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Dog Chapman Gets Punished While Haters Of Christianity Are Rewarded!

Posted by Job on November 6, 2007

My note: Initially I was trying my best to ignore this story, because I knew nothing about this person and could quite honestly care less. Then I tried to express some sort of concern that remarks made in a private conversation with family could blow up into a racial controversy that serves the agenda of the forces of anti – Christ, but again, I could not make myself care. Then brother IndependentConservative saw fit to deal with the issue and mentioned the fact that Doug Chapman apparently professes to be some sort of Christian and evangelizes on his show in some way, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Big Time Racist! (*Updated*), and I was going to try to come up with something about “this is yet more proof that not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a Christian” and some things on carnal worldly false purpose driven your best life now enjoying everyday life (Mainstream Media Exposes Joyce Meyer: She Received MILLIONS) video vixen judge not capitalist political Christianity that is so popular these days, but ah, I really do not know enough about the man who refers to himself as “dog” to expound upon it. Now that brother Bill Keller has weighed in, I guess posting his comments and proving the link to IndependentConservative’s treatment is enough.

I still say that going after a guy for what he said in a private conversation is new ground for the political correctness lynch mob in their quest to sow as much discord and division in our society to serve the interests of the beast as possible. It is also hypocrisy, for it has been a well – documented fact that people from Ted Turner, Eminem, Paris Hilton, and leading liberal politicians have made similar comments with no sanctions against them whatsoever. But again, with respect to this specific case, tell me again why I should care?

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A “Dog” is sent to the pound for making racist comments about black people,
while those who slam Christians and the Christian faith are rewarded! Well,
last week we saw another shining example of how someone who makes ignorant
and demeaning comments about a group of people will pay a huge price.
Meanwhile, those who regularly make offensive and hateful comments about
Christians and the Christian faith do so with total immunity, and are
actually rewarded! This latest example comes from the lips of the famed
bounty hunter Dwayne “Dog” Chapman. What a huge shock it was to find that a
man whose life is spent on the streets dealing with some of the most vile
and evil people in society, uses foul, filthy, crude, and ignorant language.
Who would have thought?

As this story has unfolded, apparently one of his sons was involved with a
black woman, and Chapman, being the genius he is, leaves this blistering
voicemail telling his son that he needs to break up with this girl since he
and his staff regularly use the “N” word to describe black people and if
anyone ever found out he would be ruined. Apparently, Chapman’s son is not
on good terms with his father and sold the voicemail to the media for a nice
chunk of change and the rest as they say is now history, just like “Dog”
Chapman. The A&E cable network that airs his popular reality TV program has
stopped airing the show and most likely will cancel it all together.

As a side note, Chapman professes to be a Christian. His pastor is Tim
Storey, who is a black man, has been in the media defending Chapman, though
not his choice of language. He has told of Chapman’s work with inner city
youth. I pray that this will be a special time in Chapman’s life, that he
will realize he is a Christian first, a bounty hunter and celebrity second,
and that due to the fact he has chosen to seek such a public life everything
he does and says will be scrutinized. I pray that this will be a time of
personal growth, since there is no place for racism in the heart of a child
of God. I pray that this will open up a discussion within the Body of
Christ about this horrible sin of racism, and that men of all color will
look at each other as God does, at our heart and not the tone of our skin!

In the United States in November of 2007, you will pay a HUGE price if you
say offensive things about blacks, those who choose to commit acts of
homosexuality, Muslims, Jewish people, and most every other group you can
name except one. That is right. The one group you can spew hatred against
without any repercussions are Christians. As a matter of fact, you will
actually be rewarded for unleashing vitriolic language at God, Christ, the
Bible, or those who follow Jesus. Bill Maher is a great case in point. He
regularly says the most disgusting things you could dream up about
Christians and Jesus, and is paid millions by HBO to do a TV program, is a
regular guest on many programs like Larry King, and sells out concert

George Carlin is another Christ hater who has made mocking God and anything
to do with the Christian faith an integral part of his comedy show for over
4 decades. Rosie is another person who loathes Christians since they take a
stand against her choice to live in rebellion to God and His Word by
engaging in lesbian relationships and for trying to stop her and others who
want to destroy the lives of children by adopting them into homes where this
deviant and unnatural sexual choice is made. Others like comedian Kathy
Griffin publicly slam Christ and the Christian faith and suffer no
consequences for doing so.

