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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Juanita Bynum Jezebel Apostasy Act On BET

Posted by Job on December 21, 2007



12 Responses to “Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Juanita Bynum Jezebel Apostasy Act On BET”

  1. Kyle said

    I’m not so sure about “The Old Black Church” Website. Go look at the other posts on some of the R&B Artist that are promoted. A little leaven is all it takes. Don’t be so quick to give shout outs. I made that mistake in times past and have been burnt.


  2. Charles D. said

    You ? Made a mistake? Oh Come now!!! You? Admit that you’re not sure? Did you ever think that you may have made and might still be making a mistake to advise someone who not to vote for? Well, you did! I’m still here and I have my eyes on you!

    Can’t you see it? Juanita on her worse day is not neary as sinful as you. Thing is, poor lil you cannot even approach help or repetence until you negotiate around the fact that you, on your current course, is hell-ward bound with butane undies. I’ve said it many times, even here: that it is a blind man that cannot see, but, a fool who refuses to see.

    Lord, help him


  3. Job said

    Kyle: All right. I will remove the link to the blog. Will leave the post up though.

  4. Kyle said


    What the heck are you talking about. I said the website “Old Black Church” supported R&B artist like Keisha Cole. Not exactly a woman of God wouldn’t you say? And as for the political slant I’ll address that directly on that post.


  5. Timothy said

    It’s hilarious to see these “compromising” Christians. It isn’t even funny, but extremely sad. healtheland, keep doing what you’re doing. Critics say don’t judge, but that’s a half truth. Jesus Christ in Matthew said Don’t judge in the context of hypocritical judgment, not don’t judge at every circumstance. Isaiah called for us to judge and Jesus said Judge righteous judgement. We should judge people’s fruits and love people at the same time. What is love without legitimate criticism. It’s false love. Real love is respect for people, yet admonishing people to change.

  6. Carla said

    I am very concerned that Prophetess Juanita Bynum is on this show debating with women. The word of God says, with loving kindness I draw thee and we as saints of God must be very careful in our judging one another whether our statements are factual or not.

  7. Prophetess Mary lLee said

    I watched the bet show! online. my spirit and soul was so grieved at the ignorance and
    disrespect that was betrayed not only in the prophetess presents but what was said to her
    and how the lady’s betrayed themselves did they not know that a prophet of God was among
    what they missed was this. whenever God allows you to pass by a prophet, what they speak
    is not about God, it is God speaking through them in your face. direct to your soul and
    spirit. but it was scoffed ! and laughed at as if she were nothing. God have mercy on your
    soul’s all of you. speak of what God has used this vessel of honor in his Glory to pour his
    holy spirit into people’s lives. REGARDLESS OF HOW THE ENEMY HAS TRIED TO TORMENT MY

  8. Eden Hadassah said

    Miss prophetess,
    I think you have been brought up on a false prophet’s leaven bread and gaul, thinking it true manna and the fullness of the new wine.
    I pray that you will study the prophets of the bible and the Lord’s admonition to those who would call them selves a prophet or prophetess.
    Prophets today do not get stoned for false prophecy as they did in the bible. There are different stones thrown now at false prophets.

  9. Marianne said

    Juanita Bynum is a crude, loud mouthed woman who claims to be a prophetess. She is self proclaimed sex expert, who cannot make any man happy. She is a beastly, vain, egotistical, worldly , sex oriented person who is a bad witness for Christ. She should be made to repent, or be removed from the church. It is a shame we do not have enough good men left in the church to do something about her. They promote her, instead of calling her bluff. They are a bunch of Ahabs.


  10. Charles D. said

    Actually, individuals like juanita, t.d., ken copeland and a few others do not have churches, at least not in the traditional sense. Rather they have coperations with offices that are furnished like churches. It would be too easy for a God fearing group to kick them out, however, it is hard to kick a landlord out of his own building.

    I also know personally that their ordainations are equally shams. They ordain eachother. Without looking further I would bet you that some if not most will list some “religious” entity in Ohio as the site of their higher religious education and site of their ordaination. Then, they ordain each other; then, vouch for each other at the other’s church. During “high money days” such as “pastor anniversaries,” “church anniversaries,” “pastor appreciation banquets” “mortgage burning and building fund feats” they invite each other and they raise BIG money.

    I agree that the situation is truly sad and the number of unsuspecting and trusting believers that are fleeced by these kkepers of hell’s gate, are surprisingly large.


  11. steve said

    She is nothing more than an abomination to satisfy the apostates who call themselves Christian who wouldn’t know the Word of God to save their mortal lives, much less their eternal souls.

  12. Marianne said

    Juanita is NOT a prophetess……If she is, then I am George Bush

    listen to the latest “sermon” material….sex in the church….in front of children….


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