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The Connection Between James Cleveland And Bobby Jones

Posted by Job on December 29, 2007

From the brother at Gay Christian Movement Watch:

We Don’t Want Another James Cleveland (Regarding Bobby Jones)

Gospel’s Dr. Bobby Jones appearing in gay movie

This is what Bobby Jones said in this newspaper article:

Bobby Jones of the popular TV show “Bobby Jones Gospel,” is one of the few in the industry to say he does not believe that homosexuality is entirely behavioral.

“I’m too intelligent for that. I do listen to what experts in the fields of human sexuality have to say about people and what happens to them when they reach puberty, the changes that happen in adolescence. You know, the talk shows have done a lot to educate me, too,” he said. So the leading gospel music industry figure today rejects what the Bible teaches in favor of Oprah Winfrey. Typical BET/The Word Network Christianity that helps make stars out of people like TD Jakes, Paula White, etc. Speaking of “The Word Network”, they gave a three week special on heretic and gay rights leader Carlton Pearson. The host, an independent gospel artist named Lexi (who from time to time mocks the Holy Spirit of God by pretending to be shouting and slain in the spirit for comic relief) agreed with everything that Pearson said, at one point even helping him by volunteering “You were hurt in the church because church people are so mean.”

Now the gospel artists that participate in all of these Bobby Jones and James Cleveland retreats and know all about this subculture but refuse to talk about it … what say you about them, Christians? Oh, but they certainly make great music, don’t they? One of the worst things about Youtube banning brother Ephesians511 is that he had a ton of videos exposing the gospel music industry.

Now these same sorts of spiritually corrupting things may be the case with the Christian (white) music scene, even if it is not homosexuality the a huge problem is that an increasing number of contemporary Christian and Christian rock bands come from megachurch culture Christianity and sing the same message as those churches preach (see if you can spot any difference between Israel Houghton’s music and Joel Osteen’s preaching; I dare say that if Houghton sang about the true message of the cross of Jesus Christ he would NOT be Osteen’s praise and worship leader).


6 Responses to “The Connection Between James Cleveland And Bobby Jones”

  1. ava nichols said

    Is Bobby Jones gay? Is Bobby Jones married? Is Melvin Williams gay?

    • cyndi said

      bobby jones is married don’t think he is gay – i just think he has female ways and many men have that…he use to speak freely against these things but i think everyone has stepped back from what they once believe….melvin williams isn’t gay but there again he has those female ways

      • b genyard said

        I do know that some men have femine ways but at not gay just as some women seem tom boyish and are not lesbian. when you appear this way you have to be careful. It is also possible that some my be gay but choose not to act on those feelings or some are as they say down low about it and unless exposed we just say they appear gay.

        • Kimberlyn said

          I agree. People are different and people that don’t know you will pass judgement on you. Everyone has a right to there own opinion rather right or wrong. Mt. 4:6 tells us not to judge others, instead look into your own life and see if it’s perfect. Those that are of followers of christ are peculiar anyway.

  2. Shuntae said

    It’s really hard to say to say who’s gay and who’s not. I mean really, as long as these people ain’t hurting innocent people, it’s between them and God. But they just need to be aware that if they are living or condoning other people living that lifestyle, God is highly displeased and God cannot allow that into His kingdom but He does give all humans a chance to repent of all sin and get right with Jesus. As far a gay rights are concerned, people in that minority should be treated like people; however, I’m against gay marriage in the US. I’m not really afraid of gays and lesbians molesting kids and wouldn’t stop them from raising kids as long as the kids had other positive adults in their lives (all kids regardless of household type need that support). From what I learned in college, it is not gays who molest kids and teens it is pedophiles who molest kids and teens and some of the pedophiles hide in that shunning closet by dating and cohabiting with same sex adult partners the same way other pedophiles get married to opposite sex mates to hid behind that shameful curtain. They say there is no help for those people but God can deliver anyone from anything, the only reason stats show that is because these people turn down help or make it meaningless for them because they either have some screws loose or they like hurting children and teens.

  3. stephen said

    get what you deserve, you wouldn’t listen or take head to the warnings of a prophet of God sent to this laodicean church age, a deceived church by the world….don’t harp, the lot of you are deceived…ALL TABLES ARE FULL OF VOMMIT,spiritual insanity is the church not being able to recognise its own message…they missed there day of visitation, and now you got what you deserve, William branham said the latter day church would be led by a witch he saw that in a vision, thats you Pentecostals, and the last “plague” to hit the Pentecostal church was spiritual death……huh, you convince me otherwise..all you smart alecs saying he was a false prophet..let me see you lot produce JESUS CHRIST the manifested word like he did, other than that crawl off in a corner and repent.

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