So, in the face of this obvious double standard, this hypocrisy, what are
Christians to do? How do we respond? As I shared with you this past
Saturday in revisiting the Don Imus issue, another great example of what I
am talking about today, sadly satan has so badly divided us that despite our
numbers nobody ever hears us or takes us seriously. Until we begin to speak
with one voice like these other groups do, we will continue to be ignored
and marginalized and treated with zero respect. People like Maher and Rosie
and Carlin will continue to not only continue to say horrible things about
Christians, but prosper in their careers for doing so!

Again, I believe a byproduct of the Liveprayer TV program being back on
nationwide this January will be to give the Christian community a bold,
visible voice in the marketplace that people won’t be able to ignore any
longer. The greatest difference between what Liveprayer has done for many
years on secular television and other TV ministries is to not only reach out
to nonbelievers, but speak directly to our culture. By not needing millions
of dollars every moth just to support the ministry infrastructure, it has
given me the freedom of not having to take my message to people who are
already Christians, since they are the ones who you can count on to send in
donations, buy books and tapes, and come to events. Even the few who do
venture in the secular media, use the same programming they use on Christian
TV since they are only trolling for a new group of Christians who aren’t on
the mailing list of every other ministry.

Unlike other Christian leaders, I have never been on any of the secular news
programs to sell books or promote some agenda, only to deal with issues from
a Biblical worldview. I will never go on any of those programs and not work
in that the Bible is the only Truth and Jesus is the only way for men to be
saved since that is our only message. Liveprayer is obviously seen as a
major threat or the largest Muslim group in the country wouldn’t be working
so hard to silence me, not to mention all of the pro-gay groups, groups who
represents the Mormon and Scientology cults, as well as different atheist
organizations. The door with Howard Stern was opened because according to
him I wasn’t “the typical TV preacher hustling people for money.” So I have
no doubt a byproduct of this TV program is going to be the ability to go
after these people who publicly blaspheme our Lord and verbally attack
Christians and our faith.

I love you and care about you so much. This message today is a call to all
Believers in Jesus Christ to begin speaking up. We have been silent too
long!!! You can no longer sit back and say nothing at work as others mock
our faith, no longer listen in silence at school as God, the Bible and our
Lord are ridiculed and blasphemed, no longer be silent at the gym, the
grocery store, or wherever your day takes you as people demean Christians

People ask me every day how they can be better servants of the Lord. They
lament the fact they don’t have many gifts, or are in a position to make a
difference. I remind them that ALL of those who know Jesus have been called
to serve Him. The greatest way we can serve our Lord is to speak out and
take a stand for Him when we have those opportunities without worrying about
the personal repercussions. My friend, Jesus was mocked, scourged,
bloodied, and eventually crucified for you and me. THE LEAST WE CAN DO IS

If people like Maher and Rosie and others want to share their hatred for
Christ and Christians with the world, let them. But just like Imus paid for
his hateful remarks, just like “Dog” is paying for his hateful comments,
just like many others have had to pay for their hateful comments against
different groups of people, it is high time those who savage our Lord and
faith with their blasphemous rhetoric also pay a price. The sad fact is,
these and others like them don’t know it, but they will one day pay the
ultimate price unless they turn their heart and life to Christ by faith.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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8 Responses to “Dog Chapman Gets Punished While Haters Of Christianity Are Rewarded!”

  1. Here’s Tim Storey’s web site.

    Tim has a book titled “It’s Time for Your Comeback”, that he’s posted on his site, starting here: Introduction and Chapter 1. From my skim of the book, it looks like a urbanized version of “You’re All That” by Paula White or “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen. It all is about the gospel of YOU and what God can do to raise your status in this life.

    He’s all into the motivational speaking thing and seems to target inner city kids with it. But like with Paula White and Joel Osteen, he and they are twisting the truth of the gospel, to make people think all about THEMSELVES. This is not motivation to live for Christ, from what I see in the book. The book speaks against contentment if poor and places faith in terms of earning more.

    Typical prosperity drivel. Christ never told the poor they would obtain earthly wealth. The apostles told even slaves to be content. So if folks want to talk about people earning money, they need to do it without trying to put a “God stamp” on it!

