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Charles Krauthammer Proves Yet Again That The Religious Right Is An Apostate Universalist Movement

Posted by Job on December 8, 2007

What is Krauthammer’s problem? Mike Huckabee’s overtaking Mormon Mitt Romney in the presidential race. Not that I am some fan of Mike Huckabee. Quite the contrary, see Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! (He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, And Rick Warren)! Huckabee is as bad for Christianity and this nation as is Romney, if not worse. The one good thing about Huckabee hound’s candidacy is seeing the reaction to his rise on the Mormon blogs, revealing that their professions of love and compassion for and desire to cooperate with “their fellow Christians” (please recall that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and the original Mormons called us “Gentiles”) is a total sham: they are calling Huckabee’s evangelical supporters a bunch of ignorant bigot fanatics. That is no big surprise. What should be more surprising is that the leaders of the political right agree with them.

Why? Because their agenda was always conservatism, not Christianity. They were willing to take votes from Christians in their war against the left, but they never had any legitimate interest in advancing a Christian political, social, or economic agenda. Now the fact that there SHOULDN’T be a Christian political, social, or economic agenda in the first place if one takes the teachings of Jesus Christ, James, John, Paul, Peter, etc. seriously is something to remember. And that is the problem. The leaders of the conservative movement have been more than willing to play a large role in deceiving Christians away from sound Bible teaching and towards the false notion that we can advance the kingdom of heaven by working in a big tent with greedy and powerful big business types, Log Cabin Republican sodomites, Republicans For Choice abortion holocaust supporters, and (of course) segregationist racists to force governments to put up our Christmas displays.

Except that after 30 years of activism, we still cannot legally have Christmas displays, vital as they are to spreading the gospel and saving people from an eternity in the lake of fire, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, comforting the grieving, looking after the orphans and widows, reforming those in prison, etc. without including a replica of the altars that pagans once used for their human sacrifices alongside it. Prayer in public schools or other public settings? Only if it is not in the Name of Jesus Christ, which allows any witch, satanist, pantheist, etc. to participate. And so on. Christians have far more failures than successes after 30 years of hard work, and what few successes they have are hollow indeed, such as the partial birth abortion ban that many Christian legal experts that are not affiliated with the religious right say actually has the effect of being a law that guarantees the legality of the procedure in the first two triemesters where no such federal protection for abortion existed prior.

To make a long story short, evangelical Christians have been to the Republican Party what blacks have been to the Democratic one. It is not a perfect comparison, for the former are not as monolithic or loyal, but the latter provides their party with nowhere near as much financial support as the former. But with both, the leadership of both parties is more than welcome to accept their political support for basically nothing in terms of policy or real political power. Huckabee, despite his many problems, is nonetheless an example of an evangelical using the very same religious right network that they exploited to seek real power for himself and his movement. It is fine if you are an evangelical and are willing to be the governor of a state that no one cares about (Arkansas) or a back – bencher senator. They may even give you a low level cabinet post. Until now, the biggest concession given to the evangelical movement was making John Ashcroft attorney general. And you see how that worked out: Bush administration officials forcing Ashcroft to sign an order authorizing torture while the man was gravely ill in the hospital. Not that I am an Ashcroft fan … it was Ashcroft who gave us faith based programs through his charitable choice provision in the welfare reform bill. But still.

Well now, Huckabee wants more power than the GOP ever intended for evangelicals to have, and the GOP is doing their best to demand that the religious right go back to their habit of supporting whoever leads the ticket and is willing to either pretend to be anti – abortion or failing that at least KINDA SORTA promise to appoint federal judges that MAYBE are. And so we have this manifesto from Krauthammer that tells evangelical Christians to know their place:

The God of the Founders, the God on the coinage, the God for whom Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day is the ineffable, ecumenical, nonsectarian Providence of the American civil religion whose relation to this blessed land is without appeal to any particular testament or ritual. Every mention of God in every inaugural address in American history refers to the deity in this kind of all-embracing, universal, nondenominational way. (The one exception: William Henry Harrison. He caught cold delivering that inaugural address. Thirty-one days later, he was dead. Draw your own conclusion.) I suspect that neither Jefferson’s Providence nor Washington’s Great Author nor Lincoln’s Almighty would look kindly on the exploitation of religious differences for political gain. It is un-American. It is unfortunate that Romney has had to justify himself in response.”

Thank you, Krauthammer, for demonstrating that the god of the religious right, the god of our (freemason and deist) founding fathers, and by extension the true patron god of this nation, whatever that god may be, is NOT the God of Christianity, the God of the Bible, the one true God who exists eternally in the Persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with none of them having been created or having been was raised or progessed to godhood, but have always been God. If you did not know this in the past, well now you know, and you also know that there is no longer any reason for messing around with the religious right. They not only have never represented your agenda, but precisely the opposite. If you knew this already but supported the religious right anyway out of your zeal against abortion or communism, now is your chance to acknowledge that good fruit cannot come from wicked trees and turn aside. If you refuse to turn aside, well you are going to have to answer God for that decision. And of course, the fact that the religious left is also not on God’s side is so obvious that it does not need to be stated.


4 Responses to “Charles Krauthammer Proves Yet Again That The Religious Right Is An Apostate Universalist Movement”

  1. LorMarie said

    I believe that “middle America” Christians have generally placed too much stock into the religious right and the republican party in general. It is becoming a blind following. This become even more evident with Pat Robertson’s public support for Rudolph Guilliani. It will be interesting to see who the “middle America” christians back if it comes down to a race between Romney and the democratic candidate.

  2. Yemi said

    I think this year’s election is a gift from the true God for his followers to step aside. I think this whole religious right thing is more damaging to the church than people realize. The arm of flesh cannot bring forth righteousness. Your article hit the nail on the head. I seriously hope more followers of Christ would realize this. The church should focus on proclaiming the gospel rather than waxing hot for political issues that won’t yield redemption. Christians shouldn’t fear Hillary. There were believers under Nero.

  3. What an excellent post! I get an education every time I come here.

    Personally, I am convinced that Huckabee is a stalking horse for Giuliani. He defers to and compliments Guiliani during debates. I think the goal might be for him to deliver the Christian Right to the candidate they dislike the most, Rudy Giuliani.

  4. Kyle said

    I’m not shocked at all. Just take a look at all the talking heads/leaders in industry who are backing various candidates. It’s all a sham. Everyone is a bootlicker for candidates while relegating Christ to 2nd place or even further down. This is man worship. So-called Christians are worshiping the Republican idol.



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