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Is The Pat Robertson Endorsement Of Rudy Giuliani An Attempt To Freeze Out Ron Paul?

Posted by Job on November 7, 2007

The upside of this is that this kills off the religious right for good. The downside is that since I have spent the last several months claiming that Robertson would support Mitt Romney and prior to that was predicting that Barack HUSSEIN Obama would be our next President, it means that I am absolutely horrible at political speculation.

However, just a small part of me is thinking that this is the result of Ron Paul’s raising $4.2 million dollars a couple of days ago, which gives him enough money to get on TV and hire staff in Iowa and New Hampshire. This is important because Iowa has a large number of anti – war voters, and the same Democrats that gave John McCain a win in New Hampshire in 2000 because they knew that Al Gore was going to be the nominee will be highly motivated to do the same for Ron Paul this time around, because A) it is no secret that Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee and B) the anti – war crowd actually likes Paul better than Hillary!

Make no mistake, Ron Paul is a threat, especially with Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee failing to improve on their poll numbers and fundraising after all this time. I noticed that the neoconservative warmongers at the National Review have been closing ranks around Giuliani for some time now, so from this point on the focus of the effort is going to be to freeze Paul out.

The problem: neither Mitt Romney nor Giuliani were pulling away, and there is still a HUGE number of undecideds. Making matters worse is that guys like Fred Thompson, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee are doing just well enough to split the vote without gathering a following of their own. Romney and Giuliani could alternate victories with the other guys alternating second place finishes long enough to keep the campaign going until late spring or early summer. By contrast, the Democratic race will obviously be over in February, by which time Hillary Clinton will have won New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina. So, with the Democratic race pretty much over – and the nominee being someone who voted for the war in Iraq and refuses to rule out war against Iran – and the GOP race dragging on, disaffected Democrats will have plenty of time to see how long they can keep Ron Paul in the race! So Robertson and his ilk had to give Giuliani what he needs to win South Carolina and Florida and even become competitive in New Hampshire and South Carolina (where Romney is leading) in order to end the contest as quickly as possible.


16 Responses to “Is The Pat Robertson Endorsement Of Rudy Giuliani An Attempt To Freeze Out Ron Paul?”

  1. Who knew that 2007 would be the year, that the Lord would expose SO MANY FALSE PROPHETS for the frauds they really are?

  2. IndependentConservative: The surreal thing about this is that Pat Robertson is going to have to reconcile this with working so hard against homosexuality and abortion in the political arena in the past.

  3. Try as they may to “freeze” Ron Paul out, the media loves to pick at him. I was watching the news yesterday, and they had a cartoon picture of him holding a lit bomb. Now this screams oxymoron! They are trying hard to make Ron Paul look like a terrorist. It is another case of calling good evil, and evil good. The media has been vicious, trying their hardest to show him down in the polls, so they cleverly find polls that suit the numbers they want to project at the public. They have tried everything they could to keep this man down, but they have not been able to do it, because they, the media, are but a few decenting voices, but America has the bigger numbers! It is big business that’s worried about him, and with good reason! They will loose the control they have if he were elected, and they will not stand for that.
    We will see in the coming year if we have a democracy left over after this administration is gone, or a carefully crafted dictatorship run by those most have never even heard of.

  4. Thank you Lord for Exposing the False Prophet, AGAIN! Pat Robertson Endorses Rudy Giuliani.

    2007 has just been an AMAZING year for me. In terms of spiritual growth and with that seeing false prophets expose themselves in numbers I’m having trouble keeping up with.
    Here again we have false prophet Pat Robertson, giving yet more proof th…

  5. johnkaniecki said

    I’d like to see a race between Ron Paul and John Edwards. Did Pat Robertson go to the Bohemian Grove ceremony when Rudy did? Maybe Pat liked his dress.



  6. Eden Hadassah:

    What these folks do not realize is that by trying to hold Ron Paul down, they are helping him. People like to root for the underdog, the guy that “the system” is trying to hold back. You have a lot of people with very liberal politics that are backing Paul precisely BECAUSE of the subversive nature of his campaign (and he is getting attacked on the left for that very reason too).


    John Edwards? Whew, if there is actually a guy that I oppose more than Giuliani that would be it.

  7. Ahh, the Bohemian Grove! Have you seen Alex Jones video “The Order of Death”. I have seen it, and I think it also includes “The Cremation of Care.”
    I think there is a site you can go to and see the roster. I don’t know if Pat Robertson was one of the naked frolickers at the Grove…Good question! 🙂

    I wonder if Ron Paul ever attended?
    How bout da Mitt man?

