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Rudy Giuliani Backer Pat Robertson Has A History Of Supporting Murdering Fascists: Remember Liberia Charles Taylor?

Posted by Job on November 7, 2007

The brother at Freedom In Our Time has an excellent link that contains not only pictures of Rudolph Giuliani in women’s clothes (showing just what an abomination this fellow is) but detailing Robertson’s past dealings with Liberia’s Charles Taylor. The fellow, a Reformed Christian, makes some excellent spiritual points too. Thanks Jeri Lynn for providing the link:

As my prior post on Robertson endorsing Giuliani stated, the hands of Robertson and the GOP establishment were forced by Ron Paul raising enough money to hire a staff and buy airtime in New Hampshire and Iowa.  But why Giuliani and not Romney for Robertson? Simple: power. With his personal wealth and support from the business community, the Bush family, and certain religious conservatives, it can arguably be said that Romney does not NEED Robertson. This is not to say that Romney is a lock to win (for if he were Robertson would endorse HIM instead) but rather that there is very little that Robertson could bring to the table that Romney does not have already have, and there are few places that Robertson can take Romney that Romney cannot go on his own.

With Giuliani, however, Robertson’s huge organization can help him take South Carolina. Were that to happen, what would potentially be a long grueling race that would have the carnival sideshow distraction of Ron Paul pulling double digits in every state would be avoided. After the nomination, Robertson could help Giuliani broker terms to buy off Dobson and the rest of the religious right (another task that Romney does not need Robertson for). So where Robertson could deliver an early victory and a substantial portion of the religious right leadership to Giuliani, he cannot provide the former and is not needed for the latter with Romney.

So since Giuliani is the one that Robertson can lend the most assistance to of the two, Giuliani is also the one that Robertson will have more influence over and be able to call in more favors for later. As the religious right has convinced their followers to lower their expectations to the point where “it is all about the judges!”, Robertson will be able to identify judges that will give such Christians just enough incremental progress on abortion and a few other issues to keep them mollified while Robertson in return will be able to exert far more behind the scenes influence over the administration of socially liberal Giuliani than he was George W. Bush.

Money and power, that is what it is all about, and that is what Robertson is after, and as such he picked the fellow who would be more beholden to him.


2 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Backer Pat Robertson Has A History Of Supporting Murdering Fascists: Remember Liberia Charles Taylor?”

  1. Good points about being beholden. Giuliani will stonewall Robertson on the judge issue. He’s already expressed that he doesn’t need the “values voters”. Bush tried to do the same thing with his nomination of Harriet Miers–a total slap in the face of his religious base. Giuliani strikes me as capable of a lot more sneakiness than G.W. Bush.

    I am also so sick of the Religious Right ignoring Ron Paul’s legislation to strip jurisdiction from Federal Courts on the issue of abortion. We will never get a Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade. Lawyers and judges are too deferential to precedent. Even Justice Roberts acknowledged the “importance” of precedence. Also, his opinion on partial birth abortion–though it preserved the ban–was not based on the constitution. The judiciary maintains its power through deference to precedence. Maintaining this power becomes more important than constitutional principles.

    The best way to overturn Roe v. Wade is to strip the Federal Judiciary of its power by legislation which will take only a majority vote of Congress. The fact that Congress has this power and doesn’t use it makes me doubt the lip service that every congressman, excluding Ron Paul and his cosponsors, gives to the pro-life cause.

    Morover, Pat Robertson seems obsessed with the “dangers” from “bloodthirsty” muslims. What do you suppose God thinks about this obsession?

  2. Jerri Lynn Ward: Well, the refusal of the Republicans to even deal with Ron Paul’s legislation proves that they are actually pro – murder of the innocent, but they want to keep the issue alive so that Christians will remain loyal and blind. As far as Pat Robertson, he knows that the Muslims are no threat to us. Did we have these problems with terrorism before we started overthrowing their governments (Iran in the 1950s), propping up dictators to fight our wars by proxy (Iraq in the 70s), and putting our bases and troops in their country (Lebanon in the 80s) and finally invading them and bombing them to smithereens (Iraq since the 90s and now Afghanistan)? That is why when they asked Ron Paul in that first debate “why do they hate us?” and when Paul replied “because we’ve been bombing them for 10 years!” they all portrayed him as a nut and a traitor for telling the truth. September 11th was horrible and all and I have sympathy for the families of the victims (and please realize that even a lot of them are angry at how they have been exploited and misled, and what did Ann Coulter, who revealed herself not to be a Christian, call them … harpies?), but how many of THEM have we killed? Some say that the death toll has been as high as a million in Iraq alone.

    No one cares about that because we are so convinced that their lives are worth less than ours. Is that of God? Is that what Jesus Christ told us? All of those people getting bombed to smithereens without ever having heard the gospel … the elderly, the poor, men, women, and children. Even the few Christians that were over there have had to leave because “Christian” Bush has placed protecting them as a much lower priority than the oil interests and ladling away money to Blackwater, Halliburton, etc.

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