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Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! (He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, And Rick Warren)

Posted by Job on December 6, 2007

It is getting harder and harder to avoid applying the “how can two walk together unless they be agreed”of Amos 3:3 to Mike Huckabee. I have already given you the ties between Huckabee and Kenneth Copeland: Mike Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland!, as well as those between Huckabee and Rick Warren: Why The Media Likes Mike Huckabee So Much: He Is A Rick Warren Worker!. Well, now here comes news that Tim LaHaye of the false doctrine Left Behind novels (I am not calling it false doctrine because of the pretribulation stance but rather because of many other things see More “Left Behind” False Doctrine Exposed, Should Christians Commit Murder For “The Cause”? and False Doctrine In “Left Behind”: The Remnant Teaches Against the Doctrine of the God-Sent Strong Delusion) as well as a “Christian marital sexuality” book that is just as perverse as the teachings of Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks III (like them he takes the false position that it is OK to defile someone with ungodly sexual activity so long as that person is your spouse). Well, LaHaye just endorsed Huckabee.

Now Tim LaHaye with his books and movies promotes the flavor of pretribulation dispensationalism that is heavily contributed to the creation of precisely the “attack Iran to protect Israel” Christian Zionism political worldview that has allowed John Hagee to exploit it and become a political player. (LaHaye is also himself a leading figure of the religious right through the Council For National Policy, a group heavily indebted to cult leader Sun Myung Moon behind the scenes … see Want A List Of Pastors Who Took Sun Myung Moon’s Money?, and a Christian Zionist in his own right.)

Well, the Christian brother at Pro Libertate has discovered a longtime connection between Hagee’s people and Huckabee.

Quoting him: “Late last Summer, a cover story in Strang’s New Man magazine anointed Huckabee as the heir apparent to George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. In recent weeks, Huckabee has tapped Strang to serve on his “Faith and Values Coalition,” which is intended to attract money from, and consolidate support within, the Christian Right. Strang served a similar role in the early days of Bush the Lesser’s first presidential campaign. Strang is also a regional director of Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, a pressure group that describes itself – without a detectable hint of irony – as a “Christian AIPAC,” as if one such organization weren’t a sufficient burden and blight upon our land .. Stephen Strang is the human vinculum between Huckabee and Hagee. Strang, a long-time friend and business associate of Hagee, presides over a Pentecostal publishing empire; among Strang’s imprints is Front Line books, which has published several of Hagee’s books, including his latest, In Defense of Israel.” Now this “In Defense of Israel” is the same one where Hagee denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah! See John Hagee Claims That Jesus Christ Was Not The Messiah, More On John Hagee Jesus Did Not Come To Be The Messiah Apostasy Book, and Can We Do Anything To Speed The Return Of Jesus Christ? Why I Say NO!

And this goes back to Amos 3:3. See how these people who agree walk together? It is no coincidence, but rather because they are dealing with the same evil spirits: a lust for power and wealth that causes them to come together in like mind and united purpose because they have given themselves over to them. Folks, this is serious business, and it is for God’s people, not those who have sold out to the world and believe that the kingdom of God can be advanced through its ways rather than by what Jesus Christ did on the cross and the workings of the Holy Spirit through the church. These religious right folks are honestly trying to re – establish Constantine’s imperial Roman state church in America with its “state theology of Eusebius” as its doctrine, which actually makes them a bigger threat than the religious left!

Christians, what will happen will happen. God is in ultimate control, and things like who will be made leaders of nations are all part of His plan of bringing history to its conclusion and the return of His Son Jesus Christ, who Himself does not know the day or hour that said event will happen. So do not fret because of these things … they were prophesied long ago in Matthew 24, Revelation, Daniel, and similar. Our tasks are 1.) to persevere until the end and 2.) not allow the wicked state of the world to cause us to reject 1.) by joining and supporting these anti – Christ movements. All you have to do is look at how “Christian broadcasting” and the “Christian media” have worked together to create a class of celebrities with a lot of money, power, and influence that are capable of pulling such a thing off: again consider the influence of things like Paul Crouch’s TBN empire, Rod Parsley’s get out the vote efforts being credited for George W. Bush carrying Ohio (Parsley originally attached himself to Roman Catholic Rick Santorum), and now this. Please know that in the very near future, these people are going to have more influence still.

