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The Origins Of Halloween

Posted by Job on October 23, 2007

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4 Responses to “The Origins Of Halloween”

  1. djenk23 said

    I just have one question….How can we be sooo dogmatic about Halloween yet we celebrate Christmas and Easter which also have pagan origins?…if we are giving gifts to one another on Christmas, we are really participating in Saturnalia…nevermind that it is said that Jesus was born in the spring…so now we’re celebrating His birth on the wrong day….how would we feel if our loved ones said that “I know you were born on March 7th but we’re gonna celebrate your birthday on October 12th and I’m not gonna give you any gifts. I gonna give the gifts to your sister instead”…giving the kiddies Easter eggs and rabbits, you’re participating in Asherah worship….I asked the question on Hicktown Press but I was shut down because it was said that I was deflecting from the original post…and Satan uses deflection as a tactic…

  2. djenk23: I do not celebrate Easter or Christmas either. Incidentally Jesus Christ was most likely born in September, not in the spring.

  3. djenk23 said

    see…you’re the first actual Christian that I’ve seen that doesn’t participate in any of these holidays….most people that try and talk down Halloween are the same people spending themselves into debt for Christmas and buying their kids new clothes for Easter….most people dont recognize the inherent contradiction in ‘demonizing’ Halloween and celebrating Christmas/Easter…i actually applaud your stance….I just don’t feel Holy Ghost conviction in celebrating any of these holidays….to me, all these holidays have become Americanized….so none of them carry the original pagan meanings…as far as Halloween kids are little so I dress them up as Star Wars characters or whatever else…and thats it….no witches, seances, Ouija boards…no occult stuff..even when they get older, I will allow them to go get candy..but no participation in occult activity…

  4. djenk23:

    “you’re the first actual Christian that I’ve seen that doesn’t participate in any of these holidays”

    The reason is that I discarded the practice and sense of obligation of observing them when I left the false Christianity of my youth for atheism. It was during my atheist sojourn that I learned of their pagan origins and was even more convinced that my decision to renounce God was the correct one. Naturally, when I came to Christ, I was loath to return to pseudo – Christian paganism or any other form of falsehood.

    “to me, all these holidays have become Americanized”

    First, I saw a special on Christmas that stated unequivocally that Christmas did not take on its current form until less than 100 years ago as a direct result of advertising campaigns by various department stores, malls, and the Coca – Cola Company. Easter? More of the same, though to a lesser extent.

    Second, Easter was created as a separate observance from Passover by the Catholic Church because the anti – Semitic church wanted to divorce Christianity from its Jewish origins. Of course, that meant contriving a ceremonial and traditional foundation for it using a mix of pagan traditions found elsewhere inside the empire, including not only the festivals and observances but the structure of mithraism for church organization and governance, and using “Virgin” Mary and the saints to co – opt the pagan gods.

    Third, going back to the “Americanized” thing, you do realize that America’s origins, governance, and power structure has much more to do with masonry than Christianity, right? The same is true of much of “the Christian west”; its “Christianity” is actually either Catholicism, secular liberal institutional “state church” Protestantism, or masonry. The world is the world and Christ is Christ. The former is ruled by Satan which has nothing in Christ (see John 14:30), and therefore we are to have nothing in the former and everything in the latter. If a person does not know any better, that is one thing, but one that knows the truth and rejects it … well that is something that they are going to have to answer to God for on judgment day.

    Also, we Christians have to remember that “holiday” is a modern replacement for the original word “holy day.” Since only God is holy (said Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:17, Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19 to people that did not accept His deity) how can a sinful man just up and create a “holy day”? The fact that these “holy days” were merely co – opting pagan observances for political convenience makes it even more so.

    But it is not just Christianity. Judaism did it too. Jews created two holidays for their own purposes. The first was Purim, created by Jews that out of their sinful rebellion disobeyed the command of God to return to Israel because they did not want to abandon their business in Babylon (think not only of what that act actually was but also what it spiritually repressented)! The second was Hanukkah, created during the 400 silent years (even the Maccabees, which records the creation of the holiday, admits that there were no prophetic words during that period), which originally was a small celebration of thanksgiving to God for some military victories that later the Jewish religious leaders added all sorts of embellishments to in order to compete with Christmas (the “festival of lights” part, the gift exchange portion, and the stories that justify both traditions). This nonsense is still going on today, with Jewish religious leaders now demanding that Hanukkah symbols be displayed alongside Christmas trees.

    Our believing that we can just go off and create holidays and traditions to honor God the way that we feel like is a clear violation of God’s commands to Israel that He be worshiped only the way that He told them to, not after the ways of the other nations and not after their own devices. Our coming up with our own religious inventions – from days to doctrines – only shows our rebellion against God, not our devotion to Him.

    It is an extreme opinion, I admit, but one utterly consistent with both testaments of the Bible I believe. If I am wrong, however, I am fully open to correction and to modifying my stance. It will have to be done with SCRIPTURE, however. I am aware of holy men in the Bible like Moses, David, Jacob, etc. naming a place (i.e. Peniel) or even calling for a fast or celebration as a one time event, as in to commemorate the death of a dignitary, to celebrate a battle, or to mourn a defeat. But “this day shall you observe through all your generations forever” … actual regular holidays and observances … those came from God alone to the best of my memory of the Bible, and that includes Jesus Christ’s creation of the Holy Communion observance, the only new observance commanded in the New Testament (although I do not deny that the New Testament did clearly make “the Lord’s Day” both in terms of the actual day that Christ resurrected and the first day of the week of significance after a fashion).

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