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Mike Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland!

Posted by Job on November 20, 2007

One false preacher (Huckabee is part of the Rick Warren Purpose Driven cult) to another. Speaking of the Council on Foreign Relations – appointed promoter of the Global Peace Plan, Hillary Clinton is going to speak at his Saddleback Church. Pat Robertson’s CBN endorsed Warren allowing Barack Obama to speak there over the summer if you recall. Boy these false preachers get around! See link below:

In another twist, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is a friend of Copeland and his wife, Gloria. Time magazine reported this week that Huckabee is standing by them despite the investigation by Grassley, the senior Republican in the first-in-the-nation caucus state where Huckabee has been surging in the polls.

“Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are about the most gracious, authentic, and humble people I know and I consider them dear friends,” Huckabee told Time. “They have brought hope to millions and have operated with the utmost integrity as far as I know.”

I am not as big a fan of this Charles Grassley investigation as is brother IndependentConservative (see here as well), but it at least bore this fruit if nothing else. And oh yes, I think that I will be contacting Stephen Winzenburg of Grandview College, who “has for 20 years studied televangelists, taping broadcasts and analyzing content” to see if he has a Youtube page.

Update: another link on the evil of Copeland: 


13 Responses to “Mike Huckabee Defends Kenneth Copeland!”

  1. Coram Deo said

    Kenneth Copeland is a raving demoniac and deceiver who preaches another gospel. He has publicly claimed that he is a “little Messiah” and teaches that it is blasphemous for a professing Christian not to believe that man is equal with God.

    Yet despite the protestations of the heretic Kenneth Copeland, God and man are not on par.

    This episode leads me to believe that Huckabee is either deceived, or is himself a deceiver.

  2. chukmaty said

    Is this a sick joke?

  3. Coram Deo: Thanks buddy. I will investigate your site.

  4. chukmaty:

    You are right about the sick part but it is not a joke. The thing is that Southern Baptists aren’t even supposed to be hanging out with Word of Faithers. This lets you know that these fellows are working together behind the scenes.

  5. Kyle said

    Why be shocked about the Christo-Political alignments? Isn’t that what Babylon, er uh I mean the USA is all about?


  6. Kyle said

    “Speaking of the Council on Foreign Relations – appointed promoter of the Global Peace Plan”

    CFR is part of the globalist agenda.

    Heath, I’m sorry if I seem like a conspiracy nut it’s just that I really believe that the deception in this world is just so great. Please forgive a Brother.


  7. Kyle:

    Oh do not worry. This is one thing that I agree with you on. Tons of leading preachers have ties to the CFR.

  8. Eden Hadassah said

    When it comes to conspiracy theories it is good to eat the meat and spit out the bones.
    There are a lot of things on those sites that mix truth with error. So looking for the truth is important, and identifying the myths or here say are equally important.
    That’s the catch. You can find extremely credible evidence that can be backed up with facts, and then on the same site you will find UFO obsurdities, which is just to make you go look for the UFO cult spirituality, or even other cults.
    When you see a conspiracy site, and then you see the UFO and reptilian stuff, it makes you want to just look somewhere else. But many of these crazies have done their homework with some of it, (not the ufo stuff.)and I find it very interesting to get other information that won’t necessarily be found in the main stream.

  9. Kyle said

    Eden Hadassah,

    I totally agree 100%. I think the deception is so great that many conspiracy theories are true. Take Margaret Sanger for example. She clearly created the abortion mill with the hopes of eliminating the unwanted like Blacks (her words). Next we see the Democrat Party not only support the abortion racket but also garner the black vote. Next we see that a disproportionate amount of black babies are aborted. I could go on and on. And this “one” issue is just a microcosm of “many” true facts that elitist have done to attempt to destroy a segment of the population. It should be no stretch of the imagination to think that the globalist agenda has MANY things in place to garner control of the world and it’s population. In fact it’s obvious by the fact that the antichrist will eventually arise and have total dominion for the 7 year period of which the saints will be persecuted. Just look at our dollar right now. It is being systematically reduced to worthless paper for the sole purpose of “calling” our currency to create a new amero dollar based upon a North American Union. We are being duped into New World Order at such a fast pace now. In fact I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that now with the world financial crisis coming to a head with the falling dollar that an attack by Al Qaeda would be the lynch pin that would accelerate this even further.


  10. Kyle: Well keep in mind … I generally agree with you and have paid a lot of time to tying preachers and world political developments to the Council on Foreign Relations and freemasonry. Not as much as I used to when I first started the weblog because now I am talking more about Jesus Christ – hence the change of the name of the weblog – but my eyes are still on it. My only disagreement with you are your assertions that America is mystery Babylon and that Christ’s return will come in this generation. I am not saying that those things are WRONG, I am just saying that theological and doctrinal tunnel vision are just unhelpful in general because you tend to lose sight of the bigger picture of how this stuff has been developing throughout history. I read this article from this fellow who used to be a Reagan staffer and involved with the origins of the religious right who insists that the Rockefellers started the religious right to distract and ultimately deceive fundamentalist Christians as they had with the denominational Christians starting in the 40s. Notice I said “fundamentalist” rather than “evangelical.” There is a reason for that … evangelical Christianity did not exist until the Billy Graham movement. Billy Graham was financed by the Rockefellers, and a major part of his agenda has ALWAYS been getting Catholics and Protestants to join together. That was why it was so easy for Reagan to join together Protestants and Catholics in 1980 to form a political force: Graham had been pushing them together at his revivals and with his sermons for DECADES.

    But check out this video and let me know what you think.

  11. Eden Hadassah said

    Mystery Babylon and the beast go hand and hand. The Lord has always described his beloved Israel as a harlot when she turned her back on Him, and through the prophets he has also said that her head has a fatal wound. Now there are more then a few times that the Lord has discribed her in this way, and because he has called her this in the past, it only can point to the fact that this is who she is at present too. That is what grieves me. Israel is so calloused that she doesn’t see it, and christians are so sheepish, that they have fallen for her. They have given themselves to her, and have refused to look to the Lord who seeks to make her holy. They have turned a blind eye to her sins, and have prostituted themselves with her by giving her gifts in return for some “blessing.” Now with the Babylonian Talmud being revealed, is it any wonder her reputation is becoming more tarnished? Her Talmud is worth more to her then her Husbands own laws. She has been persecuted and persued from town to town, not because of her “righteousness” nor because she has been “chosen”, but because she has forsaken the Lord her God. And when the Lord decided to reveal to her lovers her detestable Talmud, it angered her lovers and they sought her destruction because she had deceived them. This is the truth.
    She is not simply hated because she is a jew, but because of her practices which are out of line for the people of God. We as a people have sinned against the Lord, and until my people confess their sins and call out upon our Lord and accept Yeshua as their messiah, it will continue. They can try to create “hate speech” laws, but in the end it will back fire on them.
    The true definition of a semite is one from the line of Shem. Abraham is of the line of Shem and all of Abraham’s children are Shemites, regardless of what others might want to say. It’s in the bible. It is in the blood. So what will true Ishmaelites do when they realize that to be an anti-semite is to be anti-Ishmael? A time may come when Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians and other middle eastern peoples may claim that they too are Semites and therefore should be protected by the ADL’s anti-semite laws. Then what? Will they too be covered under the ADL? How about if a law is put into place for those of the line of Shem will have to prove it in their blood? Then that will probably take out most of the “Jews” in Northern and Eastern Europe. They may be digging a hole for themselves with that one.

  12. Barbara said

    pa=leez!!! No Copeland -Huckabee @# in the white house!!

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