How? Well so far the religious right has been thus that: a movement of white conservative evangelical Christians. But now they are expanding. First Barack HUSSEIN Obama then Hillary Clinton spoke at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church under the auspices of “we must all come together to combat AIDS”. Please recall that Pat Robertson’s CBN endorsed Warren’s invitation to Obama, and the invite to Clinton has been met with silence from the evangelical leadership that has been unwilling to stand up to either Rick Warren or the emergent church (see Abrahamic Faith Continues The Battle Against Rick Warren Purpose Driven Apostasy In Southern Baptist Convention). Another thing about Huckabee … he is bragging about how he received 48% of the black vote in Arkansas. Come on, the man is a very gifted Baptist preacher with a moderate populist economic message, so what prevents this guy from going into virtually any black church and bringing down the house, especially with Barack Obama offending some of the more conservative black Christian Democrats with his support for abortion and gay rights (see Pastors: Keep Obama Balaam out of your pulpit!)?

See Christians, Satan does not care about your race or religious affiliation, he just wants to see your soul receive the same fate as he. Do not let the false promises of religion and politics be the tool that he uses to lead you astray. Christians, if Mike Huckabee is the next president or vice president of the United States (I still thinking that a Giuliani – Huckabee ticket is more likely … please recall that Pat Robertson endorsed the former Is The Pat Robertson Endorsement Of Rudy Giuliani An Attempt To Freeze Out Ron Paul?), let it happen without your help. Please recall that this has been my position on moneychanger Mormon Mitt Romney from day one (see why I call him a moneychanger here: because it is true! The Unsaved Have More Discernment Over Mitt Romney Than The Religious Right), and it applies to Mike Huckabee as well.

And in the event that an endorsement from James Dobson makes you think that it is OK to trust Huckabee, please see this: Warren, Robertson, Dobson, Other Evangelical Leaders Were Recruited For Globalist Agendas. And lest some of you are tempted to write me off as some crank complainer who offers no solutions, let me say this: Jesus Christ is our solution. He always has been and always will be. Our losing sight of that fact and trying to go after worldly solutions (after “Christianizing” them first) is the root of so many of our evils.


10 Responses to “Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! (He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, And Rick Warren)”

  1. PJ Miller said

    That was an excellent article..also, following some of your in-bedded links gave me some info i wasn’t aware of.

    This entire ‘marriage’ of religion and politics has created a mess. You can’t even really put the blame on the politicians for its these apostate so-called ‘Christian leaders’ who are seeking them out.

    This may be the first presidential election, since becoming an adult, that i don’t vote. ‘If’ i do it will absolutely be because the Spirit of God leads me too…sigh…

    You are correct, God is in control of the out-come..The frightening aspect is we here in the USA may ‘get’ exactly what we are asking for: just as Israel did with King Saul.

  2. Eden Hadassah said

    We hear all the “important” issues, yet isn’t it interesting what stays out of the debates? Israeli policy. There have been no discussions on this particular policy…they keep it on the “war” in Iraq. I bet they do not even let the questions in.
    I would like to hear what Ron Paul has to say about our country funding Israeli terrorists to the tune of $7,000,000-$15,000,000.00 per day from tax payer monies, in order to murder and mutilate innocent people. Humm…I wonder why it doesn’t come up? I want to know what they think about the issues that are so blazing in our faces, yet no one seems to even address. Human rights violations, injustice and cutting off food and supplies to those who are being treated like animals and not humans. Women giving birth at check points because they are denied access to the hospital in Israel, some loosing their lives and their newborns. If you vote for Huckabee or anyone from the religious right, you will be numbered among the religious wrong. I would like to know what Ron Paul’s thoughts are on the matter. You know that the media won’t allow it, being Zionists. Shouldn’t that be considered treason against our country? Gravel is the only one that has confronted the Israeli issue, and of course he is considered an anti-semite, and is completely pushed out of sight.

