the moderator directed a question to Mike Huckabee on what his response would be in the case of another incident like the Iranian gunboat confrontation. Huckabee, totally unprepared for the very simple question, gives a rambling incomprehensible initial response, but closes with “I will make it clear to them that the gates of hell will be unleashed upon them” in his preacher conviction voice. And, to my shock, the South Carolina crowd began to vigorously applaud! Now Ronald Reagan’s claiming that America was New Jerusalem with his “shining city on the hill” rhetoric (appeals to the Mormon belief that New Jerusalem and the garden of Eden’s location in Missouri or thereabouts perhaps?) was bad enough, but doesn’t a preacher invoking apocalyptic rhetoric towards an Iranian confrontation concern anybody but me?

What was far worse was that the cheering audience members seemed to have NO IDEA how so utterly wrong this was on so many levels, starting with theological ones. Now I found out that Hillary Clinton is insane for the first time yesterday. I already knew this about the cross dresser shoot unarmed black men dead in the streets and then accuse them of being drug dealers late term abortion supporting Rudy Giuliani and the Star Trek Deep Space Nine shape shifting chameleon Mitt Romney. And then there is, you know, Ron Paul. I was going to vote for Ron Paul. Did you know that? Anyway. But I did not know this about Hillary until yesterday or Huckabee hound until today. So what is the deal with all of the psychotic people running for president this year? Has it always been this way?

But the scary part is not Huckabee himself. There are going to be crazy people until Jesus Christ comes back. It is the gleeful response of the South Carolina debate attendees. That means that just in that very room there were hundreds of people willing and gleeful to follow this crazy man into the apocalypse. I could not help thinking that these are the very people that will one day follow the beast, commonly called the anti – Christ.


17 Responses to “Mike Huckabee Is Insane And Dangerous”

  1. Charles D. said

    I am not sure about Mike, however, his son is crazier than a loon. Huck kills animals by hunting; his son does by cruel criminal torture to animals. Mike is untrustworthy because he fired the Chief of Ark State Police for not giving Mike’s son a free pass. Then Mike lied about that.


  2. Job said

    Charles D.

    Yeah, I heard about his kid. I wonder if that fits under the “not having one’s house in order” that should disqualify someone from the pulpit.

  3. Charles D. said

    I’m kind of leary about Mike’s association with the Southern Baptist Conference. I have nothing against the SBC mind you, expect one past president, his name slips me now first and last name began with “P’s” and this would have been sometime between 1995-1999. I knew of his past (not that I hold any of that against him but he had to continue to lie about it the entire tenure as head of SBC.

    What I have against Mike is the fact that he will have to lie everyday that he is a candidate for prsident; and he knows it. He has gotten in so many “sinful toughies” just before, during, and now after his term as governor, until I really did not believe it when I heard that he would enter the race.

    My thing is: I thought repentence was sincere regret and sorrow for a sin that a person committed and God is faithful to forgive. It is quite another thing to repent knowing full well that you are going to comit the same sin repeatedly in order to save face. The worse thing that could happen to him would be to get the nomination and come head-to-head with Hilary. Sge has the dirt on him and is the kind of person to ue it if it would further her cause. Don’t be surprise if he drops out before that time and remember you heard it here.

    I think he fits the “not having his house in order,” so much so that I am surprised his family hasn’t brought him down before now. But you can tell from Clinton’s miscues in the gov mansion, that Ark is the kind of place that NO ONE will speak out against the powerholder while he is in office. After Bill left office, I think they referred to it as a “Bimbo eruption” and you haven’t seen anything yet.

  4. Did you hear the latest about Ron Paul?

    I figured those White Nationalists backing his campaign was no fluke!

  5. Charles D. said

    Hadn’t heard yet, but I’m going to check out the link you have here. Thanks

  6. Mule said

    I’m not seeing how you find Huckabee ‘insane and dangerous’; he clearly wasn’t using the term ‘the gates of hell’ in a theological context, but rather, as a descriptive relating to a full-on attack from a modern US Navy warship. The ‘gates of hell’ would be an apt term for facing a broadside assault from our ships.
    I have to admit that I find nothing wrong with this, but you clearly disagree. With that in mind, I’m still not understanding the ‘insane and dangerous’ qualification here. As a Christian, and I’m assuming that is what you are in judging the content of this sit, you might consider terms like ‘judging’ and ‘backbiting’ and ‘mumbling’. To call another man ‘insane and dangerous’ is very strong, to my thinking.