    The best anyone can give from a Christian perspective regarding earthly earnings is James 4:13-17. Bottom line, we don’t know who will make money and God does not guarantee earthly riches to anyone. Our focus is not to be on earthly gain in the first place, but Heavenly rewards for following Christ in truth. If you need money, you try to make some and accept whatever the Lord wills that you have, but nobody is guaranteed to be lifted from poverty and saints are to be content with the basics if that’s all the Lord wills.

    As part of all his motivational gospel (ie prosperity gospel light), Storey takes “Dog” out to sign autographs and speak to the kids at times.

    You might want to listen to the audio of “Dog” Chapman’s words.

    Basically, if Storey has a son and Chapman’s daughter wanted to date him, Chapman makes it CLEAR he would curse her for wanting to date a Black man. And he fired his own son for dating a Black woman.

    All the [some of my best friends are Black] talk really is bogus when we see he’ll fire his own son and curse his own daughter if they dare be with someone who is Black. His son might have released a tape for money, but that was AFTER the son’s own father FIRED HIM. Fired him for dating a woman of the wrong race and makes that clear to him. “Dog” provoked his own child to wrath in my opinion. Because “Dog” wanted to force his son to show partiality based on race and the son refused.

    Pawn Sean Hannity ran cover for “Dog” tonight, giving him time to talk about his sad childhood.

    (On a side note, I heard Sean say there’s not a Republican in the running that he does not like. He said this on his show last Friday, but unfortunately I didn’t get to capture the audio. I wanted to post it online for all to hear.)

    Chapman goes through the motions of being a nice guy and he’s got a few friends who are Black, but ultimately, he does not really care for Blacks and that’s why he forbids his children from being with Blacks.

    Now Chapman claims he’s going to put grave markers on slaves graves that don’t have them and such. This is all typical media show of being contrite to save HIS BIG MONEY CONTRACT WITH A&E. These are the public displays of alms for men to see, that we were warned about in Matthew 6.

    It’s all a show man, one big fake show.

    No the media is not going to attack anyone for blaspheming the name of the Lord. Who would expect a media that is full of Satan’s children to care when God is mocked? Rosie O. just got a new deal with MSNBC. Being in sin is what gets you the big bucks and media love these days.

  2. IndependentConservative: Well part of the reason why I really did not care to address the story was because I see racism as what the Bible sees it, which is SIN. Therefore, people acting like this was not a shock to me: as long as there are murderers, liars, thieves, fornicators, etc. out there in every walk of life that there would be racists too is rather unremarkable. Racism psychology is one of the biggest scams to have been inflicted on the modern church. I really wish that these legitimate preachers would come out with the “racism is sin nothing more nothing less” message, it would totally transform the culture and put the race exploiters on the right and left out of business. Instead, white preachers alternate between defensiveness and breast – beating on the issue while black preachers take up the civil rights agitation line. Treating racism not as a political issue or a social ill but as SIN would help quite a bit, and the same also goes for homosexuality.

    I only arched a slight eyebrow when I read your take on it where he claims that He is a Christian of some sort, but then I came to the conclusion that if he was a real Christian he would have never been on A&E to begin with. So you have an unregenerated pseudo Christian following a fake Robert Schuller Rick Warren type of preacher using a bounty hunter act as some sort of “ministry.” Again, the story there is what? The media LOVES to put false Christians in positions like that because they KNOW that at some point they are going to fall and harm the image of true Christianity when they do it. they get a big kick of propping up false Christians, watching them present their false gospel (because the true gospel is banned from mainstream TV and increasingly from Christian TV) and waiting for them to mess up.

    Again, not defending Dog in any least way or attacking his son. I just pointed out that going after a guy for remarks that he made in private conversation is a new development. Don Imus, just as loathsome as Chapman, got fired for what he said over the airwaves. Chapman got fired for what he said in private. I am sorry, but to me that is a development, a precedent, that bears seeing how it will play out in the future.

  3. I understand your thoughts on it being sin.

    Going after someone for what was recorded in private is nothing new at all. Can you say Bill Clinton? How many tapes did Linda Tripp have of her conversations with Monica? She violated some laws in that, but in many states that same action is legal.

    What about: Alec Baldwin’s Threatening Message to Daughter

    Exposing what was recorded in private is nothing new.

