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Beware Of Witches And Black Magic In The Church!

Posted by Job on November 15, 2007

Courtesy of Brother Soli Deo Gloria.

[splashcast VJCJ8580VK]


18 Responses to “Beware Of Witches And Black Magic In The Church!”

  1. Dena Warfield said

    I have a friend who is plagued by a curse by an ex-husband who practices black magic. She is a dedicated Christian, who is really looking to God for help in breaking this curse, yet she is plagued by pain that has no physical origin. She has gone to the church leaders for help, but they don’t seem to know what to do. Can you give her any help?

  2. Kyle said

    Dena Warfield,

    I doubt this person has a curse on them. If one has been truly been set free by the blood of Lord Jesus then how can someone be cursed, let alone cursed by a another human being. As for looking for God’s help if she is Holy Ghost filled it’s impossible to be controlled by demonic forces. Think about it. How can the Holy Ghost and a demonic spirit dwell in the same body. Maybe your friend was never truly born again.


    • diwakar said

      When they are with experience they are revealing the fact .why don’t you believe them? I AM ALSO SUFFERING THE SAME.WEARER OF THE SHOE KNOWS WHERE IT PINCHES.

  3. Kyle said

    As a side note. This video proves that the Pulpit Pimps of TBN are witches and false prophets.


  4. Angie said

    I would like to say although it is possible that the friend was never saved, a true Christian is not exempt from being attacked by demons. I also agree that demons cannot possess your soul if you are His. The bible speaks of wizards and witches so no one cannot say that witchcraft is non-existent in Ex 22:18 and plus scriptures on the tape. The Holy Spirit through Paul says in Eph 6:12 that its a spiritual battle as well as flesh. The Holy Spirit, through Paul also gave guidelines how to resist demons. I would like to say also and may anyone correct me if I’m wrong that it is possible that she may have to fast and pray on her own because you cannot let everyone put their hands on you nowadays. They may be carrying the same demons as her husband and put more demons on her. Some of these folks, including ministers would have you think they’re saved and for the Lord, but is dancing with the devil. Consider Matt 14:4-5 and 2 Cor 11:14. Jesus Himself spoke of fasting in Matt 17:21 when the disciples couldn’t drive certain demons out. These are what’s possible with the friend.

  5. Fran said

    Demons and the Holy Spirit do not dwell in the body together period. Maybe your friend does not have a demon, maybe their is a spirit of fear operating in her. She can begin to speak God’s word over her life.”God has not given me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love and a sound mind.” There is power in God’s Word. It is about trusting,believing what the Lord has said about us, and trusting Him at His word.

    The fasting was not per say the way to cast out the demons, but for the building up trust and
    elevating ones faith to believe that they could do exactly what Yeshua said they could.That is why Yeshua goes on to explain having the faith of a mustard seed.

    God has given us all the measure of faith. You can use that measure to believe or not to believe.
    Use that measure of faith to believe the Word of God.

    Maybe it would be helpful not only to speak the Word that God has given us, look up the word fear in the back of your bible, begin to read everything God has said concerning fear, and see what He says about fearing not . It would do much good.

    Keep it simple, keep your focus on what the Lord has said, and trust Him. Keep your eyes on Yeshua. Fear is a spirit that wants to keep you distracted. Doesn’t want you to be blessed.

    In Christ

  6. Kyle said

    @ Angie,

    Your looking at this from a wrong perspective. Re-read Dena’s post slowly and you will see that her friend is being “plagued” by this. #1. The Devil can’t continually plague a saved person unless she is having a Job experience which I doubt. #2. She is going to Church leaders to remedy the issue. She should bring this issue right to Jesus and not rely on man (Not that others praying for you is wrong). #3. She should go get a secong medical opinion. You know, not every trama in our life is of the devil.


  7. Angie said


    Yes, I agree that her friend should first go to the doctor to examine whether or not, the problem is in the natural. In case its not, then take it to the Lord. I don’t know if you agree on me saying that not everyone should put their hands on you.

  8. Luna said

    Beware of witches ehhh?? Well your all goofs for saying that! Since Wicca is WHITE magic, not black…Durr…I’m pretty offeded…How can you, Children of God look down upon one race or religon..and treat us differintly. Not only that but we live day to day life just like you… Plus, we are bound to harm none.. So you don’t have to look at us like were something that needs to be crused and swept from the face of the earth..You don’t see us trying to burn the Pope do you? Or saying, “Keep away from himm EKKKK!!!”…No…I think not.. Plus are Gods and Goddess are not “icky and grose” as you would put it.. Do you even know who they are? Haha, yeah there the same people you learnt about in gr school! Roman gods and goddess! Whooo now kick yourself in the but for thinking they were all slimy and what not….Ohhh yeah one more thing befor I go… LEAVE US ALONE! Gods forbid… Were not bad people…

    ((Ohhh btw…Seems like this site is trying to control your very way of thinking, who should you be scared of now? Us? Or yourselves?…))

  9. Charles D. said

    Listen Luna (is that the plural form of Looney)?