    Warm Regards!

  7. Mule said

    This is a general message to those that have posted: Mike certainly isn’t perfect. Who among us is? Which of us might be the first to pick up that stone and cast it? As for Mike ‘not having his house in order’, I have heard the stories about his son killing a dog. I don’t know how much of it is true, nor the context or truth of the details. It is the only incident that I have heard about anyone in his family. If any of you, having raised your children rightly and according to faith to the best of your abilities, had one of your children do something foolish, or even heinous, just once, would your house no longer be in order? You cannot know this man’s heart, nor his relationship with his creator, nor any of the circumstances involved, saved what you have ‘heard’ or ‘read’, and that about a political figure that is being sniped at. Remember that context is everything, and be sure that many have an agenda. Being self-righteous is one of our greatest obstacles as Christians in reaching others, and NONE of us have a right to feel that way, as our most righteous acts are as filthy rags before our God. Let us not forget that when we speak of others and their ‘rightness’.

    Praise God!

  8. Just curious, and I am not trying to get into a debate!!!!

    What is your opinion on Thompson? I know who you don’t like, but who is it that you DO like?

  9. A.B. Dada said

    As a Christian, and one who servers literally hundreds of congregations through a ministry I run, I can not see how any Christian can support Huckabee, who has done little to evangelize Christ’s mission of peace, love, and forgiveness.

    Just because Huckabee may have been a pastor means little to nothing. It is akin to the “Reverends” like Sharpton and Jackson: all talk, all force, all hatred, with little to no actual Christ-like fruit bearing.

    Huckabee is, and will always be, about using force instead of charity, judgment instead of forgiveness, and hatred instead of love.

    Christians have no enemies, only future brothers and sisters. Didn’t Jesus come for ALL people, not just His believers? Huckabee seems to forget that Muslims are not enemies, they’re future brothers in belief of the Savior.

  10. Eden Hadassah said

    I guess an even bigger question is:
    What are our warships doing near Iran, and was it a clear provication?

    Why is Huckabee insane? Well for starters he left he calling as a pastor to become a publican. That to me is the most insane qualification there is. Some may feel that he is just in another form of “leadership”, but I must ask “What does light have to do with darkness?”
    Every Christian is looking for that “ideal” candidate for president or other public office, however, I would prefer having a president that sticks to the constitution which is the law and not try to change it.
    As crazy as Ron Paul is, his is a very basic message about what our country is supposed to be about, and that includes not allowing the state to dictate religion. Athiests hate him…that is a good starter for me.
    The Apostle Paul was talking about obeying the “law” and those in authority over the people right? What kind of government was Paul advocating us obey? Think about it…it was the Roman rule! Orgies, mass killings of Christians, discrimination, homosexuality, and every other type of depraved thing you could think of. This was the Roman government. Yet he said to obey. So what would be wrong with standing or even supporting a candidate that actually believed in upholding the constitution, regardless of his views of “personal religion” or whether he believed something in the bible wasn’t true? Paul was a citizen of Rome, which means he was under that rule.
    We can become distracted by our own desire for a “godly” president, but would that open the door to a government Church, for which our founders where opposed?

  11. Charles said

    Okay, Mule (though I hope you are not as stubborn) 🙂 and my dear baby sis:

    First things first: The difference between Mike H. having his house in order and the ordinary “Joe” or “us,” the example you used is: pastors (if he is still a pastor, in fact, I know that he is not one now, he is a minister and there is a huge difference); pastors are held to a different standard, not establish by me, but by God. The qualifications are contained in the NT. I’m going to guess that you are from that area, if not, the very town. I believe this in part, because of the examples you used and the ease in which you used them.


    My sis: The U.S. Navy has operated in and around that particular strait in international waters for many years. The reason they do that is to protect oil shipments bound for the U.S. and other places. Whether it is right or legal are two separate issues, however, I believe yes to both because it is not unlike the huge payroll that the government guard during transport, I cannot give locations here, however, long established maritime law recognize the right of any government to protect it’s commerce, including the right to take actions more harsher than those implied in this instance. By way of comment: light boats such as those televised, might not want to speed towards those ships, either of which could spit out a wall of what would appear as “bees,” but suffice it to say, suicide would be an understatement.


