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Man Arrested And Jailed For Nonviolent Antiabortion Protest In Suburban Atlanta Georgia!

Posted by Job on November 28, 2007

Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. was charged with disorderly conduct and released after posting TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ON BOND! Please note that this arrest happened in Gwinnett County, Georgia, one of the most conservative (including pro – life) congressional districts in the country. So how did this happen? Well, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution stated in an oped piece that described how the loathsome thrice divorced family values advocate Bob Barr lost a Congressional race to John Linder (Barr chose to challenge Linder rather than run in his own district because redistricting added a few thousand blacks to his district … an even more conservative Republican without Barr’s history of race – baiting ran in his place and won easily) that it was a race between the “movement conservatism” of Barr – the type that Cobb County used to represent before a large influx of black, Hispanic, and liberal white residents from Fulton and DeKalb moved into the county – and the “big business conservatism” of John Linder. Such was why the national and state Republican Party backed Linder but Charlton Heston and other true believers backed Barr (see this link from Atlanta BUSINESS Journal).

And so we have the context: big business is what rules in Gwinnett. This fellow’s pro – life display was offending Christmas shoppers on Black Friday, the most critical day of the year in retail, at the Mall of Georgia, the most critical retail establishment for the Gwinnett County economy. So the destruction of the innocent unborn, cold depraved Holocaust style murderous sacrifices to Molech, took a backseat to the almighty dollar in Gwinnett County.

Which, of course, makes Gwinnett County no different from any other place in metro Atlanta. The first thing that I noticed after moving to the Atlanta after living in rural south Georgia and only somewhat more urban north Florida is our massive concentration of strip clubs. Right in the center of the Bible Belt. Now from my time in north Florida, I know that even with the courts claiming that pornography falls under first amendment protection, a city can prevent even so much as a topless bar from opening if it wants to. So why are these establishments open even well into the religious conservative suburban landscape? Well, Atlanta’s dirty little secret is that the reason why DESPITE having to compete with places where gambling is legal like Las Vegas and Atlantic City it is still a top 5 destination for convention and business travel has nothing to do with our museums, sporting events, amusement parks, arts scene, etc. but rather our notorious strip club scene, which is rivaled only by areas that have much larger populations.

Without the convention scene the Atlanta economy would dry up and blow away overnight. That is why NONE of the local or state “family values” leaders so much as lifts a finger or utters a word against any of those establishments so long as they do not open too close to a school or church. The only exception that I am aware of was a lone city councilman who mostly unsuccessfully (though he did win a few battles) tried to organize black churches against the clubs in response to a rash of violent crimes that they brought into their communities. And yes, this fellow was defeated in his last race for political office.

So pro – lifers and other social conservatives, the reason why your agenda is going nowhere is about MONEY. Even after the Reagan Revolution and the rise of the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, etc. that the real leaders of the GOP has remained the same: the Wall Street Republicans, which, according to the title that Colin Powell famously gave himself, are the ROCKEFELLER Republicans. The Wall Street or main street or country club or Rockefeller or whatever you call them Republicans have ALWAYS been socially liberal. In the 50s and 60s they supported civil rights. In the 70s and 80s they supported abortion. Now they support gay marriage and illegal immigration. And how interesting that in order for the “Reagan Revolution” to succeed, he had to get none other than George H. W. Bush to be his running mate. Said Bush succeeded him as president to be followed by his son 8 years later. And if Pastor Chuck Baldwin is to be believed (read The Bush – Clinton Dynasty), Bill and Hillary Clinton are extensions of that circle. (Why, for instance, did Hillary Clinton go to New York of all places to run for Senate? She is originally from Illinois and lived most of her adult life in Arkansas. Bill Clinton set up shop there too, and even the media did not even pretend that it was to be near his wife who as senator spends most of her time in Washington anyway. Well suffice it to say that the United Nations is in New York, and the reason for that is because that is where the Rockefellers wanted it to be.)