  4. IndependentConservative:

    Well, you may have actually helped make my point. Linda Tripp was investigating a crime. The Alec Baldwin thing is evidence of child abuse, also a crime. But had Chapman could have said things just as hateful and sinful about his son’s girlfriend or worse that did not involve race, and all would be well. But since he made racial slurs, well there you go. As it is, they would appear to have elevated making racial slurs to committing perjury or inflicting emotional abuse. And speaking of inflicting emotional abuse, was that not what Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church were convicted of to the tune of an $11 million judgment against them in civil court?

    Make no mistake, Fred Phelps and Dog Chapman are loathsome bigots and reprehensible human beings just like Don Imus. But you must realize that the same is precisely what makes them ideal to break new ground. I say Dog Chapman’s getting fired for making racial slurs in private phone conversation today, Christians getting similarly censured for causing emotional distress by saying that Jesus Christ is the only way tomorrow. There might be a “correlating Alec Baldwin, Don Imus, Fred Phelps, Dog Chapman, and the rapture” post in this yet. I will not allow the fact that Phelp’s “church” discovered the above link and linked to it on their website SEVERAL TIMES using some quite uncharitable language to describe me be a deterrent 🙂

  5. We all understand that all this “hate crime” talk is also an effort to throw good Christians under the PC bus. And you know I’m very much against all forms of “hate crimes” legislation.

    But wrong is wrong and I’ll call it that. The PC crowd can call it whatever their twisted minds come up with. Sometimes I’ll agree with them (Dog and Phelps) and a some point they’ll want my head.

    What celebrities do ALWAYS becomes public game, no matter where they say it. But you’re not going to find many who are stupid enough to rant like Chapman on a VM.

    I have no desire to watch Chapman’s show and him being fired would be ideal. Let him go back to being a bounty hunter in the dark of night with no cameras again. It’s what he’s good at and he can say whatever he wants while honestly working out his issues. And he can cut down that mullet while he’s at it 😆 .

  6. IndependentConservative:

    But you’re not going to find many who are stupid enough to rant like Chapman on a VM.” I sincerely doubt that. It is that most of their rants on voicemail and wherever else aren’t sold to the press by angry family members.

    Again, I am not defending Chapman. I am just, you know, apathetic about the whole deal. Desensitized? Maybe. He is just another sinner committing sin. Chapman gets booted off A&E, but MSNBC hires Rosie O’Donnell to promote homosexuality and spew invective against Christians like you and me. One form of evil replacing another, but it is all evil.

    I am not even going to waste my time covering what O’Donnell says because I am thinking that she is going to just be a distraction from what President Rudy Giuliani (Pat Robertson is going to endorse him … and right after Ron Paul raised enough money to finally get on TV in the early primary states too imagine that!) will be doing.

    But please do not misunderstand me. I am not defending or minimizing what Chapman did. What the fellow did was wrong. Growing up where I did, I was on the receiving end of the “N” word to my face. But I am 100% convinced that tons of these Hollywood types toss around racial slurs and you just never hear about it. Take for instance those Michael Richards comments at the black fellows that were heckling him. The guy didn’t just repeat the talk that he might have heard on the subway (or on BET). He said “back in the day we would have put you people in your place by lynching you” or something to that effect. You don’t just up and fly off the handle and say something like that, showing that level of anger and feelings of superiority and privileged status. I still remember the episode of Seinfeld (which had almost no black people on it by the way) where Seinfeld was dating this black woman and met her family while wearing blackface. You’d be kidding yourself if you believe that Richards and a whole bunch of them have not said these types of things before and do not say them often. After all, look at how they portray us in Hollywood.

  7. I think people need to get a thicker skin! If they don’t, riots ensue, marches happen, and it comes to marshall law! That is the aim with the “powers that be.” Everyone these days have their “feelings” hurt because someone said something negative about their race or religion or their appearance. All it does is divert our attention away from true injustice and those who suffer in silence.

  8. J Ezekial said

    This is just another ploy buy our godless Government to take a way any wholesome positive thinking programing off of the air waves this govenment would rather have us scared at all times instead of uplifted or having a feeling that the bad guys will not win.They took Dog off and now they are going after Joyce meyers who has been cleared by the Irs on the chuches tax exempt status weeks before the story came out.. God help us all and our children who no longer have god loving role models in this country. If the the senate wants to investigate anyone for the love of god they can dig in their own backyards and find plenty dirt!!!!

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