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Still Support Harry Potter Christians? Does It Still Have “Good Christian Values”?

Posted by Job on October 28, 2007

Stuff like THIS is why so many of us BEGGED the administrator of Slice of Laodicea to get it back online after a satanic attack took it down. Before I provide the link, three points.

1. The only reason why Christians ever supported this abomination to begin with was because it was successful. Had the series been only a subculture thing instead of perhaps the biggest popular nonfiction literature in history, Christians would have never joined themselves to this sin. It is still more proof that so many Christians deep in their heart have not rejected the very same world that killed our Jesus Christ and separate ourselves from its evil as the Bible consistently tells us to, but instead conversely crave to be a part of it and to be accepted by it, and are willing to compromise the HOLINESS and UNIQUENESS of the gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach to do it. A great many of them even insist that it is impossible to be an effective witness to the lost without it. A Little Leaven has this often hilarious little feature calls The Graveyard of “Relevance” that helps make this point.

2. Why are you surprised at J.K. Rowling making Dumbledore homosexual? Not only is Rowling a liberal Christian (Church of Scotland which apparently no longer excommunicates people, no surprise there because virtually no one else does either) who worships at the church of tolerance, multiculturalism, political correctness, and diversity, but HOMOSEXUALITY HAS LONG BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH WITCHCRAFT, PAGANISM, THE OCCULT, IDOLATRY, ETC. They go hand in hand, and they always have. That is why whenever the children of Israel started going after idolatry in the Old Testament, sodomite activity greatly increased, remember? That was why when a righteous king took over after a period of apostasy, it was said that he took down the groves and high places AND removed the sodomites from the land (1 Kings 15:12). In more contemporary times, one of the primary reasons why feminists have been promoting witchcraft, the occult, and paganism (and working hard to introduce them into Christianity) has been the fact that homosexuality is an integral part of those traditions. Indeed, feminists have been promoting the notion that women should abandon Christianity for witchcraft because the former discriminates against homosexuality and the latter worships it!

All of these things are well known to the very Christians that have been defending Harry Potter all these years, and their willingness to stick their heads in the sand over this issue is proof that they are teetering on the edge of apostasy. But hey, when you are looking for redemptive messages in abominations like Pulp Fiction and Sin City (both of which openly mocked Christianity) as leading Harry Potter proponent Christianity Today does because “Christians have to stay relevant to popular culture in order to be able to project our values into that culture”, then oh well …

3. What is the big deal about homosexuality anyway? Why is it that homosexuality makes Harry Potter so bad? Stuff like this is what makes so many of us Christians a bunch of flaming (yes the pun was intended!) hypocrites. All homosexuality consists of is who you get into bed with, or in the case of Larry Craig solicit in a public bathroom. It is no different than adultery, fornication, watching those soap operas, or looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Removing it from the realm of sexual sin, it is no different than lying, gossiping, cheating on your taxes, or routinely brazenly flouting the speed limit laws because you refuse to get out of bed early enough to get to work on time without needlessly recklessly endangering your life and property and those of others. It is all SIN, people. So the fact that so many Christians were willing to look past the fact that Harry Potter was the #2 promoter of witchcraft in Christian mainstream culture of all time (good old WALT DISNEY was #1, yet Christians did not care and considered it to be “traditional American family values” until they started having “Gay Days” at their theme parks!) but are now willing to drop the series over a single homosexual character shows how carnal their minds are. Bottom line: most Christians would much rather deal with coming home and finding their son playing with a ouija board than in bed with the quarterback on the football team. Despite the fact that both are clearly the same in God’s eyes, Christians are more concerned with what they want rather than what God wants, and how much more they will be made laughingstocks before their friends (some of whom are not even saved!) if the latter gets out rather than the former. It is all about being a man – pleasing Christian rather than a God – pleasing one.

Now I have heard about some of the things in the Harry Potter series, and how it is far worse than any of the witchcraft/fantasy children’s problems in the past. There was never any excuse for any Christian that takes the Bible seriously for accepting this mess in the past. It is sad that it took mere homosexuality to make that fact clear. But going back to point #2, you folks KNEW what was in Rowling’s books. You KNEW the character and mindset of this woman. So you should have KNOWN that she vigorously supported the sin of homosexuality and the gay agenda, and at some point was going to start advocating it along with other abominations. But rather than standing for the truth from the outset, you gave this woman the very endorsement and acceptance that the homosexual community has been seeking from the Christian community all this time. And that is why I disagree with one of the points of their commentary: ” I personally think that one of the reasons she did it was to keep Christianity from staking even the tiniest claim on Harry Potter . . . ever. ” No, Slice of Laodicea, it was precisely the opposite. Rowling did it precisely so that the sin of homosexuality would be accepted by mainstream Christianity, and that those of us that still call homosexuality sin would be further marginalized. All of you Christians that have defended or even refused to take a hard line against homosexuality all these years helped her. So how does that make you feel? I ask you that because your own feelings instead of what God wanted and demanded of you were all that you cared about to begin with! Hopefully you can see that now.

