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Rick Warren Turning Africa Into New World Order Slave State!

Posted by Job on November 1, 2007

Rick Warren Is Not Evangelizing Africa In The Way You Might Think

African, Australian, and The Netherland Testimonies AGAINST Rick Warren


7 Responses to “Rick Warren Turning Africa Into New World Order Slave State!”

  1. Glenn said

    be slow to judge… I know mny lives that have been changed here in africa by the ministry of Rick Warren. I am an african living in africa…

  2. Glenn: Did you click on the links and read the articles?

  3. Glenn said

    my humblest apologies, i did not realise they were links. thought they were just statements.

  4. Glenn: I accept your apology. I would hope that you would read them.

  5. Glenn said

    have now read the article and the letter from the Ugandan brother, still hold to my first comment. I am so tired that we shoot our own, rather pray for them.

  6. Glen, dear brother in Christ Jesus…

    Tell us about yourself and what is going on out there in Africa. Tell us about how you came to know Jesus as your savior.

  7. qbaileys said

    The preaching and teaching philosophy of Rick Warren and the emerging church movement is what I would call a sham Christianity. People think it is Christianity, but in turn it is not. Many people will come and teach and preach in the name of Jesus, but they do not really know Jesus nor did Jesus send them. I do not like infighting within the authentic church either, but much of the heresy that is taught by most of the emerging church movement teachers is nothing but a prosperity, feel good message that only addresses parts of the word of God. The entire word of God is to be taught…sin, hell, heave, love, and all, not just the selected points that make us all feel good about ourselves and attracts the world to the church. God’s word is not attractive to everyone in the world. Preaching that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He was crucified for our sins is not popular nor is it accepted by very many people. To have thousands of people flocking to a meeting claiming they have been touched really does not match up with the scriptures. Jesus states that narrow is the gate to heaven and only few will ever find it. I encourage anyone defending a man to really dig deep into the word of God…that is where the truth is that will set us free.
    Pressing on in Him,

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