  3. Eden Hadassah said

    Just checking in for a moment.

    Here is a link of Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Israel and other countries:

    You can read all his archives and the articles he has written on different issues.

  4. KyleNYC said


    I’ve been reading your blog off and on for several months and I must say yours is one of the better ones out there. I usually “yap” away over at “Independent Conservative” so you may have “seen” me there. Most of your postings here are spot on in their clarity, relevance and timeliness, but this one cuts through it all like a laser. Keep up the good work brother, you’re performing a great service for the “family”.

  5. HannahJ said

    “Israeli terrorists”? Eden, are these “terrorists” worse than Islam’s?

    If you don’t vote, you’re risking a Hillary (or Giuliani, or Romney, etc.) presidency. Can we please hold all candidates to the same standard and decide on the least of a host of evils?

  6. Eden Hadassah said

    Israeli terrorists in Israel against the Palestinian people, right now, yes they are worse and that is because the U.S. has allowed it to go on for as long as it has, consistantly funding them more than any other terrorist state, turning a blind eye and keeping people in this country distracted with the thought of security instead of liberty. (Oh, Michael Hoffman has an excellent formal, undoctored picture of Osama bin Laden as a rabbi, and other rather incriminating photos of “Islamic terrorists. They are trying to demand the photos of him right now, but he won’t give his sources in Israel, where he got the photos, but he said he would make a deal with them if CNN and other major media would run the story in exchange for his sources…they won’t touch that one with a ten foot pole.) Islamic terrorists dressed in their best to hurt a girl gang raped and demean women and the long laundry list of their atrocities, American agents who train the terrorists in the first place, and anybody that would use American taxpayer money for things that harm other people all over the world.
    There is no lesser of two evils for me. I can’t choose any evil. And unfortunately our King isn’t on the ballot. Ron Paul is at this point the only one that I could see as president. Huckabee plays to all sides, as does Romney. Gouliani (I meant that) gives me the creeps, Obama doesn’t really have it, but I would probably vote for his wife if she were running. I have to admit he gave an electrifying speech. It was good. Just not good enough. And Hilary…not impressed, nor have I ever been. Her husband was/is definately a snake, although I enjoyed listening to his speeches. I didn’t vote for him or Bush Sr. or Jr.
    If I were a voting woman, I would vote for Ron Paul. If he won, he risks his life, and will most likely lose it. So I can’t vote for him either. He knows it, everyone knows it. He is willing to lay it down, but I am not willing to send him there.

  7. […] Ties Between Mike Huckabee And John Hagee Discovered! (He Also Has Ties To Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaH… […]

  8. Watchman said

    Eden Hadassah:
    There’s no palestinian people.

  9. Eden Hadassah said

    Please tell me you are NOT a part of “the prophecy club!”
    The prophecy club is a Zionist front, IF you are not aware of it, and are not a part of the prophecy club. If you are a part of the prophecy club…shame on you!
    There is a lot of “helpful” information on the prophecy club site, to be sure, but the information is incomplete, which makes it DISINFORMATION. Lots of helpful tidbits about illuminati, masonry, and lots of others fun stuff, but the thing that the prophecy club is best at is FLEECING.
    Whitewashed tombs, full of dead man’s bones.
    If we go on your “assumption” that there are no Palestinian people, it is because there has been mass ethnic cleansing going on for the last sixty years. So if it continues, your above statement in a few years may actually be accurate, and in that case, when war criminals are tried in international court, can I have your phone number so I can have them include you on the list of criminals who will be tried for crimes against humanity?
    Christians are to follow Yeshua/Jesus, so what on earth are you doing? Your above statement is a lie from the pit of hell, and you shame the name “watchman.”
    Who gouged your eyes out and stopped up your ears? Is your heart so hard that you feel nothing for suffering of the Palestinian people? Is your understanding of right and wrong so skewed that you think wrong is acceptable? Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good.

  10. Nanc said

    Very Interesting…..I am going to add this webpage to my blog. Thanks! 🙂

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