    I’m going to give you a lesson in self-reflection, to say nothing about forming sentences and spelling. You can’t even get “offeded,” so how are we supposed to take what you say at face value?

    Lesson No.1: in your “Since Wicca is WHITE magic, not black…Durr,” the operating thesis is on “magic,” white or black doesn’t make any difference. Stay the heck away from it! Just like we stay away from you!!!

    Now! Git on ur bruum, either end dof it, and ride away from heer! Only A and B dialogue takes place here, can U -C your way to steer clear?

  10. sherri said

    Wow. Didn’t know there were places out there for this. Funny, I ran into this site from Googl-ing: wizards, magic and the church. I have a challenge for the body as the word says, ” What have we to judge them who are without, do we not judge those who are within?” You know that scripture Charles? While I agree with, Magic being the issue, have you considered that the church is playing in witches, wizards, ghosts and such by watching and letting their little ones watch animated childlike character “pretending or portraying” ( LIKE PRETENSE AND FEIGNED = FAKE. and FABLES) witches, wizards and such and calling it imagination. What about casting down imaginations? And I love this one: These kind of Good vs Evil shows are like unto a parable. Never mind that in a parable there is a picture of Jesus or God in relation to man. And who is portraying God in this kind of parable? The WIZARD, WITCH or such? God forbid. It is an abomination. A stinch. Whom shall man liken the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to? “To whom much is given, much shall be required” and I assure you that is talking about US. Not Luna. She is deceived and to argue with her in the natural is not even right. God doesn’t care that she misspelled words! That was a very arrogant statement. Not Christ like. Maybe we can win someone like Luna to the Lord, if we weren’t so mean spirited. And Sarcastic. We are to be of an opposite Spirit. Remember, “judgment begins at the house of God.” Let’s check ourselves and make sure we don’t have a “..form of Godliness, denying the power of God.” or a Religious spirit. So not only to Charles, come and let us reason together. What level of white witchcraft do ” We ” the children of God permit? I will also put it this way: A man with a camera takes a picture of a naked woman, we call this pornography. The same man takes a pencil and draws the same woman, naked and we ( or some ) call it art. Is it not all pornography? Yes! White wiches, in the world, we call Witches Period! But another man takes a pencil draws little cute children or such, adds animation, calls them a ” little witch, Glenda the good witch, A good wizard, or Jeanie in a magic bottle” and we ( or some ) not only permit it. We let it enter-train ( little play on words, Charles )our little ones. What is wrong with this pic? Could this be an offense laid before our children. Judges? Of Righteousness? Consider the matter.

  11. Job said


    Please summarize or concisely articulate the main thrust of your statements.

  12. sherri said

    Guess I am full of a matter, as Elihu put it, and Summarizing is not my strong suit. I apologize for that part. I will try again.

    Charles, with all due respect you were in the flesh, with the condesending wit and nature of your remarks towards a Non Believer. Matter of fact, you sounded alot like her. Fruit?

    Jesus, didn’t die for her gramar. But for her soul. Have you heard the scripture: “An offended man is harder to win than a strong city?” Beware of idle (=useless in greek)talk, in the name of Jesus.

    Next, is it possible that you ignorantly support the things you are obviously against? On a different, yet still important level? One level, some call innocent? IE: to be entertained by magical movies? Seducing spirits,Fables,or Fairies?

    Next question is to the believer. Are magical, mythological movies and cartoons are okay? Just because they wear an innocent face and do “good works?” Read above.

    To fight with such velocity about things while doing the same thing is nauseous. I think We ought to check Ourselves, because judgement will and does begin with us, who know better. See scriptures above.


  13. great utube keep preaching the truth sister. Kev from England

  14. NORY said


  15. Tudy said

    Fast an pray often!!! But remember to fast. Mark 9:17 through 29
    But Jesus took him by the hand, and lifted him up; and he arose. And when he was come into the house, his disciples asked him privately, Why could not we cast him out? And he said to them, “Only this kind can come from fasting and prayer”.

  16. Ramesh.t said

    In my near village (Vathiyar vilai) one Black magic man(Rajakumaran alias Raja) he is killed approximately 60 poor people by his Black magic .He will ask bulk amount of Donation(ie-Gold ring ,Gold chain..etc) for his family temple (Sudalaimadan) if they are not donating that family will meet within a month one death. some not donating people die in cancer by Block magic of Rajakumaran alias Raja all are getting same type of liver Cancer .The Black magic men relevant area 65% of ladies lose his husband by his blackmagic.But he will not utilized full donation money for temple ,used all of his family and Black magic purpose.if any rich person near the area he will do Black magic then at the end of rich person death he will meet his family .he will tell yesterday I saw one dream on that Sudalaimadan came he told rich person will not going to death you tell to him .i will save him you ask one lakhs rubees&one coat. that they will ready to give he will remove Black magic.due to this person so much family suffering , people in please keep and pray daily for the man (Rajakumaran alias Raja) to know the jesus,and people blood,live,tear.

  17. katisha harris said

    I believe my mother mother put a curse on me when I was about seven years old. i had all kinds of problems in my life seeking and been praying on how to break this generation curse she put on me I need HELP!!!!1

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