  8. johnkaniecki said


    Not that I like or dislike John Edwards or Ron Paul for that matter. I’m really out of touch with this election and have zero faith in politicians. I think my neighbor is correct when he describes politicans as whores. They are willing to do anything for power. My take on that is the higher you go up the more corrupt things become.(This applies to all aspect of life especially corporations but there are exceptions to the rule.)

    I don’t have a political philosophy and I am under the firm belief that different cultures and different situations are a better way for determining a system then to have faith in a theory. I am one hundred percent convinced that if the leaders of any system were righteous Christians that system would work much better.

    For example in a chemical corporation if the CEO loved his neighbour he wouldn’t tolerate polution, exploitation of his work force, and the production of anything that would damage the world, (like poisons).

    I would like to see Ron Paul run against John Edwards because these candidates seem to me to be the most unorthodox of their parties. Also it seems to me they are the two that kick against the goads the most.

    I do have many issues which I am concerned about. I view politics as a tool to glorify God. It gets very complex. I look foward to the day when Jesus will ruled with an iron rod.



  9. johnkaniecki:

    Well Ron Paul’s counterpart in the Democratic race is Dennis Kucinich. John Edwards is just another trial lawyer running further to the left than Obama and Hillary are willing to go. I have to admit that for pure entertainment value, the best race would be between Giuliani and Clinton. I will say this: with Giuliani as the nominee, it will be very difficult for the usual suspects on the Democratic Party to use their typical campaign strategy against him because he is not a social or fiscal liberal. But I did not know that Giuliani was #3 in the Justice Department. I would bet that Pat Robertson is looking to get more Regent University graduates in there.

  10. Paul Weyrich and Pat Robertson, I believe, will someday regret that they have turned away a historic opportunity to endorse a true Christian and champion of the Constitution. At least, Paul Weyrich will. I’m not sure about Pat Robertson having the ability to regret any choice he makes with regard to authoritarian personality types after reading about his flirtations with dictators as recounted over at Will Grigg’s blog Prolibertate today.

  11. I think that both the Regent U. and Liberty U. have graduate lawyers that are actually in the White House right now.

    The CEO of a company can be a fine and morally upright man, but he does not pull the strings! A CEO of any for profit corporation care only for the bottom line and how that effects his/her share holders. You will find that most CEO are great people, many of whom go to church, and are great philanthropists. But the giving is to offset the tax, and many times to try to “undo” or at least calm down the trouble they may have caused in the first place.
    Monsanto Pharma. goes into India with the “intention” of giving poor farmers a chance to help the economy. They bring their biologically engineered seeds, called terminator seeds, (because they do not produce a second harvest or produce any seeds) pesticides, farm loans and land. They give them the loan to help them purchase the land, seeds and pesticides and herbicides and say “good luck!” The farmer feels greatful, he goes and buys his field, plants his seeds and cares for the land the way they instructed him. But the seeds actually never even grow, and if they do grow it isn’t enough to pay back the loan, and the farmer falls behind on the debt. After many growing seasons, the farmers become upset because they can not feed their families, the village or pay back the loan, and many of them have committed suicide by drinking the pesticides. This is going on in India right now. Many have already taken their lives. They do not care for these people, and they never did.
    This is unjust and inhumane.

  12. I was just on YouTube and found a great short video of what I was talking about with the Indian farmers:

  13. Have a great evening all…

    Must go and start dinner, L_rd willing I will be back tomorrow. 🙂

  14. johnkaniecki said


    Perhaps my analogy was not a good one. If there are more Christians who are the salt and the light of the Earth then the world is going to be a better place.

    Men have strived to builda a utopia. They have had many theories and many plans and they have all failed. The problem is that they are doing it man’s way.

    If we created a righteous society, that is a society where people lived their lives in full imatation of Jesus Christ then this world would be better off. Furthermore if those with authority had these righteous characteristics then so much the better.

    Back to the CEO example. I know that truck drivers were bribed to dump their loads of benzyne on their way to have it properly disposed. The truck driver would get a few hundred dollars, the company would save thousands and the deadly benzyne would get mixed into the drinking water in some neighborhood. Now if there was a Christian truck driver who lived righteously he would refuse to dump the chemical. He would alert the executives and police of this activity. If the people in authority in charge were righteous Christians as well the law could be laid down. The CEO could say, anyone caught doing this would be exposed, and handed over to the authorities.

    The people who should receive power are the people who don’t want it. If you desire power you shouldn’t get any.

    I think you misunderstood what I was saying.



    God’s way will lead to a society more wonderful than we could imagine.

  15. Jerri Lynn Ward: I used to send Pat Robertson money, and call his hotline for prayer advice. Thank God that my eyes opened regarding this man and a lot of other Christians that I used to support as recently as less than a year ago, or else I might be truly bitter right now. Thanks for the link.

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