  12. PJ Miller said

    …doesn’t a preacher invoking apocalyptic rhetoric towards an Iranian confrontation concern anybody but me?

    It concerns me deeply.

    Hope i don’t step on any toes here, but consider those who are his greatest supporters—Evangelicals. Many if not most of them are followers of dispensationalist teachings…they are anticipating (and promoting loudly) anything which they believe will fulfill end day prophecy–including all out pre-emptive war. Huckabee was telling them what they wanted to hear. He himself, may believe it also…

    …..So what is the deal with all of the psychotic people running for president this year? Has it always been this way?

    I’ve wondered at the same thing Job…they all appear nuts to me. If you think about it though, look at the leaders of many of the Nations today, at least those nations in the every day news: they ALL appear to be 1 brick shy of a load.

    The decisions being made every day, all over the world, which concern billions of people, are being made by a bunch of crazies…

    God help us..

    God bless


  13. Eden Hadassah said

    My chazman,
    Thank you for clarifying the maritime law thing…it’s too bad our law of the land is no longer the law of the land but actually admiral/maritime law. But I guess that is another topic all together isn’t it?

    Little speed boats definately do not compare with big warships, and I don’t think that it was really a stand off. I believe that Iran had the right to question what the warships where doing so close, to them…we would do the same thing if Iranian warships showed up close to NYC…or any other vessel from another country. Then to hype it up in the media, what a show!
    I enjoyed seeing the Iranian version of the story that they documented from their little speed boats. That was funny.

    As far as all the candidates go, yes they are all crazies! (That includes my favorite Ron Paul…I’m not biased) There aren’t too many sane ones these days. Now add Michael Bloomberg into the mix (which may happen in the coming months) and we’ll have a real “Crazy Day Parade” that will last until January 2009. His coming in to the race this late, and saying he will throw in $500,000,000.00 (that’s right 1/2 billion)to his campaign is just chump change for him! His motives are simply subversive with no plans (or so he says) of actually trying to win the presidency. He wants to cyphen away votes from other candidates (dems. or more pointedly Obama) but doesn’t want to rain on Guilani’s parade right now. CRAZY IS RIGHT!

  14. johnkaniecki said


    Hi how are you.

    Good sir look at a map and comtemplate the situation.

    I was discussing the Falkland Island thing today. Who do those islands really belong to. England claims them but they are thousands of miles away. Argentina claims them and they are right off their coast. Know this as well that might does not make right. England came in a bullied their way into possession of that territory. It doesn’t belong to them and it never will. Yet what a tragedy occurred there in that God forsaken war. Thousands of lives lost and over what?

    I feel the same thing about these good old United States of America. This land was stolen by lies and genocide. Now knowing the nature of God you can come to two conclusions. One is that He has completely forgotten all the massive amounts of evil that this country has done. Or two that He is just waiting in His good old paitent manner to deliver his justice in His right time.

    It is my opinion that God raised up America for two reasons. One was to defeat Nazism and Imperial Japan. The second and most important was to have a place where God’s people could flourish. Now we are loosing the Godliness of our nation.

    If Isreal can get their lands back after two thousand years the indigenous peoples can get their land back after five hundred years. God gave it to them.

    Let me tell you that time is coming. We can’t play war games any more. There are just too many nukes that could cause the pinball machine to tilt and make the game over. Man has put God in a position where in a sense they have forced His hand.

    The love of money is the root of all evil. Do you deny that this nation has adopted that philosophy.

    I live in New Jersey. If there were any foreign warships of our coast we wouldn’t be happy over here. Now imagine those foreign warships came from a country that labled us as one of the “axis of evil.” Furthermore those warships had the capability of doing serious harm.

    The answer is Love. A Love in the same fashion that Christ has Loved us. We have tried the ways of selfishness and greed for two thousand years and it didn’t work.

    To quote Squeaky Frome “Peace with weapons is no peace.”

    To end on a positive note Jesus commands us to “Love our enemies.”



  15. Eden Hadassah said

    I love you John! I have been praying for your and your wife.
    Be safe. You are never far from my mind.

    Have a great night all, and a great weekend.