So who are the religious right leaders that know about this situation and mislead their evangelical Christian charges to follow the Rockefeller Republican agenda? Pretty much all of them. But to single one out, why not start with the billionaire Pat Robertson? He is very close to the Bush family and has now endorsed Rudy Giuliani, who lest we forget before becoming mayor of New York and enacting a policy that grotesquely violated the civil liberties of New York’s black citizens (including but not limited to gunning them down in the streets) was the #3 figure in the Ed Meese Justice Department in the Reagan – Bush administration.

So on black Friday Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. gave the good Christians in Gwinnett County a brief view of the true identity of the god that the area first worships – mammon – and was tossed into jail for his trouble. And this goes back to the universalist rain dance that Georgia’s governor Sonny Perdue led a couple of weeks back. As stated in my comment on it Sonny Perdue: More Republican Universalism, I have not been led to pray that our drought – stricken area receive rain. Perhaps one should not make anything of that. And the same Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. that was arrested for making a pro – life demonstration at the Sonny Perdue universalism rain witch doctor seance was the one arrested for exposing the mammon idolatry of Gwinnett County, a Sonny Perdue stronghold (in more senses of the word than one). Perhaps one should not make anything of that either.


17 Responses to “Man Arrested And Jailed For Nonviolent Antiabortion Protest In Suburban Atlanta Georgia!”

  1. I was there, voted for Linder and would do it again, because Bob Barr is far, far worse. But I don’t want to debate that matter, because it’s way in the past and God has willed who He willed to have their place in government, Romans 13:1

    Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. was locked up, not because of the message on his truck, but the outright gore of it all. As much as I am pro-life, the #1 problem with pro-lifers is their desire to use gore in hopes of winning some points with people. It’s the worst possible angle to use. And to anyone pro-life reading this, I admonish you to STOP throwing it up in public places without warning like that, because it does nothing to help. The only people who ever enjoy such displays in public areas are some people who are already against abortion to begin with and even pro-lifers like myself feel it’s a bad idea and bordering on demented.

    2 Timothy 2:24-26 (King James Version)

    24 And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,

    25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

    26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

    Don’t be so caught up in “pro-life” that you forget to act as CHRIST instructed we conduct ourselves at all times.

    Shall we start parading pictures of slathered bodies of Christians in front of businesses that do trade with China?

    Most of Gwinnett is against abortion and no family should have to endure their children viewing gory images because someone feels they are doing a good deed when they are actually WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to put something in public like that. People in places like Gwinnett would end abortion if possible, but MUST RESPECT THE RULE OF MAN’S LAW.

    And you know, Gwinnett County, GA has ZERO strip clubs 😉 . And fought pretty hard to prevent the few porn shop that are there. And those porn shops are only there because Gwinnett after many years lost in court. Lots of money went to trying to prevent them, but the porn shop owner who won in court had deep enough pockets to fight it out till he won.

    I love that people are against abortion, but Christians need to know that when you are trying to influence unregenerate people who endorse the murder of babies, you’re dealing with a hardened heart. Putting up images of gore in public places with no warning at all only emboldens them to say YOU are the one who is insane. It does nothing to express Christ.

    Titus 3:1-9 (King James Version)

    1 Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work,

    2 To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men.

    3 For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another.

    4 But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared,

    5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

    6 Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;

    7 That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

    8 This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men.

    9 But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.

    We can be pro-life for babies just like we are for our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas WITHOUT resorting to gore in hopes it will win us a political point.

  2. Eden Hadassah said

    Dismembered babies only glorifies the savagery of abortion.
    It doesn’t make undecided and confused pregnant mothers say “oh my!”, instead it actually desensitizes women to the horror of abortion, much the same as showing children violent murder on TV over the years. They eventually become cut off emotionally.
    It is counter productive and it doesn’t honor those who actually die every day in these crimes. When people see it, what comes to mind? “A blob of tissue.”
    It doesn’t even look human, but looks like a third rate horror movie.
    Honor the babies by honoring the parents. Strengthen the mothers to let them know that they are competent and can make it. Motherhood is natural and a beautiful thing.

