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Is It JUDGING To Say That Homosexuality Endorsing Tammy Faye Bakker Is In The Lake Of Fire? And TBN Has (Implicitly) Endorsed Homosexuality!

Posted by Job on October 30, 2007

SoldierServant has a powerful spiritual argument for Christians “judging” with scripture to back it up! See his link below:

Christians ARE Supposed To Judge

So “the church of not judge” is teetering on apostasy and heresy! Inspired by his post, I will deal with Tammy Faye Bakker Messner. I admit, I was deceived by this woman. I sincerely believed that she had recommitted her life to Yeshua HaMashiach after her fall in the PTL scandal and her marital and health problems. I actually received emotional inspiration by watching her faithfully read her Bible while on “The Surreal Life” reality show (which I had to stop watching after an episode because of some of the other participants on it) and her frequent testimonies on Larry King Live and TBN.

But now the truth is out. On one of her TBN appearances, she vigorously defended the “ministry” of her son, and did so to the roaring approval of the audience and interviewer. Regrettably, I do not have that clip, but I have two clips below of her TBN interview by Matt Crouch at the bottom. What is the big deal? Well Jay Bakker supports homosexuality. He says that God spoke to Him and gave him a revelation that He was changing the Bible: that where homosexuality was considered a sin in the past, it was now permissible. Now this is actually worse than the gay rights advocates that claim that the scriptures condemning homosexuality are not authoritative, have been misinterpreted, or need to be brought into the modern context. Instead, Jay Bakker claims the Word of God to be eternal, inerrant, inspired, and the final authority, but that God merely changed His Mind! Now this is apostasy, blasphemy, and heresy of the highest degree!

Of course, claiming that TBN does not know that Jay Bakker is in the streets of Atlanta telling homosexuals that their abomination is just fine (and Bakker also endorses other sins incidentally) is ridiculous: not only do these preachers get ALL the information (especially on someone so prominent as the Bakkers, who helped found TBN along with the Crouches let us not forget!) but it has made national news on CNN and other outlets. So by allowing this woman to defend her son’s false ministry on her airwaves, they are giving consent to the sin of homosexuality just as surely as TD Jakes is by promoting the pro – homosexual views of Dr. Phil McGraw. Oh yes, and that means that Robert Schuller is too, for he had Dr. Phil on his show this year as well, with Dr. Phil defending his false Christianity right about the time that Pastor Bill Keller was denouncing him and his boss new age witch Oprah Winfrey!

Alas, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution, the worst newspaper in the country, printed two articles (here and here) about Bakker’s memorial service. This is the basis that I use for my proposition that Bakker is in the lake of fire, which appears in both. “A woman so nonjudgmental that she loved everybody. That that didn’t always win her unanimous approval was driven home by the presence of a handful of protesters outside the memorial service. Brandishing signs reading “Tammy’s in Hell” and several more unprintable things, they were there to signal their disapproval of Messner’s public embrace of gay people.” Also: The love she has received from so many people within the gay community, I’m eternally grateful for,” Bakker said to a huge burst of applause in the cathedral.

You know, I was completely taken in by Jay Bakker’s act. Why? Because of the vigorous endorsement of his “Revolution Church” by Harry Potter – loving Christianity Today! So let’s see, Christianity Today endorsed homosexual sin endorsing Jay Bakker and homosexual sin endorsing J.K. Rowling and the homosexuality commercials aimed at our small children Spongebob Squarepants and Shark Tale … hmmm do you see a trend in the making? Now I am not ready to make the leap and say that Christianity Today supports homosexuality (though Paul Crouch’s TBN is another matter, and to the tune of $425,000!) but it goes to show that if you swim through enough trash by endorsing it on order to stay “culturally relevant (and see this as well)” you are going to get some stink on you.

Now look, it is VERY POSSIBLE that Tammy Faye Bakker Messner repented with her dying breath or sometime before. Absent that, we Christians should not be lily – livered in declaring her eternal fate, or that of anyone else that rejects the true gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach for apostasy. And no, this is not about Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, who is dead. I am not Roman Catholic, so I hold that there is nothing can be done about those that are dead and gone. This is about the LIVING: the false preachers that are still out there and the people that follow them.


4 Responses to “Is It JUDGING To Say That Homosexuality Endorsing Tammy Faye Bakker Is In The Lake Of Fire? And TBN Has (Implicitly) Endorsed Homosexuality!”