Update: apparently Ms. Rowling is a member of a secret society: check out the ring that she wore to her book signing: Did Christianity Today know that? Of course they did. I would not be surprised to find out that they are members too.


16 Responses to “Still Support Harry Potter Christians? Does It Still Have “Good Christian Values”?”

  1. Diane said

    Speaking to Christians about this issue at the church we use to attend 2 years ago, caused us (my family) to receive more attacks, than we received from the world, when sharing our concerns about the dangers of these types of movies. We were baffled year after year at the acceptance of practically anything coming from Hollywood. There were a few families that were grieved as well, but when they voiced their concerns, they were also rebuked, ridiculed, and laughed to scorn. I wrote a letter to the Pastor, after he continued to use examples of Lord of the Rings as object lessons in his sermons.

    Because of the desire to be relevant, satan is using those who “call Jesus Lord” to promote sorcery and witchcraft.

    My heart breaks for the darkness coming upon the Church.

  2. Fran said


    You people are so caught in worldly things and it is sad. My grandson had an assignment in school where they had to read one of the Harry Potter books, then write a report. Well my daughter-in-law went to the school and spoke with his teacher. She let her know what her stand was, and asked her to give him another assignment in place of Harry Potter. She let her know that that my grandson was not reading the book. The teacher gave him another assignment.

    He has had to miss a day at school because his class was going to see one of the movies and the homeroom class would be gone all day.

    They just don’t know what doors they are open. They call it harmful entertainment.

  3. Fran said


    error in my comment. It should read: You know people are so caught up…….

    Sorry! Must go to bed now for real. Leaving out one word changed my entire first sentence!

    Good night.

  4. Harry Potter…
    The Harry Potter series is about un-seen families that have “power” to do things that the “regular” world can not. If you get caught up in the homosexuality and the occultic message, you miss the real meaning of the the series. Christians have not learned how to be shrewd in the world. Although it seems that Harry Potter is about “majic” and witchcraft (I am not letting the author off the hook) the author’s message was never for the children of the world…it was for a people behind the scenes. It is a story for them. Witchcraft and occult stories are a way to keep Christians away from things that certain families are trying to communicate back and forth to each other. I am not telling this because I want children everywhere to read or see the movies…far from it, because it does have the occult and witchcraft…but…there is more.
    Many stories in the past three hundred years or so have been stories not for the world, but for certain families. Certain books and novels had become popular, but the stories where not meant to become best sellers! They were supposed to be “just another book” that those who were supposed to read it,could go into a book store to purchase with out drawing attention to themselves. Harry Potter is a history of certain families, cleverly put into this imaginary world. It is rich with symbolism, which also means something.
    My grandbaby is crying, got to scram…
    I will finish my thought later.

  5. Eden Hadassah:

    So basically Harry Potter is a coded message to the Illuminati, freemasonry, and similar? If that be the case, then tons of movies are then. I still remember the picture of that black and silver snake ring that J.K. Rowling wore to a book signing. I did an internet search for it but could not find it again.

  6. I think it goes beyond Illuminati. But yes, if we can put the “occult” and witchcraft to the side, and understand that even the witchcraft is symbolic, it becomes a very interesting group of stories to say the least. (Harry Potter and the Scorcer’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Askeban, The Flight of the Phoenix, The Half Blood Prince and so on.) Even the titles themselves should give some clues.
    I do not recommend reading or viewing the movies if anyone has been in the occult though. But if you haven’t, and you can view the movies objectively, a whole other story emerges.
    Each of the characters, each of the Houses, each of the teachers.
    It is the “English” way. 🙂
    The same goes for Lord of the Rings series, Narnia series, and probably the most overlooked…Dracula
    Each are filled with evil and occult, yet because Narnia and Lord of the Rings series were written by “Christians”, they are popular and embraced. But someone who is not a professor of religion wrote Harry Potter, and it is condemned as evil. It is all evil. But there is a story in each of them, none the less. You will find simularities of the characters from each of these stories.

  7. Eden Hadassah:

    Well, as far as Narnia and Lord of the Rings goes, I have little use for allegories (though I have heard that Pilgrim’s Progress is worthwhile and I might check it out). While the Christian symbolism in Narnia is obvious because Lewis intended it as an allegory (which Tollkein hated by the way), folks who try to make Lord of the Rings into a Christian allegory are talking nonsense. Like virtually all of the fantasy genre, Lord of the Rings arguably has elements from Christianity but it has a bunch of other stuff in there too: a bunch of pre – Christian European paganism and mythology. The Christian elements or influence in Lord of The Rings no longer adds up to a Christian worldview or message than does the same in “Star Wars” or “The Matrix.” Christians need to know that plenty of religious traditions have references to “the chosen one” and “the prophecies”, and Christianity isn’t even the only religion that has things analogous to angels and demons: the “genie in a lamp” thing is a Middle Eastern pagan “jinni” that can be considered similar to an angel or a demon depending on how it chooses to behave at a paticular time.

    Tollkein himself insisted that Lord of the Rings was not allegorical to Christianity but rather pure fiction. That Christians keep insisting that it is says more about the Christians than it does Tollkein.

