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Have You Bought The Jesus Thong Underwear Christmas Gift Yet?

Posted by Job on November 30, 2007

Courtesy of the folks at It can be had at And they say that the lake of fire isn’t real. Or that claiming that people are going there is “judging.” Oh, I am sorry. Wicked people aren’t going to the lake of fire. Only self – righteous judging hypocritical legalist Pharisees, right? Folks, stuff like this is only a graphic illustration of what all of these false preachers are doing to people. And how many of us are letting it happen without speaking out against the Osteens, Bynums, Jakes, Whites, McManuses, Hinns, Warrens, Crouches, Copelands, etc. because we fear being labeled “a fundamentalist” or “one who judges” more than we hate sin? Well go ahead and look at where this stuff is leading and take a long hard think about whose side you are on. We have to stand against these things, Christians, not just the images but the system of false doctrines that these images represent.



4 Responses to “Have You Bought The Jesus Thong Underwear Christmas Gift Yet?”

  1. I only ask that the owner of that company make a site called “MuhammedIsMyHomie” and make similar items with his image on them. You know what would happen if they did!

    Obviously for some, putting Christ on a cross was not enough! Not that the picture on there is actually Christ, but they hope it to be viewed that way.


  2. Diane said

    These people must be marketing people and not Christians.
    All I can say is “ichabod”

  3. Eden Hadassah said

    Maybe they are refering to one of the many mexicans called jesus? It definately isn’t Jesus the Messiah. How many latino’s are called Jesus? Even if they did put Mohummad is my homeboy…how many of those do we have roming the earth? Lots of people are called by these names. How can it even in the least compare to our Glorious Lord? It doesn’t. In the words of Carlos Mencia, “It’s a beaner!”


  4. HannahJ said

    Eew, eew, eew, eew! I do have a “Jesus T-shirt” myself, but it’s definitely not commoditizing Him–the front is of Him dying on the cross, and the back shows His feet crushing Satan. It gets quite a lot of stares, a few smiles, but NO giggles.

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