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Modern Mythology: The False Gods Of Science And Political Correctness

Posted by Job on November 6, 2007

Modern-Day Mythology By Lee Duigon Nov 2, 2007

Note: As of the morning of Nov. 2, a mere two days after it was first reported nationally, the University of Delaware announced that it has discontinued the “diversity training” described above. Following nationwide exposure and the threat of a lawsuit by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), the university broke all known speed records for dropping blatantly unconstitutional and unlawful attempts to restrict students’ First Amendment Rights. The god of Political Correctness will be displeased; but throughout the academic world and elsewhere, sacrifices of self-respect, money, and liberty continue to be offered to him.

False gods demand the darnedest things. And to make it worse, there are so many of them.

Yes, Olympus is very crowded, these days. Zeus and Hera and the rest of the oldies have long since moved out of their marble palaces, making room for the false gods of our day. Around the summit, creeping down the mountainside, a shanty town has sprung up to accommodate the lesser idols.

Here dwell the small fry of our pantheon, the gods of reality TV, political parties, YouTube, MySpace, sports, fad diets and the rest, eking out a living on the sacrifices that we offer up to them. Because they only demand from us our money and our dignity, it’s a meager living.

The false gods in the marble palaces, the real Olympians, are both more demanding and more creative in their demands. They like sacrifices of money and self-respect, but they insist on offerings of life and liberty. From time to time they rent out the Zeus bedroom to a temporary tyrant like War, Want, or Pestilence. These come and go; but we have given the real Olympians a long-term lease.

Chief among them is the false god, Science. One of Science’s high priests, a prominent Canadian scientist, recently remarked that too many people are living too long, putting a strain on the nation’s socialized healthcare system, and need to be ushered out of this world more expeditiously. Science demands the sacrifice of human life.

Science is king because he makes the biggest promises. For instance, kill off enough human embryos for their stem cells, and one day we’ll discover the true fountain of youth. Arlen Specter can remain in the Senate for 700 years. Aging will be reversed, disease nullified. The lives of a few million embryos, a few million old people, seem a small price to pay for that.

Science has married both of his twin sisters, Sex and Government. The offspring of Science and Sex include Feminism, Gay Rights, and Public Education. These demand the sacrifice of children. But by his other sister, Government, Science has begotten the most insatiable demon of them all: Global Warming.

Global Warming has a hundred heads, a hundred different faces, each one of them uniquely terrifying. The Earth frozen into a new Ice Age; man’s greatest cities under twenty feet of water; the Earth mummified in clouds, like Venus, with a surface temperature hot enough to melt lead—all bewilderingly different, but all aspects of the same thing: the great strength of Global Warming is its ability to appear in whatever guise it pleases.

To Global Warming we are urged to sacrifice our cars, our air conditioning, our electric lighting, our toilet paper, and centuries of economic progress. It’ll eat us all up if we don’t.

Government is hardly overshadowed by her hundred-headed child. She is a pistol in her own right. Like Science, she makes big promises. What started out as a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, has mushroomed into World Peace, Sustainable Growth in every corner of the globe, and a New World Order that’ll make Heaven look like a cheesy suburb in New Jersey. Government demands sacrifices of money, but gets high on sacrifices of liberty.

No survey of the new Olympians would be complete without mention of the idol of Political Correctness, the most creative of them all in his demands for sacrifice. At the University of Delaware, for instance, all dorm-dwelling students are required to subscribe to the proposition, “all white people are racists.” Designated “Resident Advisors” regularly interview the students to ensure that they have the correct opinions and attitudes. If they don’t, they are subjected to “treatment,” a kind of intellectual water-boarding. Along with their liberty they are compelled to sacrifice both their self-respect and their tuition dollars. The PC god has an unappeasable appetite for all of the above.

These are just a few of the many false gods which our age has learned to worship. For the sake of these monsters the world has turned away from the true God, of Whom it is written:

“[A]nd what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” (Micah 6:8)

No room on Olympus for the likes of Him!

Copyright by Lee Duigon


Lee Duigon is a Christian free-lance writer whose work can be seen regularly at .

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