  3. Angie said

    When I was in college pursing a bachelor’s degree in 2006, I had to do a report on any controversial issue and it just so happened this is it. Abortion has always been both a political and religious controversial issue. There is nothing in the bible that supports it and I forgot the percentage rate that I’ve reported and researched, but put it this way, many a woman has felt guilt after getting an abortion. I agree with IC that we can still be pro-life without a political public display.

  4. If someone wants to have a pro-life display of some sort I’m not opposed to that, but putting gore in it for shock value is a terrible idea.

  5. Angie said

    IC, when pro-life wants to get their political view points across, they use those disgusting signs of dead fetuses. When the pro-choice wants to get theirs views across, they use the Roe vs Wade case. It doesn’t have to be controversial but man, outside of Christ makes it so. I heard about the Rockefellers and the illuminati. They consist of very powerful families with money. They basically run this country. Am I on the right track with this?

  6. Angie said

    To add, they’re not the only ones running this country. What about the gangsters in a three piece suit supposedly responsible for Kennedy’s assasination?

  7. Eden Hadassah said

    It goes beyond Rockefeller or any illuminati. Rockefeller is old, so he can be the poster child for “trying to rule the world” but it is not that simple. No one party or person has sole dominance on New World Order stuff, but at anytime, they themselves will put out the information concerning such things, just to through you off the trail that they have pointed you to.
    Not everything is conspiracy, but actually the truth in part.
    Alex Jones is a good example of this. Who does he work for? Who is he really? He provides valuable information, yet he doesn’t say everything and avoids the touchy subject Zionism. Instead, providing useful information that many times can be backed up with sources, he will leave certain things out, this makes him a “disinformationist.” The truth is there, it just isn’t all the the truth. His big thing is blaming one party, or our government, but it is more than that.

  8. I’m not an illuminati chaser, because I don’t beleive the “illuminati” is running things. I KNOW God is in control and allowing a plan to work to its end for His own glory. That plan includes a world that will be run by an Anti-Christ and His son Jesus Christ will come and put an end to it and render final judgement. It must come to pass and all we can do is hold to Christ, spread His message of salvation, live as He commands and when persecuted run, or if unable to run, die holding firm to faith in Him till the end, Hebrews 11.

    What happens outside of Christ here on earth is the god of this world’s doing. Satan, allowed by God, to carry out what God said would happen. Because it is ALL GOD’S PLAN. He declared what will be and scripture will be fulfilled, Isaiah 46:9-11.

  9. Kyle said

    Margaret Sanger purposely created Planned Parenthood to rid the world, in her words, the inferiors of society. This included those who were mentally retarded, the elderly and ALL BLACKS. This disgusting human piece of trash created an organization that was quickly embraced by the left in this country. How ironic that the same political party also is for blacks.-HAH! They have helped to systematically destroy the Black family with abortion, drugs, and welfare. I will never understand why Blacks would support old rich white folks who’s only interest is their own agenda. The left in this country is in the pocket of the devil.


  10. Angie said

    That’s why Blacks need to wake up to the games that politicians play.

  11. Eden Hadassah said

    This is true, but there must be something to Yeshua’s comment “Be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as doves.” He didn’t say to be a serpent, but I believe to understand what is going on. He said to be as gentle as doves, yet there are scriptures where his children are also called “senseless doves, easily decieved.” He did not say to be senseless doves, but as gentle as doves. We do need to understand what is going on, and what is spoken in the darkness, should be shouted out.
    I am jumping around alot, but I think you understand my point right? I am not prepared to just let everything go as it is and be silent, and drive justice back. It doesn’t matter whether it is the Illuminati, or any other organization…if they are set to decieve people, we as children of God’s Kingdom, have a responsiblity to speak the truth, regardless of the outcome. I can’t in all honesty say that because God is in control of everything, and that evil will rule because of God’s permissive will, that we as his children should just sit there and watch the world go to hell in a hand basket. It is a test. And you are right about spreading the Gospel, but I think we also need to show the character of God, speaking out for those who are oppressed, hungry, naked, in prision and so forth.