  16. Job said


    I predict that you will one day return to Lutheranism and take your husband and your kids with you.

    “What is your opinion on Thompson?

    Fred Thompson I describe as inconsequential. The concern with me is the large number of religious right leaders who initially supported him knowing full well that he is inconsequential. Inconsequential people who are placed in positions of power are easily led and accomplish very little other than the agenda of those who place them into power. The religious right leaders who were backing Thompson know this. As a result, the people backing Thompson were more than willing to use their influence with evangelical Christians to cause them to work towards the election of a man they knew that certain evil interests would use to further their evil agenda. That tells me more about the religious right leaders and their true motivations and backers than it does about Thompson, who Nixon’s cronies used to mock as a lightweight.

    I know who you don’t like, but who is it that you DO like?”

    Well, this is precisely my point. I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 despite knowing full well that he was pro – abortion, and defended that choice for several years until finally, around 1998, I rejected Clinton, and the Democratic Party with him, when he started using the coercive power of the federal government to force states to pay for abortions using their MediCaid funds. So, I voted for George W. Bush in 2000 despite knowing full well that he was also pro – abortion, a member of the Skulls and Bones occult group, and planned to attack Iraq before he was even elected, let alone before September 11th. Anyone who read the National Review or listened to Rush Limbaugh knew that Bush was going to attack Iraq during his first term … Limbaugh gleefully announced on his radio show the day the Supreme Court handed down the recount decision “this means we are finally going to get Saddam! Now lots of people listen to Rush Limbaugh and read the National Review, Weekly Standard, and similar, so the fact that these many people in the media and such who know full well that those outlets and similar were talking way back in 1999 about Bush attacking Iraq in his first term “if” he won the presidency sat back and allowed Bush to use September 11th and Usama bin Laden as a justification to attack Iraq knowing full well that the plans to attack Iraq had been laid long while Clinton was still president … what do you say about them? Now I will say that I supported the Iraq War initially because I wanted to get Saddam. (After we actually did get Saddam, the war seemed to make less and less sense). But I never went along with the Republican line for the justification for the war because, well I just happened to be driving to McDonalds on my lunch break from my job and listening to talk radio the day Rush Limbaugh made his announcement, and just could not bring myself to lie about it like everyone else who read the National Review and Weekly Standard and listened to Rush Limbaugh. I was such a big Rush Limbaugh fan. Anyway.

    But the main reason why I voted for George W. Bush was because I had convinced myself that at the very minimum, if the Republican Congress produced a bill that would A) stop taxpayer money from going to Planned Parenthood, B) protect pharmacists, doctors, and medical school students from being forced to perform abortions and hand out RU – 486 and C) allow states to refuse to cover abortion with MediCaid, he would sign it. That was really all I wanted from George W. Bush and the Republican Congress, those few simple things that would have easily passed with a large majority and be upheld by the courts. But you know what? They didn’t do it. Six years with a large Republican majority, and they didn’t do it. I remember watching the Jay Sekulow show (Pat Robertson employee, Robertson endorsed the China one child forced abortion policy and pro – late term abortion Rudy Giuliani by the way) when a caller with my views on A), B), and C) called in asking why his group and Congress weren’t acting on those issues. Sekulow stated “now is not the time to seek action on those things, we have other items on our plate that were more pressing” and then went on to name the phony nonsense “pro – life” legislative diversion junk. That was when I realized that Sekulow was a total fraud.

    Now, it was obvious leading up to 2006 election that the GOP was going to lose control of Congress. So, that was the last possible opportunity to pass some bills that would actually do something about abortion. (Do not be fooled by the late term abortion bill, it was a scam.) If they really cared about the issue, they would have moved them. But they did not. It was at that time that I realized that the GOP was a pro – abortion party. Always had been. George W. Bush is pro – choice, he has publicly stated several times that he opposes overturning Roe v. Wade, at one point saying “we can’t make abortion illegal until America’s hearts are right on the issue.” George H. W. Bush is pro – choice. Ronald Reagan signed the nation’s most liberal abortion law as governor of California and put two pro – abortion judges on the Supreme Court despite the Senate having a solid pro – life majority of pro – life Republicans and pro – life Democrats from the south and midwest. I knew it, and voted for them anyway. Why? Because I had to vote for SOMEBODY, right?