  8. cathy48 said

    Whether it be Lord of the Rings, Narnia or Harry Potter the problem comes from the Adults that set the standard for their children (grandchild, nice, Nephew, etc…) letting them be so involved in other readings beside the Bible, of course its a problem when we as Christians don’t take the time to read the word and receive a better understanding so we can hand that down to our children.
    When you hear your kids say the bible is boring then you know something is missing, yes we cannot understand everything and at times the adults are a little confused, but we need to teach the children of today that the bible is not hard in fact it’s really fun to read.
    When you tell about Samson and how he set the foxes tails on fire and ran them thru the fields and about Joseph and his brothers with everything he went thru, God kept his hand upon him and what about Paul he was such a long winded man and at times people would go to sleep as he spoke and the young man that fell out the side window and Paul laid hands on him and he was healed. Most of all about the Love of Christ and how he loved people and how he spoke to others, He never acted like he was better than anyone nor was he greedy, bitter or hateful never, never did he make fun of anyone. Let them know where he stood with Satan as he rebuked him many times.
    There are so many things our children need to know and understand.
    I know for my self with everything I have taught my kids
    ( now grown) I still feel like I shorted them so when the time comes I plan on letting my grandchildren know more about the word of God. I don’t want to cheat them out of anything, Sometimes we don’t focus on the right things – Let your Children know about GOD and his WORD.

  9. It isn’t about Christianity…This is very true!
    It has nothing to do with christians what so ever. It has a different meaning.
    That is what I am saying.
    Many don’t have the time for the stories.
    Each of these stories is about blood lines, and the mixing of certain blood lines. It is about royalty, who has the right to reign, who has the power for good and/or evil to serve the interests of their own kind. It is about power brokers of family life. Whether you believe it or not, that is how the world is run today.
    There are messianic themes in all cultures, maybe that is why they are called “cult-ures”. (I am funky mood right now…forgive me.)

  10. The bible is excellent, but filled with a lot of violence, sex, and many things that we as parents would object to our children reading today in the world. My children were suprised by the book of Judges, because of the graphic imagery, rape, and murder.
    My one daughter got to the story of Samson, and of course her question to me was “What does it mean that Samson was put to grinding?” How do I tell her? The story of Samson is perhaps one of the most well known stories to children, yet, thank G_d that they do not know what the “grinding” was or the “entertainment”. My daughter was old enough to understand, so explaining what it meant “to grind” was a term about using Samson’s seed with the women of the Philistines to create a kind of “super human”, was not as difficult for her to accept as the form of entertainment that Samson had to perform. Samson was stripped of his dignity, and was performing sexually with the women in the temple of their god. It was a live sex act.
    So depending on where your children are, I guess you have to choose carefully which stories are appropriate for them.

  11. cathy48 said

    Whether it’s about blood lines or not I still believe there is a message for all of us today – The Old Testament is for everyone as well as the new. When Joshua sent over the spies and Rahab hid them and they went back and gave Joshua a report, this land was taken and Joshua gave God the glory. If that’s not a lesson I don’t know what is, I really don’t like to refer to them as stories, I want everyone to see them for true life experience something that God can do in their/ our lives today. Sometimes when God moves in our lives its like taking over the land. When satan interferes with our families and loved ones we need to look back and read the word and see how others over came life and death situations. So many things have some into my life and I have gone back to Job and read about the way God used him and brought him thru, it lets me know the Word of God will stand forever.


  12. Eden Hadassah and Cathy48:

    The two of you are not disagreeing, merely misunderstanding and talking past each other.

  13. The whole bible is relevant today. No doubt. And in the world today, you will see that everything that happened then is happening now, like clock work. In our world today we think we have come a long way, but nothing has changed. The bible shows us that. The bible is a gift from G_d that shows his abounding love in the face of rejection and disobedience. It shows grace and mercy. It shows things how they really are.
    Our children need to know our L_rd, and showing them that the bible is as relevent today as it was then, with dead on acuracy, will help to build their faith like nothing else can. It has already been written, and when they begin to see in their own lives and the world around them that G_d was right, they begin to understand the truth.

  14. Diane said


    are you saying there is no harm in exposing children to the occult? It doesn’t matter the background of the children, exposing them to the occult is spiritually dangerous.
    The repeated messages in these books and movies are “using sorcery is o.k. when fighting against evil”.

    I have been blessed by some of your comments in the past, but these comments are confusing, because you believe it’s wrong for christians to work, (I can’t remember which thread – perhaps I misunderstood you) but find occult entertainment acceptable.

  15. Diane said

    Fran, you were up late last night. I think there may have been another typo at the end of your post, but no need to correct it, it read “they call it harmful entertainment”. LOL!! I wish that was their confession.

    I wonder how the school would respond if the parents or teachers suggested the kids go see the Ten Commandments?

  16. Fran said


    You would be correct. Right now my eyes are burning, I need a nap. How about harmless….

    Most public schools couldn’t if they wanted to.Private schools,well….let’s flip a coin.

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