  12. Eden Hadassah said

    Here is some darkness to bring to light:

    After looking through the link, you can search the rest of the site and see the outer darkness, which so many embrace as true light.

  13. When I said I’m not chasing the group some claim exist in secret called “the Illuminati”, I meant just that in response to the question and Eden you’ve said yourself it goes beyond them.

    It does not mean I forsake Ephesians 5:11. I think if you’ve seen any of my blog that you can take my statements in their proper context, given I’ve spent plenty of time exposing workers of darkness.

    Some feel there is one organized group, I see various and for the various that I see, the people talking about each varied one are sure that the group they focus on is the worse. Bottom line, Satan is behind it and for now the lawless one is allowed movement, but only has a future of pain ahead. Some don’t even think Satan is moving at all. They think Satan is in hell, but can’t support that with a single verse of scripture and scripture has noted many times Satan being active and in motion. I never said we should not keep aware of how the evil one’s deeds manifest.

  14. Eden Hadassah said



    Thanks…beautifully said.

  15. Earlier related video.

    Solicitor dismisses case against driver of ‘Truth Truck’

    The charges have been dropped and Operation Rescue is looking into filing a civil lawsuit in federal court, to try and ensure they can wave gore unabated. Operation Rescue would do well to reconsider their tactics. Local governments will make their laws prevent the gore, while avoiding violation of federal laws. Local governments do have the ability to ban obscenity from public view and that is based on community standards. The US Supreme Court already affirmed that. A lot of time will be spent in court and in presentations of gore, while an adjustment in tactics would prove far more beneficial for the cause of spreading a message against abortion.

    If you only looked at the images at some rallies, you’d think the pro-life side was actually the pro-death side.

    I know when I lived near Philadelphia, the Catholics were always protesting outside abortion clinics. Perhaps it’s just my opinion, but those who seem to keep images of what they view as Christ dying on a cross and enjoy movies loaded with gore such as Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”, seem to really enjoy showing bloody images.

  16. Angie said

    The other night, my daughter observed me looking at a religious/political website that spoke about abortion. I am so sorry to say, but she saw what a chopped up fetus looks like. She was moved to tears and I was fighting mines. I did feel a sense of anger inside. I explained to her that God does not condone abortion and that some women do it out of ignorance, selfishness, or because they’re scared or young, but their reasons varies. However, I believe that God forgives, especially if the woman feels a conviction of guilt. I have also read on this particular website that some doctors take these aborted fetuses and sell the body parts, just like a car chop shop. When I was carrying my daughter, things weren’t going too well between her father and I. There was an conviction in my heart and soul not to pursue abortion or else I’ll regret it. Something in me couldn’t do it. I am glad that I have felt the conviction because God has shown me that it is wrong and that she is beautifully and wonderfully made.

  17. Angie said

    I would like to say that after this situation, I saw an article about a surgeon whom operated on a fetus because it had spina fidia and the baby’s life was on the line. The mother is an obstetritian nurse at his facility. The surgeon operated on the fetus by removing the mother’s uterus. Both of them said that a beautiful thing happened. As he was operating, the fetus moved, but grabbed his tiny hand on the doctor’s hand and wouldn’t let go. They said it was to them a message from the baby that thank you for saving my life. It was the most emotional incident of them lives and they cherish that moment. They cried for days, according to the article and them. I brought this up to say that I believe though I was angry inside from reading one article days ago, it was the God’s way of showing me in a matter of days that someone out there cherish life of an unborn fetus.

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