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The Great Debaters: Never Trust Oprah Winfrey!

Posted by Job on December 25, 2007

Let me preface this by saying that I have nothing against Denzel Washington or Forest Whitaker, having no evidence that either has willfully set himself against Jesus Christ and His work. Oprah Winfrey, however, is another matter.

Did you know that Denzel Washington’s wife drops by Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise The Lord” show for an appearance every now and then? Recall that when Denzel Washington said “God is great, God is good” in his Oscar acceptance speech that honored his playing an adulterous drug dealing murdering corrupt police officer so depraved that he was willing to exchange the life of his son for his own.

Remember the Denzel Washinton – Whitney Houston film of a few years back “The Preacher’s Wife”, a remake of “The Bishop’s Wife”? Over two hours long without a single mention of Jesus Christ (not surprising since it was directed by liberal Jew Penny Marsall of Laverne and Shirley) and had nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity in any fashion, unless your image of Christianity is an angel of God lusting after a married woman (who herself was more than willing to commit adultery with him if given the opportunity) and the ridiculous notion that it is perfectly fine for a minister’s wife and choir director of a church to sing in nightclubs (without bothering to evangelize anyone while there). Oh, but all was not lost … the movie DID take great pains to make a powerful brave spiritual moral stand against the great evil posed to mankind’s fallen nature by … smoking tobacco. Hollywood. You have to love it!

Anyway, I was already predisposed to oppose “The Great Debaters” because of its marketing campaign. The movie opens on Christmas Day, has a black gospel choir singing in the background, and the voice – over goes “come see a movie about the triumph of the human spirit.” Excellent way of using Christian traditions and elements to promote a movie that has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

Still, I decided that it would be worthwhile to track the reviews of this film and see how they deal with the subject matter. That led me to Rupert Murdoch’s racist trash sheet the New York Post (speaking of Rupert Murdoch trash, Fox News had an hourlong “Christmas with Rick Warren” special on the other day), who tends to praise worthy black projects and people as some sort of superficial cover to the fact that they regularly bait the passions of the very sort of racists that kept late – term abortion supporting fascist (and leading Republican presidential contender) Rudy Giuliani in power for eight years to inflict the sort of brutal terror tactics on poor black neighborhoods that would have never been tolerated for five minutes in, say, the upscale party districts known for their wild parties where the cocaine and ecstasy flow freely.

This is what the New York Post has to say about the central character played by Denzel Washington in Oprah Winfrey’s “triumph of the human spirit“:

The vaguely roguish Melvin Tolson, who is very possibly a Communist, is also trying to organize migrant farm workers into a union. It’s this activity – which gets short shrift in an overlong movie – that’s actually more interesting than the rather dry debating sequences.

Tolson’s organizing gets him thrown into cracker sheriff John Heard’s jail at one point, and the atheist scholar is freed through a demonstration organized by soft-spoken but powerful theologian James B. Farmer Sr., played by Forest Whitaker in his best performance in many years.

So we have now reached the point where we open movies celebrating God – hating atheist communists on Christmas Day. So now you see precisely what “human spirit” the commercial of this movie was speaking of while the black gospel choir was providing the background accompaniment. Whatever this “human spirit” might be, it certainly is not the Holy Spirit, and as such those who go after it and deal with it can keep it to themselves.

As to whether one should go see this movie, which if the information that I have read about it can be trusted seems to have legitimate entertainment value and contains useful information (such as the black college debate team in 1935 Texas encountering a lynching on the way to a competition) I will leave that to people more qualified than myself (starting with those that have actually seen the movie) to judge and comment on.


10 Responses to “The Great Debaters: Never Trust Oprah Winfrey!”

  1. Joe Boshman said

    You are a religious fanatic and probably need to see a psychiatrist.

  2. Angie said

    I was watching an BET interview yesterday with Denzel Washington and he said before he became an actor, a church member who was supposed to have this ‘gift’ of prophesizing told him he was going to evangelize or to preach. When he became an actor, he wondered if it was still his calling, but someone in the church told him that acting is just as much as preaching, but in a different way. I was confused.

  3. Job said

    Joe Boshman:

    I admit being a fanatic for Jesus Christ. So the question is who are you a fanatic for?

  4. Job said


    Well, legitimate words from the Lord are rare and precious. Usually people claiming to be prophets are either listening to their own minds or seducing spirits that totally lead them and the people that they are “prophesying to” astray, usually by telling them the opposite of what they need or what they want to hear. In other words, no different from fortune tellers, psychics, palm readers, etc.

  5. ty mal said

    I am convinced that the spirit of the lord doesn’t reside in your church let alone your spirit.
    You’re only doing this for attention and you know that the “human spirit” is in regards to not letting anyone stand in the way of your dreams and to fight even in the face of adversity. Isn’t that what the Bible teaches us? By the way, you might want to get rid of those things in the church like the image of Jesus on a cross or better yet the cross on the outside of your church. You know what happen to the last place of worship that had idols when Jesus was on Earth?

  6. Charles D. said

    Okay Job, I can take it. Were my earlier comments like off the wall or you had to really think what the heck I was talking about? Say yes and I’m not offended, but, say they are still and you and we have problems. 🙂

  7. Charles D. said

    okay, U-NO-I-NO “I” is proper english usage, so sue me! 🙂

  8. Dee said

    You are crazy and I smell the stinch of a racist as well.
    Get a Life
    Get a Shrink
    Get SAVED!!!!

  9. I was the one they refered to when denzel and forest were on oprah. I am the guy who moved from salt lake city to pheonix I am looking for more information on myself if you remember denzel said to me to remember my lip when he showed a picture of his gandfather this is because Im related to william the conquerer please email me a place were I can find more info about what happened because I am writing a book or a autobiografy about the previos year of my life
    thank you trevor

  10. David May said

    I would love to have a copy of the prayer at the opening of the movie

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