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The USS Liberty: America’s Most Shameful Secret

Posted by Job on December 21, 2007

‘The USS Liberty’: America’s Most Shameful Secret

Please click on link above and read the article therein. It is important!

Update: the story from the survivors of the attack –


2 Responses to “The USS Liberty: America’s Most Shameful Secret”

  1. Kyle said

    I agree that the story is important however it does not surprise me. It is no more or less important than the real reason JFK was assasinated because of his re-issuance of our “own” currency by our treasury. God forbid the Federal Reserve be put out of business. You know we can’t upset the globalist agenda now. We have to be good little slaves and serve our masters.


  2. Kyle said

    Funny, The Christian Zionist celebrate the 1967 war as God’s divine plan. I guess Israel killing the American Goyim is good as long as it furthers Zionism.


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