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All Right. Hillary Clinton Is Insane. I Did Not Know This Prior To Now But Now I Do.

Posted by Job on January 8, 2008

Please read this link.

DOVER, N.H. — As they barnstorm through New Hampshire, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband are often introduced by supporters who once backed another candidate but converted to her cause. Today, in Dover, Francine Torge, a former John Edwards supporter, said this while introducing Mrs. Clinton: “Some people compare one of the other candidates to John F. Kennedy. But he was assassinated. And Lyndon Baines Johnson was the one who actually” passed the civil rights legislation.

The comment, an apparent reference to Senator Barack Obama, is particularly striking given documented fears among blacks that Mr. Obama will be assassinated if elected. Phil Singer, a Clinton spokesman said: “We were not aware that this person was going to make those comments and disapprove of them completely. They were totally inappropriate.” (SUUURE you do!)

Mrs. Clinton’s expression did not change noticeably when Ms. Torge made the comment.Only a few hours later, she brought up the civil rights legislation herself in remarks to a Fox News correspondent. (And the “We were not aware that this person was going to make those comments and disapprove of them completely. They were totally inappropriate” went where?)

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama have been in a running feud arising from her suggestion at Saturday’s debate that he was raising “false hope.” (And what sort of hopes would those be? Why tell us what these hopes are you crazy woman.) Mr. Obama responded that Mr. Kennedy did not decide going to the moon was a false hope and that Martin Luther King, Jr. did not see ending segregation as such. (What are these people talking about? And why is Barack HUSSEIN Obama even conversing with a crazy woman? Why can’t he just tell people that she is crazy? I guess for the same reason that Mike Huckabee had to apologize to Mormon Mitt Romney despite knowing full well that Romney thinks that Jesus Christ is Satan’s creature brother.)

“Dr. King’s dream began to be realized when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act,” Mrs. Clinton said when asked about Mr. Obama’s rejoinder by Fox’s Major Garrett after her speech in Dover. “It took a president to get it done.” (Does this woman believe in space aliens? Oh wait, she believes in evolution, sooo … never mind.) The Obama campaign declined to comment on either of those remarks. (Good. Obama figured out that there is no use talking to crazy people.)

Later, during an appearance in Salem, Mrs. Clinton refined her remarks on Fox:
You know, today Senator Obama used President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to criticize me. He basically compared himself to our greatest heroes because they gave great speeches. “President Kennedy was in Congress for 14 years. He was a war hero. He was a man of great accomplishments and readiness to be president. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a movement. He was gassed. He was beaten. He was jailed. And he gave a speech that was one of the most beautifully, profoundly important speeches ever written in America, the “I have a dream” speech.“And then he worked with President Johnson to get the civil rights laws passed, because the dream couldn’t be realized until finally it was legally permissible for people of all colors and backgrounds and races and ethnicities to be accepted as citizens. “I’m running for president because I believe that there is not a contradiction between experience and change.” (All right, the person who believes that these remarks were “refined” from insanity in any way is just as crazy as Hillary Clinton is.)

Folks, I was actually secretly rooting for a Hillary – Rudy race for the mere entertainment value. Now, I am very much wishing that this Hillary Clinton does not get the nomination.


2 Responses to “All Right. Hillary Clinton Is Insane. I Did Not Know This Prior To Now But Now I Do.”

  1. NH said

    Hillary Picks La Raza Leader As Campaign Co Chair
    Thu, 04/12/2007
    The former president of an extremist group that organized many of the country’s disruptive pro illegal immigration marches and advocates the return of the American Southwest to Mexico will co-chair Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
    Best known for his radical pro Chicano work during 30 years as president of the National Council of La Raza, Raul Yzaguirre is being promoted by the Clinton campaign as a prominent Hispanic activist who will lead the New York senator’s outreach to Hispanic voters.
    The reality is that Yzaguirre alienates many American citizens of Hispanic descent (in other words, those qualified to vote) with his so-called La Raza rhetoric, which has been repeatedly labeled racist.
    The National Council of La Raza describes itself as the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, but it caters to the radical Chicano movement that says California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas belong to Aztlan.
    The takeover plan is referred to as the “reconquista” of the Western U.S. and it features ethnic cleansing of Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians once the area is taken back and converted to Aztlan.
    While this may all sound a bit crazy, this organization is quite powerful (thanks to Hillary’s new campaign co-chair) and annually receives millions of dollars in federal grants. Its leaders also managed to get included in congressional hearings regarding immigration. Last year alone, the National Council of La Raza received $15.2 million in federal grants and one senator gave the group an extra $4 million in earmarked American taxpayer dollars.
    The organization uses the money to support projects like a Southern California elementary school with a curriculum that specializes in bashing America and promoting the Chicano movement. The school’s founder and principal, a Calexico-educated activist named Marcos Aguilar, opposes racial integration and says Mexicans in the U.S. don’t want to go to white schools or drink from white water fountains.

  2. Eden Hadassah said

    Go take a gander at some white supremesist sites…there you will see what is going to happen if the movement you mentioned gets more momentum. One of the things that I have seen on these “White sites” is that they probably hate Latino’s more than even Jews or Blacks. The other thing that I have looked for on their site is stuff written about Arabs. Now I haven’t looked recently, but when I did search different sites, muslims were not on their hit list. Latino’s are their biggest beef right now, and we will see an upsurge in violence towards latino’s if our sovernignty is threatened more than it already is.
    We need to pray for those caught in the middle of all this…namely the illegals that are scared and running.
    I will probably get flack for saying that, but that is the way I see it.

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