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Warren, Robertson, Dobson, Other Evangelical Leaders Were Recruited For Globalist Agendas

Posted by Job on November 8, 2007

This one is courtesy of SoldierServant.

Evangelical Christian Leaders Being Recruited for Globalist Agendas

Here are some highlights from his article: The old guard, “Christian Right” leaders such as Robertson, and James Dobson for various reasons supported Republican candidates who had either direct or indirect ties to globalist think tanks and elitist groups. The new guard Evangelical leaders are nowadays directly recruited by globalists to espouse their plans for elite, world management. Of course leaders like Rick Warren dress up their political and social interests in religious and Biblical language, but they do their constituents, and the nation, a disservice by throwing aside their original belief systems for the globalist agendas of decidedly secularist groups like the CFR.

So you want to know why Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Giuliani? This is another reason, and further proof that it is primarily about stopping anti – globalist anti – IMF anti – WTO anti – World Bank anti – UN Ron Paul.


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