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Corrupt False Preachers On The Rise In Kenya: Bibles Needed To Combat This

Posted by Job on November 8, 2007

CHICAGO—Religious groups in Kenya line up by the thousands to seek legal recognition as churches. But as the number of corrupt African preachers increases, Christian leaders are warning the public of those using the Gospel for personal financial gains.

“Groups masquerading as churches thrive in Kenya,” said Dr. Mwaya Kitavi, Bible League’s associate director of Africa ministry, “and the need for Bible-based churches is as great as ever. Many Kenyans are unable to distinguish genuine religious organizations from ‘big business’ under the guise of evangelism.”

For some, establishing a church in Kenya means cashing in on freely flowing money, and many take advantage of the unsuspecting public. But in the midst of this deceptive arena, Bible League remains a constant source of spreading God’s Word throughout Kenya.

“Bible League’s ministry in Kenya began more than 20 years ago, and continues to flourish,” added Kitavi. “By coming alongside Kenyan churches, and equipping their leaders with Scriptures and training, we see first-hand the love of Jesus shining through. This is what Kenya really needs—churches founded on biblical truths and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Jackson Muia, a Christian in the Makueni South region of Kenya, envisioned launching a church. Following his Bible League training and Bible provision, churches mushroomed in every village of this region. The power of the Gospel transformed the community. “People have joined the church in big numbers and left behind their pagan ways of life,” said Muia. Muia is one of many Kenyans with a passion for the lost and a heart for their people.

More than 85,000 Kenyans—last year alone—completed Bible studies through Bible League ministry. Christians grounded in God’s Word are determined to unravel Kenya’s hovering blanket of deception.

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