    Well steffielynn, that is what they want us to think. The political parties and the wealthy individuals and corporations that control them and the media that predetermines the “front runners” with their coverage … they make sure that only certain people will ever become President, congressional leaders, or the governor or senator from any state that anyone cares about. (House speaker Denny Hastert actually tried to keep Dr. Tom Coburn from being elected Oklahoma senator, even publicly stating that he would rather a Democrat win that United States Senate seat).

    And it is because of the influence of people like this that the Democratic nominee will either be a woman that has been in the Senate for seven years (and has no prior elected experience) or a man that has been in the Senate for three (and whose prior experience was a few years as a state legislator, and please recall that he was elected to the U.S. Senate under extremely odd circumstances that ensured his having absolutely no opposition). It is because of the people like Sean Hannity and Pat Robertson that people honestly think that having been a mayor that has his police force gun down unarmed black men on the streets of New York City qualifies one to lead a global war on terror. “My cops terrorized and killed black men on the streets of Harlem, so that means that I can successfully plan and manage an invasion of Shi’ite Iran invasion and keep Sunni Al Qaeda from exploiting the Iranian weakness invasion by taking over Ethiopia, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Chechnya, and Afghanistan!” Now while I agree that Giuliani’s Reagan justice department where he was going after white collar criminals like Michael Millken (who was actually innocent by the way, the case that made Giuliani famous so that he was able to use it to get elected mayor and ultimately become the leading GOP presidential candidate was his putting an innocent man behind bars using media grandstanding to influence the jury and questionable evidence … typical) that experience MAY help him go after the financial terror networks, but otherwise, come on. A person is only going to believe that busting up crack houses has anything to do with or qualifies you in any way to defeat terrorists and the governments that sponsor them if you have spent your whole life being brainwashed with an irrational fear of black males by the media. Well, speaking of which, did you know that the same guy who owns Fox News, Sean Hannity’s employer, owns the TV network that gave us the “Cops” TV show? And that Murdoch owns DirecTV, which shows BET and MTV and their many gangsta rap videos? Murdoch also has investments in the record companies that produces gangsta rap music. Hmmmm …

    So Steffielynn, the once and future Lutheran, I do not have to fall for it. I do not have to buy into it. I do not have to “support SOMEONE” just because I have been conditioned by the media and the other influences that failing to choose from among the wicked options presented to me represents some sort of moral failure. Similar to what I asked of Charles D. earlier, is refusing to vote for either Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, or Mussolini a sign of a flawed character? Is it the “voter apathy” and “a disengaged disinterested electorate that refuses to stand up and take responsibility for the future of this country” nonsense that I hear the moral authoritarians of our nation continually rail against?

    Back to the National Review people. I do not support Mike Huckabee. But I badly want to. You know why? To spite people like them. The National Review, Rush Limbaugh, the Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, and people like that tell me that I should support Rudy Giuliani over Mike Huckabee because Huckabee is soft on illegal immigration. Well, Rudy Giuliani signed a law making it illegal for New York City employees to cooperate with federal officials trying to enforce our immigration laws. Now if you have been brainwashed by Rupert Murdoch’s rap videos into thinking that law abiding low income black men who happen to have some reason for walking home on the streets late at night are a bigger affront to law and order than illegal immigrants who break the law by virtue of their very presence in this country, that stance will make a lot of sense to you. As it happens, it does not to me, and being a black man who himself has had to walk to and from work late at night, I was highly offended by Giuliani’s sending his cops to stop and frisk people like me without warrants while publicly welcoming in a news conference any illegal immigrant that wanted to come to New York City and take jobs from people like me. They do similar things, like talking about Mike Huckabee’s increasing taxes (leaving out that he was forced to do so by court order) and instead promoting Mitt Romney’s fiscal conservative record without noting that Mitt Romney raised $700 million in fees rather than fight his legislature for spending cuts. Just like these people lied over Bush going to war in Iraq over September 11th, they are lying to support McCain, Thompson, and Giuliani now.

    So no, I do not have to support lying hypocrites, or the lying hypocrites that support other lying hypocrites. Neither do you.

  17. Job said:

    So no, I do not have to support lying hypocrites, or the lying hypocrites that support other lying hypocrites. Neither do you.

    That would include a man named Joseph Smith Junior, who also ran for President.

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