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John MacArthur Opposes The Universalism Of Billy Graham

Posted by Job on November 6, 2007

This is so significant to me because prominent televangelists rarely engage in forthtelling concerning each other these days. [splashcast IYSA3831GZ]


8 Responses to “John MacArthur Opposes The Universalism Of Billy Graham”

  1. David said

    Thank you for this! Is MaCarthur the lone voice out there today? We can easily see where and how the church is falling away.For the sake of love and unity,the gospel is becoming more and more watered down or should I say muddied.

    • Joe said

      The verse ‘even the very elect will be deceived’ comes to mind here! If we know the PURE word of God and not just follow others!! Including BilyGraham who I got saved thru some years ago.It doesnt matter how you start but it does matter how you finish!! He has changed his ‘Belief’ and it is a false gospel, this is not the PURE word of God coming from this man who has lead probably more people to the Lord than anyone!! Sad……..Universalism is very prevalent among christians today, but it not the PURE word at all!!.

  2. Zane Grant said

    Or we can pray for you.

  3. Bob Day said

    Re/Billy Graham’s Universalism. The longer one walks as a Christian, the more is understood Paul’s words, “Every knee shall bow” in worship to God…

  4. suzhouchen said

    The longer one walks as a Christian the more it is understood that we are not to gossip or tear down our brother and sisters in Christ. We are not to gossip and we are to refrain from the appearance of evil.

    I can see Billy Graham receiving more rewards in heaven than anyone else I can think of. His harvest shall be great.


  5. christe said

    As believers we must pray for Billy Graham,’Universalism’ is watering down the ‘truth’ of the Bible…..i was saved as a child through his crusades and feel very saddened reading so much of ‘mixture’ and modernism…..its against the very scriptures of the Bible….

  6. Bob Day said

    How can the ancient doctrine of Universalism be “modernism”? This hopeful gospel was the main doctrine of the early church in its first 500 years. It was thrown out in 550AD in the 5th general council of the church, in favor of the abusive doctrine of Hell and eternal torture….

    • im sorry buddy. i wont stand back and let you speak nonsense unchecked, not because of me, but because i am SO grateful to Jesus and i wont let you or anyone Blaspheme His name. Joh 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      There is no plainer text in the Word. Your inference in Romans 14:11 “Every knee shall bow” , shows a lack of understanding of a correct hermeneutic. Same problem every universalist has. The Bible says what it means, inCONTEXT. Library of books, all revealing the glorius redemptive plan of a Loving God, He sent his own son to take upon him the wrath of the Father which we deserved. The Father CRUSHED his own Son so that us sinful, pitiful humans may have a way to be with Him. By playing down Hell and Wrath you also play down the sacrifice of Gods own Son. God holding out a way that we might be by Him, and you call it an abusive doctrine??Blasphemy!!!Universalism plays with fire! HOLY FIRE!

      Repent Brother! God is merciful and just. Get away from your humanistic nonsense!

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