  1. Part 1: What is Judging or Judgment?
    In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth

    This word is used several different ways in the Bible. However, what is a basic definition of Judge?
    1. A government official appointed or elected to hear and decide cases in a law court.
    2. A person chosen to decide a dispute or contest.
    3. A person qualified to form an opinion.
    4. A Ruler in ancient Israel, before the time of the Kings


    1. The act of judging
    2. Law
    A. A decision, decree or sentence given by a judge or court
    B. A debt created from the decision of a judge or court
    C. The official certificate recording such a decision
    3. An Opinion
    A. The forming of an opinion or conclusion
    4. The ability to form opinions, good sense.
    5. Criticism, condemnation “Do not pass judgment on your neighbors. I will utter my judgments against them . . . who have forsaken me Jeremiah 1: 16.
    6. A mis-fortune considered as a punishment from God.
    7. The final trial of all mankind at the end of the world; Last JUDGMENT.

    Meanwhile, people in the church often confuse the word Judge and Judgment. However there are three primary ways in which the word Judge/Judgment is used in the Bible. This is where we can begin to get a better understanding of what Judging means and who does the Judging.
    1. Statues or commandments of God.
    2. Calamities sent by God.
    3. God’s judgment on the deeds of men, both in history and the final Day of Judgment when history is brought to its fulfillment.

    Therefore we argue that the third category of Judgment is the most important in the Bible. It is also the most evident as to defining Judge/Judgment. Nevertheless, why are church people so confused about the word Judge/Judgment? Often there is a great fear and acts of warning too not Judge. Still, the scriptures reveal that God is the only one with the power to Judge.

    Meanwhile man in the flesh gets the word Judge confused with critical thinking. There is also confusion as to the role of Christians to have a discerning mind. Discern means:
    1. To see clearly, to distinguish. Example I looked where he pointed but could discern nothing.
    2. Discerning means shrewd, discriminating. An example is seen in the following, ” more discerning mind, a shrewder tongue, I have never met.” We believe that the confusion surrounding Judge/Judgment is a prominent aspect of the various false teachings that exist in the Christian Church. But, where did these false teachings come from? For the record many Preachers, Teachers, church leaders and Christians believe that they are being disobedient and committing a sin to offer critical opinions of wrong doing in the church. For example to question the sin of a Preacher, Deacon or a church member you are often described as Judging and to Judge is wrong.

    Here we interject the word or phrase critical thinking and criticism. As you know there is constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Christians must always strive for constructive criticism. Thus, they have a responsibility to have a discerning mind. Also keep in mind those in the flesh have no power to Judge. God only has that power. God has the power to Judge. Man can only identify sin. It is not judging to identify sin.

    Again where did this false teaching come from? We believe that the confusion surrounding Judge/Judgment originated in the hearts and minds of False Prophets who did not want to receive criticism for wrong doing in the church. Thus they passed down a mis-interpretation of this scripture related to judging to cover up sin and shame. As we proceed, we will see that God wants his people to be critical of sin. This is the only way to guard against False Prophets and the influence of the world that have invaded many churches.

    What are the Biblical foundations for defining Judge/Judgment?

    Cont. Part 2: God’s Judgment

  2. I have heard the most vile, mean, things said about Tammy Faye from people who don’t even know her. They don’t even “know” her but have the audacity to presume they do from what they have “heard.” She would never treat anyone or say the awful filth said about her to a living soul. I did know her. She loved Jesus Since the age of 15, she has been a friend. She was the “real thing.” Did she make you feel better just to talk to her? you bet. I miss you Tammy. Faith

  3. Dear Faith Ann Shaw,

    The public “I miss you Tammy” is a bit over the top.

    But let’s move on to the meat of this.

    What is your opinion of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10?

    (For future reference, don’t put your e-mail address in the block that says “website”. Especially when you’re using an e-mail address that is owned by your employer. Job, you might want to do Faith a favor and remove that if it’s doable.)

  4. Job said

    Faith Ann Shaw:

    My audacity concerning things I have “heard” come in the form of my personally having heard her speak of these things on live television, and the videos above are accurate characterizations of some of the things that I have seen her say on television that violate scripture. She loved Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ said that if you love me, you will keep my commandments, John 14:26, a verse which Tammy Faye Bakker was well familiar. You have told me what a nice person Tammy Faye Bakker was in a very sincere heartfelt fashion, but you conspicuously omitted any reference to her obedience to Jesus Christ. You mentioned the nasty things that have been said about Tammy Faye Bakker, but you neglected to contend that they were all – or even mostly – untrue. Why is that?

    So rather than rising up to defend your departed friend’s refusal to obey God, you would be best served tending to your own eternal destiny – and that of your brother lest you cause him to stumble – by dedicating yourself to a personal life of obedience to Jesus Christ.

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