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Values – Based Pseudo – Christianity: Christmas in Mayberry

Posted by Job on December 19, 2007

Another excellent piece from Slice of Laodicea going against one of my common themes, the “family values” lie:

Church Has Christmas in Mayberry

Christmas in Bethlehem is apparently out of vogue. A church in Lodi, California is putting on Christmas in Mayberry. Yes, the guy with the ponytail pinned up in the news photo is supposed to be Sheriff Andy Taylor. Apparently other churches are also doing the play. The article reports on Barney Fife writing Andy a parking ticket in the stage show and Otis giving up booze for a “Celebrate Recovery” group, but somehow, Jesus doesn’t show up in the news article. Perhaps he doesn’t show up in the play either. A lot of churches today don’t really need Jesus because they are content with good, solid, Mayberry-style family values instead. Unlike Jesus, generic family values and a generic “faith” offends nobody. It’s only Jesus Christ who is the stumbling block today.

I think it’s ironic that when the Andy Griffith show was being filmed and watched on American television, the culture war/sexual revolution of the 1960’s was already underway. The race riots in Los Angeles were going on just a few blocks from the studios from the studio where the Mayberry set was. If we learned anything from the 1960’s, it should have been that nice, family values—a form of godliness without the power—is never enough. The Baby Boom generation, raised with conventional morality mixed with rampant materialism, rebelled big time. Their parents wanted them to be nice boys and girls, but they failed to tell them why. They tried to impose middle-class morality without teaching them the fear of the Lord and immersing them in His Word. Look what happened when Jesus Christ got left out.

Churches today that are staging Mayberry shows instead of retelling the ancient story of the Incarnation are making a terrible mistake. Jesus didn’t come to make us nicer people, to give us middle class morality and a respectable, family-values America. Jesus left the splendor of heaven and the adoration of the Seraphim to come to a sin-sick world, to die on a bloody cross in our place because of our sin. He came to triumph once and for all over sin, death and hell, to rise triumphantly from the grave and ascend into heaven as our glorified Lord. Amen. Why would this church use a tired 60’s sitcom to entertain crowds when they have the old, old story of Redemption and the glorious words of Scripture with which to tell it?

I won’t be having Christmas in Mayberry, now or ever. I want to make the journey to Bethlehem in my heart this Advent and kneel before that manger as the shepherds once did. O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!

I am reminded of the old hymn, “Thy Manger is My Paradise”.


3 Responses to “Values – Based Pseudo – Christianity: Christmas in Mayberry”

  1. Eden Hadassah said

    I was blessed by your article.
    Thank you!

    I won’t be having Christmas in Mayberry either…Don Knotts gives me the creeps!
    Maybe they will have Lassie dressed up like a reindeer, Mr. Belvidere as Santa, My Three Son’s as the three wise men, Webster as baby Jesus, Father Mulkahey to lead the songs, and lets not forget about Clinger and hot lips Houlahann as the angels that bring good news! Of course Madonna would have to play herself, and maybe Prince could play…Joseph?
    Man, we could have a whole cast of “TV” personalities to sell out the story of God!
    I bet they would get a packed church if they had a bizarre cast like that making appearences. But isn’t that the point? To be entertained? But my selection of cast and crew is no better than Mel’s for the Passion.
    If I have offended anyone by my above horrible humor…PLEASE FORGIVE ME! 🙂

  2. Job said

    Eden Hadassah:

    Oh, it was not my article. It was cut and pasted from and the good folks over there! You know, Satan tried to destroy that ministry very hard and the woman that runs it got very discouraged, but God renewed her strength and she has it back running.

  3. Bruce said

    Legalism looks sick. God was never designed to be dated for stuck in a box, and a the sins of the 60’s cannot be pinned on Andy Taylor. If the writers of this articles did a little less condeming and a little more searching for truth the world would be a better place.

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