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The Pentecostalism Movement Was Started By A Homosexual Klansman Mason!

Posted by Job on October 24, 2007

Please read this important article by IndependentConservative. Also take note of the comments following the article. Now of course, this is not a condemnation of all charismatics. That would be impossible because, well I happen to be one! Instead, it is incumbent upon us charismatics to practice our Book of Acts – based worship in spirit and in truth according to how the Bible tells us to: right belief and right practice. The early church set the example, and we have to follow it! Otherwise, we are not true charismatics, but rather synagogues of Satan. One interesting nugget: one of the links used by IndependentConservative asserts that Augustine of Hippo, Francis of Assisi, and Martin Luther exhibited gifts of the spirit. Also, John Wesley experienced gifts of the Holy Spirit (and he also incidentally contended against FALSE charismatic activity, which apparently was going on even back then)! So we charismatics must remember: everything must be obedient to and confirmed by scripture. Otherwise, we will be found to be in violation of Revelation 2 and 3 … warnings given to the churches, not sinners!

How Fake Moves of the Holy Spirit Started in America


6 Responses to “The Pentecostalism Movement Was Started By A Homosexual Klansman Mason!”

  1. All saints have at least one gift of the Holy Spirit. So all saints have experienced gifts of the Holy Spirit. It’s just gifts like teaching, administration, helps and the greatest LOVE never are noted properly.

    Parham began a focus on lesser gifts of the spirit and that only weakens the church overall.

    If Love is the greatest spiritual gift, why is that not the one emphasized the most by people seeking of spiritual gifts? The order of what the church should seek has been turned on its head. And I know who had to be behind that!

  2. I agree…gifts can be given all the time by the Holy Spirit, but if they are not governed by love, what good are they? Love, when given to us by G_d, allows us to first examine all our own strengths and weakness, motives and desires, and as we become more transparent to our selves (he already knows everything), and what we are capable for good or bad, we can begin to treat with love and mercy, others, who need to be cared for and built up. Only love reveals our hearts to us, and only love heals the hearts of others. Love allows us to develop the heart of G_d and the mind of Christ/Yeshua.
    When we are not afraid to face our own weaknesses, Yeshua steps in to strengthen us. Too many in these movements are trying to be strenghtened by these gifts, many times infatuated with what has been imparted to them. Infatuation is not love. New couples in relationships can become infatuated with each other, because of how the other person makes them feel…it is self-seeking. But when a couple loves one another, it become about how each person can give to the other regardless of how they feel.

  3. Erich Aseltine said

    You have no proof that Charles Parham ever practiced homosexuality! There is just one accusation that came against Parham. This is just another example of a Lie from Liars against Pentecostalism!

  4. John Kaniecki said


    Where has Eden dissapeared to?

    I think she was not all that she claimed to be.

    More later.



  5. Hi John, yea more later. Because now you’ve got curiosity peaked.

  6. LWJR said

    Slander is the enemies last means of slaying the faithful. This happened to Parham. He was exonerated from the scandal charges. Read James Goff Jr. history.

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